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Ally's POV

It was Saturday noon, Dad was taking care of the shop, and I just entered the Moon residence.

"He's in his room," Mimi told me.

"Thanks," I nodded as I went upstairs. I knocked. No answer. I just walked in. I regret it. I regret it. Austin was brushing his hair, shirt less, with only boxers on. DHSFGJDBGHJDFGBJFMNBGVHJDFGJHBSX

Like what you see?


I'm you conscious.


Ally, girl. Get choe mind straight.


"Ally?" Austin turned around and looked at me,"Hey." I turned around, not facing him. I was blushing. "What's wrong?"

"Put some clothes on!"

"Oh. Oooh! Sorry! DON'T TURN AROUND," he emphasized.

"Don't worry, I won't," I sighed.

You know you want to turn around.

NO I DON'T! I'm no pervert!

Ally, I'm your conscious. I know what you think every night.


Also, you dream. Dream very nasty things. You aren't so innocent as people think.


So you have accepted me?

Fine! Whatever!

I'm just here to "help" you.

Mhm. Sure Ally number 2, sure.

Call me number 2, and I will make you life miserable!

Juliette! I shall name you Juliette.

I wanted to be named Roxanne but Juliette works, too.

Juliette Roxanne?

Yay! I have a middle name.

"Ally," Austin said,"you can turn around now."

"Sorry about that," I murmured as I played with my hair.

"Don't sweat it. I have a date with Cassidy, so I have to get ready," Austin shrugged.

"A d-date?" I stumbled in my words.

"Yeah... you cool with that?" Austin asked me in a soft tone.

"Yeah! Why not? So. We're moving on. It's cool," I said.

"Thanks, Als, you're the best," Austin said and spread out his arms. I just went up and hugged him.

Austin and Ally, sitting on a tre-


We pulled apart after a while. We hung out for a few hours, and we then went our different ways.

Austin's POV

I was ready for my date with Cassidy.


I'm ignoring Dave right now. I can't wait. I'm going to-


I'm going to take her to lunch at that Italian restaurant. Then-


THEN! I'm going to take her to the movies. Or should I take her to see the movie first... I know! I should-


I'll just ask her what she wants. Then we'll walk around the park, and-


Finally! I'll take her home.



Hey, I'm only tell you my opinion.

Well your opinion stinks! I like Cassidy. She's pretty cool.

Like. What about love?

Sorry for interrupting your scrolling, just wanted to remind you that you are a hero for making it this far into the story

Dave has got me thinking about what he said.

I'm a genius.

Dave, go take a nap.


DON'T RETURN UNTIL AFTER THE DATE... or you could stay away a bit longer, too.

I see how it is! I'm going to my brain bed!

Later, Dave.

"See ya, Mom," I said as I went out the door.

"Bye, honey!"

I started walking towards the address Cassidy gave me. I had to pick her up at her house. I hope I don't run into the parents or something. That would be scary. I took the bus with only a few people recognizing me. Pictures, autographs, and stuff like that later, I made it to Cassidy's house. It was cute. I knocked on the doorbell. Yes, knocked on the doorbell. Cassidy answered the door in a matter of seconds.

"Woah," I gasped when I saw her. Her hair was straight down, and she had a frilly pink dress that reached to her knees. She had white boots that reached to the bottom of her knees. Long pink socks were sticking out a bit.

"Back at ya, Blondie," Cassidy smiled. I never thought I'd see her in pink. But never mind that, she rocks in it.

"You rock in pink," I smiled at her.

"Thanks, my mom and sister forced me into it," she giggled. She mentioned she had a younger sister. I think her name was Rose? I dunno. I don't care for now. Right now, Cassidy looks hawt.

"I'm glad they did," I said and we started walking down the street,"so you want to eat first or see a movie? I know this Italian place in the mall that's awesome and there's lots of movies about to start."

"Let's see the movie, first," Cassidy said.

"To the bus stop to the movies it is!" I announced. Cassidy laughed. She is so cool. I wonder what her answer would be if I ask her to be my girlfriend.



Ally's POV (Star: I wasn't going to write a full date. You poor innocent Auslly shippers would have cried or something.)

Dallas got out of the hospital today. I went to visit is him at his house. I took chocolate for him. In a square box though. Taking a heart one would have been awkward. Am I right?

"Hey, Ally," Dallas greeted me from his bed. His leg was a in a dark green cast, and so was his right arm. Good thing he's a lefty. Yes, I've noticed thse small things about him.

"Hey, Dallas. I brought you chocolates," I said and waved around the box.

Ally, you're embarrassing yourself.

Whoops. My bad.

"Sorry, I'm alergic to chocolate," Dallas frowned,"I'm sorry."

"Don't sweat it," I laughed,"more for me."

"I never said thank you," Dallas said.

"For what?"

"For being there with my mom? I also heard you helped her in the libary." Hehe, the way he says library.

Get over yourself. It's annoying.

I know! But common, it's kind of cute when he says it.

Yeah.. you're right.

"No problem," I smiled and sat on a chair next to his bed,"I really liked it there. So quiet."

"Why? Is it loud in the music store?"

Is he stupid? IT'S A MUSIC STORE!

Juliette, no bullying.


"Sometimes. Mostly when my friends are there. But I still love them."

"Are you and Austin... a thing?"

"We use to, but we broke up more than a month ago. In fact, he's on a date right now."

"Oh, that's cool. Because..."

"Because what?"

"I want to see if you wanted to watch a movie with me tomorrow?"

"A-As in a date?"

"Yes. I understand if you don-"

"I want to. I guess I'll see you tomorrow, then."

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