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Chapter 46: Prelude To The War

Celebrating Seven Years of Success on "The Next Decade"…

My name is Ben Tennyson, and I am a Kamen Rider. Years ago, Tsukasa Kadoya saved me from an assault on my life, and the life of my friends. In return, to honor him after he fell into a coma, I became the new Kamen Rider Decade, and have traveled the Worlds to finish what he started, building an Alliance to stop the threat of Ultimate Dai-Shocker. We have been successful in fighting their leadership, but what we have yet to know is that there is a greater threat looming ahead. I am not just Decade, I am The Next Decade. Hero Time is now, because from this point, nothing will ever be the same.

Previously on The Next Decade

Elena Validus: "I'm here to help you stop a dangerous threat. His name is Ben Negaton, Kamen Rider Descend."

Ben Negaton: "Once we have all the Catalyst Holder Powers, we will be able to proceed with our long-awaited conquest."

Ben Tennyson: "So this… is my Ultimate Power?"

Elena: "Haruto and the Teen Titans called about something concerning Evil Riders."

Will: "What are we preparing for?"

Elena: "A War."

Earth 5147 – Kill La Kill Universe

In a town in Tokyo, several tanks emerged from Dimension Walls, each with a giant X on their sides. Everyone looked to them before Dragon Soldiers and Masquerade Dopants emerged, firing at everything.

"Take this World!" a crimson version of the Nazca Dopant ordered. "Leave no survivors!"

"Stay back!"

A girl with white clothing and black hair led several other individuals at the Forces of Foundation X, each wielding a different kind of weapon. The Masquerade Dopants either charged in with their own melee weapons or fired back before a girl with s black and red sailor suit strolled into the fight.

"Senketsu… let's go!" the girl called out before taking out two swords, each resembling scissor blades. Spinning them around and gaining a battle suit, she ran at more of the forces, eventually clashing with Crimson Nazca.

"So, we are met with resistance…" Crimson Nazca said before she let out a chuckle. "How cute."

The girl with the scissors spun around and kicked Crimson Nazca away as more Foundation X vehicles started to arrive.

"We'd need a miracle to get out of here." The girl in white said as she readied her sword again.

Earth-Negative 10

Rook Blonko watched as a Japanese man, resembling Tsukasa, but with green eyes like Ben, and his jacket as well, was being studied. On another screen was a new kind of Driver, as well as data on other Kamen Riders.

"We don't have much time," Rook said. "Get me in touch with Elena, now!" he ordered a man in a white lab coat and orange hair next to him. "Negaton and Foundation X are moving quicker than we thought!"

"If anyone can hear this… we need help," a voice said from a transmission relay. "Coordinates… Earth 5-17-78… we are under siege! Send help! Please!"

"What could Elena be doing with her Ben Tennyson right now?" Rook asked.

World of Xiaolin Showdown and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Iris was coming out of the bathroom, fully dressed as she was hopping to try and get her shoes on. After managing to put on her left shoe, she started on her right. As she was, she passed by Ben's room, and noticed that, as his door was open, there was something coming from a project he was working on at his desk.

"Morning, Ben," Iris said, fitting her right shoe on and making her way over. "What are you working on?"

"Just a little something I like to call the aqua detector," Ben said. "Oh, Gwen is gonna lose it when she sees this!"

"And… why is that?" Iris asked in confusion.

Coming down from the Tigeroid Airship, Rai was making his way to the kitchen. On his way, he passed by Gwen as she was working on something.

"I know I saw you when you passed by Kevin's workshop earlier," Rai said, walking to Gwen. "Alright, what's that?"

"Just a little project I'm working on," Gwen explained, hardly looking up. "It'll be sure to put Ben in his place this time."

"Wait…" Iris said. "Why are you planning on doing something to Gwen?" Iris asked back with Ben.

"Because, she deserves to get what's coming to her this year," Ben said with a devious grin. "Oh, when she tumbles… that'll be a moment…"

"Once I give it to Ben, oh the things I'm gonna do," Gwen said back with Rai. "That'll be the day…"


"Wait a minute… today's date, a rivalry between cousins, a contemptuous topic… I think I see what's going on…" Iris said, her eyes going wide.

"I may be one of the new ones here, but I think I smell what you're stepping in, and I don't mean what you and Kevin did last night!" Rai exclaimed.

Iris took out her wand and aimed it at Ben. "Don't move!" she ordered.

Ben gasped as he looked up. "Iris… please… calm down, it isn't what you think…"

"Rai, please, before you say anything else, I can explain…" Gwen said.

"Imposter!" Iris called, tackling Ben out of the room.

"Traitor!" Rai yelled, grabbing Gwen and throwing her to the door, who blocked his next kick before the two were sent tumbling down their stairway while Iris was forcing Ben down the other.

In the garage, Chantelle was asleep before the sound of the fights woke her up, and in return, Kevin awoke as well.

"What's that?" Chantelle asked as Kevin let out an exasperated sigh.

"Stay here!" Kevin said in exasperation as he ran out.

Julie heard what was going on from downstairs as she was training, and upon hearing yells from Ben and Gwen, her eyes widened.

"Oh, no!" Julie exclaimed as she ran to put her jacket on. "Not again!"

"Who are you?! Albedo? Praxina? Keith Anderson?!" Iris exclaimed as she grabbed a punch made by Ben before putting him in a hammerlock. "What have you done with the real Ben?!"

"Iris, it is me!" Ben argued.

"That's exactly what a fake Ben would expect me to believe!" Iris spat. "You're coming with me!"

"Why would you betray Ben?!" Rai yelled, slamming his Katana at Gwen, who made a Mana shield to block. "So you can take his place?!"

"That's not the case!" Gwen argued before getting backed into Ben and Iris.

Kevin and Julie ran up and saw what was going on. The two ran to the scene as several other members of the Alliance noticed what was going on.

"Is this normal?" Raimundo asked Marinette.

"Honestly… I have no idea." Marinette said with a shrug.

"What was he planning?!" Gwen yelled to Iris.

"Rai, tell me what Gwen was plotting!" Ben ordered.

"He's an imposter!" Iris said, pushing Ben in front of her.

"And she's a traitor!" Rai said, shoving Gwen forward.

"Each year, I know you're plotting against me!" Ben yelled.

"Oh, like you don't either?" Gwen asked.

"Iris, calm down!" Julie called, pulling Iris off of Ben.

"Easy there, Tiger." Kevin said, releasing Gwen from Rai's grasp.

"Can someone tell me what's happening here?" Jermaine asked.

"It's that time of year again," Kevin said. "One these two always make a big deal out of."

"Wait…" Sam said. "Is this…?"

"Oh, you bet it is!" Gwen exclaimed.

"Oh no." Vert said with worry in his voice. "It can't be…"

"It is!" Ben exclaimed. "Today's the day…"


Everyone stood still, as if time had stopped. Incredulous looks of disbelief fell upon them all.

"Say what?!" Raimundo exclaimed.

"Seriously?!" Iris exclaimed. "That's what this is all about?"

"Yes," Gwen said. "Did you honestly think we were talking about a prisoner exchange with Chantelle?"

"Me and probably everyone else on the scene." Raimundo said.

"On that point, Gwen and I are actually in agreement," Ben said before he and Gwen turned to shoot daggers at each other. "About the fishing contest… definitely not!"

"Planning to cheat again?" Gwen asked.

"Only because you sabotaged us!" Ben spat.

"Oi, this is annoying." Zak said.

"What do you mean?" Marinette asked.

"See, every year, no matter what is going on, Ben and Gwen go with their sides of the families for a fishing contest, done ever since they finished their summer road trip," Kevin explained. "Each year, something always happens that puts them at each others' throats."

"Like what?" Sam asked.

"Ben used Ripjaws to call every fish to his side of the family in 2007." Gwen said.

"No different than how you used a teleportation spell to bring our caught fish to your boat!" Ben argued.

"How is that any different from when you put spiders in my bait box?" Gwen asked.

"At least it wasn't a clown face on my buoy!" Ben yelled.

"So Big Chill freezing the lake wasn't an accident?" Gwen challenged.

"Only because your lightning spell fried our Bass!" Ben exclaimed.

"This is why we made the pact this year!" Julie yelled, splitting the two cousins apart. She looked to Ben and narrowed her eyes. "You're leaving your Drivers and setting that lock for the Omnitrix!"

