Natasha trudged into her suite at Stark Tower. She arrived back a not-too hellish mission in Macedonia, but she was still a bit was roughly 12:30 at night, so she presumed everyone to be asleep.

She didnt have the energy in her to take off her catsuit, at least not yet. Out of curiosity, she decided to have a peek at the others.

"JARVIS, bring up surveillance feeds on everyone currently in the building." The AI complied, and it began showing her video of her teammates.

Tony lay beside Pepper in a way that broadcasted the way an old married couple would sleep. No interaction, just soundless sleep.

Clint had Bobbi over. The way they slept suggested they were growing closer: he had one arm slung over her waist as he lay with his face in the pillow.

Bruce and Betty were in each others arms, Bruce appearing to hold tight as he felt she may slip away from him again.

Thor had Jane laying right beside him with an arm slung on her waist. They appeared oddly in sync with their breathing.

She felt a sudden gasp of sadness when she turned her focus to Steve. He sat on the edge of the bed, gazing at a pocket watch. She had a feeling about what was inside of it. Steve chucked it onto his bedside table and laid atop the bed.

Her heart went out to him, seeing him so lonely while everyone else had someone to cuddle.

Then again, she as well had no one. A thought went through her head. Two lonely souls should have the same as what the others had. She got up and headed for the elevator. She pressed the button for Steve's floor and waited. He might already be asleep, I might just be wasting my time, she thought to herself. The doors opened and she knocked on the wall of the suite.

"Someone there?" he called silently.

She walked around the corner. It's me, Captain. Don't be alarmed."

"Miss Romanoff, it's a bit late for a friendly visit."

"I just got back from a mission."

His look turned curious. "How did it go?"

She shrugged. "Went off, no problems. Just a standard, boring mission, really."

Steve nodded.

"Another reason I came down is, well, I was viewing the surveillance system. I saw everyone asleep with someone beside them. All except you."

"Don't have anyone to sleep with." He responded. "The closest person who could've got to that moved on from me a long time ago."

She saw the sadness on his face. She made her decision.

"I can be that person."

Steve's head pivoted up towards her. "What?"

She unzipped her catsuit and allowed it to slide off, leaving her only in her bra and panties, obviously color black.

"At least for tonight. No one should ever be lonely."

Steve considered her offer. Finally, he nodded. "Ok. If you're comfortable with it."

"Get under the covers."

He sat up and pulled the sheets open. He stood up and walked around to the other side of the bed, letting Natasha take the right side. As they slid in, she turned on her side, facing away from Steve. He lay flat on his back, no sure what to do in his situation.

"You can hold me. If you want." she said.

"Oh. Ok." he replied, flipping onto his side and sliding closer to Natasha. He slid one arm under her side and one over it, ensnaring her in a hug like position. She found herself enjoying it, his warmth surrounding her, the comfort of having someone next to her. They remained in silence for a few minutes before she decided to ask what was on her mind.

"What was she like? Peggy, that is."

"Peggy? Wow, what wasn't she? She was smart, tough, kind, independent and most importantly beautiful. All wrapped under an army uniform."

"Sounds like any man's dream girl." she replied, a bit envious.

"She sure was. You know, you actually remind me alot of her."

Natasha turned around in Steve's hold to look at him. "How so?"

"Well, as stated she's smart, tough, kind, independent and beautiful. You possess those same qualities."

Oh god, am I blushing? she thought to herself. She was! The Black Widow was blushing.

"That's quite the compliment, captain."

"I give credit where it's due. And please, call me Steve."

"Only if you start calling me Natasha. We're friends, not your friends mother."

Steve smiled and kissed her forehead. "Thank you, for being here."

"Anytime, Steve." she replied. A few moments later they fell asleep.

The next morning, Natasha woke, still firmly in Steve's hold. She smiled slightly. She looked at the clock. 9:17.

She slowly started releasing herself, causing Steve to awake as well.

"Morning." he said, sleepily.

"Morning." she replied, standing up. "I have to go. Debriefing on last night's mission."

"I understand." he acknowledged. She slipped her catsuit back on and strapped on her boots. As she headed for the elevator, he called to her.

"You can come back tonight. If you want."

She turned to look at him and smiled. "I would like that." And with that, she walked into the elevator.

She did go back. Every night of the week. That soon turned to every night of the month, and slowly every night of the year.