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Ally's POV

1 week later...
(Star: I now put Juliette and Dave in italics. I'll go back in fix the other chapters later.)

I've been dating Dallas for three and a half weeks already. Our anniversary is in three days. Our relationship is okay. It's not awkward like when I dated Austin. But I did admit to Trish I had feelings for Austin left. Ugh! This is so complicated. Why did I let boys get into my life in the first place?

Austin and Cassidy's relationship is doing pretty good on their first week. Austin and I released a song yesterday. That way, his fans knew about everything that has been going on. I haven't working on my music though. It always comes out sad and depressing. I should be happy. I have the best friends in the world and boyfriend that really likes him like I like him.

What about love?

Get over yourself, Juliette. This my life.



"Hey, Ally," Austin said and came in the music room," watcha doing?"

"Nothing. Writing lyrics. But they all come out sad and depressing."

"Why? You're almost in a one month relationship with Dallas."

"I know, I know."

"Then write a break up song."

"You know... that's not actually a bad idea. But then again, sad and depressing!"

"Then it's too late. Say, why don't you work on your music. I'll try to write my own song."

"You think you can do it?"

"Yeah, why not? I've been working on-"

"So that's what's in your note pad!"


"Oh my gosh, you're writing a song? That's so amazing!"

"Yeah... um... I got to go," Austin said in a nervous tone and ran out of the store. I just smiled. Austin is seriously going to take a big step as a performer. You know, it's nice to think in this than just love.


I'm going to end you.

I was working at the music store, and then my awesome boyfriend walked in.

"Hey, babe," he greeted me. I was at the counter, and he stayed across from me.

"Hey," I waved nervously at him. We've been going out, but I still do get nervous around him. It's a thing.

"I have news. I'm not going to be here for a two weeks. My grandmother is sick," he said and scratched the back of his head. (Star: Go ahead and kill me. I'm cliche'... unless this is a lie to go with a secret girlfriend. BLAME WRITER'S BLOCK FOR CLICHE' IDEAS!)

"What? But next week," I bit my lip.

"What's next week?"

"Never mind. Go have fun," I said to him. He raised and eyebrow, and he came to the other side of the counter to hug me.

"I'm leaving in an hour or two. Bye," he said and kissed me softly on the lips. What? We're dating.

"Oh my gosh!" Trish said as she magically appeared out of who knows where (literally)," I saw everything! Tell me the details! Is he going to-"

"Where did you come from?" I asked her.

"Oh yeah," she said and raised her hands," guess who got a job at Mario's Magic Shop. Me! But who cares, tell me! Is he going to take you somewhere on your one month anniversary?"

"No," I sighed and rubbed my eyes," he's going to be gone."

"Oh," Trish said," I'm sorry, Ally. Guess this is going to be a tough relationship."

"I know."

"Wait... didn't you tell me both of his grandmother's were dead on that day you wouldn't stop talking on how you're sooo over Austin and into Dallas. You proved that to me by telling me everything about him. Everything."

"Wait," I said softly," Dallas lied to me?"

"Well, if you want, we can go kick his ass right now. I'll get Dez!"

"Dez is going to fight for us?"

"Of course not, if Dallas fights back, we'll use Dez as a shield."

"Trish, we're not going to beat up my boyfriend."

"Who might be cheating on you?"

"Trish! We don't know that. Maybe he meant grandfather?"

"Yeah, sure. You're just blinded by... whatever you feel towards Dallas. Ally, I read Cheetah Beat. I know what I'm talking about."

"Trish, magazines only give out corny quizzes. I wonder how many relationships they've broken up because of their quizzes."

"I don't know. But I took on for you. It said you belong with Austin."

"Too bad Austin is gay," Dez said as he walked in.

"Dez! I'm trying to help them get together," Trish yelled whispered.

"Ohhh," Dez nodded then starred at me," so Ally. You and Austin."

"Not gonna happen," I said.

"Dammit," he muttered. I rolled my eyes.

"But Dallas is lying to you," Trish said.

"Maybe he's talking about another grandmother," I said," you never know."

"Then why don't we follow him?" Trish wondered.

"You're weird," I rolled my eyes.

"No, I'm worried about my best friend's relationship. You could be wasting your time with a total d bag."

"I'll be fine, Trish. I'm old enough to handle this." Or was I?

Austin's POV

So far, my relationship with Cassidy is really great...sort of. I think in Ally all the damn time. I still have Ally and Trish's conversation stuck in my head. Ally and I just work together like nothing every happened. I'm glad things aren't awkward between us.

Right now, I'm writing my song in my room. I made it look like it has nothing to do with Ally and I. I don't want my smart fans to get the wrong idea.

Bags all packed make sure you remember everything? That is nothing like you and Ally. You two never lived together.

You don't say? Buuut, there are lots of parts that do remind me of Ally... what am I doing? I'm in a relationship. But then again, I don;t think Cassidy and I were set to be soul mates in the first place.

I believe I'm winning the bet.

I don't care right now... too much. I swear. I think it's best to end my relationship with Cassidy. I don't want to let her down though. I can tell she likes me a lot. Man, now I feel bad. I think I should ask Ally for advice.

You know what? I'll wait a week, and I'll see if I can like Cassidy by then.

You can't force yourself to like her when you like another person.

I'm so confused!

(Star: I'm writing this, and I'm so confused, too! I'm like WTHG am I writing?)

Three days later on the anniversary day...

I walked into Sonic Boom during the night with my note pad. I finally finished the song. Nobody was here, and I'm sure Ally was upstairs in the music room. I went inside with the key I have (I took it from Ally one night and forgot to return it), and I went upstairs.

"Hey... Ally?" I muttered and went up to her. She was at the piano, crying.

"Hey, Austin," she said and wiped her tears," What's up?"

"What to you mean what's up? What's wrong?"


"Hey... isn't today you're one month anniversary with Dallas. It's 7:30. I thought you two were going to do something?"

"He's out of town."

"What? During your anniversary?! Is he stupid?"

"Let's forget about it. Okay?"

"Fine," I said and sat at the piano with her," I finished my song.

She smiled," let's hear it.

Bags all packed, make sure you remember everything
No looking back, no more; not for anything.
This is what you wanted, isn't it?
Clear it out just like you've never been
What's a goodbye good for, anyway?

I tried to make sure that didn't sound like Ally and I.

There's nothing left of you to remind me
But somehow you're still standing behind me

I swear, every time I hung out with Cassidy, I felt Ally near me. This was even before I started to hang out with Cassidy. Since our break up, those feelings still were there.

Damn, someone is love sick. Do you feel like yourself?

Not even.

I'm trying hard to forget you
But my empty walls won't let me let you go
When you took it all, you forgot your shadow
You say you wish me well without you
But something 'bout you tells me that you know, oh oh

When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow
When you took it all you forgot
Your shadow, your shadow, your shadow, oh oh

A tad later...

"That was amazing, Austin," Ally said and stood up," I love it!"

"Thanks," I said and stood up," I tried. I just wrote what I felt."

"Awe, that's so sweet. This song is going to be a hit, I know it."

"Hug?" I asked. Ally smiled and gave me a hug. "Don't pull away. Not yet." After a while, we pulled away. Our faces were really close. We both leaned in and kissed. Ally and I kissed. We kissed. I felt so happy right now. When we pulled away, I don't what Ally felt. She had a mixed emotion.

"That can't happen again," she said.

"I know! I'm sorry," I panicked.

"I'm dating Dallas, you're dating Cassidy, and we're still friends. It's not like we still like each other."

"I know. I don't like you. Because now I realize I love you."

What did I just say.

You told her you loved her, and I won a bet.

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