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Recap: 'Oh no.' she thought with panic but knew she couldn't escape him.

"Depending on if I like your answers, you may not or may not leave this ship alive." he told her so calmly she paled at the threat. "Are we clear?" he asked, as he looked at her and she nodded.
"Good. First question; how the hell did you get on the ship? We never sensed you coming aboard," he demanded and she swallowed. 'Shit. Immediately the tough questions.' she thought with a hint of panic and opened her mouth, ready to tell a lie, but closed it again.

She mentally shook her head. That wouldn't do much good. Riddick and Blade were both walking, talking lie detectors. They could sense a lie from miles away.
She sighed deeply. "I… don't know how I got on board. One minute I'm in my house and the next I wake up on board the ship." she told them, and tried at the same time to keep her answers vague.

She didn't want to tell them everything, but maybe she could twist the truth a bit. Hopefully.
"Next question; how the fuck do you know so much about us?" he asked and she gulped. How was she going to answer that? 'Maybe I could tell him I'm a fortuneteller or something?' she mentally shook her head again. That would do no good.
She sighed deeply. "Where I come from… you and Riddick are… part of entertainment... story characters." She took a shuddery breath, almost afraid to continue. "Someone made movies about you two. One movie… goes about the crash on that planet we escaped, but without you and I in it. It was supposed to be only Johns as the merc, Riddick and the rest of the passengers."
She looked down at her hands and fiddled with them. "And the other movie?" demanded Blade and she grimaced. "The other movie goes about you and tells of your fight with Drake and how you defeat him," she told him and chanced a glance at his face.

She was met with a blank look. Her gaze turned to Riddick's chair when she heard it move and saw him turn around in his seat, facing her also.
"Interesting." he rumbled which made her gulp. "So that's how you knew of Johns' method." mused the man.
She swallowed and looked to the side. "Yeah." she answered softly.
"What more do ya know?" demanded Riddick. She shifted in her chair nervously.
"Actually was that all. I don't know much else. The movies went on about only either one of you and not both of you at the same time. I don't know anything else," which was more or less the truth. She really didn't know what was going to happen next. Her and Blade's appearance here had already changed so much.
"I hope for your sake you ain't lyin' to me, kitten." rumbled Riddick warningly.

A tense silence washed over them and Luna started fiddling with the edge of her shirt. All of a sudden the ship quaked violently almost throwing her out of her chair. The sudden quake also woke up the others.
An alarm started beeping along with a red light. Luna grabbed the sides of her seat so she wouldn't fall out again. "Hull breach contained," said a computerized voice.
"What's happening?" asked Jack as she looked around to see what was happening. "Engine operating at 170% capacity," said the computer.
Riddick turned forward and started pushing and flicking buttons everywhere.
"Engines and hull failure imminent under current parameters," added the computer as the beeping continued.

Luna tried to remember what she knew of the movies and her eyes widened. 'Oh no! The Dark Fury movie! I forgot about that.' she thought and glanced over at Jack, who was staring at Riddick worriedly. Her gaze drifted to Imam and she saw him fiddling with his beads.
"Critical systems failure in five seconds," came the computer again. "Four seconds. Three seconds. Two seconds. One second," counted the computer down. Just before it reached zero, Riddick pushed a button and the engines died.

Imam, Jack and Luna gaped at Riddick, while the latter swallowed nervously. "First you're a boy, then you're a girl, and now you're a psychic. Careful what you wish for, Jack," said Riddick seriously. as he tapped his fingers against each other.
She gave him a sheepish smile.
"Unidentified craft, state your purpose and contents." came a male voice through the speakers suddenly.

Everyone glanced at the speakers except for Riddick and Blade.
"Unidentified craft, state your purpose and contents." came the demand again.
"Unidentified craft, state your purpose and contents." came the demand, this time harsher.
Luna glanced at Riddick and saw a frown marring his features. Knowing what he was going to do she opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it again. 'I can't warn them. If I do, they'll instantly know I've been lying to them. I can't risk it.' she clenched her hands in her lap, 'I'm sorry everyone. I'm so sorry.' she thought guiltily.

