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Recap: A smile crept on her face and she quickly pulled the clothes out and put them aside while putting the rest of the clothes on the stack next to her.

She turned around and saw that she and Jack were the only ones left searching the bags.

Blade was sitting to the side next to Riddick while said man was toying with his shiv.

Shaking her head, she grabbed the pile next to her and limped towards the middle where more clothes laid. "I think we could make some pretty decent bonfires out of these ones, don't ya think?" she asked when Fry came to stand next to her.

Said pilot nodded while glancing at the boxes where Luna came from. "Sure, but what about those clothes over there?" she asked while nodding to the skirt and shirt.

Luna gave her a sheepish smile. "I was thinking of wearing them since these clothes are covered in blood." she told her softly, trying to make sure nobody else heard her.

Fry nodded. "That's alright. We also found a bottle of water but other than that, there was nothing useful in them." she told her to which Luna nodded. "I understand." she murmured and then limped back to the clothes she set aside and picked them up.

Suleiman and Imam each grabbed as much clothes they could carry.

At the same time grabbed Fry the torch and held it up. "Okay, is everyone ready?" she asked loudly and got some hesitant nods. "Good, then we'll open the door and walk back to the ship. From there, we'll see what we can salvage to take with us to the skiff." explained Fry.

Luna tried in the meantime to push the clothes in her bag but it was too small. Muttering a curse she glanced around the room and found Riddick standing by Blade with a frown on his face.

'Guess he's not so happy with leading us.' she mused but she knew they had no choice. If they wanted to get off this planet alive, they would have to lead them.

They had gotten out of the room and were standing in front of the metal door that separated them from the outside world.
Luna felt her heart beating flutter and knew that this time it was because of the creatures outside. After her run-in with them in the cave, she had no desire to come near one again.
Fry carefully opened the door and immediately stuck her torch outside. Hearing no wails, she risked a chance and stuck her head outside. She held her torch higher and looked around but saw no creatures in immediate sight. Fry slowly pushed the door further aside with her hip and stepped outside. Imam followed her behind and after him came the others. Jack helped Luna get down and after a clumsy jump, they managed to get down. "Thanks." she whispered softly and got a shaky smile in return. She could feel Jack shaking next to her and pulled him closer to her.

Paris carried his bottles while Imam and Suleiman carried the clothes. Jack practically pushed Luna closer to the other survivors, so much so that they were almost on top of them. Luna frowned slightly at the closeness of the others. She found it slightly annoying that they were all so huddled together. Though she said nothing in favor of Jack. The boy's eyes darted around at each sound he heard.

She glanced behind her and saw Blade right behind them only a few steps away. He walked behind the others and she could see how tense he was. His sword was held in one hand while he held a flashlight in his other. Johns came after that and used the light of his gun to look around. Scouting the area with his eyes, once he deemed it safe, he walked quickly towards the rest of the group.

Riddick came out next and stayed a step behind Johns. "Okay, wait. Wait." whispered Fry while everyone stopped and huddled even more together. Luna felt slightly constricted and wanted desperately to get more space for herself but said nothing. She knew they were all scared and therefore kept her mouth shut. She knew that once they were inside the ship that she would have more space again.

A creature whooped in the distance and she couldn't stop herself from flinching. A shiver wracked her body and she mentally cursed those things for making such creepy noises.

"Riddick! Blade!" called Fry softly while pointing her torch the other way and walked closer to the group. Riddick walked up to the front while motioning with his hands for the others to back up. Reluctantly everyone did as told.

Blade also went to the front but from the other side, holding his sword at the ready if there were creatures nearby.

He glanced over at Riddick and after a shared glance he nodded at him.

Riddick nodded back and took one step further while lifting his goggles up.

He looked around in the ship but saw nothing there. "Looks clear." he said to the others.

Luna couldn't stop the smile that tugged on her lips. She knew what was going to happen and shifted a bit to the side while pulling Jack with her.

Jack tensed and pulled the other way, clearly wanting to stay close to the group.

She send him a small frown before she let go of him and stepped a step away from the group.

Johns took this moment and walked up to the front, gun at the ready.

Riddick had just pulled his goggles back down when a bioraptor came screeching out of the ship, flying over the group.

Everyone ducked to the ground while Luna jumped to the side but fell on her side when she once again put pressure on her bad leg.

"Motherfucker." she whispered and hissed when stabs of pain went through her ankle for a moment.

She glanced down at it before looking over at the ship. Riddick and Johns laid both on the ground next to one another while Blade laid a bit to the side of them.

