Title: Enemy of My Enemy…

Rated for: T though ratings will change depending on the chapter content. I will label each accordingly.

Genre: Adventure/ Suspense/ Family/ Romance

Fandom/Universe: My Own Worst Enemy

Characters: Henry Spivey-Edward Albright, Jack Spivey, Dësmã Albright

Pairings: None.

Spoilers/Warning: None.

Disclaimer: My Own Worst Enemy and all related characters are copyright Jason Smilovic and the NBCNetwork. No infringement intended.

Summary: Congratulations, it's a girl! Only Edward didn't know and Henry wasn't prepared. Uh-oh…

Status: In-Progress

Chapter: Prologue


They don't bother being quiet coming in. Step-Dad 3 is the first one to go down. First one to die from an allergy to bullets. Two in the chest, one in the head. That detail she won't forget. Mom stifles her scream and tears behind her hands, harshly pressing them to her mouth. She tries to be quiet, backing away from the stairs because there's two lives depending on her.

The first door on the 2nd floor is silent but the teal and slate bedroom stenciled with dinosaurs is empty no matter how hard she looks inside. The plaid covers get tossed aside and a quick search under the bed produce nothing but an empty room.

She hurries out, tears rolling down her lined cheeks. She can only hope they're together but part of her wants her daughter to be out raising hell instead of living this nightmare-

"Mom?" the dark head peeking out of the 2nd bed room door pulls a ragged breath from her throat.

"Get back!" she breathes in a harsh whisper that puts a frown on her daughters face. She does as ordered and the soft sleepy whisper of the little boy peeking from under the plum comforter sports a messy head of dark hair.

She hurries to the closet. "Take Sully. Now Dësmã!"

The teen does as ordered, takes the sleepy boy in her arms and follows their Mother into the closet barely considered 'walk-in'.

"Up. Go, Dës! And be quiet." She urges taking the little boy and hugging him tightly. She already knows what's coming. She can hear them- the careful tread of footsteps, the creak of the stairs and she drops a kiss on his tousled head, hiding her tears. "I love you, Sully. Be a good boy, don't make any noise."

Dësmã can hear them too. The hatch in the ceiling of her closet is well hidden by some well-chosen posters tacked strategically.

"Take him." She lifts Sully to Dësmã's reaching arm. "I love you both, Dës. Keep your brother safe. Get him out of here, far from here. Not the neighbors. Find Grazê. Go to him."

"Mom-!" but her Mother hurries out of the closet closing the door behind her. She hauls Sully into the attic space carefully replacing the tile, knowing instinctively there's danger and cradling her brother close.

"I want Mom, Dëssy." Sully turns bright teary eyes to her, his lips already trembling and what comes next is exactly what her Mother doesn't want.

"We're playing a game, Sully." She forces a smile, her hands framing his face. "You want to sneak out with me tonight? We'll go buy some fries, yeah?"

Sully shakes his head. "Ice cream."

"Only if you stay really quiet and do everything I say just how I say. Deal?" Dësmã waits feeling the rush of tense energy coursing through her body. It's only a moment but it feels like years before Sully slowly sticks out his small hand and nods.

They shake on it but even that doesn't relieve the anxiety and fear. Instead she motions for him to follow her quietly. They crawl across the beams with Dësmã stopping for Sully to climb on her back when they reach the part that's only beams and insulation. The window isn't a window; it's a square piece of metal resembling a blind. Keeping Sully securely on her back she uses the screw driver conveniently left in the little niche to remove the screws.

It's a matter of minutes, the square piece comes off with hardly a sound and Dësmã takes a cautious peek into the night. The roof is pitched at an angle that provides cover from the street and the back yard. She climbs out after Sully, making sure to keep him secured to the roof.

Dësmã can hear them; men in her back yard, voices she's never heard before. She's never snuck into her house only to sneak out again minutes later.

"Light it up."

Dësmã puts her finger against Sully's mouth cautioning him to be quiet. Footsteps move off, more than one set and she wants to get a look at them.

'They're setting fire to my house… Mom!' she can't hold back the tears so she hides her face from Sully. She drags in a breath before scooping her brother into her arms and moving across the roof. She can't go back, not because she's afraid of what she'll find, but because her Mom put Sully's safety in her hands.

If Harper where able to…she would find them. Dësmã just doesn't want to acknowledge the possibility her Mother will never come for them.

"Grab on like this Sully." She threads his little hands through the straps on her jacket, then hooks his little legs around her waist. "Keep your head tucked into me."

He doesn't say a word but she doubts he'll be able to stay quiet once they land. She's never actually jumped with extra weight- another person- attached to her body. The house is eerily silent, the yard…everything around them. She can feel their loss already.

I Met Henry First…