Hey guys, I'mherepresent here.

First off, sorry, in this last month of the year 2016, I'm taking a break in writing. Things just got too hectic again and frankly, the free time that I may have right now is so small I barely have time for anything else. Work, family matters and just plain preparation for Christmas is taking up most of my time.

So again, sorry for the lack of updates for all my stories, especially the ones that I haven't touched in a while. Next year, I will return back to writing my stories.

That said however, I'm not going to proceed with my break without leaving something first. I will make a Christmas story for Truth Be Told involving all the characters of course. A little something for my dear readers who apparently floods my PM box with messages asking when will I update again. XD

This announcement is the answer that.

I'm not mad about that of course. Just happy my readers are still there. :)

Merry Christmas guys!