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Edward's POV

It has been six months since I left. Six months since I last saw my Bella. I wanted her to have a happy and normal human life. A life that she could never have as long as she was with me, so that's why I left. I removed all ties I had with her. I hid all the pictures and presents I gave to her. I gave her a clean break. It was like she never met me at all. Like I never existed.

Most of the time, I would wonder about my Bella. What was she doing? How was she? Was she thinking of me as much as I am thinking of her? Often, I would be tempted to go back to her, just to check on how she was. But no, I have to stay strong. I have to keep her safe. I have to keep her away from me and my kind. I will never put Bella in harm's way again.

Presently, my family and I are living in New York. Although 'living' may not be the proper term for it since I left my heart and my life in Forks. I lock myself in my room and let myself be taken by despair every day. I don't engage in conversation with my family anymore. I don't even listen to their thoughts. I tune them all out and let memories of Bella and misery overwhelm me. I only come out for two tasks: school and hunting. Moreover, I wasn't the only one who changed since we moved to New York. There's also been a significant change in my family these past few months. Alice shopped less since she didn't have someone to dress up anymore, Jasper kept himself busy by reading more books, Emmet never made jokes, Esme worked on more blueprints, Carlisle stayed longer at work, and even Rosalie became less vain of herself. It seemed like our family was incomplete, and less happy.

We continued on our usual boring cycle as hours turned to days and days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. We have been like this for six months. Our family was never the same and it was because of Bella. She had an effect on us. She was so full of life, so beautiful, so smart and...so fragile. I always remember that fateful night of her birthday party. That night she was attacked by one of my kind, my own brother, Jasper...After that, I decided that it would be best for our family to leave, so that neither one of us could inflict harm or be a danger to her in any way. I just wanted Bella to be safe.

One lonely night, while I was moping around, I saw Alice flipping through her visions of the future. The visions weren't about my family though. She was searching for the future of someone I specifically told her not to get involved with anymore. I was about to go to the living room to scold her but she already barged in my room.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I demanded from my pixie-looking sister. "Didn't I tell you not to search for her future anymore? She's no longer our concern." I said, even though she was my number one priority.

"But Bella's part of our concern and you and I both know it. Don't even deny that she's the reason why you're acting like this, Edward." Alice shot back. You're the one who forced us to do this.

"Bella's safe now. You don't need to look into her future." I reminded her. Although honestly, I wouldn't mind knowing how Bella was going to turn out. Even if it was just a glimpse of her face, her family – her would-be husband...I stopped there. Imagining that would just be too painful. Besides, I would only miss her if I see her face.

"I just want to show you somethi—"

"No" I cut her off.

"You are such a fool, Edward! Don't you realize that by leaving Bella alone and defenceless, she might end up getting hurt? Or for god knows how clumsy she is, hurt herself?" Alice said furiously.

I stayed mute.

Alice seemed to calm down for a bit. "A few days ago I had a vision. Bella and Charlie were headed for La Push."

I didn't want to hear any of this. I would only miss Bella more. "And?"

Alice paused for a minute. How do I break this gently...

"And?!" I demanded. What happened to my Bella? Was she safe?

"Charlie lost control of Bella's truck and well...they fell into the lake. After that, my vision disappeared." She blurted out. "Edward, I'm so sorry. I should've told you this sooner. I was thinking of telling you but you weren't paying that much attention and I remembered that you told me to not go looking for Bella's future. I wasn't sure on how you would react once I told you but I was scared that you'll run off again! I'm really, really, sorry!"

"So, she's dead?" I said flatly.

"No, no, no, no, of course not! Just today I saw a vision of her in school. She's perfectly fine now!" Alice reassured me. But I wasn't fooled. Vampires can easily lie. That's what I did to Bella. To keep her safe...and now, she's dead.

"You don't think I'm lying, do you?" Alice raised her eyebrow. She showed me the vision of Bella today. Bella was hanging out with her human friends. I see Angela, Mike, Eric, Jessica...She was perfectly fine as Alice had said but her eyes looked sad. Did she miss me?

"There's also one thing, Edward." Alice continued. "Charlie didn't exactly...make it."

Oh. So that's why she looked lonely. "She must be going through a hard time right now."

"Yes, losing a loved one really hurts." And she already lost two. You made her think that you didn't love her and just left. "You should be with her."

"Alice..." I considered it. But no. I promised that I won't put her in danger again. No, I can't. I won't.

"But Bella needs you right now! You have to help ease out her pain!" Alice insisted.

Will I really be able to help her? Does she even still want me after what I've done to her? Will she forgive me? Has she moved on? "Alice...I don't know if Bella will still forgive me. I don't think she'll ever want me again after everything I put her through."

"Oh, she will." Alice assured me then suddenly smiled. She saw a vision of me agreeing and us heading back to Forks. She suddenly squealed and disappeared to her room. "We're going back to Forks!"

After sorting everything out in New York, we arrived in Forks three days later. Everyone was ecstatic to be back. The atmosphere seemed lighter and much happier. Carlisle returned to his old job at the hospital and we were enrolled again at the high school. Alice fabricated a story that New York was too big and too crowded for Dr. Cullen and his family that's why they just preferred to go live in a small town like Forks. I was excited to see Bella again. Oh how much I longed for her!

I saw a vision of Bella at the grocery if you're wondering. Alice thought happily.

I took that as my cue and hopped in to my Volvo and headed for the grocery. I cannot wait to see my Bella again. Once there, I searched through the endless shelves and counters filled with human food and necessities. I've only been here one or two times when I escorted Esme when she was buying things for our 'human charade'. I searched for her scent and there it was. Bella's scent was so intoxicating, so sweet... I followed it and it lead me to the fruits and vegetables station. There she was, just a few feet from me. Her back was turned and she was examining the counter filled with apples. She was still the same. Long dark hair, milky skin; I fought the urge to embrace her and proclaim my love in this place filled with humans. Although I would gladly beg for her forgiveness here, even if I'm down on my knees.

I walk up to her slowly. She didn't even seem to notice that I was already beside her. She was still too busy with the apples in front of her. "Bella..."

She turned towards my direction. Her face was just so breathtaking and her eyes, they were the loveliest shade of chocolate I've ever seen. My imagination of her didn't even do her justice. I fought the urge to kiss her there and then. She smiled at me. So she's happy to see me? Did she really miss me like I missed her?

Her next words took me by surprise. "Do I know you?"

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