"Name's Johns. My ship got scrapped on a transport run," answered Riddick suddenly. She winced at his words. 'Stupid mistake. He should've kept his mouth shut,' she thought with a frown, wanting desperately to warn them but knew the consequences. 'Besides, everything will be fine. In the Dark Fury movie did Riddick kick everyone's asses alone! Now with Blade at his side we'll easily get out of here without much hassle... I hope.' she bit her lip worriedly at the last thought.

"The only other survivors from the whole mess are with me. Outside of that, we got nothing," continued Riddick. Luna tried to keep from showing emotions as he continued talking, knowing that he was just digging his own grave.
"Tell me, Mr. Johns, what brings you to this lonely corner of space?" asked the man over the speaker. She shuddered at his voice. 'That Junner sounds even more creepy in real life then on television.' she thought.
"I'm a bounty hunter," lied Riddick smoothly. "Then it appears we have something in common," stated the man before they felt a soft jolt and she knew they were being hauled in.

'Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!' she chanted in her head and nervously fiddled with her hands.
Jack gasped and looked around as the ship creaked. "They're reelin' us in," she stated, pointing out the obvious.
Luna couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes at that comment. She felt the ship jolt again before it suddenly grew dark. There was a sliver of fear that passed through her before it disappeared again.
All of a sudden they heard a click and a short flash of light before it grew dark again. Then again and it was revealed to be a lighter. Riddick held it up and brought a burner to the flame. Instantly the burner got lit. Luna frowned at the sight of the burner.

'Where the hell did that thing come from? I thought all torches were used during our trip to the skiff in the dark,' she mused and then watched as he brought the flame of the torch to something on the ceiling. "No offense, but I don't think that's gonna cut it against whatever it is that's coming for us," said Jack as she too watched him bring the flame to the ceiling.
Riddick ignored her words and adjusted the flame. He held it there for a moment longer. "Hold your breath," he ordered before he pulled the flame away and turned it off. Luna's eyes widened and she took as deep a breath as she could.

All of a sudden the thing on the ceiling sprayed foam and kept spraying until the whole ship was full of it. Just in time, she closed her eyes as the foam engulfed her.
It felt slimy and rubbery at the same time. 'It looks more fun on television,' she thought with a grimace, as she felt a hand brush against her arm.
She grabbed whoever's hand it was and squeezed it. The hand grabbed hers as well and she hoped it wasn't Riddick or Blade. That would be embarrassing.
It seemed to take ages as nothing happened around them. She slowly felt her lungs constrict and gritted her teeth. 'I can't hold out much longer,' she thought as panic started to course through her.

All of a sudden they heard a clang and Luna mentally thanked God for what was going to happen. 'Please let the man hurry up! Please God!' she thought as she felt her lungs constrict even more.
She let out a soft sound as her lungs started to burn for air. The hand she held squeezed hers for a moment.
Then, in an instant, the door hissed open and the foam flew outside and pulled them all along. Luna instantly let go of the hand and tried to get out of the foam for some air. After a bit of flinging her arms and legs around, she felt no more air around one of her hands and quickly pushed her body in that direction.

Once she felt no more foam around her head she risked a chance and took a deep breath. Just when she got done, a hand clamped around her ankle and pulled her back into the foam. She closed her eyes just on time and frowned when she heard bullets hit the foam above her.
'Seems someone saved my ass just now.' she thought and tried to think back to the movie. 'Okay, what happened next in that movie? Oh yeah, once the foam came out Riddick killed most of the mercs.' she tried to think harder, but it was a bit vague. She found the Dark Fury movie not so interesting. 'What happened next? Something with Jack…' she thought just when she heard someone faintly say something about foam.

"Fall back! Everyone, fall back!" she suddenly heard someone yell before it was followed by cries of anguish.
She felt someone brush by her side but didn't dare touch them in case it was a merc.
She heard gunshots and faintly someone gasping. 'If I remember correctly, that was supposed to be Jack, then Imam will go for air…' she thought and moved herself deeper into the foam.
Just then she felt someone brush by her real fast and knew it had to be either Riddick or Blade.

Blade used his speed and cut into a merc before bouncing off the wall and flew to another. Some mercs shot at him but he deflected the bullets with his sword back at the gunmen.
Riddick flew past some mercs, cutting them down as he did. Riddick came near a merc that was about to shoot him and kicked him in the face, effectively breaking his neck. He landed on the floor where the merc had stood and not a second later Blade landed next to him.
Blade sneered at the mercs. His bloodlust was at its highest. Having fed on Luna not too long ago, he noticed that her blood had did something to him making him faster and stronger than normal. It was the purest blood he had ever had and he must admit, even the blood that floated around him did not tempt him. The beast inside him roared as he slashed his sword through another merc. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Riddick gut one merc and then slashed another's throat.

