Title: Enemy of My Enemy…

Rated for: T though ratings will change depending on the chapter content. I will label each accordingly.

Genre: Adventure/ Suspense/ Family/ Romance

Fandom/Universe: My Own Worst Enemy

Characters: Henry Spivey-Edward Albright, Jack Spivey, Dësmã Albright

Pairings: None.

Spoilers/Warning: None.

Disclaimer: My Own Worst Enemy and all related characters are copyright Jason Smilovic and the NBCNetwork. No infringement intended.

Summary: Congratulations, it's a girl! Only Edward didn't know and Henry wasn't prepared. Uh-oh…

Status: In-Progress

AN: This chapter runs through a couple of weeks so don't think you're missing information. This also gives a little explanation of where Dësmã was during the time after her Mom was killed and she went looking for Edward.

I've been getting more ideas so the original ending was going to be here, leaving Edward, Dësmã and the Spivey's to enjoy life on the lamb. But...

Oh! I've also gone back and corrected a few of the typos in the previous chapters, which means I also added little bits here and there =) Enjoy!

Chapter: A Safe Place To Fall


Edward is back. He 'wakes up' in the middle of a domestic argument between Henry and Angie. It automatically puts him in a bad mood. He's tired of 'understanding' why they are all upset. He's tired of 'explaining' the situation over and over and over because they still don't get it!

"Shut up."

Angie takes a breath. She blinks and takes an aborted step back from Henry that brings her against the metal bunk. "Edward." She finally breathes out. Because its true. The little things that Dësmã pointed out at lunch are not the only things that differentiate Henry from Edward.

"You should understand by now." Edward takes that little step towards her that puts him in her face. He knows that intimidates her and doesn't care anymore. He needs them all to get it through their heads- that he is taking back his life and they have no say in the matter. "Henry Spivey was and is … just a cover. I am Edward Albright. And I'm not going anywhere."


When they finally arrive, Edward disembarks with Jace and Jack. The plan is to meet at the boat but first they're all going to 'loose' themselves in the city for a few hours. Edward is no stranger to the islands; he's had a mission or two in the area. Jack is just annoyed by the crush of people and the fact he can barely see over their heads. Jace doesn't have that problem and he's used to the heavy pedestrian traffic.

"Let me introduce you to some friends of mine." Jace smirks and heads towards the flashing lights of the bar. He already knows Matthias is not going to be pleased but it's easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.


Matthias takes Angie and Ruthy into town. They are curious but wary and stay close to him. When they arrive at the market, Matthias takes them to the stalls with clothes. It's not anything like Ruthy is used to and it shows on her face. Angie is dismayed as well but she's better at hiding it.

"Dësmã knows where the good shops are hiding." Matthias shrugs apologetically. "She can bring you-."

"This will be fine." Angie assures grabbing a few shirts from the hanger. She looks through some more before taking a couple for Ruthy. She's not ready to accept anything from Dësmã because she's struggling with the fact Edward is Henry and he has a daughter and she's the reason he's determined to stay.

Matthias doesn't say anything else and pays the old woman before leading the Spivey women towards the food.

Ruthy is quick to find the fruits, asking about everything and listening as Matthias patiently gives her the answers. Angie can't help feeling out of her depth and homesick. Her life has changed dramatically and the arguments with Henry only make her miss the life they built together before Edward came into it. Edward and Dësmã Albright…

"We can get some more to go." Matthias herds them towards their exit. They make their way to the boat and they're the first ones to arrive.


Sully and Dësmã stop at the familiar market stall. They're greeted by the old woman Sully has been calling grandmother since he was 7years old and she gave him his first 'treat'. She's happy to see him again and quickly gets to scolding Dësmã because she's been absent so long.

"I'm sorry. I promise to come help in a few weeks." That's as much as Dësmã can commit to for now.

The old woman tisks and scowls. She points out the changes in Dësmã and attributes it all to a man. She wouldn't be half wrong there but Dësmã doesn't give her any details.

"Anda harus tahu lebih baik daripada untuk membiarkan bicara manis Jace anda."

Dësmã glances at Sully who just happens to be busy flirting with the girl at the next stall. At least he hasn't heard the crazy accusation Granny just made. Maybe, at one time, there had been the possibility of something happening with Jace. Their age difference at the time was what stopped Jace. Dësmã just couldn't get past making out with him before she bolted- not that Jace was bad, just the opposite but Dësmã never got that feeling her Mother had told her about.

'Not until Jared…'

"Dës, we need to pick up some things for the house." Sully pokes her arm happy to have her at home again. "Like food."

Dësmã sighs. "Shopping."

