A/N: This story takes place after the season 2 finale. Captain Swan seems to have finally set sail! Because come on, what else might happen with them trapped on a boat together? Especially with emotions running so high with Henry's rescue.


Emma thought they would drown.

Hook had thrown the portal bean into the water, opening a green glowing whirlpool and proceeded to steer the ship towards it. Over the waves and down they crashed, straight into the eye of the pool, water rushing them on all sides and Emma really did think, if only for a moment, that they would drown.

But they didn't.

Before she knew it she was blinded by the light, engulfed by it. She felt a hand take hold of hers. When she looked down and followed the arm she came to the overexposed face of Mary Margaret. She couldn't see much besides her mother's hair and eyes. The light had washed out her skin and she looked a bit like floating features. And then she was clear.

As Emma opened her eyes wider, she noticed they were now drifting on calm, clear, blue water. It stretched out around them for miles, no land in sight. Near the horizons, the sky seemed to blend into the ocean; the line between them blurred and glowed. The clouds stretched thin and far, reaching for the sun in vain. Everything was so open, so isolated.

Emma looked over at Hook as he walked down to the main deck of the ship. He gestered around them grimly, eyes far away.

"Welcome to Neverland."

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