Two Thursday's after the terrorist attack Hotch calls the team into the conference room at 11. They grab their tablets knowing this means it's time for a case. Hopefully this one will deal with regular, normal, everyday psycho's, not terrorists bent on bringing down the government. Once everyone is settled, Garcia turns on the big screen.

"Lady and Gentlemen, I have for you just your run of the mill crazy creepy case," she announces.

"Thank God," Rossi states for all of them.

"Today, my frequent flyers, you will be going to the lovely Pac West city of Portland. The police there need our help tracking down a vigilante. He has- -"

Her words break off as Emily hurries into the room. "Sorry I'm late. Hope I didn't miss much," she says as she drops into her seat between JJ and Morgan.

Everyone at the table exchange looks of confusion. Morgan stares at his partner.

"What are you doing here?"

Emily shrugs, a sly grin on her face. "Well, this is the BAU, right? Chief Hotchner's team? I'm pretty sure this is where I work."

JJ nods. "Yeah you do but what about the task force? All the paperwork and bureaucratic crap after what happened?"

Emily smiles at them all. "My work on that is officially done. I have been released to return to my job at the BAU."

Hotch sits forward. "Not that I'm upset to see you but I had heard you were offered- -"

"I'm where I want to be, Hotch. They can take their offers and shove them. You all were there for me when I needed you. When I couldn't trust anyone else I could trust all of you. The praise being heaped on me is shared with the six of you. And I've made sure everyone knows that. Yes, offers were made to me. But the only thing that sounded right for me was to be here." She grins. "Maybe that's proof that Doc Westfallen will never cure me."

Reid laughs. "I believe all evidence points to that being fact."

Emily winks at him. "Thanks, Handsome." She looks up at Garcia. "So, uh, if you want to continue, I think someone needs our help."

Garcia smiles and nods. "You bet your ass they do. As I was saying before Batman busted in," Emily chuckles, "a vigilante in Portland has struck twice so far. The first time the police brushed it off as a gang thing. But the second time they realized it could be something more and they want help before he escalates."

"Garcia, what exactly is the unsub doing?" Rossi asks.

Garcia winces. "Oh, I was so hoping you wouldn't ask. He sent a package to the police with a card that said simply, 'You're welcome.' When they opened the box they found this," she clicks the remote and brings up the next picture.

"Whoa? Are those hands?" Emily blurts.

"Yes. Both hands from a fugitive wanted for rape. His body was later found at his mother's house. The second package contained the same note and two hands from a man out on bail while awaiting his trial for murder. His body has not been found yet."

"Shit," JJ mutters. "Public outcry?" the former liaison asks.

"So far no but the police are worried if he strikes again and doesn't get recognition from them he'll go to the press himself."

"Most likely he will if he's sure he's doing the right thing," Hotch says. He stands. "Wheels up in thirty. I'm assuming the new girl has a go bag," he says with a smile towards Emily.

She laughs. "Yes, sir. And thanks to my wonderful wife, the clothes in it are clean."

"I knew I loved JJ for a reason," Rossi says thankfully.

Everyone laughs, feeling things click into place for the team. As they move to their desks to get packed to go, Emily sees a few envelopes on her desk. She grabs them and stuffs them in her briefcase to be dealt with later. As they start towards the elevator, JJ grabs her arm.

"Why didn't you tell me you'd be here today?"

"I didn't know I would be. When Harlan finally signed the paperwork releasing me I came right here. When I saw you all in the conference room I couldn't resist just walking in like I was running late," she admits with a smirk.

JJ chuckles. "You suck, Emily Prentiss."

Emily leans close. "Yes, I do. Sucked quite well last night if your screams were any indication."

JJ turns bright red and can't even respond as Reid and Rossi walk up to the ladies. Emily just keeps smirking as she gets on the elevator.

"Incorrigible, Prentiss," JJ whispers.

"Yep. And you love me for it," Emily reminds her.

JJ takes her hand. "Yes, yes I do."