Granny laughs and shoo's them away because she knows how much Dësmã hates to shop with her little brother. By the time they have enough food for the Spivey's to last them the week, Dësmã is in a bad mood.

And they aren't the first ones to reach their boat.

"Where's Uncle Jace?"


Angie hasn't spoken to Edward since he told her to shut up and she has nothing to say to him. Jack is still sulking but he's been watching Dësmã interact with Sully. They act so much like brother and sister, Jack just doesn't understand why she had to come and ruin his family.

"Je vais gagner."

"Sully, vous avez grandi de quelques centimètres. C'est tout."

"On fait la course!"

Edward understands perfectly and his thought is that his daughter can speak French. But that shouldn't surprise him since the Grazê's are currently 2nd and 3rd eneration French-American.

"Ne vaut pas mon effort." Dësmã lazily leans back on the hard bench pretending a comfort Edward knows she can't possibly feel.

"Tu as peur que je vais vous battre. "

"Pft!" Dësmã waves her hand in Sully's face and turns away from him. That's enough to get him to stand up and start taking off his shirt.

"Let's go."

"Grazê…" Dësmã turns to Matthias but he's smiling, clearly amused by them and shakes his head No, sits back crossing his arms to continue watching them.

"Where are they going?" Ruthy softly questions Matthias. She can see the beach but it's still too far away. "Why is he taking off his clothes?!" and that only when she notices Sully drops his belt.

"What are they doing?" Angie demands hastily placing her hand over Ruthy's eyes. She automatically looks to Edward and remembers it's not Henry who she's expecting support from.

"Swimming." Matthias replies ignoring her shocked and disapproving expression.

"You're going to lose, baby brother." Dësmã toes off her boots and slips out of her pants.

"Whose getting naked?" Jace sits up, not the least sleepy now. His shades are swiped off his face so he has an unobstructed view of Dësmã in her underwear.

"Hentikan perahu." She throws her t-shirt at Jace and follows Sully to the bow. 'Its like I'm in my bikini. Same thing.' She tells herself ignoring the stares. From the corner of her eye she sees Angie with her mouth pressed into a tight disapproving line. Edward is more interested in Jace's ogling.

The boat is gliding and Sully doesn't wait for it to get any closer before he dives into the water. "Too soon." She grins and turns back to their captain. "Berikan beberapa gas, Geeves."

"Cheater." Jace laughs and enjoys the partially naked view of his brother's step-daughter.

"Il ne devrait pas être ainsi bloque et je blâme que sur vous." Dësmã tells Jace then motions to the captain to stop.

"Il a hérite de nos bons regards. Comment est-ce ma faute?" Jace demands of his brother as Dësmã dives over the bow.

Edward moves to the front of the boat. He has a clear view of both, the boat slowly moving out to the left of the swimmers.

Dësmã comes up ahead of her brother and doesn't stop because she knows his longer legs and arms will have him catching up soon enough.

"First one on the beach wins." Jace leans on the bow, his newly shaded eyes staring towards the beach. "Want to make a bet?"

Edward shakes his head. The bars Jace took them to kill some time and the people he saw the younger Grazê socialize with have Edward working on a plan. Jace will come in handy.

Matthias is at the rail with the rope in hand, the dock is made of logs cut from the trees on the island. It seems rather simple but it's been useful to their needs. The warehouse is in a cove a few miles down the beach, where they bring supplies in large quantities or big items. They're going to need to find some furnishings for the Spivey's 'new home' and that will mean another trip to the city.

"We have arrived." Jace waves them all off the boat smiling like he's the host at a party. Under all that is the annoyance he didn't bother to hide when Dësmã asked them to harbor the Spivey's.

Jack follows behind Jace to the beach and a small group of people gathered there.

"She cheated!"

He can hear the laughter and the jumble of foreign words and voices as Sully complains that his sister had a lead on him.

"She thinks you're stuck up." Jace ruffles his nephew's wet hair and winks at Dësmã after sneaking a kiss to her cheek before walking away from the group with a few waves to those gathered. He doesn't look back and is quickly lost in the jungle of trees.

"I'm stuck up?" Sully turns to his sister but she just shrugs a bare shoulder at him.

"Just a little." She pinches her fingers together as an example, her smile not the least bit apologetic. "But now that I'm here you'll be just fine."

Matthias chuckles, he passes his button down shirt to Dësmã with a silent look she more than understands. "Let's get our guests settled in before you two start carrying on as usual."


Henry has his first view of the island from the living room of his 'new temporary home' – at least, he hopes it's only temporary. Angie is still upset and Jack has been avoiding both of them but mostly Henry. The argument that woke him up was about the damn chip in his head and Angie's demand that Henry stays and Edward leaves.

