Hey, this is my first FanFic so I'm a little nervous

Stuff you need to know:

Although the girls team was cut, Coach Pistonek isn't as sexist as in the film and is willing to let them play.

Sebastian isn't going to London, but he is still into music.

Viola and Justin are still together.

Viola knows who Duke is - he is her boyfriend's archenemy - but they have never met.

Chapter 1

"Coach, please let us try out." Viola had been begging Coach Pistonek for the whole day, following him as he walked to his lessons, and somehow being there at the end to carry on begging. The both stepped onto the soccer pitch ready for the boys tryouts.

The coach knew that Viola and a couple of her teammates were good, maybe even good enough to get into the boys team, but he knew that the rules of the league they played in specified that girls couldn't play.

As the last few boys ran out onto the pitch for tryouts, Coach Pistonek turned to Viola and said: "Look Vi, I would love to help you, but you and I both know that girls can't play in this league. Trust me, you, Yvonne and Kia could probably run laps around some of the boys, but I can't. I'm sorry."

Sadly, Viola walked off the pitch to go and find Yvonne and Kia and break the bad news to them. She eventually found them in the library, peering over at a tatty book.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?" She craned her neck to get a look.

"YES!" Yvonne suddenly shouted, grabbing Kia and jumping up and down, both of them screaming.

"Shhhhh!" came a voice from behind them. It was Mrs Brewster, the librarian. "Be quiet, we're in a library."

"What were you screaming about?" Viola whispered.

"Well we knew that the league that the boys play in doesn't allow girls," Yvonne started.

"I was just coming to tell you that was the reason coach wouldn't let us tryout."

"We looked it up in this old book of school soccer rules and it says here that as long as the majority of the team are boys, there are no rules against girls playing in the league, look."

Kia pointed to a clause in smaller print at the bottom of the page. It said: 'More than half of the players are male then girls may play as long as the opposing team refuse to forfeit.'

"YES!" yelled Viola. "Illyria will never forfeit. We are sure to win!" The three of them began jumping up and down and screaming again. "Wait," said Viola suddenly.

"What?" asked Kia, confused as always.

"We need to go and tell Coach Pistonek before he selects the first and second string."

The library was situated at the opposite and of campus, and Viola, Yvonne and Kia tore through the school, praying they weren't too late.