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Chapter 1: Decade

Ben Tennyson, along with his cousin Gwen, his best friend Kevin Ethan Levin, and his best girlfriend Julie Yamamoto, all stood at Mister Smoothies happily. It had been a day since the team had saved the world and defeated Vilgax, the former servant of Diagon. Since Vilgax was being taken away to a Plumber prison, the four were left to relax. It was a great start for the four heroes, as Ben had not only saved the world, but he also gained the official Omnitrix from its creator, Azmuth. Ben looked up into the night sky and sighed as he took a sip out of his smoothie.

"It sure is great to finally have some downtime." Ben stated. Gwen looked to him and just smiled as Kevin scoffed. "You just keep telling yourself that, Tennyson. Not everything can always remain too good to be true." He remarked. As Ben sent a glare, Gwen sighed and nodded to her cousin. "Kevin's right, Ben, I mean, Vilgax may be defeated, but there are still a lot more criminals to catch." She reasoned. Ben sighed as Julie placed her gentle hand on his shoulder. "For now, just savor the victory. We still have to get back to our social lives." She cheerfully stated. Ben sighed and hugged Julie lovingly. "I guess you're right, Julie. Besides, the next thing we'll have to face won't just fall out of the sky." He replied.

At that moment, a giant monster fell in front of the group. Gwen prepared her Mana for attack as Kevin absorbed the metal of his car. Julie looked to her pet, Ship, and nodded as Ben tried to dial his new Omnitrix. He gritted his teeth as he looked to the new options on his new device. "I have a small problem, guys!" he exclaimed, causing the others to turn around to him. "I have no idea how to work this thing!" he yelled. The group gasped as the mutant started to charge in towards them. Gwen tried to make a Mana shield to defend them, but the Rhino Mutant broke through as Kevin attempted to land a punch on him. The Rhino Mutant just knocked him aside as Julie and Ben were the last ones standing. Julie readied her armor as Ben got down so that he could defend her.

All of a sudden, another figure jumped out of the sky and slashed at the Rhino Mutant. He had violet armor, and he also had a white book-looking object at his side with a horizontal black stripe covering its center. His helmet had two green trapezoid-shaped eyes and a yellow dot on the center of his forehead. There was also a black line going down the center of the rider himself. Across his chest was a white X, and his armor looked like it had barcodes on it. Ben and his friends watched in amazement as the newcomer got up onto his feet. Ben then gasped as he fell to his knees once again, holding his sword like a crutch. "Who are you? What are you?" Ben asked. The man in armor turned around to see Ben as he started to think back to earlier.

Two days ago…

Tsukasa Kadoya transformed into Kamen Rider Decade as the Dark Riders of the Nega World charged towards him. He clashed with Ryuga first, and then slashed at Dark Kabuto before clashing blades with Kamen Rider Orga. Kamen Rider Dark Kiva laughed sinisterly as he neared the Destroyer of all Worlds. "You may have killed us before, Decade, but after the worlds started to collapse and recreate themselves again, we came back to life." Otoya stated. Tsukasa looked to the Rider with a growl as he pushed away Orga. Otoya stood in a battle stance as Decade drew nearer.

All of a sudden, Apollo Geist shot at him, causing Decade to stop and fall to the ground. "I warned you one day that I would be the greatest threat known, and now I'm back!" Apollo Geist exclaimed. Tsukasa stood up as all the Dark Riders aimed their firearms at him. Quickly but weakly, Decade took out a card from his Ride Booker and slotted it into his Decadriver. ATTACK RIDE: REFLECLOUD! The Decadriver announced. With the Gosei card he received from the Tensou Sentai Goseiger, Tsukasa was able to deflect the attacks back to their owners. The Dark Riders and Apollo Geist all fell back as Tsukasa got back up onto his feet. As he was about to get away, Shadow Moon came and slashed at his chest, sending Decade back to the ground. Shadow Moon laughed as the Rhino Mutant soon came after. Tsukasa took out another card and slotted it. ATTACKRIDE: INVISIBLE! The Decadriver announced. Tsukasa then disappeared as Dark Kiva and Shadow Moon looked to the Kaijin. "Go after him." Apollo Geist ordered. The monster growled and nodded as he soon disappeared through a silvery Dimension Wall into another world.

Current time…

As Tsukasa looked to Ben, he gasped as he soon heard the Kaijin coming back again. As he turned back around, he quickly slotted in a card into the Decadriver. FINAL ATTACKRIDE: D-D-DECADE! The Decadriver announced. As Gwen and Kevin both threw attacks to bind the monster, Decade jumped into the air and performed the Dimension Kick on the Rhino Mutant, with the multiple Rider Cards forming in front of him. The group shielded their eyes as the monster died in an explosion.

