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Dean And Castiel's Flight to Remember

The moment the door was closed Dean had Castiel shoved against it and was devouring the angel's mouth in a searing kiss. "God, Cass you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this," Dean panted into Castiel's mouth.

Castiel moaned something that was either an agreement or a scolding for Dean's use of his father's name. Judging by the way Castiel pulled the hunter closer and plunged his tongue into Dean's mouth, it was the former.

"I want to be inside of you so bad, Cass," Dean growled, breaking their kiss.

Castiel nodded, pushing Dean back slightly to begin removing his layers of clothing. Within a minute Castiel stood fully naked, leaned against the white door of the airplane bathroom.

"Damn," Dean mumbled, raking his eyes hungrily down Castiel's body. His eyes came to a stop at the angel's cock, rock hard, jutting out from his pelvis. "Damn, Cass, Secretariat ain't got nothin on you."

Castiel tilted his head, "I don't understand…Why did you just compare me to one of the principal organs of the United Nations?"

Dean rolled his eyes, "What? No, I meant like, well you know, the racehorse…Secretariat?"

Castiel's brow furrowed, "I still don't understand what you mean."

"I meant that you're…You know what forget it, just take the compliment." Dean laughed as he shrugged his jacket off, adding it to the growing pile on the floor. Dean moved to his jeans, only having to hop slightly to get both legs free in the cramped space. He was hooking his fingers under the waistband of his boxers when the plane began to shake. Dean froze, leaning back against the wall with his eyes squeezed closed. Dean was brought back by the feeling of Castiel's lips on his. After a moment he began kissing the angel back, placing one hand on Castiel's tones waist and allowing the other to tangle in the back of Castiel's hair.

Castiel groaned into Dean's mouth as Dean gently pulled at his hair. "I want you to…oh! Dean I want you to fuck me!"

Dean's eyes widened slightly at Castiel's word choice, but nodded. "Okay so um…just…" Dean realized that he didn't have the slightest clue what to do next. Sure he knew what to do, but fuck if he knew how to actually do it. Naturally the plane chose that moment to hit more turbulence. Dean whimpered, trying to will himself to not hyperventilate.


Castiel's calm concerned voice gave Dean the extra push he needed to control his breathing. He cracked his eyes open as the shaking began to subside, "Yeah, Cass?"

"Perhaps it…Perhaps it would be better…easier- less stressful –if I were to…enter you…"

Dean's eyes widened, "Um..." He trailed off his eyes falling back to Castiel's still-erect cock. "Dude I don't know if you noticed this or not, but…well you're hung like a friggin racehorse!"

Castiel gave him a puzzled look, "I don't understand."

"You know what? Screw it! Cass, you're dick is like…huge."

Castiel nodded his head slowly, beginning to understand, "I promise to go slow. I assure you the millennia I have spent observing Earth has provided me with extensive knowledge on the subject matter."

Dean's jaw dropped, "I uh, no offence, but uh, that's kinda pervy. You know? To get all up in two dude's business while they're…uh…"

Castiel actually rolled his eyes, "I didn't mean…I would think that you of all people would be aware of this thing I found called 'gay porn'. I found it quite informative while still being very…"

Dean gulped, a surprisingly pleasant shiver running up his spine as an image of Castiel sitting down and watching gay porn appeared in his mind. "Erotic?" He offered.

"Yes," Castiel nodded. "Now that that's sorted…" The angel reattached his lips to Dean's in a wet, demanding kiss.

All of Dean's worries faded more and more the longer Castiel's lips stayed on his. Soon the entire surrounding world was forgotten, along with the fact that they were in a tiny bathroom of an airplane, flying miles above the ground, leaving only the feeling of Castiel's lips, tongue, and hands. The hunter sighed, removing his hands from Castiel's body long enough to remove his boxers, before allowing them to continue touching the angel. Dean gasped as one of said angel's hands trailed down his side until it reached his hip. Castiel pushed Dean back so that his back was pressed to the wall as he hitched the hunter's leg up to wrap around his hip. Castiel ground his hips forward, causing their leaking cocks to rub together. "Mm, Cass," Dean panted into the angel's mouth. "Quit being a tease and fuck me."

Castiel whimpered against Dean's lips, instantly moving one of his hands down to prep his hunter.

Dean braced himself for the feeling of Castiel's dry fingers, but was shocked to feel a slick digit carefully tracing his entrance. Angel instant-lube? He thought with an internal smirk, Now that I can get used to. He broke the kiss, preparing to vocalize his thoughts to Castiel, but before he could open his mouth, Castiel was sliding the finger into his entrance and nipping at his collarbone. Castiel slowly stretched Dean for longer than the hunter would have liked before slowly adding a second and third finger. "Oh!" Dean cried out, his head falling forward to rest on his angel's shoulder as said angel's fingers brushed his prostate. "I'm ready," He gasped against Castiel's shoulder.

