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Our Married Life

Chapter 1 Why Do You Always Get What You Want?

"USUI TAKUMIII!" Misaki shouted at the top of her lungs.

She is now living with her fiancé in their mansion. Being the perverted outer space alien he is, reasoned that he'll miss his fiancé so he asked a permission from her parents to let her live with him, which Minako and Sakuya happily agreed. He also bought a mansion because he said that if they were married they would need a bigger house for future needs. Misaki seeing her fiancé so happy, couldn't do anything about it.

"Yes, my queen?" Usui Takumi appeared, leaning at the door frame of their bedroom wearing nothing but boxer shorts.

Misaki seeing the sight of his fiancé blushed deeply. It still has that kind of effect on her even though she had seen him that way many times before.

"Why am I only wearing my undergarment and why are there hickeys all over me?" Misaki asked trying to cover herself in the blanket while her smirking fiancé walk towards her.

"Sorry, I just got hungry." Usui said while making another hickey on her neck.

"Usui stop." Misaki said as she's trying to push her fiancé away. "And why are you only wearing your boxers? One of the maids might see you and we have to bring them again to the hospital in case they haven't loss too much blood from nosebleed. And if you're hungry, eat food not me pervert!" Misaki yelled.

Usui kissed her fiancé in the lips in case she would stop nagging at him early in the morning. "Sshhh. Don't worry we're the only ones here, I've put them all to day off. Sorry about that Misa-chan."

Upon hearing what Usui said, she sighed in relief. "That's okay. By the way, good morning alien." Misaki greeted her fiancé and wrapped her arms around Usui neck while he had his arms stayed at her waist. Usui smiled enjoying his good morning kiss. It is like a little tradition to them which of course Usui made. He said he is supposed to have a good morning kiss, good night kiss, welcome home kiss, thank you kiss, I'm sorry kiss and other kisses that he could think of, of making Misaki can do to him.

After they have done swallowing no- kissing each other, they went downstairs with Misaki wearing casual clothes now much to Usui's dismay. But he himself is still wearing his boxer shorts, saying how he loves his Misaki's expression every time she sees him only wearing that.

Misaki is cooking scrambled eggs in their kitchen. Yes, the 25 years old Mrs. Usui-to-be is cooking. Since she will be married in a week, she had practiced cooking especially baking desserts which Usui loved the most.

"After this you going to leave me again?" Takumi asked and wrapped his arms around Misaki's waist and snuggled his head unto Misaki's neck.

"Our wedding is next week; all I only have to do is to pick my wedding dress. Aoi, Sakura and Shizuko will be here in an hour and I want you to put on some decent clothes before they do. Get it?" Misaki said not turning her face to look at the pouting expression of her fiancé, knowing that it might actually work again.

"Can't I come with you?" Takumi asked.

"Absolutely no! You'll have to wait on your wedding day to see her on her wedding gown. And you have work, you are the CEO of the Walker Corporation so you really can't come with us." A voice said that seemed to enter their mansion.

Misaki and Takumi looked at the intruder.

"Aoi, Sakura and Shizuko? You're here early." Misaki said to her friends. She turned off the stove and let Usui set the breakfast.

"I told you it's too early!" Shizuko yelled at the two. "These two are so excited to meet the bride, so they insist that we'll come early. Sorry for the intrusion. And Usui-san please put on some decent clothes." Shizuko said.

"That's alright. And Usui put on some clothes now." Misaki glared at Takumi.

"Misaki-chan, is that hickeys on your neck? Your wedding is next week, the marks on your neck might not be able to disappear on time." Sakura said while taking a bite on the scrambled eggs that Misaki cooked.

Misaki realized that Sakura is right. The hickeys might be visible on her wedding day and many people will see! Misaki glared very hard at his fiancé. "Look what have you done! Put on some clothes now!" Misaki shouted at Usui but he obeyed nevertheless. He climbed upstairs and went to their bedroom chuckling. He is still the pervert outer space alien stalker that we know.

