Tony was driving down a secluded road, talking to Harley on the phone. Harley held the phone up to the Iron Man suit which was charging next to him so Tony could talk to Jarvis. Jarvis had found the location of the Mandarin.

"What are we talking about? Far East, North Africa, Iran, Pakistan, Syria? Where is it?" Tony asked, getting impatient.

"Actually Sir, its in Miami" the AI replied. Tony sighed. Jarvis had just finished explaining how he was ending sentences with the wrong cranberry, aka the wrong word.

"Okay. Kid, Im gonna have to walk you through rebooting Jarvis' system, but not right now. Where is he really? Just look on the screen and tell me where he is." Harley turned to the computer screen, and popped another smartie into his mouth.

"Um yeah, it does say Miami."

"Okay. First things first. I eed the armour. Where we at with it?" Tony said, starting to form a plan.

"Uh, its not charging" Harley replied. Tony, who had speeding, slammed on the breaks and pulled over. His suit wasnt available. What was he going to do? Crap.

"Actually Sir" Jarvis chimed in. "It is charging. The power source is questionable, it may not succeed in sustaining the mark 42."

"Whats questionable about electricity?" Tony snapped. "I need my suit! And then I cant- Im not gnna-I dont want-" he paused. He was panicking. "Oh god not again." He opened the car door and climbed clumsily out, his knees giving out as soon as he stood up. He sat in the snow, leaning against the car, breathing heavy, eyes wide and glassy.

"Tony?" came Harley's voice from inside the car. The door was still open, and since Tony had his phone connected to the car's blue-tooth, they could still communicate. "Are you having another attack? I didnt even mention New York!"

"Right! And then you just said it, by name, while denying having said it!" Tony said, his voice breaking on the last couple words. He reached behind him and gripped the car's back seat door handle with his left hand, his arm was around his stomach. The twisting pressure he felt in his stomach each time this happened was unbearable.

"Okay, um..." Harley mumbled, thinking of what he could do to help.

"Oh god, what am I gonna do?"

"Just breath. Really, just breath. Youre a mecanic, right?"


"You said so."

"Yes I did" Tony agreed.

"Why dont you just build something?" Harley suggested. That was logical. Tony didnt answer immediatly. He started to calm his breathing, a plan immediatly forming in his head just from the kid's simple and obvious suggestion. Tony stood up.

"Okay" he said. He was still breathing heavy, but it was slower. He wasnt hyperventalating, he was just out of breath from the couple of minutes he spent panicking. "Thanks kid" he said simply. He climbed back in his car, and started his journy to Miami.