Castiel nodded, removing his fingers, "It may be easier if you were to lift your other leg as well," He rasped.

"Kinky," Dean breathed, smirking at the small look of puzzlement on Castiel's face. He shook his head, "Never mind."

Castiel nodded, bracing Dean firmly against the wall so the hunter could lift his other leg, wrapping them both around Castiel's toned waist. Once Dean was comfortable, Castiel lined himself up and slowly allowed Dean to start sinking down on his length. "Oh," He gasped softly, overwhelmed by the feeling of Dean's inner walls beginning to firmly encase his cock.

"Shit, Cass you're huge," Dean moaned, his fingernails digging into Castiel's shoulder blades.

Castiel stopped. "Sorry, I can stop and-"

Dean instantly shook his head, "Don't even think about it, Cass," He growled, pressing down so that more of Castiel's length entered him. "I can't believe I'm saying this Cass, but this feels fucking amazing!"

Castiel smiled, allowing Dean to sink all the way down onto his cock, "Glad to hear that," He panted, leaning forward to suck at Dean's neck.

After a moment of panting and getting used to the feeling, Dean began grinding himself down on Castiel, encouraging his angel to move.

Castiel got the message after a moment and pulled back, slightly before slowly pushing back into Dean with a grunt.

"Cass, I'm all for the whole slow 'making love' thing, but right now I kinda need you to fuck me into this wall."

Castiel nodded, removing his lips from his hunter's neck to nip at his earlobe, while slowly caressing his back, "As you wish, Dean." With that he was pulling nearly entirely out of Dean and thrusting quickly back in with enough force to shake the mirror on the wall next to them. He moaned against Dean's skin as he repeated his movements, hitting Dean's prostate square on.

"Fuck," Dean moaned, removing one of his hands from around Castiel to knot in his angel's hair. After a moment he pulled Castiel's lips from his ear to crash their lips together. Dean moaned into Castiel's open mouth, wondering why the Hell he hadn't had sex with Castiel before now. He broke the kiss to suck a mark onto Castiel's neck as he felt his release build with each hit to his prostate.

"Oh, Dean," Castiel groaned, his rhythm beginning to falter.

"So close, Cass," Dean responded, his head falling back against the wall with a small thud.

Castiel moaned his agreement, leaning forward to nip and lick at Dean's throat, bracing himself against with one hand and keeping the other on the small of Dean's back.

"Oh, Cass, I'm-" Dean's sentence turned into a feral cry as Castiel pressed their bodies together, causing his cock to become trapped between them. Dean's cock leaked pre-come onto their abs, creating an amazing, slick friction as it was rubbed between and against their bodies. Dean moaned Castiel's name as the newfound friction sent him over the edge into a mind-numbing orgasm that had his cock spurting come across his and Castiel's chests.

The sensation of Dean clamping down around him and the look of utter bliss on the hunter's face threw Castiel into his orgasm. "Oh, Dean," Castiel moaned, his legs shaking as he continued to thrust up into Dean, filling the hunter with his hot release. Castiel's cock shot the last of its come into Dean and the angel's legs gave out causing them both to collapse onto the tiny piece of floor space. "My apologies," Castiel whispered, his voice low and fucked-out.

Dean brushed off the angel's apology, kissing each of Castiel's cheeks before claiming his lips in a slow, tongue-filled kiss. Once Dean was satisfied with their kiss, he broke it to grin happily down at his lover, "Cass…I…Alight so don't get freaked out about this or anything, but…I think I might be in love with you."

Castiel smiled tiredly as he opened his eyes. As soon as his brilliant blue orbs had locked onto Dean's eyes, he rolled them. "Well, duh."

Dean's jaw dropped at Castiel's words, partly because of Castiel's word choice and partly because of the statement itself. "You…You knew?"

Castiel smiled up at him gently, "Of course, Dean. You would have never have agreed to allow me to assist you in this manner if you did not."

"Huh," Dean breathed, struggling to his feet and offering Castiel a hand. Castiel took it and slowly stood in front of him. "So um…not to chick-flick out on you or anything, but uh…do you…um…"

Castiel smiled, cupping Dean's cheek and gently kissing his hunter's mouth, "Yes, Dean, I love you. In fact I have found it rather hard not to love you."

Dean grinned, "Well with that out there, do you, you know, wanna do this again sometime? Maybe someplace…else, not like this, you know…but just because we…want to?"

Castiel nodded, "Yes that can be arranged."

Dean grinned, pulling Castiel into a hug. "Best. Flight. Ever."

The End!

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