Summary: For thousands years Aphrodite has bugged Artemis to break her maiden vow. Finally the goddess of love takes things in her own hands and nine months later a child of Artemis and Poseidon is born. But to protect her, they have to give her up. Follow Andronica Jackson's journey as she finds out who she really is and what she can do.

Disclaimer: The last time I checked I was a sixteen years old female. So there is no way I'm Rick Riordan. And I certainly don't own Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

AN: So, um, this is an idea I got this afternoon and couldn't wait to write it down. I'm not very happy with how the first chapter worked out, but I promise the second will be better. I'll be writing this alongside with my other fic A Drop In The Ocean so I'm not sure if I'll manage to update every week. Though I'll try.

Daughter of Two Broken Vows


"How can I do something like that?" Artemis asked quietly, gazing down at the small sleeping face of her baby daughter. Tears gathered in her eyes as she lift her finger to caress the baby's silky skin.

"I know." Poseidon murmured from his place next to the goddess of hunt, he too watching their daughter shift slightly in her dream. "It's terrible, but its the only way we could protect her. Sally is a good woman, she will take care of her."

Artemis looked up towards her first and only lover. "How can a mortal woman raise a godly child? She will be powerful when she grows up."

The King of the Sea sighed heavily, reaching into the pocket of his Hawaiian shirt. He pulled out a letter, sealed in a thick blue envelope. "Sally knows of our world. I have explained everything in this letter. She will take our daughter to Camp as soon as her powers start to make themselves known."

Artemis nodded, her gaze shifting back towards her sleeping daughter. Tears gathered in her eyes. She leaned down to kiss the babe's forehead. "I'll see you again, my daughter." With great difficulty, she placed the bundle in Poseidon's hands. The sea god looked down at his child's face and he too placed a kiss on her cheek. "Good luck, my little Andronika."

Then, he gently placed the baby on the cabin's doorstep, the letter tucked into the blankets. Both Olympians stood there observing for a while, sorrow in their hearts.

"She'll grow up a strong maiden." Artemis murmured and Poseidon nodded in agreement.

"Child of the sea and the moon. There is none like her."

Once they had both dissapeared in bright flashes of golden light, another figure stepped out of the shadows and walked towards the godling.

"Andronika," The figure whispered, placing a hand on the child's forehead. "You have a great and terrible fate before you. Daughter of two broken vows."

Daughter of Two Broken Vows

Chapter One

I Turn My Bat-Like English Teacher To Dust

16 years later

I was eight years old when my adoptive mom married Gabe Ugliano and I finally came to the realization that my life sucks. A lot.

You see, I'm not exactly a normal kid. I was born with ADHD and Dyslexia, which turned schooling into my personal hell. I dare you to try reading when the letters seem to be surfing across the page. But somehow I managed to push my self already through 10 years of studying, give or take.

Honestly though, school is the least of my problems. Yes, yes I know, education is important, yada, yada, yada. But strange things always happen around me and by strange, I mean reaally strange. For example, when I was a baby, a snake somehow sneaked in my crib and I had obviously managed to strangle it with my meaty toddler hands. I'm actually surprised how Sally didn't have a heart attack when she saw me playing with the shiny rope. Another time, when I was a bit older, a one eyed man followed me home from school (And no, he wasn't missing an eye. He had only one eye, right in the middle of his forehead.) Nobody believed me except my mom.

Anyway, this story doesn't really start until a stormy day last spring. I was a student at Yancy Academy for troubled children. Am I troubled? Fuck yes.

Our class was going on a field trip to the Metropollian Museum of Art to look at the Greek and Roman artifacts. I had my doubts about it, because I really had bad history with school trips, but after all, what that bad can happen in a museum? Nothing, if you're not me.

On the bus ride I chose a seat next to the window, next to my best friend Grover Underwood. A few words about Grover: He's scrawny and easy to pick on. He has some leg disease and uses crutches, though he runs faster than a cheetah when there is enchilada nearby. And third - he's very loyal.

I took him under my wing since our first day at Yancy. Some kids were picking on him and I kinda beat them up a little. You see, I have a reputation in school. Nobody messes with Andre Jackson and her friends.

Not that I have many friends, mind you. Actually Grover is the only one, partly because the others are too scared of me, and partly because most of them are annoying rich brats.

So when Nancy Bobofit (my archenemy) started throwing pieces of peanut butter and ketchup sandwich at Grover's head, my blood pressure rose dramatically. I must admit I have quite the temper. The school psychologist always advises me to count to ten when I'm angry - I never reach past two before decking wether person has annoyed me.