"And you… you're wearing your Grandmother's inhibitor bracelet!" Kevin yelled to Gwen.

"Excuse me?" Gwen asked, irked at the tone Kevin was using on her.

"I mean, to be fair with Ben's side of the family." Kevin said nervously.

"Oh wow," Iris said, rolling her eyes. "I can't believe this."

"All this for some stupid fish." Rai said.

Ben and Gwen both gasped as everyone sidestepped away from Rai and Iris.

"YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Ben and Gwen demanded.

"Nothing is more important than the golden trout!" Gwen exclaimed.

"That's gonna be our dinner tonight!" Ben exclaimed.

"Um, you see, each year, their Grandpa Max puts in seven golden trout from a planet known for their exquisite delicacies," Julie said. "For this time of the year, seven of them are given for the contest, and the biggest one is cooked into a… oh… a seasoned, buttered, sauced, grilled…" she started with stars in her eyes.

"Irresistible salmon dinner fit for a royal family," Kevin said as he and Julie looked up dreamily. "Enough to even make a criminal of the worst kind turn over a new leaf."

"Wow… that delicious?" Auriana asked with stars in her eyes.

"Oh, yes," Gwen said. "And that's why we're going to win!"

"Oh, not this time!" Ben exclaimed. "You're cooking for us this year!"

"You said that at the end of the last seven contests." Gwen said with a sly smirk.

"You put an eel in my chest, and you know it!" Ben exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger.

"No different than the piranha I found in my boat!" Gwen exclaimed, smacking away Ben's hand.

"Birdseed on the worms!" Ben argued back, smacking Gwen's hand away.

"Urine on our rods!" Gwen argued as she smacked back, causing the two to engage in a hand-smacking fight.

"Oh, my… really?!" Raimundo yelled. "You two are more ridiculous than Kimiko when she tries to speak slang to Omi!"

"What these two need… is marriage counseling." Vert said.

Ben and Gwen stopped and looked at Vert.

"Let's never go there again." Ben said.

"Inappropriate!" Gwen snapped.

"Sorry," Vert said. "Just saying… it's a load of nonsense."

"Eh, you'd never understand," Ben said as Julie nodded. "I'm gonna win this year now that Julie will be on my team."

"Wait, what?" Julie asked.

"We talked about that before we started on this World." Ben recalled.

"We were in bed at that time…" Julie drifted off.

"I pointed it out after you and I stopped mo—"

"Please… just stop." Iris begged.

"And Kevin's on my team." Gwen said.

"Okay, you were talking to me in the middle of forging that bazooka." Kevin said.

"I was yelling over the use of the chainsaw!" Gwen exclaimed before looking to the open door to the garage. "Chantelle!"

"It's true, she did." Chantelle shrugged.

"Oh," Kevin said. "Okay, I'll help, and I'll have this for fairness." He said before putting on a wristband.

"Inhibitor, nice," Julie said before looking to Ship. "Sorry, Ship. I can't take you with me this time. It wouldn't be fair."

Ship moaned softly as Julie petted him.

"Don't worry, we have the Alliance to look after you."

"He'll be great with Amaru!" Auriana cheered.

"Just keep both of them out of my corner of the room this time." Talia reminded.

"Wait, if you're going… who's in charge of the Alliance?" Vert asked.

Everyone looked to each other, unsure of what would happen, and thinking about who would lead them.

"Um… good question." Gwen said.

"I thought we talked about this before we started to plot." Ben whispered.

"Well, apparently, we didn't take into consideration all the attacks we've been forced to deal with." Gwen pointed out.

"You mean you didn't have anyone in mind either?" Ben whispered back.

"I thought you were recommending someone already!" Gwen whispered.

"Well…" Captain Marvelous spoke up.

"Who's it gonna be?" Ruby asked.

Ben and Gwen both turned back.

"Well, we leave in charge…" Ben started out as he looked around. "Vert, Marinette, Rai, Iris, Sam and Raimundo."

"Wait, what?!" Marinette exclaimed.

"Us?!" Rai exclaimed.

"Them?!" Will exclaimed.

"They could use the experience," Gwen said. "Since you all had your turns to lead at some point before traveling the new Worlds."

"True." Robin conceded.

"They've got a point." Rex said.

"My share of leading is done." Danny said.

"Never really was a leader type." Kim said.

"And what if there's an attack when you're gone?" Tony asked.

"We'd need Riders here still." Nathanaël pointed out.

"Sayo and Kaito are staying, and Iris still has the Ryuki Deck." Ben said.

"Plus, the Gokaigers are on standby," Gwen added on. "They still have yet to gain the powers of the Xiaolin Monks, am I right?"

"Yeah," Joe said. "We need those."

"Well, I'm sure you'll get them sooner or later," Ben said as he and Gwen brushed themselves off before heading back upstairs. "We'll be heading out soon, so be sure to be on alert. If you have to travel to another World, be sure to do so."

"We'll still be able to catch up with you." Gwen winked.

"Now, if you excuse me… I have a trout to win." Ben grinned before making his way to his room.

"You're cooking for my family again this year!" Gwen teased before heading to her own room.

"They take this way too seriously." Iris said, shaking her head.

"Honestly, it's no different from any of us," Raimundo said. "We all do things for petty reasons."


"How do they keep doing that?" Kimiko asked.

"Well, while they're gone, we have a lot to think about," Iris said. "That person working for Negaton, Catra, as I recall, was here for the Catalyst Holder. We need to find out what's going on."

"Plus, what to do now that Albedo has all of the Heylin Temple on their side." Raimundo added on.

"It's all a lot to take in, that's for sure." Clay said.

"Good thing I'm not a part of this family feud," Elena said as she walked to her computer. "Negaton is one of our top priorities, and I intend to do what I can to stop him."

"And Foundation X too," Carissa said as she and Lyna walked over. "Ever since we helped the Titans, we've been getting more clues that they're involved in what's going on."

"Yeah," Agura said. "If I recall… Taranee said Catra had a Gashat to put the Catalyst information in."

"Well, I'm sure we'll find out about this all eventually," Sam said. "I may not know everything about what's going on from this Earth-Negative 10, but we'll do our best to help out."

Downtown, a Red Dimension Wall opened up as Dan Kuroto was leaving a building. Out from it came Lady Anodyne, as well as the mutated Kevin.

"Remind me what we're doing here." The mutated Kevin asked.

"Because, Absor-Being, it turns out there is another Catalyst Holder here," Lady Anodyne said as she looked around. "My cousin has given me another chance to redeem myself after failing in the World of LoliRock, so I'm in need of your services if we are to succeed."

"So much life around here… I hate it," Absor-Being scoffed. "I can't wait to turn this into another wasteland."

"Not yet," Lady Anodyne said, placing a somewhat calming hand on Absor-Being's shoulder. "Not until we find the second Catalyst Holder."

"Aren't those two girls from that school taking care of another one being looked after in the city of the Ringed Rider and those kid heroes?" Absor-Being asked.

"Faybelle Thorn and Duchess Swan… they have shown no failures so far… but we need to divide up our sources," Lady Anodyne said before looking down. "And while we're here, our partner will be getting his final ally for our grand invasions."

"Good," Absor-Being said. "Now… where do we start?"

"My magic has picked up a similar signature to Debra and Nathaniel," Lady Anodyne said. "We head downtown, stealthily. There, we will find our new Catalyst Holder. Once Faybelle and Duchess get the last one from the World of Kamen Rider Wizard and the Teen Titans, we will finally be ready."

"Finally," Absor-Being grinned, unaware that Canaan was watching from a rooftop away. "I've been itching for a fight."

"Already, huh?" Canaan asked. "This can't be good. The Alliance will need to know about this." She said before running off.

Back at the Mansion, everyone was watching as Ben, Gwen, Julie and Kevin were all standing in front of the Gateway. The door was already open, showing the lake where Max Tennyson would take them.

"Okay, remember, I'm leaving my Driver, and I will be out of contact for a while, ten hours, at the latest." Ben explained, motioning to his Neo Decadriver, RideSaber Booker, Ride Booker, and the Potis Altiare on a table near his car.

"Ten hours?" Captain Marvelous asked.

"There's a lot of fish." Ben shrugged.

