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Ally's POV

Today is a normal day; it's not Valentines Day, any type of anniversary, or my birthday. I got up early as always, ate breakfast, and arrived at school 15 minutes early as usual. After waving goodbye to my BFF, Trish, I went to my locker, only to find that a note hidden inside, along with a beautiful rose. I gasped at the beauty of it. It was lavender, with no thorns. I opened the note wondering who left this beautiful rose in my locker.

Dear Ally,

If you are wondering why this rose is in your locker, you will eventually find out why and who left it here. If you're wondering who I am, the only thing that can tell you is that we both know each other. I have something to admit. I love you. I mean that in more than a friendly way. I haven't said this to you because I'm too nervous to ruin our friendship. Instead, I came up with an idea: I will leave you 13 roses and notes throughout this week. Why thirteen? Well, 13 roses mean a secret admirer. Even though you know me, you probably didn't know that I loved you. Each rose will represent a quality about you that I love, and each note will say why I love you. I thought of giving all thirteen roses at once, but that's too easy for a smart girl like you. You'll find different roses at different times of the day.

Observe this rose. It's lavender and thorn-less. Thorn-less roses mean love at first sight, which is definitely true with you. The moment I saw you, I noticed that you're different from every other girl I've met. You're beautiful, inside and out. Your chocolate hair that flows down your shoulders, with your blonde highlights dripping down makes you absolutely gorgeous. I know you're beautiful inside too, by the way you act. I've seen you at Sonic Boom; your caring personality toward the customers and your music lesson students makes you even more beautiful. Lavender also means love at first sight, but it also means enchantment. You are like a light in my world, my one true love princess that falls in love with me, the prince. You're smile just makes me melt and faint on the inside, although I try to keep my cool on the outside.

Well, I think you're late for home room, so you better get going! Don't forget you're books and a pen and pencil!


Your Secret Admirer

I couldn't believe it! This guy was so sweet to leave this for me! I glance at the clock, my eyes widening as I realize that I have only five minutes to get to home room. I grabbed my books and a pencil, but I couldn't find a pen. When I found one, it wasn't mine. It was a regular pen, only with a lavender rose at the top, matching the rose that I had just gotten. I smiled and smelled the rose on the pen. It was surprisingly fresh; not fake as I expected it. A note was in the rose and it said:

I thought you might need this!

I smiled again and put the pen on top of my books and skipped to home room, not caring of the weird looks that I was getting.


Finally! Lunch has started! I gathered up my books, and walked to my locker, putting my books away. Sadly, I didn't find another rose in my locker. I grabbed my lunch and headed to the cafeteria. I met up with my friends, Trish, Dez, and Austin.

"Whoa, now why do you seem happier than usual Ally?" Trish asked me, a playful smile on her lips. Dez was intent on making his sandwich talk, and Austin was looking at me like I knew something. He even had a slight smirk on his face, for whatever reasons he might have.

"Well, after you went to your locker, I found a very sweet note and a rose! Turns out I have a secret admirer, and he said that we know each other. The rose was lavender, and the note was so beautiful!"

"Wow, Ally, he seems like a great guy to leave roses for you. Any idea on who he is?" Austin raised an eyebrow, waiting for my answer.

"Well, he didn't give away his identity, but he seems really sweet. I only have three guesses. Dallas, Elliot, or Alan."

"Well, good luck on finding who he is! I have to go to Mrs. Safira's class now. I have to sort out all the art supplies. See ya after school you guys!" Trish waved and walked toward Mrs. Safira's class, probably to get fired for attacking the smaller kids with the paintbrushes later on.

"Hmm, I wonder if Sandria can translate my French homework!" Dez exclaimed and pulled out some papers from his backpack, placing it in front of his sandwich.

"Uhh, Dez, you do know that sandwiches can't talk, much less translate French homework." I gestured to his sandwich.

"Hey, don't be jealous of Dez!" Austin spoke up.

"Yeah, you're just jealous 'cause you don't have a sandwich that can talk and translate your French homework." Dez held his head high and marched to a secluded table, tripping on the way there. Austin followed, smiling at me before turning back to Dez. I finished my lunch, and walked back to my locker to get ready for next period.

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