Welcome to my new story, Unconventional Alliance. I have been thinking about doing something like this since I started playing AC3. Now, in here, it starts off before he takes out his father, Haytham. Achilles has already passed on and has left everything to Conner. Now, onward!

A breeze blew through the open window, airing the musty stench from the old manor house. Spring was well into setting in at the Homestead. The residents of the small community milled around, greeting everyone that they past. There were no strangers in the town. Everyone knew everyone, and that was the way it was. It was peaceful, but almost too peaceful for Conner, who sat at the table in the dining room at the manor house, head bent over his new task. Repairing the old hidden blade that once belonged to his old mentor, Achilles.

The blade had been broken in the last skirmish had been a part of. The English were still none too happy about what had transpired in their old colonies. Their retribution, they said, would be swift and just for the likes of the traitors that had taken from them. He had fought like a wild cat, until he heard the metallic sound of the blade's snap. Then it was as if the world slowed as he watched the two inch long piece fall to the earth at his feet.

He shook the memory from his head and the cramp from his digits. The repair was tedious, and the labor, time consuming. One must have the skilled hands of a blacksmith, but the delicate touch of a tailor, for the work that had to be done. Unfortunately, he possessed none of those skills.

His patience spent, he sighed at the lack of work he had done, and took himself from the table. It would have to wait until his nerves were not so frayed, and his mind clearer. Knowing if he stayed in the house, he would try again, and fail; he took his leave of the large, empty house, and decided a walk amongst the trees and wildlife would clear his troubled mind.

Out the front door, and down the stone steps, Conner stopped to breathe in the natural scent of well, nature. It brought a small lift to his lips as he started down the path towards his ship, the Aquila, but only making to the barn, he heard the shouting of a familiar voice.

"Conner! Conner!" Norris came running but behind him, out of breath and once he stopped, he bent over trying to get his lungs to work again.

"Norris, what seems to be the problem?" He turned to the other man.

"You…must…come…quickly." He panted, and looked up at the young assassin. "Myriam found someone while hunting. You must come."

That caught my attention. "Where is she?"

"Her cabin." He finally stood up, but his breathing was still not back to normal.

Conner laid a hand on Norris' shoulder. "I shall go to her. Go to the house and rest a moment, then rejoin us. You seem to need it."

All he could do was nod. He was completely fatigued from sprinting nearly all the way across the Homestead. Conner, on the other hand, was rested and ready. Taking off in a full out run, he took to the trees and rocks, cutting the running time in nearly half. He knew the woods and trees and every place in the Homestead.

Upon arriving, he dropped from the branches and looked around. "Myriam?" He called her name.

She emerged from the small shack. A smile crossed her delicate face. "Conner, Norris did find you. I'm glad you came." She waved him forward, and entered the shack. "I called for Doctor White as well. I shot him, but not bad. He came out of nowhere. Just appeared when I took aim at a rather large buck that was grazing nearby."

He followed her inside and to the side of the man that lay in the small cot. She had already field dressed the wound, but he could tell it was rather close to the heart. "Has he woken up at all?" He asked as he bent down next to the stranger.

"No, not once. I don't know if he was even awake when he appeared." She paced a bit. "Conner, it was as if he appeared out of thin air, like magic." She wrung her smaller hands. "I did not mean to shoot him, I swear to you."

He stood and turned to the woman. Laying a comforting hand on her shoulder, he gave her one of his small smiles. "I believe you. Now, we must get him to Doctor White if there is any chance of him surviving. How long have you had him here?"

She thought upon it for a minute. "Not long. I would say a half hour at most. Norris was with me when it happened. He brought him here after the incident and then I sent him to find you as I addressed the wound. Big Dave stopped in as I was doing that, to drop off my newly sharpened knife. I sent him to get the doctor."

"That was wise of you. Now, I will go see what is keeping…" But he did not get a chance to finish the sentence when the sound of a horse coming up the dirt part was heard.

Heading outside, he watched Doctor White dismounted his horse with bag in hand. "I was told there was an injured man here." He walked over to them and looked around.

Myriam nodded. "Inside Doc. I shot him and I feel just terrible about it."

