"Happy Birthday, Sipsy!" Sjin exclaims as he slams open Sips door, holding a cake that was clearly made by his own hand.

Sips groaned and hid under the covers. "Go away, you big dumb dumb."

"Don't be a big babby, Sips!" Sjin grins, flicking on the lights and pulling away the cover. "Look! I even made you a cake!"

Glaring at him as always, the pale man sighs. "It's six in the morning, Sjin. I don't want your fucking cake at this hour."

"Yeah yeah. I'm sorry. I would've given it to you at Midnight, but it took me forever to figure out how the hell someone actually makes a cake. Making it on my own was harder than I thought." He hands Sips a plate with a badly sliced piece of cake on it. "Go ahead and try it. I made it just for you."

"Sjin, that's not..." He started to yell at him again, but the mans eyes were so wide with anticipation that he couldn't bring himself to. "Fine." He lifted the cake into his mouth and chewed it slowly.

"So?" Sjin asks excitingly.

"It's not that great..."


Laughing, Sips continues. "But it's the thought that counts. Thanks, you big dumb dumb."

Sjin laughs and grins. "You're welcome, Sipsy. Maybe next year I'll make something that's edible."

Sips leans in and kisses him sweetly. "Yeah, that would be fantastic. Now Sjin, I'd really like to go back to sleep."

Sjin takes his plate back and smiles. "Sure, sorry for waking you. I'll see you when you get up." He walks out and quietly closes the door. Sighing happily, he tastes a bit of his cake and scowles. "Ugh. Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to improve. Maybe I'll make a Mahogany Doors cake... Whatever that is."