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He sat up on his cot and watched her sleeping form. It still felt like a dream and the smile that erupted on his face was unavoidable. She was real, she was alive and she was here with him. She was a child the last time he had seen her. Her face, although always feminine was often layered with dirt and her hair was cropped short to make her look like a boy. That was almost four years ago. Four long years.

He had hated himself for so long for doing what he did. For choosing to remain with the Brotherhood without banners instead of fulfilling his promise to go back with her to Winterfell. It was selfish of him he knew. He didn't want to stand by and watch as she was slowly retched from his life like everyone else. She was too young to understand how the world treated bastards. Especially low-born bastards like him. She thought they could still be friends but no matter how kind her brother was, he never would have allowed such a friendship to continue. It wasn't proper and before he knew it he would be standing by and watching as some fancy little lord made her his lady.

She stirred beside him and he felt his desire for her resurface. Her skin was soft and delicate under his touch. He had been with women before. Women who hadn't been through half the horrors she had endured. Women who lathered themselves in lotions and perfumes to make them smell and feel sweeter for the men who paid them coin. Yet somehow she was softer. She was sweeter and she was so much more than anyone or anything he had ever experienced.

"Why aren't you sleeping you silly bull?" she yawned. One of her long chestnut brown curls tumbled over her face and he found his breath catching at the sight. She was so beautiful it made him ache all over. Using his left hand he brushed the wayward lock off her face to reveal those sterling grey eyes he loved so much.

"I wanted to make sure you didn't run out on me again m'lady," he japed, but his voice faltered and she could hear the truth in his tone. She rose from her position letting the furs slide down her body and revealing her naked breasts. He took in a deep breath, unable to stop his gaze from looking at the soft orbs before him.

"Do you really think I'd leave you Gendry?" her eyes seeking his. "I've spent the last four years trying to forget what happened to me. To forget what happened to my family…but-" now it was her turn to break. "But I could never forget you. I could never forget how even though you knew I was a girl you kept my secret. How even though I didn't need your help you were there when Lommy and Hot Pie were picking on me. But do you want to know what the hardest thing to forget about you was?" He nodded, completely enchanted by her words. "I could never forget how right it felt to be in your arms. To feel the warmth of your body against mine, to hear the steady thumping of your heart and to know what it felt like to belong." She lifted her hand to stroke the side of his face and he found himself leaning into her touch.

"I've never wanted anything as much as I wanted you," he whispered. She moved to straddle his lap and seized his mouth with hers. It was a kiss full of need and promises of what was to come. She pulled away, both their hearts racing and their breaths coming out in short spurts.

"I never thought I'd feel again," she confessed. "I was so numb Gendry, I couldn't see past my hatred for the world until I found you," she blushed. "You reminded me that there was still some good in this world. You made me see."

He rested his forehead against hers, noses touching and breaths mingling. "You saved me Arya Stark," he said plainly. She pulled back and looked at him quizzically.

"From what?"

"From myself," he sighed. "I hated you. Really hated you for running off and getting caught like that. I know it wasn't your fault but I felt like you did it on purpose just to get back at me," his voice hard. "I thought of all the things that could have happened to you. About your body thrown somewhere in some ditch, about men…dishonouring you." There were tears in his eyes as all those feelings returned. "I shouldn't have abandoned you," he murmured. "I should have been with you always," his hands found hers, linking their fingers as one. Lifting them to his mouth he doused each finger with feather light kisses, his way of letting her know he would never leave her.

"You stupid bull," she chuckled. "I was the one who ran away remember? And besides we found our way back to each other didn't we?"

He fingered one of the long tresses that lay over her shoulder. He loved her long hair, the feel and smell of it. As much as she hated looking the part of a lady, Gendry couldn't help but appreciate the view. "Yes we did m'lady," he replied before pulling her down for another kiss. His large calloused hands buried themselves in the perfect tangle of curls as a means to deepen the kiss. Her mouth was always so warm and inviting and he couldn't get enough, his need for her intensifying as she lowered herself onto him. They moved in tandem, making love for the first time, not their usual frenzied fuck. His eyes never left hers, blue intently focused on grey. He could feel her release as her walls clamped around him milking him until he spilled his seed. They were slick with sweat and their breaths laboured. "Marry me," he breathed.

Her eyes widened at his words. "What did you say?" He swallowed hard. Afraid that if he said those words again she would slip away from him like she did so many years ago. "Gendry, what did you say?" she asked softly.

"I…I..." he looked into those steely eyes of hers expecting to see anger but all he saw was hope. In that moment he knew she was all he wanted. All he needed. He was so lost for so long and only now did he feel like he was where he belonged. "Marry me Arya," his voice unwavering.

She stared at him biting her lip in that way he loved. "Why?" she blurted.

He shook his head smiling. "Do you really have to ask?" she just looked at him expectantly still waiting for his answer. "All my life I've been used to people treating me like scum. Like I was nothing but dirt. Only put on this earth to do the biddings of others. But then you came along. You showed me how good life could be." She was staring attentively at him as he spoke. "I've only known true joy twice in my life," he paused. "The first was when you trusted me with your secret and the second was when you came back into my life. I love you Arya and if you'll have me I'd like to make you my family."

"I've hurt people," she responded.

"So have I."

"What if I don't want to have children?"

"I don't care all I want is you?

"But what if that's not enough?"

"You'll always be enough."


He cut her off with a kiss. "For someone who is supposed to be so smart you can say some stupid things," he teased. "I know who you are Arya and if you don't want to have children then I don't either. The only thing in this world I need is you."

"And you're sure about this?"

He kissed her again to make his point. "Of course I'm sure."

"Then yes I'll marry you," she beamed. They made love three more times before dawn broke, both falling asleep in the embrace of the other, knowing they were where they belonged.

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