Library Wars FanFiction

Chapter 1

"Kasahara, weren't you listening at all?" Dojo's voice could be heard through the entire hallway. "You blockhead!"

Komaki placed a hand on his shoulder, signature smile still in place. "Now Dojo, are you really that surprised?"

Dojo just looked annoyed. "Not really. But still! She could at least attempt to not fall asleep during meetings. Especially this one."

"Especially this one?" Kasahara asked, confused. "What's happening?"

Tezuka walked up at that moment, understanding immediately what had happened. "Fell asleep again, Kasahara?" She fumed silently. "The meeting was over our new assignments for an upcoming raid. We've been expecting it for a while."

"Expecting it?" she echoed, confused. "Why?"

This time it was Dojo who answered, ruffling a hand through his hair in frustration. "We're receiving books from a library that's being shut down. The books and articles in question deliberately violated the media betterment act. They're bound to be a target."

Kasahara seemed to understand this, but still asked a question. "So what's with this 'new assignments' thing, then?"

Komaki answered, "We need fast runners who can retrieve the books and get them to the safety of the library before the MBC can get to them. Since the trucks probably won't be able to get past their barricade, it's a dangerous job."

Dojo looked down, when Kasahara asked the obvious question. "Who's on it?"

Silence fell, but was eventually broken by Dojo. "You."


Kasahara sighed, pumping her legs to keep warm. It was freezing- she could see her breath puffing out as she jogged in place.

"Save your energy, Kasahara. You're going to need it." She stopped, but looked over at her officer. He hadn't looked at her all morning.

"Do you know when they'll get here?" She asked, rubbing her hands to keep them warm. Dojo shrugged. She stayed silent for a moment, but then said softly, "What'll happen?"

He looked forward, his brow furrowed. "They're going to put up a fight. A big one. Books like that that blatantly disregard the Act- they're going to stop at nothing to destroy them." He turned to face her, looking her in the eye for the first time all morning. "It's going to be dangerous- be careful out there."

She snapped to a salute. "Sir!" But she couldn't get his words out of her mind as she ran to assume her post behind the sacks nearest the gates. 'Be careful.'

She crouched in wait, peering out behind the sacks. The distant rumble of vans echoed, but whether they were the MBC vans or the delivery, she couldn't tell. She checked her watch-6:30. The library opened at 9. How long would the fight last?

The MBC vans entered, knocking down the gates and circling the entrance, making it impossible for anything bigger than a person to go through.

A voice echoed in her earpiece. 'Go, Kasahara!' Dojo's voice snapped her into focus, and she dodged out from behind the sacks, sprinting towards the vans that had just entered. Whipping past them, she quickly found the package of books and articles that had just been dropped seconds before by the library's vans.

She turned quickly, ready to sprint back to the library, only to find the truck doors opening, MBC members spilling out.

'Kasahara! Get out of there!' Dojo's voice yelled into her earpiece over the sound of gunfire.

Only a couple of the MBC agents had noticed her- the rest were flocking towards the barricades, guns firing.

Dodging past the agents, hoping fervently they wouldn't shoot, she raced the long way around the vans, parallel to the library before swiveling around the last truck, and, gasping for breath, back to the library.

Checking behind her quickly to make sure she wasn't being followed, she took a quick breather. 'Kasahara, there's a clear path between the last van and the back doors! Go now!' She took action immediately, swinging the bag onto her back. If dojo said it was clear, she would run like the wind.

Guns fired all around her, but she didn't dare stop for a second. None hit her, and she made it to the doors with little more than a scratch were a bullet had simply grazed her. Yanking the doors open, she made it inside, and dodged to the side of the hallway, out of sight of the window.

"Sir, I'm safely insid—" She started, and was cut off by the appearance of no less than five MBC members charging down the hallway straight towards her.

"There she is! Capture the books at any cost!" One shouted.

She paled, and started to yell into the microphone, but too late.

A gun fired, and Kasahara fell.

Dojo tapped his earpiece, with one hand, reloading in the other. "Kasahara?" He yelled over the gunshots.

"Lt. Dojo! There're. . . !" Crackling filled his earpiece, followed by a loud gunshot. One that didn't belong to the outside.

"Kasahara! Kasahara!" He yelled, shouting now. Still just static.

"Dang it! Komaki, Cover me!" He dashed out, ignoring Komaki's calls to come back.

If that idiot had gotten herself shot. . .

He pulled open the door, breathing hard. He took in the scene in seconds. There were MBC agents all against the wall, surrounding a small figure-

"Kasahara!" He yelled, and they all turned- just in time to get punched by Dojo.

They didn't stand a chance against him- they all fell to the ground, thoroughly beaten, unconscious or groaning.

Rushing to the girl's side, he propped her up on his knee, taking off her helmet to better see her face. She winced in pain, arms clutching her leg from which blood was soaking her pant leg. Gritting her teeth, she propped herself up on her own feet, Crouching on the floor next to Dojo.

She glanced his way, a small smile brightening her face, but it didn't mask the pain in her eyes. "Thanks, I—" She looked over his shoulder, shock evident on her face. "Duck!" She yelled as she tackled him to the floor, crouching over him as the sound of a gun firing echoed through the room.