"There are some numbers on the fridge for emergencies, specifically reaching out to the Mann family, Julie's family, and Kevin's foster parents," Gwen added on. "They know what has been going on, so they can help you."

"Remember, everyone, that while we are gone, Marinette, Iris, Rai, Vert, Sam and Raimundo are in charge," Ben reminded everyone. "Don't give each other a hard time, be on the lookout for anything suspicious around…"

"And please be sure that my ride isn't ruined," Kevin said. "I think the MAO Department is cracking down on my warranty after it got wrecked… a lot." He said, glaring at Ben.

"One time!" Ben argued before looking to everyone else. "Wish me and Julie luck!"

"Wish me and Kevin twice as much!" Gwen called before the rival cousins made their way through the Gateway back to Bellwood.

"Well, I'm placing my money… on neither of them," Iris said. "It's ridiculous."

"Just don't say utterly ridiculous, it'll remind me too much of Chloé," Sabrina said. "She says that practically every day of the week!"

"I'll say," Marinette agreed. "It got really annoying."

"So, what do we do first?" Rai asked.

"Anything you did from experience?" Raimundo asked.

"Last time, we walked around, and trouble found us," Iris recalled. "I could use a good stretch."

"Well, Emu is checking on whether or not the other Riders would want to come with us," Kimiko said. "We could meet up with him."

"Good idea," Sam said. "I'm up for a bit of a walk."

"Remember, be ready in case you're needed," Elena said. "We never know what could happen."

Marinette, Iris, Rai, Vert, Sam and Raimundo all nodded before they walked out, the rest of the Xiaolin monks behind them.

"Let's go too." Captain Marvelous said, leading the Gokaigers to go out as well.

All of a sudden, an alarm went off. The remaining members of the Alliance looked around before Elena ran to the computer.

"Friday, what was that?" Tony asked.

"It appears to be a distress signal," Friday replied. "But not from this World."

"She's right," Elena said. "It's coming from…" she started before her eyes went wide. "Earth 5-17-78!"

"That place where you found the other good version of Ben?" Will asked.

"The signal is too warbled, I can't make it out," Friday said. "But I can repurpose then Gateway to bring a team there."

"We'll check it out," Gai said. "It'll give the others some more time to be the leaders Ben wants them to be."

"Ikuzo!" Captain Marvelous called to the rest of the Gokaigers.

Soon, the Gokaigers were on the GokaiGalleon, and flew through the Gateway to Earth 5-17-78.

"So, Omi thinks he's up for the challenge of milking Bessie, and is at it all day like a tornado in a trailer park," Clay recalled to the temporary Alliance leaders as they walked downtown. "After taking a break during my showdown with Jack Spicer, he pretends to give up… and then does it."

"What happened next?" Sam asked.

"Bessie is also a kicker," Clay grinned. "And Omi went flying sky high!"

Everyone laughed, even Omi.

"Yes, now I know which cows to milk, and which cows to possess my range." Omi chuckled.

"That's keep your distance," Iris corrected. "Kind of reminds me how Talia tried to kill mosquitoes."

"How does that story go?" Jermaine asked in a curious tone.

"You see, it was a hot summer day…" Iris began.

"That's a story that's gonna have to wait."

Everyone looked around, Iris, Rai and Sam sighing tiredly. They all looked to them before Canaan came out from the alley nearby, a new gun sword weapon on her back.

"Canaan?" Kimiko asked. "What's going on?"

"Earth-Negative 10 have sent their generals again," Canaan explained. "Gwen and Kevin's counterparts, Lady Anodyne and Absor-Being, to find the second Catalyst Holder."

"Say what?" Jermaine asked in a surprised tone.

"I thought there's one per World." Iris said.

"As did I," Canaan said. "But it appears that I was wrong. I followed them, and they're already downtown. If you want to stop them, you need to act now."

"Okay," Raimundo said. "Care to give us any hints as to who we could be looking for?"

"Not yet," Canaan replied, shaking her head. "Where's Ben?"

"Annual Fishing Contest," Marinette replied. "You don't want to know."

"You'll just have to settle for us." Rai said.

"Okay," Canaan said. "I'll accompany you on this one, then. I've fought Absor-Being and Lady Anodyne before. If Ben isn't here, and of this is a family outing, you'll need my help."

"I wonder how they're doing right now?" Sam wondered, unaware that one of the cloaked girls from before was watching them.

In Bellwood, Grandpa Max was letting out fish into a lake. At one pier, Ben and his side of the family, with Julie, were getting ready to head out in their boat, while the pier on the other side had Gwen and her side of the family with Kevin preparing as well.

"I got the best bait from the top rated store!" Carl sang to Ben and Julie.

"And we have the strongest lines!" Sandra chimed in. "We're gonna win the contest this year for sure!"

"And the golden trout will be ours!" Ben exclaimed.

"I envy you, you know," Julie said. "My sister is always on the move. We never get family competitions like this."

"You're lucky," Ben said, glaring at Gwen and her team. "Gwen is known for cheating."

"There's Ken!" Gwen called as she saw Ken Tennyson approach Grandpa Max. "Hey!"

Ken waved back as Kevin looked up Gwen.

"Remind me why he's not here to help win this thing?" Kevin asked. "He's a Tennyson, right?"

"Yes, but our teams need to be equal, four people each," Frank Tennyson said. "Also, he belongs to my other brother."

"I'll admit, Ken would make a good teammate, but we have to be fair," Natalie added on. "And I doubt we'd need much help getting the golden trout this year anyways."

"We're lucky enough as it is, and I don't even have to use the charms." Gwen said with a grin.

"So, how is Tower X looking, Ken?" Grandpa Max asked Ken.

"Looking good," Ken replied. "There's something I need to tell Ben and Gwen about some of the Riders, though."

"Let's wait until after," Grandpa Max said. "They need to focus, or they'll be at each other's throats again. You remember the fiasco from 2012?"

"Ooh, good point," Ken said, recalling the time. "We don't want that again."

"Attention, Tennyson families! Welcome to the eighteenth annual Tennyson Fishing Contest!" Grandpa Max called through a megaphone. "You all remember the rules, the boat with the most fish, and even more of the seven golden trout, wins!" He called. "The lake is ours until the end of the day, so set all timers for three hours, and start your motors!"

Ben's family got into their boat while Gwen's family did the same. After they all set and synchronized their timers, they started their motors. Ben and Gwen look to each other with game faces, both eager to win.

"Ready," Ken called, holding up a starting flag. "Get set…" he called as the two Tennyson families stared each other down. "Go fish!"

Both boats raced off to the center of the lake. All other people there cleared the way as everyone cast their lines with the right bait and waited for the fish to bite.

"And remember, the first sign of foul play calls for disqualification!" Grandpa Max called. "That means no Omnitrix, no Mana, no Galvanic morphs or absorption powers!"

"I think I got one!" Julie called. "Wow. This is the first time I'm fishing, and I think I'm doing a good job so far."

"Pull it in!" Ben said in support.

Julie reeled in her line, and a large bass was shown.

"That's a whopper, alright!" Carl cheered.

"Way to go, Julie!" Ben exclaimed, patting Julie, causing her to blush.

"My turn!" Kevin yelled as he pulled his line in, only to catch a high heel boot. "Remind me how this makes sense?"

As this was going on, the Gokaigers arrived at Earth 5-17-78. All around them were several futuristic buildings, as well as different kinds of inhabitants.

"This is the place?" Don asked.

"It is," Navi said. "Elena-San specified it!"

"Any trace of the source of the distress signal?" Captain Marvelous asked.

"Coming from nearby," Don said as he looked to the monitor. "Coming from that clearing!"

The GokaiGalleon landed down near the location, and a Japanese girl with a white jacket and black hair came out, alongside a girl with black clothing, black hair and blue eyes. The two approached the GokaiGalleon as soon as the Gokaigers all came out.

"They made it," the young girl said. "Adam, Kai and Mira pulled through."

"You sent the distress signal?" Captain Marvelous asked as he walked to the two.

"We are their superiors," the older Japanese girl said. "I am Yuriko Misaki. This is Xion."

"Pleasure to meet you." Xion said.

"What exactly is going on?" Luka asked.


Before either Yuriko or Xion could answer, an alarm blared.

