Trellis knew better than to believe anything that Max and his people said. Everyone else in the traveling group may have fallen for it, except himself, Emily, and maybe Leon, but he sensed something was wrong with this whole picture. He wanted to find out what. He felt he had to protect Emily from whatever it was, so at night, he would walk near her bedroom chamber and make sure no one disturbed her.

On a night with wind that bit through his heavy armor, he walked down the halls just as he always did. Something in her room was casting a bright light, because he could see it through the tiny window in the door. He started running and burst through it.

"Shhh!" Max held up a hand. "She's sleeping," he whispered.

Trellis growled in a low voice, "What are you doing in here?"

"What are you doing far away from your bed chamber? Being out during the night without my consent is prison-worthy." An evil smile crossed his face. He explained, "I am simply motivating her when she is unaware. She needs to learn her skills quickly. There's nothing to worry about." He hid an object behind his back.

"What are you holding?" the Elf Prince asked.


He grabbed Max's arm and held it in the air; the object was a thick dagger.

"You little rat."

All of a sudden, Max's stone lit up and blew Trellis to the back of the room. When the elf lifted his eyes, Max was gone.

Slowly, he got up and leaned over Emily, who was stuck in the Void and sweating. He knew he had to get her out of there somehow, so he concentrated his stone's energy into the focus of his mind. A large of energy engulfed him and took him in.

He landed in the middle of an almost empty castle, his eyes widening as he looked into the face of his mother.