Bluebells in the Distance

AN: I do not like how Alois ended up. So I made fluff. If you haven't finished Season Two, then don't read unless you want spoilers.

There was little light and even less warmth, but unlike his dreams of darkness, there was enough of both for it to not be frightening. The whole area set off the feel, color and temperature of a lukewarm bath, certainly not glowing but not dank and dark and terrible. It was comfortable and relaxed. He could tell before he opened his eyes that it was a large open space, but apart from the gentle swishing of water, he heard no animals or other creature.

Alois opened his eyes and saw Hannah.

"This isn't hell."

"No. I was surprised too. Although in all fairness, it certainly isn't Heaven either. In the end I suppose we didn't qualify for either." She smiles politely, warmly, at the confused boy.

"But I sold my soul. You're a demon, That doesn't make sense."

"You were a product of your unfortunate life, a victim more than anything. And as for me…. I suppose loving two children as much as I do saved me somehow."

"Two?" That's right. He remembers now. About the other soul Hannah has eaten.

Alois sits up in the boat they're in and his heart stops in his chest. Well it would have if he was still alive. Sitting next to Hannah, asleep in her skirts is his brother. The first person he ever loved, that ever loved him. Luca. Sleeping soundly like he has never ordered a townto be burned down.

"I…. Is he real?" He immediately curses himself for a silly question, but the woman just chuckles sweetly.

"Just asleep. I'll wake him for you when we get to the other shore."

Alois reaches out tentatively and brushes almost timidly through red hair. Tears spring up behind his eyelids before he can help himself, and he finds himself crying in both relief and happiness. He was here after all.

But if Hannah is holding Luca and he's sleeping, who was rowing the boat?

"Nearly there."

He was here too?"

"You killed me." He states matter of factly to the Spider Demon.

"Yes." Claude agrees.

"His last thoughts were of regret, so Claude has been allowed to come with us." Hannah explains gently.

"Don't I at least get an apology?" Alois demands? Claude lets go off the oars for a second and ruffles his hair and smiles.

With Claude you really have to take what you can get. It was more affection than the man had ever given him, so in all honesty he was quite pleased.

"I'm tired," whines a little voice.

"Oh darling, we didn't intend to wake you. But look who we have with us." Hannah says to the boy in her skirts.

Luca rubs the sleep from his eyes with a childlike cuteness and looks.

"Your highness!" He throws his whole weight, which thankfully wasn't much, onto his brother and puts his thin arms around his neck.

"I missed you terribly. But see, I made everyone go away."

"Yes. You did." Alois holds his brother very tightly and tries not to cry too hard, but Hannah notices anyways and pulls both boys to her.

"Yes. We'll be there soon." She gestures to the land they will soon be nearing and through the distance, Alois can swear there are bluebells growing on its shores. Utterly overwhelmed he cries like a child and snuggles into his new mother's chest, and eventually both children fall asleep.