"It's begun!" A teen in a black ninja suit called out as he ran over. "Eragon and Saphira just reported tanks making it past the barrier!"

"Randy, get as many people in the base as you can!" Xion ordered. "Gokaigers, inside with us! And take your pirate ship with you too!"

"What's going on?!" Ahim asked.

"We'll explain when it's safe!" Yuriko replied before several jets were launched.

The Gokaigers nodded and ran inside just as Dimension Walls appeared, bringing in the same tanks of Foundation X.

Back with the Alliance in the World of Ex-Aid and the Xiaolin Showdown monks, Emu Hojo was riding his bike to where Canaan, Marinette, Rai, Iris, Vert, Sam and Raimundo were. As soon as he stopped, he got off and walked towards them.

"Sorry to call you from work, Emu," Marinette apologized. "But this is a serious matter."

"Is Hiro able to make it?" Raimundo asked.

"He's expressed his interest," Emu said. "I haven't heard from the others yet."

"We can't wait for the others, not while there's another Catalyst Holder in danger," Iris said. She turned to Canaan. "Did you get to see where they were headed?"

"East, towards Shinjuku," Canaan replied. "Who the Catalyst Holder is, I don't know yet."

"Most curious," a voice said, getting everyone to turn to see Lady Anodyne walking towards them. "I thought I'd end up bumping into my goody two-shoes counterpart first, but I never though I'd end up seeing you lot again."

"Lady Anodyne," Iris said, narrowing her eyes. "You sick sadist."

"You flatter me," Lady Anodyne said, forming an unstable Mana Blade. "Fangire Queen isn't here for payback on what you did to her, but I'll make sure her revenge on you hurts, Iris, just for her."

"What did you do to this Fangire Queen?" Raimundo asked.

"Julie's counterpart," Iris explained. "When I fought her, I broke her arm. I thought she let go of it, to be honest."

"The only thing that's being let go is your lease on life!" Lady Anodyne yelled, bringing down her sword.

Canaan took out her sword and blocked the attack. The two narrowed their eyes at each other before Canaan broke off and took out her gun, using both weapons to force Lady Anodyne backwards.

"Henshin!" Iris called, placing the Ryuki Deck into her gold V-Buckle. Turning into Kamen Rider Ryuki, she ran forward with Emu, who silently transformed into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

"Don't think I'm done!" Lady Anodyne yelled, holding out her hand. Immediately, several rock monsters came out from the ground, glowing with red Mana.

"I hate these things!" Vert exclaimed as he took out his sword.

"We need to find the Catalyst Holder! Fast!" Marinette exclaimed as Tikki flew next to her.

"Just say the words, Marinette!" Tikki said.

"Save your energy!"

Everyone looked around for the source of the voice before the girl in the cloak leapt in, landing an imitation of a Rider Kick on a Rock Monster. One of them blasted her, knocking her cloak off.

Everyone looked in surprise to see who the girl really was. She looked to be Asian with blue hair, and with fairy wings on her back. The wings appeared to look like the wings of Kamen Rider Den-O's Wing Form, and her clothes were made to resemble Kamen Rider Den-O himself, complete with his symbol on the side of her head and a sword with fairy wings on the guard with the helmet faces of each of Den-O's forms on it.

"What?" Lady Anodyne asked.

"Who are you?" Sam asked.

"A friend," the girl said. "Did my friend's upgrades to the Decadriver and Diendriver help Ben and Kaito?"

"That was you?" Iris asked.

"My name is Musa," the girl said. "Listen, I can't explain everything at the moment, but the Catalyst Holder you're looking for is a male five miles from here, currently being pursued by Absor-Being. Lady Anodyne here is just distracting you. And Hiro Kagami is on his way."

"Name of him?" Iris asked.

"Kagura Rentaro's," Musa replied. "I'll hold these things off. You focus on finding him… now!"

"What about you?" Rai asked. "And… what exactly are you?"

"A Fairy… a Raidarix Fairy," Musa said. "Go now! While you still have an opening!"

"Right," Vert said with a nod. "Be careful, Musa!"

"I intend to be," Musa said before everyone ran off. "Listen up, Lady Anodyne! From start to finish, I'm always at a climax! You're not getting away with this!"

"We'll see, Fairy!" Lady Anodyne yelled. Casting a spell that strengthened her monsters, they all charged at Musa.

"Raidarix DenKamen Sword!" Musa called, holding her weapon at the ready. It soon cracked with red energy as she slashed at each of the rock monsters, causing them to fall before pressing the helmet of Den-O Axe form. "Axe Mode!" She announced, causing the handle to extend and the sword blade to turn into an axe one. "My strength has made you cry!"

The monsters ran at Musa again, but she used her Raidarix DenKamen Sword in Axe Mode to easily bisect them before flying into the air. "Turntable Spin!" She yelled, spinning rapidly and flying at the rock monsters, cutting them down before noticing Lady Anodyne slash at her. Without even budging, she held up her sword, letting the guard block her attack.

"How did you get the powers of Raidarix?!" Lady Anodyne demanded. "Where did you get this power?!"

"I'm not telling the likes of you!" Musa remarked. With that, the axe turned back into the DenKamen Sword, and she slashed her away. As she did, more rock monsters rose up.

"Magic Winx: Raidarix! Ex-Aid!" Must called out as her Den-O buckle turned into a Gashacon Driver. Soon, several video game screens knocked the monsters back, and she was now wearing a pink suit with silver gauntlets. In her hands were Gashacon Breakers, one a sword and the other a hammer. Two pink hairs resembling the ones Ex-Aid had made up her wings while the symbol of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid were on both sides of her head, her overall appearance now made to resemble Kamen Rider Ex-Aid like her last one resembled Kamen Rider Den-O. "Musa, Fairy of Music!" she called out afterwards.

"I'll clear this with no continues!" Musa called out before flying into battle once again.

Lady Anodyne slammed her Mana blade at Musa, who blocked it with her Gashacon Sword before hitting her away with the Gashacon hammer. Spinning around, she flew into the air and slammed the hammer down, creating HIT! signs on all the monsters around her before seeing the remaining few.

"Time to finish this!" Musa called out, activating her Gashat.


Musa grinned before she flew into the air, her wings forming the symbol of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, before flying down. "Raidarix Gamer Kick!" She called, clearing the rock monsters away in a pink explosion and knocking Lady Anodyne back.

Lady Anodyne growled as she got up, Musa aiming her weapons at her.

"This isn't over, Fairy of Music!" Lady Anodyne called out before teleporting away.

Musa sighed as she rested herself. "Not enough to stop what's coming, but still a good effort," she said as a train similar to DenLiner, only with pink colors and the front windows resembling wings of a fairy pulled up. "Rest is up to you, Alliance of Ten." She said before walking in. Soon, the fairy train rode off into a portal, away from the World.

Back on Earth 5-17-78, the Gokaigers were being shown the base.

"This World is for one who have lost their homes to Ben Negaton and Foundation X, or for alternate realities to become a reality," Yuriko explained. "I was once a part of the World of the Rider War, but instead of dying, I came here instead."

"My friends are part of the resistance of Earth-Negative 10," Xion went on. "I was assigned here to help protect this outpost, one of many across the Multiverse."

"So, Elena's not the only one?" Captain Marvelous asked.

"You know our chief second in command?" Xion asked.

"An alternate version of someone from our Ben's world," Luka said before seeing someone who looked like Will flying in. "Will?" She asked.

The lookalike of Will noticed the Gokaigers and walked over, revealing to have pink clothing stained by dirt.

"You know my sister?" The lookalike asked.

"Sister?" Joe asked.

"I'm the Altermere of Will Vandom," the lookalike explained. "I gave my life to save Will from Nerissa."

"Sorry to heat that." Ahim said.

"We were each given a second chance," a voice said. Turning, everyone saw Ashi, the Daughter of Aku who helped Iris, now with black clothing, walking over. "And we used it to live our own lives."

"Until Ben Negaton and Foundation X attacked every World," Lev said, revealing himself as he walked over with two boys and a girl. "I knew Iris, from the World of LoliRock."

"We're the ones who sent the signal for you," an Asian girl with streaks of blue hair said. "I'm Mira. My friends here are Adam and Kai."

"You have a big operation going on here," Gai said. "Why did you need to send a distress signal?"