Edward didn't take it too well but everyone is still in one piece. Henry doesn't think his other me is going to sit still and Henry knows they can't both co-exist, they're broken. So who gets to stay?

"Henry?" Angie tentatively slips her hand through his, her eyes warily searching for signs of Edward.

"I'm still here." Henry assures. "We should have a safe word."

Angie's reluctant smile brings one to his face as well. "Like onions or apples?"

"Something not easily confused." Henry chuckles.

"There has to be something we can do." Angie's hands clasp in his tighter. "Some way to keep you from being wiped. I don't think we can live with Edward…" her thoughts go over the last few months and all the little things she had thought Henry was doing to spice up their life when it had been Edward showing up. 'The hummingbird…' her cheeks flush at the memory.


Both Jack and Ruthy have been called to the older Grazê. It's been a week on the island with only Angie's vigilant eye hovering over them and Henry trying to stay calm and relaxed so Edward remains asleep as long as possible. So far, they've managed it just fine and there hasn't been a switch.

But a week seems like an eternity to the young Spivey's when they've never had to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with only their parents to socialize with. So the young boy with broken English insisting that only Jack and Ruthy go with him made Angie panic because she wasn't about to let her children go off with a stranger on an island. Even if the stranger is a 7year old boy. Henry over ruled her and the kids went off quickly without a backward glance leaving Henry to calm his wife.

"Where are we going?" Ruthy taps the boys shoulder but he smiles and darts off waving at them to run.

"Don't lose him!" Jack grabs Ruthy's hand and runs after the boy.

They head to the beach, not the same place where they arrived because there's no dock. And the beach is not empty.

"Di sana." The boy points to the trio, two of those sparring and runs off leaving the Spivey's on the beach.

Jack doesn't know how to get back but he doesn't want to go anywhere near Dësmã and he knows that's her.


She ignores him and starts running towards the trio because she doesn't want Jack to stop her.

"Damn." Jack sprints but even so his sister shouts at the three already on the beach in greeting.

Dësmã takes the distraction offered by Ruthy and knocks Sully into the sand hard and gives him a little kick in the ass too.

"Comment avez-vous finissez de manger du sable?" Athanasius asks on a sigh from his seat in the shade.

Sully spits out the mouth full of sand, glaring at his sister. "Dësmã."

"I put you there, yes." Dësmã agrees. "And it's your fault."

"Vous devries avoir prêté attention à poings Dësmã's à la pace de la jeune fille." Athanasius turns his attention to the Spivey's. "Tiens."

"He says hello." Dësmã translates turning to her siblings. Athanasius wants them to pair off right away so he has an idea of where the new students are.

"Come on, Jack." Sully waves him over still brushing sand out of his hair. "Leave the girls to their fluff."

"I'm not afraid of breaking a nail." Dësmã retorts. "Are you?" she looks right at Ruthy wondering if the youngest Spivey is going to run off before their first session is over.

"No." Ruthy straightens her shoulders and tries to mirror Dësmã's stance.


Its late afternoon and the new arrivals have pretty much kept to themselves, which is just fine with Jace. The less he sees of them the better for everyone. He's still not happy his Father has taken to instructing the young ones. Jace doesn't see how forcing Jack to be around Dësmã is going to form a bond they never had a chance to build and one that Angie doesn't want her children to develop with Dësmã.

Jace hikes up to the falls thinking about the little one- Ruthy. She's taken to Dësmã a lot easier than he had thought. Watching them together… Dësmã is a patient teacher which helps with Ruthy because she still isn't as comfortable as Jack looks sparring with Sully.

Now there, Jace shakes his head grinning. Both boys are evenly matched most of the time. Jack has the height and bulk, while Sully has more training. Jace doesn't think Jack is going to keep that advantage too long. His sullen attitude and the anger he feels and blames on Dësmã make Jack resistant to what Athanasius is trying to teach. And if Jack doesn't start listening, Athanasius might just stop trying, and use Jack for a sparring partner since it looks as though it's all Jack wants to do anyway.

"Cagnotte." Jace whispers with a silent thank you sent to the heavens. The one person he can't seem to run into is the last one he expects to find sunning at the top of the falls. "Topless!"

The sound of the water crashing into the clear pool at the bottom masks his approach and Jace does his best not to startle her awake. He drops his towel with his shirt and lies down beside her tempted to wake Dësmã but decides against it because she seems to be at peace for once. Jace still doesn't know the whole story but what he got out of Matthias doesn't make him any happier. He knows Matthias made a point of telling him about Jared and what he meant to Dësmã.

