Our Married Life By: Violet Lilac

Chapter 11 Immature Adults

"Good Morning, Misaki-chan and Takumi-san!"

That was the first thing that the married couple heard early in the morning. They opened their eyes in unison and looked at the intruder who disturbed their sleep.

"I told her to wait until lunch time but she wouldn't listen. She didn't even listen to Kuuga." Shizuko explained to them and sighed.

"I'm excited to know my god child's gender and we could start shopping for clothes!" Sakura still cheered, not noticing the dark aura that Takumi was emitting.

Told you, Takumi is not a morning person, especially when he has a wife who wakes him up during midnight.

"Do you need something, Sakura?" Misaki asked, sitting up.

"No, you're the one who needs something! You need new maternal clothes, things for the baby. The clothes-"

"Okay, okay I get it." Misaki cut her in.

"Just give me time to eat and take a bath." Misaki said and stood up carefully.

Sakura looked at Takumi and smiled.

"Sorry, but we'll take Misaki-chan away from you for a while."

"Don't apologize. I need to buy new bras, the ones I have are getting smaller."

"Yeah, you surely need to buy new ones." Takumi said and smiled while the other two giggled.

"Shut up, pervert!" Misaki yelled at him.


"I'm finally home!" Misaki said in relief plumped down the sofa.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds and massaged her sore feet.

"Ma'am, here drink some water." An old lady approached Misaki and handed her a glass of water.

"Thank you, Sylvia. And I told you before don't call me ma'am and we don't need to use formalities." Misaki said as she drank from the glass.

"Alright then Misaki, do you want anything else?" Sylvia asked.

"No thank you, I'm fine. But before you go, is Takumi here yet? It's already seven p.m." Misaki asked her.

"Ah yes. I believe he's already upstairs taking a bath."

"Alright, good night then." Misaki said and stood up, ready to go upstairs.

"I'll just send the maids to carry those bags upstairs." Sylvia said, referring to the shopping bags.

It's not Misaki-like to shop things a lot, Sakura and Shizuko just 'helped' her bought the things she and their soon to be god child needed.

"Ahaha, I guess those two bought a lot."

"Well then, good night Misaki, and to you too young master." Sylvia said while she lowered her head to meet her unborn master's level.

"I just hope you won't give me a hard time taking care of you like your father did. I say, your father is very stubborn and naughty and he won't listen to the things I say." The old lady continued while Misaki giggled.

"Now now, who's stubborn and naughty?" Takumi said as he descended from the grand staircase.

Takumi, who is now wearing his pajamas, walked towards his wife and gave her a kiss. He also kissed her tummy, greeting his son.

"How is my boy? Have you been a good boy like Daddy?" Takumi said and stooped into his son's level.

"Who's a good boy you are referring to? Don't tell lies to your son." Sylvia asked as she smacked Takumi in the head with the stick she's holding.

"Ow, how can I tell a lie to my son? I've been a good boy when I was a kid." Takumi said while he caressed the spot where he has been hit.

"Yeah when you were a kid, where is this bruise came from?" Misaki said as she lifted his chin, looking at the bruise on his left cheek.

"It's nothi-"

"He had a fight with Mr. Igarashi."

Takumi tried to answer a different answer but Sylvia beaten him to it.

Takumi groaned as he mouthed to Sylvia- 'I said don't tell her.'

But the old lady just shrugged and mouthed him 'Good luck' and left the two alone.

"Takumi, do you and Tora know that you two are already twenty seven years old?" Misaki asked him and raised an eyebrow.

"Look at your bruise! Do you want that to have another one? You two are such immature adults. You two always fight for such childish reasons." Misaki scolded him.

"Sorry prez, I didn't know you would worry that much for me." Takumi even had the nerves to tease her.

Misaki, hearing this, just cracked a very scary smile.

"Yeah, I'm that worried for you. So just sleep on the couch today, and don't even try on sneaking in the bedroom." Misaki threatened him.


Before Takumi could explain or could use his puppy face, Misaki was already walking away.

Takumi sighed and looked at the couch in the living room.

"So we meet again. I guess you're the comfiest sofa here in the mansion? Please don't give me neck pain again tomorrow, understand?" Takumi said and lay down on the sofa.

Takumi closed his eyes and hugged a pillow. "How mean, she didn't even give me a blanket."

Takumi opened his eyes and squeezed the pillow that he's been hugging for a while now.

"You're not as comfortable and you don't smell good as Misa-chan." Takumi said and threw the innocent pillow somewhere.


"Takumi, wake up."

Takumi felt something poking on his oh so handsome face.

"Alien wake up, the breakfast is ready."

Takumi groaned and put the pillow on his head.

"If you don't wake up, you won't get a good morning kiss." Misaki threatened.

She doesn't want to deal with this every morning. But it is fun threatening him.

Upon hearing those words, he immediately opened his eyes and sat up, making Misaki realize how much he wanted a kiss.

"Look what have you done to your face." Misaki said as she gently touched Takumi's bruise.

"Does it hurt?" Misaki asked him while he nodded willingly.

"I won't be able to eat properly so can you feed me?" Takumi asked her.

"Y-yes of course, just stay here and I'll get your food. It's the least I can do for making you sleep in the couch last night." Misaki said as went to get him breakfast.

"Oh, fucking mood swings. Last night she was acting so scary and now she's acting as sweet as a candy that it's almost scary. But it's kind of fun." Takumi smiled.

Misaki went back and fed him in the living room.

"Ah." Takumi said like a little kid as he opened his mouth.

Misaki rolled her eyes at his childish behavior and put the whole egg into his mouth.

"Feed yourself, I changed my mood." Misaki said and got up, leaving Takumi dumb founded.

"B-but-" Takumi looked at her and trying to chew the egg so that he will not choke.

"Mood swings! Where the hell you came from?" Takumi groaned and winced from the bruise.

"Ow." He touched his bruise with a pout on his face.

"Master Takumi, you're really an immature adult." Sylvia looked at his helpless behavior and sighed.

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