"Because we're losing," the Altermere of Will explained. "We've been fighting back, but there's a bigger threat that has been wiping out Worlds. His name is Callas."

"Callas?" Captain Marvelous asked. "I think I know that name."

"He's been trapped, but the power gained from Catalyst Holders is allowing him to escape," Yuriko said. "With a majority of them gathered, he's started to wipe out Worlds and bring others to his cause. News of his growing power came from Earth-Negative 10."

"Which means we need to evacuate," Lev said. "As good of a fight we've been putting up, Callas will still wipe this World away."

"Benishiro was lucky to get out first," Adam said. "If we are to continue putting up a fight, we need to leave, and save as many lives of this World as we can."

The Gokaigers looked around with surprise.

"We have to do something." Luka said.

"And we will," Captain Marvelous said. "Everyone, start boarding the GokaiGalleon. We'll create a distraction for you so we can evacuate as many people from this World as we can."

"Second wave, incoming!" One of the workers reported.

"Best get going now," Yuriko said as she, Xion and Will's Altermere stepped up. "We'll help you fight off Foundation X as long as we can."

"Alright," Captain Marvelous said with a nod. "Let's make this showy!"

Everyone cheered as they started to board the GokaiGalleon. As they did, the Gokaigers made their way out, where several tanks and flying Masquerade Dopants started to swarm in.

"I hope Ben and the others are having a better time than we're about to have." Captain Marvelous said grimly.

"You ready?" Will's Altermere asked.

"Do we have to call you Altermere first?" Ahim asked. "I feel it is not right."

"How about Wendy?" Gai suggested. "Wendy Vandom!"

"Wendy… I like that," Will's Altermere said with a smile. "Wendy Vandom it is, then."

"Let's go!" Captain Marvelous called out as the Gokaigers placed out their Ranger Keys.


"Guardian, Unite!"

"Denpa Ningen Tackle!"


The Gokaigers were soon transformed while Wendy transformed into her Guardian Form, an identical form to Will's. Yuriko transformed into Kamen Rider Tackle while Xion held out her hand, gaining a silver and gold sword resembling a key.

"We won't give in!" Xion called, readying her Kingdom Key Keyblade.

"Do Hade Ni Ikuze!" Captain Marvelous called out before the Gokaigers and their new allies charges at the advancing Foundation X members.

Back in Bellwood, Ben, Julie, Carl and Sandra were all still fishing from their side of the lake. A bucket of sixteen fish were already filled while four were placed in another bucket.

"We're in the lead!" Julie said as she swung her line out, preparing to catch more fish.

"That remains to be seen," Ben said before looking to Gwen as Kevin pulled in another boot. "How's it going over there?" he yelled.

"Fifteen!" Kevin called, pounding the boot to reveal a fish hiding inside of it. "That's the only boot that wasn't worthless!"

"Be ready to wear that apron again!" Gwen called.

"You wish!" Ben called as he pulled his hook, only to find nothing on it but the bait. "Hey, are you coming up empty too?"

"Yeah, we are," Frank said as he looked to his empty line. "Must be too hot for the fish."

"We can't check for rain because of the rules." Natalie said.

All of a sudden, ripples formed across the water. Everyone started to clear out before heavy rain started to fall.

"Move those lines!" Carl called to his side of the Tennyson family.

"Come on! We can still get a golden trout!" Gwen yelled as everyone started to cast their lines again.

"Did you decide on a weather machine?" Ken asked as he tallied up the caught fish for the families.

"No, I didn't even see a forecast of rain," Grandpa Max said as he looked up. "Something isn't right here…"

"An ice skate?! Who skates on the lake in summer?!" Kevin was heard ranting as Grandpa Max and Ken both let out a sigh.

"Hey, Kevin! Don't lose your sole!" Ben teased, causing Julie to giggle.

"Good one, Ben. Good one." Julie said before Kevin reeled something else in.

"And to Ben Tennyson, I bequeath… a boot to the head!" Kevin called as a boot was chucked at Ben's head, knocking him onto the floor of his boat.

"Okay… I got the reference…" Ben said as he slowly got up. "Who's got his money to give to the people of Calgary so they can live somewhere decent?"

"To Ben Tennyson, I bequeath once again… a boot to the head!" Kevin called, casting another boot at Ben.

"First time was funny!" Ben yelled after letting out a groan.

"And one to Julie and the wimp!" Kevin called, preparing to cast the ice skate, only to reel in a piranha that chomped on his rear.

"You deserved that one." Gwen said, casting in a fish on her own.

Back in the World of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Xiaolin Showdown, a Japanese man in doctor's clothing was watching as another young Japanese man was making his way down the street in Shinjuku. As he passed by, Canaan arrived with the rest of the temporary leaders of the Alliance of Ten.

"Hiiro," Emu said. "Thank you for agreeing to join us."

"No problem," Hiiro said. "I've been tailing this Kagura Rentaro the moment I was informed of his importance by Canaan," he said. "After hearing a group called Foundation X was involved, something seemed familiar… too familiar for me to just ignore."

"I think I know why," Iris said. "A while back, you fought Asakura Takeshi, aka Kamen Rider Ouja. My friends helped out another team of heroes that were investigating the Riders under his command, and found that King Dark wasn't the one in command, but rather… Foundation X. They are the ones who supplied you with the Gashat."

"With the intent of studying you." Marinette added.

"It makes sense now," Hiiro Kagami said. "Something always did feel off about that time."

"We need to move fast," Canaan said. "Where did the Catalyst Holder go?"

"Down there," Hiiro said, pointing to where Kagura went. "But I take it that he won't be alone for long."

"That's right," Iris said as she placed her hand to the ground. "Crystalocum Ostandere!" she incanted, bringing up a magical image of Kagura. "Something's stalking him… Absor-Being."

Just then, an explosion went off. Everyone looked to the direction of where it came from before racing over.

Arriving at the scene, Kagura was thrown back into some crates as Absor-Being leapt from another explosion. From it, Kaito Daiki and Sayo Kadoya, as Kamen Riders DiEnd and Dehembra respectively, emerged, aiming their Drivers out.

"Kaito, Sayo, you made it!" Raimundo said with a smile.

"Sorry we were late," Kaito said. "Hope you didn't forget about us."

"Not at all," Sam said as she, Marinette, Iris and Rai all stepped up. "We got here as fast as we could."

"Need help, Absor-Being?"

The evil version of Kevin looked up to see Alphard walk in. Holding out a mechanical hand, she helped him up.

"Alphard!" Canaan said in surprise as she noticed the new hand. "Looks like you got yourself an upgrade."

"You be a lone terrorist for a long time, and you get the benefits that come with it," Alphard said. "Got this from Earth-Negative 10. A gift from Ben Negaton."

"So he's a big shot now, huh?" Clay asked.

"This is serious," Raimundo said as he took out his phone. "Where's Marvelous and the others? We haven't seen them for most of the story." He asked before dialing in Captain Marvelous's number.

Captain Marvelous shot away at several Masquerade Dopants while Xion used her Kingdom Key to slam away more. As another approached with a sword, she blocked it.

"Thundaga!" Xion called out, sending lightning down onto most of the Dopants.

"Quintessence!" Wendy called out, shooting down more of the tanks as Yuriko tossed away a Dragon Soldier, where Joe and Ahim both stabbed it in the chest while Luka and Gai, Gokai-Changed into MegaYellow and MegaSilver, were shooting away several more.

"Mira, how are we looking?!" Tackle asked as she electrocuted a Dragon Drone.

"Fifty percent of us are on the Galleon!" Mira replied. "But Foundation X and Negaton's army are getting too close! You have to keep them at bay!"

"If only… it were that easy!" Don called as he shot away several Dopants alongside Gai.

Captain Marvelous stabbed a Dragon Drone in the chest before his Mobirates went off. Pulling his sword out, he answered it,

"Hello?" Captain Marvelous asked.

"Marvelous, what's going on?" Raimundo asked as Absor-Being and Alphard closed in on him and the rest of the temporary leaders. "We need you here!"

"We were called to fight another threat after receiving a distress signal from another World!" Captain Marvelous called out before shooting at some tanks. "Ben Negaton and Foundation X are close to destroying Earth 5-17-78!"

"Negaton is there?!" Raimundo exclaimed.

