Journal of Takeshi Yamamoto-

April ninth;

It rained today during the Ninth's funeral service today. And I find it somewhat ironic that the oldest and one of the most beloved bosse's would be buried on the same day he took his oath and joined the Mafia well over forty years ago. But as ironic as that is it is trivial when compared to the sorrow I feel upon laying one of my comrades to rest.

And there have been so many... Far, far too many.

Each and every name and face remembered, etched into my heart and mind for all time.

And I find the fact that I will soon have a new boss very disturbing. I'm not sure if I can bury another friend... Yet I will do as I am ordered to do by Reborn. That obnoxious kid that shoots at people at random just for fun- he is temporarily in charge until a more suitable person can be found to take the Ninth's place.

Frankly I'm scared, the kid may be fifteen in physical appearance, but he's in no way a slacker. The guys who poisioned our boss will undoubtedly pay for his death in twice as much blood.

But I digress.

...I wonder what my new boss will be like? If anything maybe I can hope that he's gentle and kind- Like the Ninth was.

(************************************************* ****************)

Journal of Gokudera-

Two weeks have passed since the Ninth's passing and everyone here seems to be walking around in a daze. Sure Reborn has been trying to find a suitable replacement for the Ninth, after all the old man trusted him more than anyone. However nothing came up until this morning when several of us were clearing out the old man's office. That's when Hibari found a secret pannel in the Ninth's desk, in the far back- hidden by one of the drawers.

Pulling it out we discovered that the Ninth had hidden something from us all. Something that we had every right too.

They were birth/death certificates of everyone in the First's bloodline leading all the way up to today!

Reborn took the papers from us and after several hours of sorting came out of the office wearing that sly smirk of his and ordered myself, Hibari and Takeshi to go to Japan and pick up one Tsuna Sawada.

Finally we have our orders! Tsuna Sawada, we're coming for you.