Counting Letters. A series of one-shots and drabbles, alphabetically.

Yaoi: Don't like don't read.

Summary: A series of one-shots and drabbles about Gintoki and Hijikata. There will be one for every letter. GinHiji/Hijigin. Rating will vary.

Genre: Romance.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I'm not brilliant enough to come up with my own characters.




A Stands For Angel.

"… And she is so beautiful. Her hair, her lips, her eyes…" Hijikata had been listening to Kondou for a while now. The man was describing to him why he loved Otae so much. Hijikata had no idea how he had deserved this.

"…And when she smiles, it's like the sun is shining. Even when it's raining." Hijikata wondered if Kondou had ever looked at the woman before. She was obviously NOT shining.

"She is like an angel you know? So beautiful and colourful!" That man was seriously blind. Since when were angels colourful anyway? They were more… white…. Or silver. Gold? Hijikata lighted a cigarette.

"Oh look at the time!" Kondou still hadn't stopped talking. "I need to go on my patrol. See you later, Toushi! Hope you find your own angel!" Hijikata shook his head at his commander's antics. What he saw in the Gorilla-Woman, Hijikata didn't know. Not even after he tried to explain it for God knows how long.

"An angel huh?" Hijikata took another drag, blowing the smoke slowly into the air. Kondou was the evidence love did make people blind. Though Otae wasn't ugly, she certainly did not have the manners of an angel. Though the manners of an angel might be slightly boring. Too soft probably, always agreeing with you, always doing the good thing. Not exactly his thing. Talking about soft, Hijikata hadn't been into soft at all lately. Except for soft hair maybe.

He took another slow drag, just enjoying the wetter. He heard Kondou's words ring in his head.

Her hair, her lips, her eyes…

Sweet, slightly chapped lips.

Red, half lidded eyes.

Silver hair… wasn't silver a colour of angels? Or was that white? Maybe there were more colours for angels. Kondou did call them colourful. He thought he read something about some Archangel of Freedom, which associated with silver and purple, but he could be wrong. Besides, purple was quite an awful colour anyway.

Somewhere along his line of thoughts he had closed his eyes. When he heard a rustle next to him, he opened one, looking into red eyes. He shot them a questioning look.

"Had a feeling you were alone and bored."

Hijikata smiled.

"Not alone, just bored." Because he hadn't been lonely anymore lately. Didn't angels save people?

The one sitting next to him had saved him for sure.


Yeah, the first is a short one, just to see what you guys think. I won't think of my own words, you have to give them too me. My friend gave me the a: angel. Any ideas for a B? Let me know what you think! And remember, can't write a next chapter without a b-word :)

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