"It's happening faster than I expected," another girl in a cloak said, walking over. Ditching it, she was revealed to be wielding the Black Drag Saber. She mostly had purple and black clothing, as well as a silver tiara and pale skin. "We can't let this Catalyst Holder fall into Negaton's hands!"

"Raven?" Canaan asked. "Is that you?"

"Good to see you, Canaan." Raven said with a nod."

"Wait… what?" Iris asked.

"Raven Queen, what an unpleasant surprise," Absor-Being said. "I don't know how you got here, but suffice it to say, Faybelle and Duchess aren't here."

"I'm not here for them… I'm here to stop you," Raven said before pulling the Black Drag Saber from her back. "No one is falling to you or Negaton anymore!"

"I have a feeling explanations are for later." Iris said, taking out the Drag Saber.

"Yes, save it for later," Raven said. "Right now, we need to focus!"


Emu and Hiiro both placed their Gashacon Drivers on and took out their respective Gashats.

"Let's go!" Emu called out.






"Okay, Marvelous. Do what you need to do on Earth 5-17-78, and we'll do what we can here," Raimundo said as Iris took out her pendant while Sam readied her Compowder as Tikki floated next to Marinette. "I'm not sure how this is supposed to work, you getting our powers, but I trust you with them as leader of the Xiaolin Monks. Use this power wisely!" he called out before hanging up as the rest of the Xiaolin Monks entered their Wudai Forms.

In Bellwood, everyone's buckets were nearly full. Only one bucket, with golden paint on them, remained, as the rain continued to fall.

"Something's going on, I know it." Grandpa Max said.

"Twenty-Five!" Ben called out as Grandpa Max and Ken looked to the two Tennyson families.

"Same!" Gwen called out.

"You know what time it is!" Ken called out as competitive looks appeared on everyone's faces.


"Most Trout wins!" Grandpa Max called as he unleashed seven golden majestic-looking trout into the lake.

"Better have a bib ready!" Ben called out as he and his family, with Julie, cast their lines.

"Hope you look good in a hair net once I'm done with you!" Gwen called out as she, Kevin, and her parents cast their lines out as well.

Back on Earth 5-17-78, a light came from Raimundo before he hung up and flew to the Gokaigers, save for Gai. Each of them caught the lights and looked to them, seeing Keys of all five Monks.

"Xiaolin Keys!" Luka exclaimed.

"Raimundo! Omi! Clay! Jermaine! Kimiko! Here!" Emu called out, throwing five cards to each of the Xiaolin Monks.

Raimundo, Omi, Clay, Jermaine and Kimiko all caught the cards and looked to them, seeing what appeared to be fusions of the Gorengers combined with the helmets of Kamen Rider Ichigou and Nigou.

"Alright!" Raimundo exclaimed. "I think I get it!"

"Yosha!" Captain Marvelous called out as everyone flipped their Keys. "Ikuzo!"

"HENSHIN!" all the Xiaolin Monks called out, activating the cards and causing them to glow.

"GOKAI CHANGE!" the Gokaigers called, placing their new Xiaolin Keys into their Mobirates.

"Iris, Princess of Ephedia!" Iris called out as her pendant glowed.

"Tikki, Spots On!" Marinette called out as Tikki flew into her earrings.

"By the Power of Tai Chi!" Rai called out as he glowed purple.

"Spy On!" Sam called out, opening up her Compowder.

With a flash of light, the Gokaigers knocked back their enemies. Captain Marvelous had now taken on the form of Raimundo, Joe with Omi, Luka with Clay, Don as Jermaine and Ahim as Kimiko.

"GONG YI TANPAI!" the Gokaigers called out.

Sam spread her arms out as a green heart appeared in front of her. It soon passed through her, replacing her clothes with her spy suit before her hairdryer blaster came into her hand.

Marinette swiped her hands across her face, gaining her mask. She spun her arms around, getting the rest of her ladybug suit before it spread to her legs. She gained her Yo-Yo on the side of her waist before the LadyBlade appeared on her side. She kicked her left foot into the air in front of her before bringing it down. With a thrust of her arms to the sides, she was now the Miraculous Ladybug.

Rai grinned as he spread his arms out, hid body glowing purple. Afterwards, he placed his arms across his chest, gaining his Tigeroid stripes on his arms before they spread to his legs. He opened his eyes, gaining fangs in his mouth. As soon as his hair became wilder, he leapt back and spread his arms out, now in his Tigeroid Form.

Iris spread her arms out from her chest, where a heart-shaped chestplate appeared. She spun around and spread her arms out again, gaining a white and pink dress. As she spun around again, she gained white arm gloves before clapping her hands in the air, gaining pink nail polish before pink boots appeared over her feet. She pulled her hands down as a tiara came onto her head. Her hair turned from blonde to pink and grew longer before gaining heart-shaped earrings. She opened her eyes, and three heart crests flew down behind her, giving her a piece of glittering transparent fabric. Afterwards, she backflipped away and held her left hand close to her chest while her right arm was stretched to the side.

When the lights died down from the Monks, each of them were now in Sentai Colors of the cards they had chosen.

"AkaRider!" Raimundo called out, throwing his hand up into the sky.

"AoRider!" Omi announced, performing a crane stance.

"KiRider!" Clay called out, punching his fist into the air.

"MidoRider!" Jermaine called, holding a staff behind his back.

"MomoRider!" Kimiko called, performing a one foot stand.

"Kamen Sentai!" Raimundo started as the other Monks joined in afterwards.

"GORIDER!" everyone announced, now as the Kamen Sentai GoRider.

"GoRider…" Raimundo called out as everyone got into a charging stance.


Everyone charged at Absor-Being and Alphard, who ran back as Kagura watched in amazement.

"Not bad," Canaan said, glancing over. "No wonder he'll be a Rider in the future."

Rai held out his Katana and activated his sword Card.

"Tai Chi Geom! Sword!" Rai called out, energizing his blade before slashing away at Absor-Being. Before he could attack further, a Rock Monster appeared and blasted him, but he leapt back and activated his next Card.

"Tai Chi Hwa: Fire!"

A ball of fire formed in Rai's hands as Raimundo used his Sword of the Storms to create a fire tornado. The two yelled before sending the fire tornado forth, sending the Rock Monsters into the air, just as Canaan and Alphard leapt at each other.

Vert kicked aside a Rock Monster with Jermaine, using his sword to block some of their attacks and to bisect the rest. Running off, he ran and slashed more of them at a rapid speed while Jermaine repelled several blasts back at the Rock Monsters. He leapt up and sent a blast from his helmet, destroying more as Canaan readied herself against Alphard in the air.

Alphard held out her new arm, which turned into a blaster. She shot at Canaan, who used her sword to deflect it before shooting back. The two leapt off of the air and clashed immediately before landing on the ground again, Alphard using her knife and gun together. As they did, several Rock Monsters appeared with Absor-Being as KiRider slammed his fists against him.

"Wait… if rock monsters are here…" Iris started out as she and Raven looked around.

"Then I'm not completely gone." Lady Anodyne spoke up, appearing from a red unstable Dimension Wall, two Mana Blades crackling in her arms before they turned into scythes.

"Let's go!" Raven called out, running forward.

"Right with you!" Kimiko yelled as she appeared with a Sonic Arrow in her hands.

Iris, Raven and MomoRider all charged at Lady Anodyne, who parried off each of their attacks before Ladybug appeared from behind, lashing out at her with her Yo-Yo. Lady Anodyne growled as all four girls surrounded her, aiming their weapons at her.

"Take this!" Raven called out, sending forth dark magic from her Black Drag Saber.

Lady Anodyne formed a shield, but it shattered as soon as Raven's magic hit it.

"What?!" Lady Anodyne yelled.

"Ever since you attacked my World, I've been getting more powerful," Raven said. "Now…" she said as she fitted the Black Drag Claw on her hand. "You're done for!"

"Crystal Ferno!" Iris called out before she, Kimiko and Sam all fired at Lady Anodyne, sending her flying back as Ladybug clashed with her using the LadyBlade.

Kaito watched more rock monsters appear as Sayo slashed them down. Twisting the handle of the Neo Diendriver, a blade formed from the end, and it turned to a sword. He rushed forward and started to send forth energy slashes from his Neo Diendriver Sword before stabbing another in the chest.

"Nice new power," Kaito said before taking out a Card. "Let's see what this can do!" he yelled, slotting it in and pulling back the barrel.


