Author's Note: Well hello there my lovely readers, welcome to this two/three shot. So, Kaitlyn and Sheamus definitely need a storyline, correct? This is based on Monday Night Raw, April 29, 2013. I really hope Sheamus is her admirer. Anyway, enjoy and be sure to leave a review.

You've come so far this past year, every step of the way I fall in love with you more.
I wish I could tell you in person.
No matter what anyone says, always know there's someone out there who thinks you're beautiful.

Kaitlyn grimaced as the letter from her so called secret admirer was stuck in her head. She had read it so many times that she practically had it memorized by now. Even though she wasn't trying to spite herself, she still couldn't believe that she, big manly Kaitlyn, had a secret admirer. Someone who thought she was beautiful, and successful, and they were falling in love with her...

The two toned diva shook her head as she walked to her rental car in the arena parking lot. She shouldn't be worrying about this, she should be focused on keeping her title safe. But still, a part of her couldn't help but wonder who had taken an interest in her. There were a lot of guys in the locker room... But who's to say it was a superstar? It could be a camera man, or a tech guy... Or worse...

She didn't even have any feelings for anyone she worked with. Kaitlyn felt she just didn't have any time for being in a relationship right now. The hybrid diva was young, and in her prime. She was thriving in her career, and she just assumed that love would come later in life. Later, when she wasn't so busy, and she had time to go out on dates, and start a family eventually.

But, maybe this was fates way of telling her that it was time for her to start a family. Or at least to try dating someone. This could be a hidden message, one she didn't feel like dealing with. She didn't even know what to do with any of the notes anyway.

She climbed into her car, and sat there as she ran a hand through her hair. Kaitlyn didn't know why this was driving her so insane, but it was. Though, it should have been driving her insane, maybe because she was ready in fall in love, she was just afraid of it. With another useless sigh, she put her keys in the ignition and started the short drive back to the hotel. She was driving herself crazy with all this love talk, and she was just ready to sink into a bed and forget about how complicated things were for a while.

Once Kaitlyn got to the hotel, most of the WWE roster was still in the lobby because they hadn't even checked in yet. The hybrid diva groaned. This was going to be a long night. She sat down in a nearby recliner to wait for some of the crowd to go away before she checked in. The blond closed her eyes for a bit to relax, her muscles were very sore from the night's activities. As she sat there, she couldn't help but to hear some of the other superstar and diva conversations.

"Great match tonight..." She heard Kofi Kingston congratulate someone.

"You're hair looks really good like that!" She heard coming from one of the Bella twins. But then, something caught her attention as she heard Sheamus conversing with none other than Zack Ryder.

"So you wrote the letter?" Zack said a little to loud for Sheamus' liking. The Celtic Warrior immediately shushed the Long Island Native.

"Would you quit being so loud fella?" Sheamus asked in that thick Irish accent of his. This definitely had Kaitlyn's attention, so the hybrid diva listened intently and hoped she wouldn't get caught eavesdropping.

"Sorry." Zack apologized sheepishly. "But it's true? You wrote Kaitlyn's letter? You're in love with her?" Zack kept on pushing the questions towards the ginger, and Kaitlyn could tell that he was getting uncomfortable by the way he stuttered slightly.

"Yes." Sheamus answered simply. "But, I know she doesn't feel the same. Kaitie's off to bigger and better things. She's focused on her career, you know? I love that about her. She's so focused, and motivated, and now she's at the top. It's what she deserves. She probably wouldn't want to settle down with a fella like me." He rambled as Zack listened. Kaitlyn couldn't believe what she was hearing as the Irishman stood there and spoke so highly of her. She could actually feel a slight blush rising to her cheeks.

"Wow man." Zack replied. "I didn't know you felt so... Strongly about her." He concluded. Sheamus smirked.

"She's one hell of a girl Zack." He said, and then he and Zack were off to check in to their rooms for the night. Kaitlyn opened her eyes with a satisfied smirk. So much for keeping it a secret. She then stood up from the recliner and that's when Natalya came up and grabbed her arm.

"Want to bunk with me tonight?" Natalya asked. "I already have a room."

"Sure." Kaitlyn nodded, and the two divas were off to the elevator. It was quiet, as they were the only two in the small space. But Kaitlyn decided that she should share her newfound information with Nattie. "I know who it is." She spoke.

"Excuse me?" Natalya asked.

"My admirer."


"It's Sheamus." Kaitlyn reveled and at that Natalya was shocked.

"Really?" She asked.

"I heard him talking about it." The hybrid diva replied.

"Are you going to meet him?"

"Oh God no, Nat!" Kaitlyn seemed almost horrified at meeting her admirer.

"You're gonna have to do it some day." Natalya teased as the elevator dinged indicating they were at their floor. Kaitlyn merely ignored her as they went to their hotel room.

Having Sheamus for an admirer wouldn't be so bad... Kaitlyn thought he was cute, and very sweet too. The two had talked almost everyday, but it stopped abruptly, and now she knew why. Oh well. It was a good crush, and the blond felt very flattered at the gesture. Could she make it work with Sheamus? Now all these thoghts were inside of her head as she tried to sleep. But there was one question that stood out the most.

To confront, or not confront?

Author's Note: To be continued...?