"You said 'Clear'." said Johns with an accusing tone. Riddick send him a glare. "I said it 'Looks clear'." he retorted and Johns glanced up at the entrance of the ship from where he laid. "Well, what does it look like now?" he demanded and Riddick glanced up at the entrance also. He turned to Johns, his face serious. "Looks clear." he said with a hint of amusement in his tone.

Luna bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. 'In real life that scene is more funny then on television. I love it.' she thought and softly snickered. Jack glanced at her when he heard the soft snicker and send her a questioning gaze.

Shaking her head, she ignored the boy's look and sat up. Her smile fell quickly when she tried to get up.

As the others all got up, Jack walked up to her and held out his hand.

"Thanks." she mumbled and took his hand, letting him pull her up. She once again leaned on him and together they followed the others inside the ship. Once inside went everyone do their own thing. Even Jack left her to go help with the lights.

Shrugging, she watched him go and was about to go off on her own when she decided against it. Instead, she went to look for wires or ropes.

After a few moments of searching she found a few ropes in a corner and grabbed them. She walked back to where the stack of clothes was and lifted as much in her arms as she could before limping over to where Jack was.

Once beside him, she dropped the clothes and rope and sat down next to him.

She had an idea of what to do with the clothes.

'If we want to make bonfires of them, we need to keep them together. Maybe if I bind them with ropes they will stay together and can then be dragged behind us while being lit on fire.' she thought and nodded happily to herself and went to work.

Together the two of them went to work on their own thing. She tied the clothes together and Jack pulled the cables out of the ground.

Suddenly Riddick came walking by with Fry. "I want light on my back, but not in my eyes. And check your cuts." he said while shielding his eyes with a hand when they walked by. "These bad boys know our blood now." he said which made Jack freeze in his place.

Luna knew what was going through his head and playfully shoved him with her arm. "Hey, no spacing out, you can dream of dancing in the spotlights later." she joked which made him blink and look at her confused. "W-what?" he asked making her smirk. "If you wanna be a singer one day, then it's okay to fantasize about it, but do it when your standing in real lights and not just this cable-light." she joked and mentally winced at how lame it was. Jack gave her a forced smile. "Y-yeah, okay." he mumbled and continued folding.

Seeing they were almost done, she struggled to stand up before finally succeeding. Jack looked up at her. "Where are you going?" he asked. She pointed her thumb over her shoulder. "I'm gonna go change in these clothes," she held up the bundle of clothes in her hand "The smell of this blood is rancid." she told him and Jack nodded.

Turning around, she limped away.

She was determined to go off and found a place somewhere to clear up and change out of her bloody clothes. Going up a ladder Luna placed her clothes down and started to strip down to her underwear, putting the bag she had to the side. Luckily the blood hadn't gone through to that as well or she would have been really pissed. This was the second time she had to get new clothes. It was like the gods wanted her to become a nudist or something. She shook her head. 'Hopefully this will be the last time I have to change.' she thought slightly annoyed.

Picking up her bag, she pulled the bottle of water out and she poured bits over her arms and legs, being mindful of her bad leg as she washed the blood away. Once clean again she picked up a spare cloth and dried herself off as fast as she could before reaching for her new clothes. Her skirt was a dark purple and pointed, meaning it ended in unequal ends. The shirt was sleeveless and a light blue color. It reminded her of Alice in wonderland in a way. Sadly there was no rabbit for her to follow to get out of this nightmare.

'Just two wolves.' she thought wryly. She hoped with Blade added to the group that they would all make it to the ship without losing anymore people. But in her heart, she knew that this night wasn't over by a long shot.

Shaking her head of dark thoughts. she pulled the shirt over her head just as Johns came up the ladder. Jumping, Luna lets out a yelp, dragging the shirt down her body as fast as she could before turning to Johns.

"Shit Johns, you scared me half to death. Don't go sneaking up on people like that." Luna said annoyed, while she held her hand to her chest, over her fast-beating heart. Trying to calm its racing beat. At that moment she wished she had some kind of weapon.

Johns didn't say anything. He just kept looking at her as he blocked the only way out of the room.

Luna started to feel a little uncomfortable at his cold stare. She noticed then that his hands were shaking ever so slightly. She wondered if this was the place that Fry found him getting high again and had her talk with him in the movie.

When he didn't say anything she shifted in her place, mindful of her leg. "Err.. is it time to go?" Luna asked, slowly making her way to the left of him to get passed.

"You think those two are going to care about a young woman getting killed out there?" he finally spoke while his hand shot out to block her way.

"What?" Luna turned in shock and gasped at how close Johns was. She backed up, hopping on one leg backwards to keep away from him. Her back hit the wall and he quickly boxed her in with his arms.

"They will take the ship and leave all of you, even a nice piece of ass like you." Johns spoke lowly looking into Luna's fearful eyes, though there was a fire there that made Johns smirk.