"But we can cover it with make-up." Aoi said. His voice got deeper, he got taller and he doesn't cross dress anymore. I mean, he is now a twenty two year old guy but his talent doesn't fade. He is the one who will help Misaki to pick her wedding dress along with the other two.

"Aoi, could you make Misaki choose a transparent colored wedding dress? The groom will surely love it." Usui who is the groom himself said descending from the stairs- who is now wearing a black v- neck shirt and jeans.

"Urusai baka!" His wife-to-be yelled at him.

"You weird couple." Aoi sighed.

"Come on Misaki-chan, we need to get going." Sakura said.

"I'll take you to the store before I'll go to work." Takumi insisted.

"No, I have my own car you know." Misaki sternly said.

"Come on Misaki-chan, let Usui-kun take us to the store."

Takumi made the oh-so-famous-and-can't-resist puppy dog face. Misaki upon seeing his fiancé deeply blushed and sighed.

"Fine." Misaki said, who already knows that it is impossible to resist his fiancé's puppy dog face.

"Thanks Misa-chan." Takumi said then kissed Misaki in the lips while Sakura squealed. Misaki smiled at the reaction of her friend while Usui is already starting the engine of his black Porsche.

"We're here." Sakura exclaimed. They stopped in Japan's biggest wedding dress shop, owned by the Walker Incorporation.

"Aoi, make sure Misaki doesn't choose the cheapest gown." Usui teased while Misaki frowned.

"Of course, leave this work to us." Aoi smirked.

Misaki sighed. "Come on now, see you later baka Usui." Misaki said as they got out of the car.

"Misa-chan, you forgot something." Usui said opening the car window.

"I'm sure I didn't forget anything." Misaki said confused.

Takumi opened his car door and got out. He hugged Misaki by the waist and closed their distance, not knowing the scene that their causing. This might come out in the newspaper headlines tomorrow.

"You forgot my goodbye kiss." Takumi pouted.

Misaki's eyes widened. "Usui we're in public. You don't want to be 'this' in the newspaper tomorrow, do you?" Misaki hissed.

"It doesn't matter. I want my goodbye kiss now." Takumi said. The people are getting more watching the betrothed couple in public.

"You can get your kiss later in private, not now!" Misaki hissed, causing her to blush more deeply.

"I won't stop until you kiss me." Usui said.

"Misaki-chan just kiss him already." Sakura whispered.

The securities came-late as usual like in movies or series. The securities called by Shizuko protected them from the group of bystanders.

"My goodbye kiss?" Usui did the puppy dog face again. They are now inside the store.

Misaki glared at Usui. It seems like his technique won't work this time. "Look what trouble you have caused. No goodbye kiss! Out!" Misaki yelled at Usui.

Misaki's eyes widened when he saw Takumi's eyes became watery. It seems like he's going to cry soon. Misaki heard some pity and whispers coming from the salesladies saying 'Master Usui Takumi looks so sad.' Or 'She should definitely give him a goodbye kiss.' And et cetera…

"Can you give us some privacy first?" Misaki asked the people in the store.

They just nodded and left the two to give them some privacy.

Usui smirked at the attitude of his future wife. He wrapped her arms around her waist, and their foreheads touch. Misaki smiled at the actions of her groom but nevertheless she wrapped her arms in Takumi's neck and kissed him passionately. Takumi smiled and kissed her back.

"Do you think they're done yet?" Sakura asked.

"Just give them more time. Let them enjoy swallowing each other." Aoi said.

"They have been kissing like two minutes now." Shizuko said looking at her watch. "No one can hold their breathe that long." Shizuko sighed.

"Why do always get what you want?" Misaki asked finally breaking the kiss.

"That's because you love me and you can't resist my charms." Usui said tightening the embrace.

Misaki sighed at his fiancé's huge ego. 'The guy I'll be marrying sure is a good actor and has an ego larger than his own body.'

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