Kaito spun around the Diendriver Sword and slashed all around, blasts coming out from each strike. As he performed his slashes, each of the Rock Monsters he hit exploded upon contact.

"My turn!" Sayo called out, placing another Card into her Visor.


Sayo spun around the DehemDriver and leapt into the air. The Rock Monsters looked around as she slashed each of them, each exploding with each hit before she and Kaito ran to help Canaan fight against Alphard.

Emu ran at more of the Rock Soldiers, landing several HIT! Marks on them. As he did, he turned his Gashacon Breaker from a hammer into a sword and clashed with Absor-Being.

"Big mistake!" Absor-Being called out before forming a hammer. He slammed Emu away, but Hiiro ran in and slammed his sword onto his back.

Absor-Being growled, but this gave Emu the chance to jump up. Turning his Gashacon Breaker back into a hammer, he slammed down again, creating a PERFECT! Mark on him. As soon as he did, he spun around and kicked him at Hiiro.

"Need help? Kaito asked as he held his Neo Diendriver in Sword Mode again.

"Let's do this." Hiiro said as he readied his Gashacon Sword, now setting to look like it was made of ice.


Kaito ran at Absor-Being, shooting down several Rock Monsters in the way, before slashing him at Hiiro. With the Ice Mode set, he froze Absor-Being for a moment before the blade switched to look as if fire were coming out from it.


Now with the sword blazing, Kamen Rider Brave swung at Absor-Being, slashing him so hard that it looked like fire was coming from his body.

"Our turn!" Sayo called out, charging up her DehemDriver.

"Ikuzo!" Emu called out, readying his Gashacon Breaker in Sword Mode.

Sayo ran at Absor-Being, slashing through him several times in a reverse grip before Emu leapt at him at high speed.


Landing his Blade B Slash, Emu sent Absor-Being rolling away with sparks flying across him.

"Had enough?" Hiiro asked.

"Hardly!" Absor-Being yelled, only to get kicked by AkaRider and MidoRider.

"We got this!" Jermaine called out.

"Help clear out the rest!" Raimundo called out.

Kagura Rentaro looked to what was happening in awe.

"If they can do it… I can too!" Kagura exclaimed. Picking up a long piece of rebar, he slashed at a Rock Monster before proceeding to take on the rest.

"That's him," Canaan said, looking to Kagura. "The one who will become… Kamen Rider Shinobi."

Captain Marvelous rushed at several Dopants, using the Sword of the Storms to send each of them into the air.

"Joe! Now!" Captain Marvelous called out, grabbing Joe as Omi and throwing him into the air.

"Orb of Tornami!" Joe called out, blasting each Masquerade Dopant with water.

"Fists of Tebigong!" Luka called out as Clay as several Tanks approached her. She pounded her fists together and slammed one, knocking it into the air, which allowed for Xion and Wendy to energize it before she slammed it back, destroying three more.

"Lasso Boa-Boa!" Don called out as Jermaine. He leapt over several Dragon Drones and wrapped them with his lasso before tossing them into the Dopants. With them knocked down, he lashed more across the chests, causing sparks to fly, before he kicked another Masquerade Dopant down. Several punched at him, but he started to glow. "Repulse the Monkey!" he called out, sending each surrounding enemy into the air before he leapt up and kicked them hard to the ground, causing them to each explode.

"Electric Shock!" Tackle yelled, sending an electric pulse that knocked down several Tanks on top of the Masquerade Dopants.

"Let me!" Ahim called out as Kimiko. "Wudai… Judolette Flip!" she called, flipping into the air before fire appeared in her hands. "Star Hanabi!" she called out afterwards, sending fire onto the rest of the Tanks, causing each of them to explode.

"Now!" Captain Marvelous called out as the Gokaigers gathered together.


Fire, water, ground shakes, electricity and air came from each of the Monks, sending each Masquerade Dopant and Dragon Drone flying back into the Tanks. As they were still stunned, the GokaiGalleon Buster appeared in Gai's hands, which he used to shoot most of them down before they were joined by the main Gokai-Changed Monks.

"XIAOLIN KEYS! SET!" Captain Marvelous and the Gokaigers called out, placing their Xiaolin Monk Keys into the slots.

"Power of Quintessence!" Wendy called out, lighting herself up with Quintessence Lightning.

"Ultra Cyclone!" Yuriko called out, combining her power with Wendy's.


"Zettaflare!" Xion called out, shooting forward with Wendy just as the Gokaigers fired the GokaiGalleon Buster.


All three blasts cleared out the way of the army. As they did, large explosions went off that cleared away the tanks as well.

"Nice work." Yuriko said.

"Hey, I got a question, if my sister is with you," Wendy said to Luka and Ahim. "How is she?"

"Doing good," Luka replied. "She's told her parents about her secret."

"About time," Wendy said. "I always felt like she needed to get that out into the open."

"She has a sword now too." Ahim added on.

"Okay, now I'm jealous." Wendy said with a chuckle in a pretend pout.

"Wait," Xion said, noticing something with the remaining forces. "They're… retreating."

"Let's save them the trouble." Captain Marvelous said, raising the GokaiGalleon Buster again.

They were about to fire again, but suddenly, a dark energy wave started to spread.

"Oh no!" Yuriko exclaimed. "It's him!"

"His power reached this World!" Wendy exclaimed.

"Minna!" Navi called out as the GokaiGalleon flew above everyone. "We need to leave!"

"We've got everyone!" Lev called out.

"If you want to live, we need to go now!" Ashi yelled.

AkaRider took out the Bana Spear and slashed at several Rock Monsters before slashing at Absor-Being's back. Absor-Being growled and formed an Ikakalaka Blade on his left hand to lock with Raimundo before using the Gashacon Sparrow and DriBlade to slash him away.


Jermaine took out the Giga Launcher and shot away more Rock Monsters while Omi took out the Ichibantou. Harnessing a water slash, he cleared away more of the Rock Monsters before sending forth a torrent towards Absor-Being, knocking him back.

Iris and Raven both raised their Drag Sabers and slashed at Lady Anodyne, who locked one Mana Scythe with them before MomoRider and Ladybug slashed down from the other side. With the two blades locked, Sam ran in with her Hairdryer Blaster and shot at Lady Anodyne.

"My turn!" Rai called out, flying through with his Wu Wings. "Tiger Dragon King! Activate!" he called out, entering his Tai Chi King form. "Tiger Dragon Strike!" he called out, sending forth several fire slashes before blasting the Yin-Yang Symbol onto Lady Anodyne, knocking her back into the wall.

Canaan slashed Alphard away before using both her new weapon in gun mode and her usual gun to shoot her back. As she was deflecting the shots, Sayo ran in and slashed at her while placing a Card into the DehemDriver.


"What?" Alphard asked before Sayo sent her Dimension Slash at her point range.

"Kaito, now!" Canaan called out as she charged up both her weapons while Kaito reverted the Diendriver Blade back to Gun Mode and activated his Card.


Kaito and Canaan both shot into the air where Alphard lined up. She was soon shot down to the ground, but used her new metal arm to stop her fall.

Back in Bellwood, Ben and Gwen's families were both fishing fiercely for the golden trout that Grandpa Max had let out into the lake. So far, Ben had caught three while Gwen had caught two. Kevin and Julie were currently in the middle of a struggle for the sixth before Kevin finally managed to yank it from her line.

"The last one." Ben said, looking to the water.

"And that goes to me!" Gwen called, casting her line.

"Not this year!" Ben called, casting his line as well.

Everyone watched as both lines tangled up into each other, the last golden trout now hooked on. Both Ben and Gwen pulled on their rods hard, with Julie eventually grabbing onto Ben with the rest of his family while Kevin and Gwen's family grabbed Gwen to support her.

"It's close… it's close…" Grandpa Max said as he and Ken watched intently.

With a final tug from both sides, both families fell back. Everyone watched as the last golden trout flopped in the air. Everyone held their breath before it started to fall. Soon, it landed not into the water, but into the bucket of…

Ben's family.

"Yes!" Ben cheered. "We've finally won!"

"Come on!" Kevin groaned. "I want a rematch!"

"Great," Gwen said. "I won't hear the end of it for this," she said as she facepalmed herself. "And now… we cook for an Alliance."