I made to stand up, but Grover wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me back down. "You are already on probation." He reminded me and I sighed, dropping heavily in my seat. I didn't want to disappoint my mom by being kicked out of another school. Though, I had the pleasure of seeing Nancy flinch back sightly when I shot her a glare that clearly said 'I'm gonna skin you alive later'.

I honestly couldn't hold back my smile of excitement as we stopped in front of the museum's grand building. Usually I'm not into that kind of things but, dude, who doesn't like mythology? Mr. Brunner, my favorite teacher was the first to get off the bus with some difficulty. Mr. Brunner is the Latin teacher and the only one I actually listen to. He has dark scruffy beard and a wheelchair and at first glance everyone would think that he's some old strict teacher but actually he's very cool. He has a collection of Greek armor and we often used them to replay tournaments and gladiator battles in class. Plus, he's one of the few teachers that actually seem to like me.

I shot him a small smile as I passed him, following the rest of the group towards the entrance. We quickly checked in and entered, Mr Brunner leading us towards a huge room with statues of the Olympian gods. He started telling us about them, but even at the head of the group I could hear nothing because of the chattering behind me. Looking over my shoulder, I was not surprised to see the usual suspects - Bobofit and her 'crew' of bitches.

"Will you shut up?" I hissed at them but unfortunately I had chosen a silent moment and everyone heard.

"Ms Jackson?" I heard Mr' Brunner's voice and turned to look at him. "Do you mind telling us what is shown on this picture?" I glanced at the picture quickly and relief washed over me when I actually recognized it.

"This is Kronos eating his children, no?"

Mr. Brunner gave me a nod and waved his hand to show me to continue. I gladly did, pleased with myself that I actually put some effort in Latin. "There was a prophesy that Kronos was going to be overthrown by on of his children, like he had done to his own father before him. So to stop that from happening he ate his children, the gods, right after their birth. But his wife Rhea managed to hide the last son, Zeus, and fed Kronos a rock instead. When Zeus grew up, he freed his siblings and cut Kronos to pieces, throwing him in Tartarus." I was very pleased with my answer but, of course, the moment Nancy Bobofit opened her mouth, my happiness melted away.

"And why do we need to know that? It's not like they will ask why Kronos ate his children on a job interview." Nancy snarked to no one in particular and I was ready to turn around and show her how good she would look without her teeth, when Mr. Brunner interrupted me.

"Ah, to rephrase Ms Bobofit's excellent question,"

"Busted!" I heard Grover murmur and had to hide my smirk as Brunner returned his attention to me.

"Could you tell me how you could use this knowledge in the real world?"

I racked my brain for an answer and pursed my lips in frustration when I find none. "I don't know sir." I said quietly, knowing that he would hear me. Mr. Brunner had radar ears.

He stared at me for a long moment, making me shift uncomfortably until, finally, he looked away.

"Alright, everyone, it's time for lunch." I exhaled, but tensed when Mr. Brunner called me back.

"Andronika Jackson, you should learn the answer to my question." He said, his ancient eyes boring into mine. I couldn't help but frown, thinking back to my answer. There was nothing wrong with it really. I said all there was about the damn picture. What more could he want?

"About how your knowledge applies to the real world." He hinted. "What you learn from me is very important, Andre, I expect only the best from you."

I couldn't help but nod, though I was more confused than ever before. Important? How could Greek mythology be that important to my life? It was interesting, yes, and I enjoyed listening about it, but I couldn't figure out where I could use it outside school. After all what is there to learn from the myths? Not to eat our children?

"Yes, Mr Brunner." I answered shortly, watching the teacher give me a dismissing nod.

Grover followed me out. The square outside was full of smoking, eating and laughing students. I scanned the area with my eyes for a place where we could have lunch in peace and I noticed the beautiful white marble fountain, that stood a little aside everyone else. I started walking in that direction. I could hear Grover's steps behind me as we moved to seat on the edge of the fountain. Grover took an apple out of his backpack and started munching happily on it, while I played with the water, dipping my fingers in the cool liquid.

Since a child, I've always been drawn to water for some reason. And the sea. Especially the sea. But I was pulled out of my thoughts by Grover's yelp. Looking up, I frowned when I saw Nancy Bobofit stand nearby, her lunched dumped all over Grover's clothes. The blood boiled in my veins and I stood to my feet. I growled deep in my throat, barely registering in my mind how authentic the sound really was. If I hadn't felt my own throat vibrate with the growl, I would have looked around to see if there was a wild animal nearby.

Nancy looked towards me, her smirk dropping. I don't know what she saw in my eyes, but she took a frightened step back.

I was angry. No, wait, I was fucking furious. Nobody messed with me or my friends.