Riddick pushed himself off from where he stood and flew at two mercs. He lashed out with his shiv at one of them who dodged backwards. Riddick took the chance and kicked them away. The merc who held the gun, lost his grip on his weapon as he was kicked away. Riddick grabbed the weapon and shot at the two without hesitation.

Blade dodged bullets that flew at him and then flew to a merc behind Riddick and stabbed him through the back with his sword, shoving the blade straight through the man. He then turned and pushed off as he flew towards two mercs that shot at him. Again he deflected the bullets away from him and did a horizontal swing at the woman's torso.
Blood spewed out as the woman was almost cut clean in two. She let out a scream of pain before it changed into a gurgle.

Riddick in the meantime, ran upwards and with a battle-cry he drove his shiv deep into the stomach of the man. He then lifted the man's body up and held it horizontal in front of him, just in time to protect him from some bullets.
"You two certainly know how to make an entrance," said a man, amused, from the entrance of the room. He wore a white coat with a high collar and wore green pants, boots and gloves with it. He had black, slicked back hair and his eyes were covered by green glasses.
Luna heard his words and almost opened her eyes at them. 'Junner! The lackey of that woman, what's-her-name… Antonia I think.' she thought, and knew what was going to happen next. 'Gotta hurry!' she thought and kicked and waved her arms and legs around to get to the front of the foam.

"That's nothing scarecrow. They are going to kick your ass-…" started Jack, but Luna shot out of the foam and towards Jack's voice. She quickly opened her eyes and grabbed the gun from her hands.
"Jack! Get your ass back in there!" she cried as she pushed Jack back into the foam. As she was about to follow, Luna's gaze locked with Junner's. The look on his face sent fear down her spine. He looked surprised and intrigued at first before he started smirking at her.

She suddenly felt she had caught the attention of a shark. She quickly turned and made to dive back into the foam. Junner was faster. He dove fast towards her and grabbed her by the back of her shirt.
"NO!" she screamed, and started struggling against his grip but he swiftly changed his hold so that he held her around the middle. As they floated onto the floor, he held her back to his chest, with his arm wrapped tightly around her waist.
He pointed his gun blade at her head. For a second her mind flashed back to her parents when she was attacked by them, before mentally shaking the memory away. This wasn't the time for that. She had much bigger problems than that.

"Let me go!" she cried as she clawed at his arm, but it was no use. "Let me go, you creep!" she demanded.
"I think not, my dear. What do you two say?" he turned the last question to Riddick and Blade, as he gazed at Riddick.
Riddick held a merc in a choking hold against the ground, his shiv poised, ready to strike. "Call off your lapdog, before his trying to impress you gets him killed," rumbled Riddick darkly, as he looked up at a woman who had appeared above them in the mouth of the tunnel leading deeper into the ship.
Blade held a female merc against him with his sword at her neck, ready to cut. The merc gritted her teeth, as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of her face. "Or you for that matter." snarled Blade in a dark voice.

While the two big men had been busy cutting down mercs, a few managed to sneak past them and grabbed Jack and Imam. Now they moved forward into view. Both convicts growled, angry, but realizing they couldn't free everyone.
"Now, now, boys," cooed the odd woman. "Let's not be hasty. Come. I have something I'd like to show you both." She waved vaguely at Junner. "Take the others below."
More mercs showed up and herded the survivors in two different directions. Imam, Jack and Luna were forced down a different tunnel than the one Riddick and Blade were led into. As she was passed off to one of the mercs, Luna heard him whisper, "Take this one to my quarters and see she's dressed appropriately. And don't damage her, I'm keeping her for myself."

'Oh, my God!' she worried, struggling helplessly in the merc's grip. 'What does he want with me? What's 'dressed appropriately' mean?'
Junner turned and followed his captain and the two convicts. They found themselves in a gallery of human sculptures, accompanied by Junner and the woman. She introduced herself and began a commentary on all the 'art' displayed in the large room.