'He's gone and not worth mentioning.' Jace just hopes Matthias will stay out of it this time around. Dësmã isn't 17 and the 8year difference in their ages shouldn't be an issue to anyone. It hadn't been a problem with Dësmã back then…


Edward is furious he's lost almost three weeks and when he finally wakes up its to find an argument going on with Jack.

"Of course." He sighs wiping a hand over his face. He walks out of the house leaving the screaming teenager and Mother behind. Edward has things to do and no time to waste.

The first person he comes across is Jace and moving closer, notices he's not alone. "Dësmã?"

It is her. And she looks flustered while Jace has that damn Cheshire grin Edward remembers from that bar and the reason behind it.

"Hey!" Dësmã grabs Edward's arm and puts herself in front of Jace. "Stop!" she shoves her elbow into Jace's chest and glares at him. "You too!" the last thing either of them need is to get caught making out but that just happens to be their fate.

"What the hell are you doing?" Edward demands. He's trying really hard not to 'see' what they had been doing when he came upon them.

"Calm down." Dësmã orders making an effort to lower her voice and stay calm herself. "You don't want to switch with Henry this soon do you?"

"Ok, now it makes sense." Jace huffs at her back. Henry didn't seem to care too much what Dësmã got up to. 'So much for making him act like her Father.'

"Not now, Jace." Dësmã frowns at him over her shoulder. "Go away. You're just going to piss him off and then Henry's going to wake up."

"We can't have that." Jace mocks but he does leave them alone.

"You can't be punching out every guy I kiss-."

"That was more than kissing!" Edward scowls. "Fix your damn shirt."

"I'm not a little girl, Edward." Dësmã retorts while tugging her shirt back into place, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Right now, she's not sure what's worse; walking in on her Mother with Matthias or that Edward caught her practically dry humping Jace. Either one is worse than Henry finding them skinny-dipping on the beach and then just turning right around and walking away. "You didn't know I existed until a few months ago. I'm 22 and if I want to sleep with Jace, that's none of your business."

"22… you're 22." Edward latches onto that, brow furrowed in thought and of course, he's missed another birthday.

"Don't sweat it." Dësmã shrugs it off. Strange as it is to see Edward bothered by the fact he's missed a dinner with the Grazê's and home-baked cake with a candle too, it's sort of …nice. "By the way, while you've been sleeping, Henry and Angie have been happily enjoying paradise from their porch the past two weeks."

"I'm going to need your boyfriend to take me into the city." Edward starts walking in the direction Jace headed completely ignoring anything to do with Henry or Angie.

"Hold up!" Dësmã grabs his arm tugging but he doesn't stop, forcing her keep pace with him. "You were about to punch him and now you want him as a tour guide? Why?"

"That doesn't concern you." Edward answers. He's not about to involve her any further. He already knows the Grazê island is the safest place for his daughter and that's where he plans to leave her. Even if there is one Grazê humping his kid. That just deepens the scowl on his face.

"Then you can find your own way around." Dësmã turns away from him. "You do know where Jace lives…?"

Edward stops in the middle of the path. He glares at his daughter standing just a few feet away, arms crossed. She reminds him of Harper like that; the stubborn tilt of her chin, the slightly narrowed eyes and even the almost imperceptive tapping of her foot. Edward wonders if Dësmã is even aware she's doing it. Harper hadn't.

"Come on." Edward waves an impatient hand for her to lead the way.

"Why?" Dësmã isn't going to move until she gets some answers.

"Because I need an introduction to some of his friends." Edward grits his teeth and waves imperatively once again.

"I can't believe you!" Dësmã exclaims. "You want a whore but I can't kiss-."

"I don't want a whore." Edward denies. And he's not even going to start on the very little 'kissing' she had been doing. "He knows other people."

"Gangsters?" Dësmã narrows her eyes and she's already working out what Edward is trying to do. "You're going back." She's not asking. "You are going back and what? What are you going to do, Edward?"

"That doesn't concern you." Edward repeats and he can see that's the wrong tack. "Dësmã-."

"You're going to get yourself killed." Dësmã states quietly. She walks past him, avoiding any eye contact and takes him exactly where he asked her to. She has that feeling again, like someone stuck their fist into her chest but she's not going to show it.

The house is the first one put together on the island. But it's just like all the others. The main entrance is from the open living room and kitchen area. The glass panels slide together leaving the ground floor area open to the outside deck. There's a small laundry room beside the pantry behind the kitchen. The master bedroom is on the ground floor as well and it's the only one with a tub. The other two bedrooms only have a shower. The dining room sits in the middle; a small open nook has the TV and comfortable recliner. The only other room on the ground floor is a library that Athanasius has filled with all kinds of books, most of them classics. And where most of the homeschooling textbooks have found a home.