A heard something akin to wave roar in my ears. The water in the fountain rose, as if by my command, and wrapped around the foolish girl, pulling her into the fountain. I watched her fall with a splash, half ready to jump in and strangle her, when I heard the voice of my second-most-hated-person behind me.

"What is going on here, honey?"

The hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention as I slowly turned to face Miss Dodds - the most bitchy woman I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. Miss Dodds was our English teacher since our last one had gotten a nervous breakdown (Yes, things like that happen when you teach kids like us.)

Ms Dodds is this middle aged woman (more like monster if you ask me) that wears a black leather jacket and looks ready to drive you through with a Harley.

She had immediately taking liking to Nancy, probably because they were the same grade A bitches, but quickly figured out I was the Devil's Spawn. Usually, I would take that as a compliment, but I really didn't like her.

"Andronika pushed me!" Nancy screamed and I had to fight against the urge to smack her already ugly face.

Hold it in, Andre! I scolded my self inwardly, trying to count to ten as the school counselor had told me. It didn't work out too well, but at least I managed to get a grip on my temper.

Ms Dodds looked at me, smiling as if she had just received the best Christmas gift ever. "Come with me honey." She motioned me to follow her and I shared a look with Grover, who looked simply terrified. I tried to give him an assuring smile as I followed Ms Dodds to the inside of the museum. She led me through the empty halls towards the part of the gallery where the statues of the Greek gods were. She stood with her back to me, glaring at an image of Zeus so fiercely, that I wondered what had he done to offend her.

"We know what you have done, honey" She hissed, turning to look at me. We? Was she talking about herself in plural then? Maybe she had some kind of multiple personality disorder. It looked pretty much like schizophrenia to me.

"What have I done?" I asked, trying to put on that innocent expression I never quite got to master.

"Give it back or I'll rip you to pieces!"

Either I was going crazy or her arms were really turning into scaly wings. Her skin skin took up a disgusting gray hue and her teeth lengthened into fangs. I stumbled back in horror, my heartbeat quickening. I watched with wide eyes as Ms Dodds (or what had been Ms Dodds a minute ago) lunged at me wildly.

The time as if slowed around me, like in a slow motion video and I jumped to the side, just in time to avoid the deadly looking talons.

I looked at the strange creature before me, trying remember where it looked familiar from. I was sure I've seen it somewhere, in a book perhaps.

Yes, I know what you're thinking - She's attacked by a monster and all that she's thinking about are books.

Well, shock does that to people sometimes.

Just as the monster turned to attack me again, I heard a voice call out.

"What ho, Andre!"

My head snapped to Mr Brunner's familiar voice and I saw him standing at the door. At pure instinct, I reached out towards the object he had thrown at me and snatched it out of the air. I didn't really have time to ponder where the hell did he took the sword from as the Fury (yes, I figured it out) flew at me. The weight of the sword was comforting in my hand, as if I had held it my whole life. Not hesitating even for a moment, I slashed at the monster, whose speed was too high to try to stop right now. It flew right through the blade, exploding in golden dust above me. I closed my eyes and coughed a few times as the dust entered my lungs and scratched my throat.

Once everything around had settled, I looked up. The room was completely empty and if it wasn't the golden sand on my clothes and the sword in my hand, I would have thought it had all been my imagination. I slowly stood to my feet.

What the hell did just happen?

The sword suddenly exploded in golden light and I shielded my eyes. When I opened them again I was no longer holding a weapon, but a normal, ball point pen. Okay, things were getting stranger with every passing second.

When I walked outside, I found that nothing had really changed during my fight with the Fury. The other students were still having lunch and Nancy Bobofit was still dripping wet. I stuffed the pen in my pocket, planning to inspect it later, and walked slowly towards Grover. He looked relieved to see me, but was interrupted before he could say a word.

"I hope Ms Kerr wiped you ass."

I turned towards Nancy, too confused even to be angry. "Who?" I asked, feeling more dumb than a cow.

"Ms Kerr you idiot! Our English teacher!"

I had no fucking idea who she was talking about, but I rearranged my features into a bored expression, not wanting to show my confusion. I would investigate later, but for now I refused to give Nancy the pleasure of acting confused. "Huh, she could do nothing." I murmured, not even stopping to look at Bobofit's angry expression. I had too much to think about. I climbed onto the bus and hurried to collapse on my seat.

I felt, more than saw, Grover sit next to me. "Andre are you alright?" He asked, his eyes shining with concern and something akin to fear.

"Everything is fine, Gro." I mumbled, staring out of the window. "Everything is just fine."

So, um, this is it. As you notice, Andre is very sarcastic and violent person, but well, she didn't exactly have an easy childhood with Gabe and all that.

Also, the name Andronika means 'victory of a man/warrior'. I love that name.