Imam and little Jack were taken into a big arena and placed on large solid balls. Hands tied behind their backs, they had to balance with just their feet to stay up. If they fell off, they would strangle, the collars and ropes around their necks keeping them off the floor. They waited, helpless, wondering what was in store.

Scared out of her mind, Luna was thrust into a sumptuous suite. The merc that had dragged her there showed her a skimpy outfit she was supposed to put on. And he waited, watching while she slowly stripped off her clothes and dressed in the sexy outfit.
She had no choice; the merc had threatened to 'help' if she didn't hurry up. So she put on the barely there halter that left her entire back bare. Then she stepped out of her pants, her cheeks flaming, knowing her behind was exposed to the nasty merc's ogling. Her shredded slacks were replaced with a tiny bikini bottom that had long sheer panels attached, front and back.
The merc gathered up her clothes and took them with him as he locked her in. He laughed meanly when she asked him what would happen to her. "Oh, you'll find out soon enough, sweetie. Junner likes his slaves well-behaved, just so you know."
'Slave?' Luna fretted. This was worse than at home. She sank onto the big, softly covered bed, sobbing. Praying one or both of the convicts would free themselves and hoping they'd come find her.

It was a while later when the door of the room slid open again. Luna had just stopped her crying when Junner came walking into the room. Her body tensed at the sight of the man. Junner looked her over and licked his lips.
She grimaced at that motion and crossed her arms over her breasts in an attempt to hide them. "You look beautiful, my dear." he complimented and then walked to the closet that stood to the left of the bed. He opened it and rummaged in it, seemingly searching for something. The longer he was in there the more anxious she grew.

"Ah. Here it is," she heard him faintly murmur. Junner turned and walked towards her, keeping whatever he had found out of her sight. A small part of her was curious as to what he was hiding, but a much bigger part of her was dreading to know.
Once he was in front of her he revealed the object he had in his hands. It was a collar made of silver with two rubies imbedded in it. In the middle of the collar hung a small ring. Luna tensed even more at the sight of it and started scooting back to get away from him and the item, ignoring the pangs of pain that shot through her from her wounds.

Junner was quicker. He grabbed her good ankle and with one hand pulled her back towards him until she hung almost off the bed with her lower body. "Stay still." he ordered as he brought the collar towards her neck. "No!" she gasped as she tried once again to scoot back but her wounded arm buckled under the weight as pain shot through it.
Gasping in pain, she quickly pulled her arm from under her and held it against her chest. Hearing the merc in front of her chuckle, she turned her gaze back to him. Seizing the opportunity of distraction, Junner brought the collar to her neck and quickly locked it in place before he took a step back. "There, now my pet, you are ready to be seen." he told her with a smile that sickened her.
She tugged on her collar and fumbled with it to get it off but couldn't find a way. "Oh! Almost forgot," he said, before he went to his desk and pulled something out of the drawer. When he turned back to her, she paled at the sight of it.

It was a chained leash. "Now hold still," he said and quickly walked over to her and locked it on her collar while holding the other end in his hand. "Now you are ready," he said, making her grimace and whimper at the same time. Now she really was in a bad situation. She was a slave now. He gave a sharp tug on the collar making her body jerk forwards and fall completely off the bed. She landed with a pained yelp on her bad arm and whimpered softly. Junner glanced down at his new pet. Noticing only now the wounds she had.
He hummed softly, "Those wounds won't do at all. No pet of mine will look that," he smiled nastily then, "At least, not unless you misbehave," he finished and she shuddered at those words.
Junner roughly pulled her along by her arm. She struggled and pulled on her arm but could not free herself from his seemingly steel-like grip. The fact that she was injured didn't help the situation any. Because of her ankle, she could barely keep up with his pace.
"Let me go!" she cried while pulling on her arm once again. Junner ignored her and just dragged her along. Finally they came to a pair of metal doors and they slid open once they stood in front of them.
Inside the room was a metal slab and some medical equipment on tables. She didn't recognize most of it, but she recognized the needles that hung from one of the walls.