Conner knew she was beating herself over the accident. Myriam could hold her own in a firefight, but she would not harm another unless it was to preserve her own life or the people who were dear to her. "Myriam, it was an accident. You did not see him until the last moment and then it was too late. He will be fine and he will see that you meant him no harm."

She looked up at Conner with doe eyes and nodded. "I know, but still. I feel just awful for it."

"I know you do, but the good doctor is here now and will see to the wound."


And so everything was done there in the shack. The retrieval of the musket ball from the stranger's chest, and the stitches to close the wound. Doctor White did it in a timely fashion that made Conner marvel at the man again. He was good at what he did, as was all the people that called the Homestead their home.

Doctor White wiped off his hands with a wet cloth. "You should take him back to the manor. He needs to be looked after until the time he comes to." He turned his attention onto Myriam, who was sitting next to her husband. "He will recover, Myriam. There was not lasting damage, and it was a clean shot. You should be proud of that shot. If it was an animal, I would have no doubt that it would have not suffered."

Conner shook his hand. "Thank you again, Doctor. I am in your debt once again."

The older man laughed. "Don't be silly, my boy. You saved me, and got my name cleared from the men that tried to slander it. I believe I still own you." Pulling a few things from his bag, he handed them to the assassin. "I will come by to clean and inspect the wound in the morning. I will send Diana to see to his care following that. Can you keep an eye on him for the night? I have to now go take care of Ellen's daughter. She has slipped from a wall once more and cut her leg. I was on my way there when Dave found me. I thought this took precedence over a small cut."

He looked down at the gauze in his hand. "And what shall I do with this?"

"There will be some blood that is still going to come through the stitches. It will need to be changed in a few hours. Do you think you can take care of that for me? I would owe you again." The man smiled, and Conner nodded.

"It will be no bother." Slipping them into his pouch, he watched Doctor White mount his horse and begin his return trek to the small village. "Norris, do you think you can help me take him to the manor?"

The miner nodded and smiled. "It would be my pleasure."


His chest felt tight as he awoke from the strange dream. Eyes opened and scanned his surroundings. Where am I? He asked himself as he struggled to sit upright. The room was strange, but sparsely decorated. A few things here and there, but nothing at that looked familiar to him.

His shirt and robes were missing, leaving him with only his pants. A white cloth was tied around his chest, and up over the shoulder. He must have been wounded when he arrived in this strange land, but he still did not know where it was compared to where he had come from.

"Ah, good mornin'."

He spun around to see a woman walk in carrying a tray laden with some food and bandages, hair covered in what he could only assume was a cap, with lace along the edges. "Where am I?" His English was a bit rusty from lack of use, but she understood.

"Oh, why you are in the manor house at the Homestead. You don't remember how you got here?" She clicked her tongue and sat the tray on the small table in the corner. He merely just shook his head no. "Well, first of all, I am Diana. I will be seeing to your care. You had us rightly scared for some time. Didn't think you would even wake up." She gave him a smile.

"How long was I asleep for, ma'am?" Walking over to where she was laying a few things out. His stomach rumbled when the smell of food hit his nose.

She must have heard it because she pointed to the chair. "A few days. Myriam will sleep better knowing that you are out of danger. She was the one that did that to you." Gesturing to the white bandage right below his collar bone. "The poor dear has been so distraught on what she did. She did not mean it, I assure you."

He looked down at the white bandage that went around his chest. "I would assume I have been seen by a healer?"

She nodded, the smile never leaving her face. "That would have been Doctor White. Fixed you up right he did." Diana sat the bowl in front of him. "Now, I will let you eat, and I will come check on you in a bit. Don't eat too fast now." She turned on her heals, but stopped short of the door. "How rude of me, I never even asked your name."


Okay, I'm back! I know, it's not been that long, a few days at best. I know this chapter was not long, but I assure you that the next will be longer. Conner and Altair are my two favorite guys in Assassin's Creed.

I am going for another first for me, trying to write not in first person. It's a challenge, let me tell you! I have to keep going back, rereading everything that I type to make sure I have not done that. Well, I hope you like it so far. Thanks for reading!