The second floor is reached by two spiral staircases; one for each of the bedrooms upstairs. There's a shared deck from the second floor bedrooms accessible from the sitting area in the loft that overlooks the dining room, kitchen and living room. The door to Jace's bedroom is open and Dësmã can see him walk towards his bathroom.

"Grand-père," Dësmã skips up the steps and walks right into the house like she lives there.

Edward waits on the deck, scowling because his daughter is too comfortable in her boyfriends house.

"Grand-père, Il a besoin d'emprunter Jace." Dësmã perches on the breakfast stool where Athanasius slides a cup and pitcher towards her.

"Votre nouveau père devra lui revenir dans le même ètat où il lui emprunte." He looks at Edward and waves him into the kitchen.

"I'll bring him back in one piece." Edward assures though he might wish it wasn't a requirement.

"If you're trying to get us to fight," Jace calls from the railing. "Bringing him to my door is a great start, baby."

"Don't call me that." Dësmã frowns. She doesn't like the sound of it-not anymore. "Get down here."

"Out of respect for my Father I won't call you something else-."

"Knock it off, Jace." Dësmã hops off her stool glaring at him because some of the 'endearments' he whispers in her ear aren't things she wants him saying in front of other people or anyone at all.

"Son père va casser le nez, mon fils." Athanasius calmly walks out of his kitchen with his glass and heads back to the TV.

"If he doesn't, I'm going to break something else so shut up and behave for once." Dësmã warns.

"Parce que vous m'avez demandé si gentiment mon amour." Jace drops a kiss on her lips well aware of Edward's furious expression.

"Knock it off." Dësmã hisses, pushing him away and crossing her arms. She has this want you-hate you thing going on with Jace. She wants him but hates that she does and it's so damn confusing.

"If you're done…?" Edward grits his teeth making an effort to remain calm because he can't afford to switch with Henry right now. "I need you to introduce me to some people."

"Oh, well…"

"Do it." Dësmã cuts in. She'd rather Jace didn't but Edward is going to find what he's looking for with or without Jace. What worries her is that he's going back to finish that fight and what if Edward never makes it out alive. He's going to make her an orphan…

"Alright." Jace agrees though the expression Dësmã is trying to hide worries him.

"Great. Let's go." Edward turns, heading out of the house.

"Whoa, whoa, right now?" Jace frowns and he's shaking his head because he's not going anywhere tonight that isn't to bed with the girl that demands they keep it a secret. A badly kept secret if Henry and Edward have already found them out. Not that Athanasius hasn't noticed it but the old man hasn't said a word. He figures they are both old enough to make the choice without help.

"The sooner the better." Edward impatiently waits.

"I'm all booked for tonight. So you'll have to wait until tomorrow." Jace reaches for Dësmã's hand only she walks over to Edward. "Dëssy."

"Your night just got free." Dësmã turns on her heel. "We don't have all evening." She calls over her shoulder.


AN: -thank goodness google translates because if it's not Spanish… well I'm only fluent in one other language, English-


"You should know better than to let that Jace sweet talk you." - Anda harus tahu lebih baik daripada untuk membiarkan bicara manis Jace anda.

"I'll win." - Je vais gagner.

"Sully, you've grown a few inches. That's it." - Sully, vous avez grandi de quelques centimètres. C'est tout.

"I'll race you!" - On fait la course!

"Not worth my effort." - Ne vaut pas mon effort.

"You're scared I'm gonna beat you!" – Tu as peur que je vais vous battre!

"Stop the boat." – Hentikan perahu.

"Give it some gas, Geeves." – Berikan beberapa gas, Geeves.

"He shouldn't be so stuck up and I blame that on you." – Il ne devrait pas être ainsi bloqué et je blâme que sur vous.

"He's inherited our good looks. How is that my fault?" – Il a hérite de nos bons regards. Comment est-ce ma faute?

"There." – Di sana

"How did you end up eating sand?" – Comment avez-vous finissez de manger du sable?

"You should have been paying attention to Dësmã's fists instead of the girl." – Vous devries avoir prêté attention à poings Dësmã's à la place de la jeune fille.

"Grandfather, he needs to borrow Jace." – Grand-père, Il a besoin d'emprunter Jace.

"Your new Father will have to return him in the same condition as he borrows him." – Votre nouveau père devra Lui revenir dans le même ètat où il Lui emprunte.

"Her Father is going to break your nose, my son." – Son père va casser le nez mon fils.

"Because you asked me so nicely, my love." – Parce que vous m'avez demandé si gentiment mon amour.