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"Hey! No loafing around! Take this to table 2!" Came a rough voice from the kitchen. As an obese man stuck his head through the small window in the wall that divided the kitchen from the small restaurant. The man dropped a plate with some meat and fries on the counter while glaring at the female workers around the bar.

"Yes, sir." came a sarcastic reply from a woman who was in her mid-twenties. She gave him a small salute before walking over, grabbing the plate and walking away again.

Another young woman in her early twenties watched the first walk away with a sway in her hips. Her pink uniform clung neatly around her figure, while her white apron gave it something modest. The woman's black-bluish hair covered her cat-like yellow eyes so that she wouldn't be caught staring at the other woman.

Erica was known for her snappy attitude. If someone so much as looked at her wrong, she would be giving you a mouthful before you knew it.

The woman watched as Erica bent over while putting the meal down, giving the two men a clear view of her cleavage. She rolled her eyes. Why was she always stuck with the flirty women?

Shaking her head, she continued opening the second bottle of beer she held in her hands. Once open, she lifted it and gave it to the two men that were in their late thirties. The men thanked her and she gave them a nod, before quickly walking to the back.

"There y'are! I've got 'ere a load of dishes that need ta be cleaned. Pronto!" barked the man which made the young woman cringe. His odor was already foul but his breath made it worse. It smelled like he had eaten a dead rat. Giving him a fake smile, she nodded

"Yes, sir," she said softly and went over to two large stacks of dishes. Her blackish-blue hair was tied in a knot that had a few strands hanging around her face. Long bangs covered her eyes. The faint light of the kitchen shone on her hair and showed electric purple highlights which made a nice contrast. Her forehead

was sweaty but she ignored the sweat in favor of washing the dishes.

For the next hour she worked on those dishes before she was finally finished with them. Glancing up and to the right, she saw that it was almost eleven thirty. A sigh of relief escaped her pale lips. A few more minutes and she could go home.

"'Ey! Luna!" came the barking voice of her boss. Turning around, said woman saw the man standing by the furnace with a towel over his shoulder. Noticing he caught her attention, he pointed his thumb to the backdoor. "Go set out the garbage. And when you're done with that, ya can go clean the tables." ordered the man. She nodded and quickly went to do what she was told. Though she hated the man with his muddy-brown eyes that always eyed her and the others up and down, she couldn't deny that the pay was better than most places. Not much though. Only $7.45 an hour. It was just enough to pay for the rent.

She finished her shift and at midnight she and the others closed the restaurant. With a sigh of relief, she checked out and headed to the car that belonged to another worker named Karin, her ride home. She was in her mid-thirties and a nice woman, but talked a lot in her opinion. The woman dropped her off by a small five-story apartment and Luna went inside after saying goodbye. She crossed over to the elevator and pushed the button.


Groaning, she glanced over to the stairs. "Not again," she whined and started climbing the stairs. That bloody elevator was always broken. She would be surprised if the thing actually worked for once.
At the fourth floor she went down the hallway and came to a red oaken door. Her key fit with a bit difficulty in the lock, but she managed to twist it after a bit of wriggling. Once inside she put her purse down and dropped herself on the couch.

Finally, she had some peace and quiet.

She stared for a long while at the ceiling, then felt her eyes starting to close. Shaking her head, she sat up and got off the couch. She was tired, but she didn't feel like going to sleep. Looking around for something to do, her eyes fell on the television. A smile appeared on her face and she walked over. After turning the TV on did she stuck one of her favorite DVD's in.

"Pitch Black. Oh, if only Vin Diesel was here." she muttered with a sigh and then giggled like a schoolgirl.
She had always been a fan of Vin Diesel. Ever since she had watched Pitch Black for the first time all those years ago, she couldn't stop watching. Her second favorite was with Wesley Snipes in the Blade movies. He was a badass hunk in her opinion.

Science-fiction, fantasy, horror, you name it, she had watched it. She liked everything that wasn't real. It made her forget about real life around her. Made her forget about her past.

A frown appeared on her face and she shook her head. "No thinking of the past, girl. They're gone now and never coming back." She spoke to herself and blinked a few times when she felt the telltale tears in her eyes.

When the movie started she smiled widely and sat down right in front of the television. She had a couch in her living room but she rarely used it. If she ever watched a movie, she always sat in front of the television, her pale legs extended out and crossed at the ankles. She giggled when she heard Vin Diesel's deep, baritone voice. God, that voice could do something fierce to her. As the movie progressed, her eye lids started to feel heavy. Before she knew it, she went to sleep.

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