"Don't worry," Kevin said. "I don't know much about cooking fish… but I'll help."

"Thanks, Kevin," Gwen said. "Doesn't change the fact that we lost… but it still means a lot."

Back in the World of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and the Xiaolin Monks, MomoRider was shooting at Absor-Being repeatedly before Jermaine shot a large shell at him. As he was sent into the air, AoRider and KiRider slammed their fists at him before AkaRider slashed him into the ground.

"Let's finish this off!" Kaito called out as his Neo Diendriver shot forward, summoning a large blaster with his helmet on it.


Picking up the new Sniper DiEndCannon, Kaito placed the Diendriver into it, just as Sayo, Hiiro and Emu readied their weapons again.

"GORIDER BAZOOKA!" The Xiaolin Monks, still as the GoRiders, called out, summoning a large bazooka.

"WITH KAMEN RIDERS!" Emu, Hiiro, Kaito and Sayo all called out.

"This is the end!" Kaito called out, placing his final Card into the Sniper DiEndCannon.


"Right with you!" Sayo called out, slotting in her final Card onto her DehemDriver once again.


"Us too!" Emu called out as he and Hiiro activated their Gashats.



Absor-Being growled as the GoRiders used their elemental powers to power up the GoRider Bazooka. As they did, Kaito sent forth a massive blast while Emu, Hiiro and Sayo all sent forth large energy slashes. All the attacks made impact on Absor-Being, creating an explosion.


"Give it up, Lady Anodyne," Iris said as all the girls aimed their weapons at Lady Anodyne. "You've lost."

"Not… yet!" Lady Anodyne called out as she grabbed Kagura Rentaro and placed her hand to his head. "Acuto Borali Meus Manu Sorro!"

"No!" Raven called out.

As Absor-Being was sent back by the attack landed on him by the GoRiders, DiEnd, Dehembra, Ex-Aid and Brave, the energy from Kagura flew to Lady Anodyne, taking the form of a set of Core Medals.

"One more… and we shall reign supreme," Lady Anodyne said before a Red Dimension Wall appeared. "Another day, heroes… your last day." She smirked before they left for Earth-Negative 10.

"My cue to leave." Alphard said, flipping Canaan off as the same Red Dimension Wall took her away as well.

"Looks like things are getting serious," Canaan said. "We need to act fast."

"Tell Elena that her time is up," Raven said as a blue Dimension Wall appeared behind her. "The War is almost upon us. Get yourselves ready." She said before leaving as well.

"The War…" Sayo said, causing everyone to look to her as she turned to Canaan. "What's going on?"

"You'll understand soon," Canaan said. "I'll explain once we're back at your Mansion."

Back at the Mansion, the rest of the Alliance was waiting for Ben and his family to arrive. Soon, the Gateway opened, and Ben emerged with Julie, while Kevin and Gwen were hauling with them all the buckets of fish with Grandpa Max helping them.

"Whoa, Crikey!" Will exclaimed. "This must have been a big contest!"

"I'm telling you, a few feet closer to the left, and we would have won again!" Gwen argued.

"Tenth time you said it," Ben teased. "Remember… you're cooking for all of us."

"You won?!" Iris exclaimed.

"Yeah, fell square into my bucket," Ben said with a smile. "Real satisfying after being on the receiving end for three years in a row."

"That sure was fun," Julie said. "Feels good to win like this."

"You'll need to save the party," Canaan said, stepping forward. "We have a problem."

All of a sudden, the Gateway opened again, revealing the GokaiGalleon. Everyone looked to it, surprised to see a lot of damage done to it, before it made its way to its berth next to GoZyuDrill. Everyone ran up to see Captain Marvelous, Joe, Luka, Don, Ahim and Gai walk out, with cuts and bruises on them. Xion, Yuriko, Wendy, Lev and Ashi came out afterwards.

"Lev, you're here!" Iris exclaimed, running up to help Lev and lean him against the wall before seeing Ashi. "Ashi…"

"Have… have we met?" Ashi asked.

"Oh, right…" Iris said. "That was a vision."

"Will, is that you?" Wendy asked as she looked to her sister.

"My Altermere!" Will exclaimed before she and her sister hugged.

"It's Wendy now," Wendy said. "I finally made a name for myself."

"Yuriko," Kaito said as he walked to Yuriko. "You're alive?"

"It is nice to see you again, Kaito," Yuriko said as she bowed to Kaito before looking to Ben. "You are Tsukasa's successor?"

"Temporary," Ben explained. "Now… what's going on?"

"Earth 5-17-78, it is wiped out," Xion explained. "We barely made it out."

"Out of everyone in the GokaiGalleon… five hundred lives had to be left behind," Captain Marvelous said. "We lost a World."

"No…" Ben said. He clenched his fist and looked to Captain Marvelous. "Who is to answer for this?"

"Ben Negaton," Canaan said as Elena gasped. "He's released a dangerous entity of the Riders."

"He's gotten that far to freeing him already?" Elena asked.

"Raven said so," Canaan said. "And that your time is up. You need to play your part in the coming war."

"Lady Anodyne and Kevin's evil twin, Absor-Being, got the second Catalyst Holder here," Iris said. "There's one more."

"Where?" Ben asked.

All of a sudden, a Dimension Wall appeared, and out from it came Haruto.

"Haruto?" Ben asked.

"Hello, Ben," Haruto said. "We need your help."

"Does it have to do with Foundation X?" Iris asked.

"Yes," Haruto said with a nod. "We need more Riders on our side to defeat them and their new Phantoms."

"We want to get even with Foundation X after what they did to us," Ben said. "We're in."

"I'm coming too," Iris said. "I want to have a few hits on them."

"We don't have time to lose," Canaan said. "Callas has the potential to destroy realities. If Foundation X and Negaton get them… we're done for."

"Come on," Haruto said. "We need to go."

"We'll stay and see what we can do to help stop this," Gwen said. "And don't worry… I'll still cook."

"With any luck, we can stop this before the war starts," Ben said. "Just don't give up hope yet." He said before he and Iris made their way with Haruto through the Dimension Wall.

Elena got up and looked to Canaan. "How bad is it?" she asked.

"Listen to this." Canaan said, pulling out a recorder. As she played it, everyone listened in.

"I am calling you, from the Vanishing Point, beyond time and space. Earlier this year, several Worlds had fallen… at the hands of Callas, leading Foundation X and Ben Negaton. Worlds that have fallen first started in the single digits within the first four months. The following two, we entered triple digits. Now, we enter four-digit casualties. The One-Punch Man has been destroyed. Canterlot has been decimated. Cybertron is gone. The Titans beyond the Walls of Germany, and Erin Yeager leading the resistance, are gone. To list many more would cause stress and panic. I call to you now, as the last of a few from the World of the Arrowverse, to band together and fight this threat… or die trying. I am the Green Arrow, and I will not stop until this threat has been eliminated from every World."

"Wow…" Irma said. "That bad."

"So, Commander Rook wanted me back?" Elena asked.

"He tasked me with bringing you back to Earth-Negative 10," Canaan said with a nod. "We have to leave before other Worlds fall."

"But… my friends…" Elena said.

"Elena… go," Gwen said. "We'll rally our own forces, and help end this conflict."

"Whatever you need to do, do it now." Ruby said.

Elena nodded as Canaan raised her hand. A Dimension Wall appeared, and the two went through, returning to Earth-Negative 10.

On Earth-Negative 10, Lady Anodyne tossed the Core Medals to Ben Negaton.

"Another victory," Lady Anodyne said. "And you doubted me in the first place."

"Forget them now," Ben Negaton said. "I hear that more Riders have joined Tennyson's alliance."

"They're getting more allies," Absor-Being said. "We'll be overwhelmed."

"Ready our… friends," Ben Negaton said. "I shall test the power of my counterpart… myself." He said as he looked to a screen of a Foundation X Research Lab.

Against the walls were several body chambers, each with the first Riders Ben and his Alliance had gathered. Keith Anderson walked up and grinned.

"Callas, my Master… you shall soon be free."

World of She-Ra

"For Etheria!" She-Ra called out, leading her friends into battle.

World of MECH-X4

"Mech Xecute!" a teen called out as he guided a robot into battle against Foundation X.

"Those fools…"

To Be Continued In "The Ringed Titan: Wizard"…

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