As soon as the explosion cleared, Ben ran over to see Kamen Rider Decade still standing there. He panted for a few minutes before opening up his Decadriver and reverting back to Tsukasa Kadoya. Ben ran over to Tsukasa before he could hit the ground. Gwen, Kevin and Julie ran after to check up on the man as Tsukasa started to pant. "I owe you back there, stranger." Ben exclaimed. Tsukasa groaned painfully as his eyes started to close. Ben's eyes widened as he looked to his friends. "We need to get him to a hospital quickly!" he stated. Gwen shook her head sadly as she levitated him off of the ground. "All hospitals are too far away, and the only closest place is your house, Ben." His cousin reminded. Ben sighed and nodded. "We'll get you back up and running soon, I promise." Ben said. Tsukasa just looked to him and nodded as he was placed in Ben's car. The four drove off to Ben's house as Tsukasa moaned and began to mutter to himself.

At Ben's house, Tsukasa was placed onto a couch. Ben looked down to him and took out a piece of paper. "What's your name?" he asked his savior. Tsukasa looked up weakly and panted. "My name… is Tsukasa Kadoya." He replied. Ben nodded anxiously as he wrote down the name. Julie looked to Ben as he turned to see her. "I need to know who he is in case anyone's looking for him." He explained. The group nodded as Gwen began to tend to him.

Gwen's eyes glowed as she waved her hand over Tsukasa. "His vitals are normal, but he seems to have taken a lot of injuries." Gwen stated. Kevin and Julie looked down to him as Tsukasa lifted his hand up. Ben's eyes continued to widen as Tsukasa was pointing to him, as if he wanted to talk to him. Ben silently nodded and walked over to the Rider. "I don't know how long I can keep this up." Tsukasa stated. Ben nodded his head as Tsukasa went on. "I was given the name of a Kamen Rider to help keep the peace. These injuries will soon become scars, and if I go into a coma, I may never wake up again." Tsukasa went on. Ben gasped silently as Tsukasa's eyes started to fade. "Hang in there, you'll be alright." Ben exclaimed worryingly. Tsukasa shook his head no as he took out his Decadriver and Ride Booker and handed them to Ben. "I've been in battle for years, been in too many wars. As of now, there needs to be another Decade." He explained. Ben gasped as he was given the gear of Decade. "There will be… a new Decade." Tsukasa stated. At that moment, his eyes closed as Gwen formed a Mana bubble around him. "He's not going to die on my watch." Gwen stated. Ben looked to her and sighed. "Will he be alright?" he asked. Gwen nodded as she levitated him over a couch. "I just put him in a healing trance. Over time, he'll start to regain his strength." She explained.

Ben smiled as he looked to the Decadriver and Ride Booker. Julie walked over to him and showed a concerned look on her face. "What are you going to do?" she asked. Ben sighed as he put the devices in his jacket pocket. "This man saved my life, and I owe him a debt. Until he recovers, I'll take up his role as Decade, or whatever he calls it." Ben stated. The Japanese girl's eyes widened as Kevin walked up to him. "Dude, you do know that you've already got one transformer, right?" he asked. "You don't need another just because this guy saved your life." Kevin added on. Gwen looked to him angrily as Kevin held his hands up in surrender. Ben sighed and nodded. "I need to repay him for what he's done. If he even dies, someone needs to take his place." Ben explained. Gwen, Kevin and Julie all nodded as Tsukasa began to groan and mutter again in his healing trance.

Meanwhile, in the Hikari Photo Shop, Kaito and Yusuke ran in. "Natsumi, Tsukasa's gone missing!" Yusuke exclaimed. Both Natsumi and Kivaala looked to them with worriment as Kaito nodded. "We need to find him." The gunslinger stated. Natsumi nodded as the three left the studio.

From a building nearby in Bellwood, Narutaki looked down and scowled. "Decade, because you still live, the worlds will continue to fall apart! Your very existence as Tsukasa Kadoya and Kamen Rider Decade threaten the very existence of the Multiverse!" Narutaki yelled. "Curse you, Decade! From hereon out, I will ensure that this world will be free of your threat!" Narutaki yelled out once again.

At the same time, a silver Dimension Wall appeared and the Dark Riders, plus Apollo Geist and Shadow Moon emerged. After them came a black and dark blue version of Kamen Rider Decade. "Find Tsukasa Kadoya and kill him!" the Dark Decade ordered. The Riders nodded as several monsters and Shocker soldiers came out from the Dimension Wall. "This world… will crumble! I, Kamen Rider Dark Decade, will be ruler of Dai-Shocker, and I will make every world bow down to me!" Kamen Rider Dark Decade yelled. The Dark Riders laughed with him as many of the Shocker soldiers and monsters went into the city. "Remember this: I am the true Destroyer of Worlds!" Dark Decade yelled out. He laughed into the night as three figures watched over. "Let's go." Kamen Rider DiEnd ordered. Kamen Rider Kuuga and Kamen Rider Kivaala both nodded as they started to spread throughout the city.

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