30 Kisses with the Rosario +Vampire Girls For The Shinobi


Naruto x Various


Story Start

She was such a beautiful young woman. Her light ocean blue hair, tied back with a purple ribbon headband with one store on each side. Dazzling deep purple pools for eyes and thick eyelashes. A smile that always lightened up the room, and a curvy, yet still very slim, body that finished her perfection.

Exotic, Dazzling, and Beautiful could hardly describe her. The way she moved was graceful like an angel, ironic considering her actual origin. He had taken to watching this sweet girl lately who wore her heart on her sleeve. Just by him smiling seemed to make her day.

She moved to the dresser and picked up a brush. Moving her hands up and down, she straightened out of her hair, taking care to make sure not a strand out of place. Once she finished she went to the kitchen and began preparing a meal.

A gentle hum escaped her beautiful lips as she laid out the ingredients. She had already taken a shower and dressed in uniform. A plain, long sleeved white shirt with a red bow tie, and a pale yellow ocher colored vest with the light brown checked skirt. Using the wooden spoon she began beating the batter and readied the stove.

It was times like this when he enjoyed watching her. Without a doubt her sweet nature could warm some of the coldest hearts. He got lost in watching her, only being broken out of her daze when she turned her body towards him and said something to him. To his surprise breakfast was cooked remarkably fast, then again, Kurumu prided herself in her cooking skills.

She crawled into the bed and with an enthusiastic good morning pressed her lips against his. A grin formed on his face as he wrapped his arm around her, causing her to squeal as he pulled her down and deepened the kiss. His hands massaging the small of her back as their tongues tentatively brushed against each other.
Sure enough, the only thing better than watching her was having her in his arms and kissing her.