"YES! San..uh..Santana..FUCK!"


This was the prayer Santana had been chanting in her head for the last five minutes, gripping Quinn's hips and holding her down as the blond rubbed against her face. But it wasn't the right blonde she wanted, no, the blonde she wanted was next door, probably drawing unicorns in that adorable way she did. This one was annoying her, but damn, did she taste good. Probably because Santana was imagining someone else, moaning her name against Brit-NO-Quinn as she took the blonde to heaven.

Quinn lets out one last moan before she climaxes, her back hitting the soft mattress underneath her, her body bouncing slightly on the bed as she calms down. Santana, between Quinn's legs, lingers for a moment, licking up the juices from the inside of her pale thighs. Santana's long tongue traced patterns along the skin, a satisfied smile on her lips.

"So it's a yes, right?"

Santana looked up, a confused look on her face, snapping out of her day dream, glaring slightly at the cheerleader, who didn't seem to notice.

"What are you talking about?"

Quinn laughed, the sound making Santana wince, and shook her head before moving onto her side, facing the dark girl, her leg hooking over Santana's hip. She buried her face in the crook of Santana's neck, kissing the skin lightly before replying.

"Meeting my parents, stupid. Remember?

Santana's nose scrunched up, something she always did when she forgot something then nodded a few minutes later when she remembered something. She nodded, her hand cupping Quinn's thigh, thumb running over the soft skin. Quinn's eyes fluttered closed before she made a noise, telling Santana she wanted an answer.

"Fine, I guess."

Quinn smiled, quickly kissing the other girl. Santana faked a smile and kissed her back, her head falling back on the pillow.

"Now, you have to be nice to them, remember your manners. Oh and my dad is really conscious of meeting you bu-"

Santana switched off and looked up the ceiling, nodding when she had to but so lost in thought. For the past two years she had yearned for the touch of her step-sister, Brittany. She had put out so many signals, wearing her sluttiest outfits, bending over when she 'accidentally' dropped something. She did all the stuff that worked on anyone she wanted, but Brittany took no notice. Maybe she did see her as just a 'sister'. But Santana wanted something more and fast, because the replica wasn't working for her any more.

Maybe she had to put it all out there, just make her move.

"...but I'm sure they'll love you."

Santana nodded, rolling her eyes and moved out of the bed, shoving back on her shorts and tank top that were lying in a mess on the floor.

"Look, babe, i've got some homework to do. So if you don't mind...?"

Quinn sighed, biting her lip, the fresh hurt look in her eyes but she nodded. She was used to this, but at least Santana was trying, she was meeting her parents, after all. The small blonde quickly got dressed and brushed through her hair. Santana's heart clenched, she knew what if felt like to be rejected, so she stepped over to the blonde, lifting her chin and gave her a quick kiss. Quinn sighed contently against her plump lips, the kiss making her aroused again before Santana pulled away.

"Text me the details about dinner, 'K?"

Quinn nodded and skipped out the room, just in time for Brittany coming out of her own room. Santana's breath caught in her throat when they exchanged greetings.

"...really great, Quinn. Bye!"

Brittany waved before turning around and stepping into Santana's room, the smell of sex heavy on her senses. She scrunched up her nose and the dark girl smiled, happy to see that she noticed. She fixed her bed and sat down on it, patting a spot, inviting the blonde to come and sit down but she shook her head, telling Santana that she wasn't staying.

It hurt.

"Fine, what's up?"

Brittany shut the door, not wanting their parents to hear, and leaned against it before she opened her mouth.

"I just wanted to ask if you and Quinn could keep it down when she comes over. I've got to study for this stupid test, but at the same time it's really sickening to hear my sister having sex. I'm not being rude or anything but it would help me to concentrate."


Santana's head snapped up and she bit the inside of her cheek. That hurt a lot more. Her hands clenched into fists and her stomach turned. She quickly composed herself before nodding, apologizing that she noise disturbed her and ran a hand through her black hair. Brittany smiled at her and her heart sped up again, her eyes wandering over the blondes athletic body, her mouth almost watering at the sight.

"Thanks, I appreciate it, San. I'll see you later."

Santana fell back on her bed when the door closed, her hands shaking. She growled, frustrated, kicking her cushions away and punching the mattress.

Why couldn't she see her?

Why couldn't Brittany notice how much Santana wanted her?

"Santana, Brittany, dinner's ready!"

She jumped, her mother's loud voice startling her. She rolled off of her bed and stormed to the door, all she wanted was to be left alone. Santana slammed her door behind her, thumping down the stairs, looking at the ground, hearing the stairs creak behind her, telling her that Brittany was right behind her. If you just stopped, the blonde would band into her, giving her a change to actually touch her without explaining.

She shook her head, chuckling, she did sound pathetic.

Santana gasped when she felt a pair of hands grip her hips and pull her against a taller body. Blond hair swung in front of her face as she allowed Brittany to touch her.

Fuck, it felt good.

"Watcha laughing about, sis?"

Brittany giggled into her ear, jumping down the last few steps before settling in the seat next to her step-mother. She took a few moments to get her breathing back to normal before joining them. Brittany was laughing along with her father, Santana didn't care what it was, her voice was beautiful. During dessert, Brittany was telling them a story about something she read about unicorns, stopping to wink at Santana. The dark girl stopped, spoon halfway to her mouth, the cream dripping onto the table. She always gave Santana signs like that and it confused the hell out of her. But she was sure about one thing.

She would make Brittany hers.