Next to the metal slab was a man who looked to be in his fifties. Graying blond hair and steel-grey eyes. When he saw them enter he stood up straighter. "Mr. Junner, what a pleasant surprise to see you. To what do I owe this meeting?" asked the man as he glanced from Junner to Luna and back.
Junner pulled her to the slab and held her there. "I need you to take a look at her wounds, Doctor. I want her to be as healthy as possible if she's going to be my new slave." said Junner with a smile.
The man smiled, wrinkles appeared around his eyes and mouth. "Ah! Found a new one I see? Alright, I shall take a look at her." he told him and then moved towards them. Luna tried to pull away from Junner, but he didn't budge and his grip was strong. "Let me go!" she cried as the man came up close. She tried to kick him but the man side-stepped.

"A fighter I see." "Indeed." said Junner as he glanced down at Luna. "Alright, sit her down on the slab and I'll see what I can do," he ordered as he picked up a pair of latex gloves.
Luna tried to elbow Junner, but he blocked it easily with his arm before grabbing her by the waist and lifted her on the slab. She instantly tried to get off again, but Junner grabbed her by the ring of her collar in a steel grip. "Don't move, pet, wouldn't want me to resort to violence, do you?" asked the man with a cold smile.

A shiver went down her spine and she reluctantly kept still. The doctor went to work as he inspected the wounds. "Good Lord, look at those wounds," gasped the man as he pulled the bandages off of her wounds and gently traced the cuts on her arm. "These look like they have been done by an animal but I don't know what kind of creature could've done this," he murmured more to himself then to Junner or her.

'I know exactly what kind of creature has done that and I hope to never see those monsters again,' she thought with a grimace as she watched the man walk over to a table that stood full of bottles and whatnot.
He grabbed a bottle with some kind of red gel in it and then came back. She shifted in her place. Junner had yet to let go of her neck. The old man turned to Junner, "Will you please remove your hand, Mr. Junner? It would be difficult to heal her with your hand in the way," asked the man politely.

The mercenary leader slowly let go of her collar and stepped out of the way. His gaze never leaving her as he calmly stood at the side. Though his hand still held a tight grip on the end of the leash to make sure she couldn't run if she tried. The doctor opened the cap of the bottle and stuck three fingers in it and scooped out a portion of the gel.
Luna tensed when he turned to her. She didn't know what the stuff would do, if it would be painful or not. Junner may have said that her wounds needed to be healed, but he hadn't said how. For all she knew it could be in the most painful way there is.

The man grabbed her wrist and then applied the gel to her skin. Her breath hitched when the gel came in contact with her wounds. It was cold as if it had come out of the freezer. The doctor focused on his work and smeared the gel out all over her arm until all of her wounds were covered. A moment she felt nothing and wondered what would happen. Then it happened. She felt a strange itch coming from her wounds and lifted her head to look at her arm.
Right before her eyes she felt and saw how her skin bubbled slightly. The bubbles grew bigger and when they grew too big, they exploded. She flinched when one of the bubbles popped but instead of the gel flying around, it instead landed like a web over her wounds.
Where it landed the skin stitched itself together. She couldn't help but marvel at the sight. It was gory as well as fascinating in a creepy kind of way.

More and more bubbles popped and covered all of her wounds until after a few minutes were her wounds all closed up. The gel had become a dark pink. Suddenly the doctor grabbed her wrist again and turned her arm over.
"Perfect." she heard him murmur and then he started gently scratching at the edge of the gel and she watched in awe as he peeled it off as if it was a piece of chewing gum. Once all of the gel was off she could see what had become of her skin. The places where the cuts had been were all a light pink and she could still easily distinguish the places where she had been cut.

'Creepy.' she thought with a wrinkle of her nose.

The doctor applied the same gel over the rest of her cuts and then did the same routine over again until all of the gel was peeled off and all her wounds were healed. The blonde walked over to a sink and, after pulling his gloves off, started washing off his hands. "You can take her away now, Mr. Junner. All of her wounds have been taken care off. The pink color will stay for a few more days before it will leave completely," called the man calmly from where he stood.

Junner inspected her wounds. "As always, an excellent job, Doctor. Now if you'll excuse us, her Ladyship is waiting for us," he said and walked away, jerking once on the leash to make sure Luna followed. Luna tried to get the leash loose as she tugged and twisted it all around but could not get loose. Somewhere inside of her, she hoped that Riddick and Blade would save her again like they did on the planet so many times. After a while she gave up on getting free and reluctantly followed her new master. They walked for a while and she tried to memorize the way, but it was too confusing for her and she gave up.

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