The Tempest Given
Chapter One

Early morning light slanted through the tall window on the far side of the wall, illuminating the bedroom with a soft glow. Out of the window, condensation had gathered as a result from the warm night and cold house, giving the panes a glittery dew-drop effect as it reflected off the rising sun. It couldn't have been later than six in the morning, and this was exactly what Katniss Mellark was thinking seconds after she screamed herself awake from the clutches of yet another horrific nightmare.

She stretched her fingers out longingly to the other side of the bed, but pulled them back, disheartened, as she found nothing. Peeta was probably already at the bakery he re-opened a few years back, kneading dough with his strong, calloused hands into the perfect shape needed for whatever new delicious delicacy he had decided to make. Katniss absentmindedly yearned for his cheese buns, her one and only crave since the pregnancy began. Just the thought of them made her mouth water and stomach grumble.

The bed was becoming too hot. Slowly, she raised herself off and padded into the bathroom. The white tiles felt cool on her burning feet, and the polished marble on the sink felt wonderful on her sweaty palms. Katniss cleaned her teeth, washed her face, and brushed hair with precision. Sighing, she leaned against the counter, hating the boring mornings like these.

At that minute, Peeta threw open the bedroom door with a loud bang, sprinted into the bathroom, and swept his wife up into a hug.

"Guess where we're going?" he asked as he stroked her hair. This must be a joke, Katniss thought in disbelief. Where could they possibly be going? She decided to play along.

"Okay. Where?" she said softly, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "And why aren't you working?" Peeta released her, but still kept a firm hold on her hands.

"I was a few minutes ago… but I got a phone call. But listen, Katniss, a few months ago Effie contacted me and explained how she had started this new business in the Capitol where they create contests to different places in the districts. I just wanted to help her, you know? So… I… well-"

"You entered?" Katniss finished for him. "And you're saying we won?" Peeta held out his hands.

"Katniss- we're going to District 4."

She touched her fingers to her mouth. "Oh, my God. This is amazing! How long?"

"Three weeks," Peeta responded, obviously enjoying her delight. "We can visit Annie and Finn… and I'm sure it'll be really warm-" As Peeta rambled on excitedly, Katniss couldn't help but notice the way the rising sun's rays played softy across his face, like they were dancing. She held onto his eyes, sparkling with exuberance, not wanting to miss a single word.

As he moved his hands to rest on her swollen belly, Katniss was awakened out of her dreamy haze with a sharp twinge from her lower abdomen. Peeta's eyes filled with adoration as they always did when the baby kicked, and Katniss couldn't think of a better time and place to be right then.

An hour or two later, a sharp rap on the door signaled it was time to leave. Katniss quickly slipped on her sandals, relishing the soft new leather smell and feel on her fingertips. They were new- a gift sent to her from her mother a few months ago. She stood up and stretched until her back smarted and gave shouts of complaint. Peeta was waiting for her at the front door, hand outstretched, and she took it in hers. Katniss had always loved his hands. When he opened the door, Effie Trinket stood at the steps expectantly, clutching a bright yellow handbag the color of mustard. Katniss hadn't seen her in years; the only communication between the two had been a quick phone call now and then.

And now, there she stood in all her flamboyant glory, blinking in the sunlight. She was adorned in a long pink wig that spread across her shoulders and down to her ankles in ripples and waves, in which Katniss noticed looked a little funny on someone that was almost or already fifty.

At the sight of her seemingly long-lost friends, Effie covered her mouth with her hand as if to keep from crying.

"Oh, Katniss, you're glowing!" she squeaked. The woman gestured to the glossy black car running beside the dying grass in the front yard. "We take this car until we get to the train that takes us to District 4. Oh, I can't believe you won!" A familiar jolt of unease passed through Katniss. She hadn't wanted to take another train for a long, long time.

Peeta placed a comforting hand on her back as if to assure her all was well, and that was what prompted her to leave behind the familiar doorstep; taking a step into the unknown.

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