"I don't know what you're talking about Johns, now let me go." Luna demanded, glaring at him.

Johns just laughed, it sent chills down her back. "You and those fools out there can keep your heads in the sand as much as you want, but it's still the truth, Luna." he sneered. "And you're the biggest fool of them all to think they will keep you safe out there. Where all the monsters are. Oh no, they will use you to get what they want and when they have that, you will be out in the darkness. All alone just before those monsters rip you to shreds." He mocked.

Luna pushed Johns away, pissed as hell. "I am no fool, Johns! The only one I see leaving us to die out there is you." she hissed. "What does that say about you Johns? Huh? That all those people out there trust two convicts more than a man who pretends to be a cop. Who's actually nothing more than a dirty, hyped up merc!" she snarled back.

Johns slammed her against the wall causing her to yelp in pain.

"Well this merc, Luna, is the only one that has a gun. And the only one that could save you when those fuckers come swooping down on your pretty little head. You think those two are gonna save ya? You're wrong! Those two won't lift even a finger to save you. After all, they can get a pretty little thing like you anywhere." Johns sneered holding her tight. The words stung a bit but she stubbornly made sure not to show the hurt it caused. Instead, she focused on getting out of his hands.

"Let. Me. Go." Luna demanded. She was pissed that Johns thought that she bought his bullshit.

Even if it was the truth, she knew what was coming and knew that Riddick saved the others in the movie and Johns tried to kill Jack. Even with Blade and her added to the bunch they will be safe, even if she was to be the one that brought everyone back to the skiff.

"Luna? Are you ready? We're going!" both heard Jack call up.

Johns tightened his grip once more before letting her go. She glared at him before limping to the ladder. It was a bit of a hassle to go down the ladder but once she reached the bottom, she walked away. Passing Fry, who made her way up to Johns. Once she was out of sight, Luna stopped and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Johns had rattled her with what he said.

He was right that he had the big gun. She remembered that he nearly shot Fry in the movie. Who was to say that he wouldn't shoot her. 'I'll just have to keep my wits about me out there, because the next few hours are going to be the most dangerous ones of my life.' she thought worriedly.

Riddick and Blade had watched Luna limp away from the others to change, both saw how bad she was limping. "Not all of us are going to make it Blade." Riddick muttered softly.

Blade grunted "Knew that the moment we landed on this hell hole."

"Johns is losing it, I think it's time to ghost the motherfucker." Riddick said while he watched Johns climb after Luna.

"When?" Blade growled, while he clenched his fists after having listened to the two above them. Riddick nodded his head towards the exit. "Out there. There'll be a point when he'll try to screw us over. That's when I'll get the fucker." Riddick sneered.

"Better be soon Riddick, he's starting to piss me off." Blade said thinking back to the bullshit Johns had been telling Luna above them.

Luna felt bored after the anger for Johns' words left her. She reached for her side for the bag only to realize she had left it back upstairs.

"Shit!" she cursed softly and limped back to the ladder. She passed Riddick and Blade and saw that they were watching her.

Suddenly feeling conscious of herself, she started to limp faster but almost fell when she did so.

Feeling her face heat up she mentally cursed.

'Whoever of those fucking gods up there created Riddick and Blade should be shot. No man should be as handsome as them.' she thought before blinking in surprise at her own words. "Handsome? Did I just call them handsome?" she whispered softly astonished.

Shaking her head to get rid of the blush that crept on her cheeks, she limped over to the ladder and was about to start climbing it when she heard Fry speak.

"-anything at all… besides your next spike?" she heard her say. Looking up, she saw that Fry was moving down the ladder.

She stepped aside to let her pass and Fry glanced at her for a moment before walking away.

Luna then turned to the ladder and started climbing it. Once upstairs she saw Johns sitting on the bench with a dopey smile on his face.

Ignoring him, she looked around and saw her bag sitting on the ground to the left of the ladder. She limped over to it, grabbed it and quickly went back down the ladder. She didn't want to stay any longer near him if she could help it.

Everyone gathered by the entrance of the ship. Luna stood next to Jack with her arm over his shoulder, both had light cables wrapped around their body. Just like the other survivors for that matter.

She knew they were about to run and mentally prayed to god that she would be able to keep up.

Riddick and Blade stood at the front, after them came Imam and Johns who held the cables to pull the sled. The sled itself was in the middle of the group with Suleiman being on the right side of it with Carolyn and Jack, Paris and Luna were on the other side of the sled.

Riddick looked around before he took off, the rest followed quickly.

Luckily they weren't running fast and Luna could keep up. Barely.

She was more hopping after them then limping.

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