Almost 48 hours later-

Kidnapping Tsuna had proved to be one of the easiest tasks Takeshi had ever appointed himself. And not because the girl was too trusting, though there was definately going to be issues in the very, very near future. No, it had had to do with her overconfidence in her ability to take care of herself.

She had sized him up, and thought him to be less of a threat than he actually was and as such had wound up drugged and carted off to the airport where Takeshi put in a call to Hibari and Gokudera stating that their job retrieving their boss was done.

Once that had been done he had taken her into the small showering area on the private jet that he and his friends had used to get to japan, and stripped her of her shirt and pants. Then turned on the tap while standing fully clothed under the warm spray of water using one hand to keep the water from getting into her face while his other arm held her up against his body.

His grey eyes moving over her face almost possessively.

Once he was done warming them both up, he reached out and turned the water off and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her slender body. Then reached out and grabbed another towel to use to wipe the water off of her face and neck before then turning his attention to the silk of her hair. Lightly rubbing first one side of her head, then another until her soft hair partially stuck up in different directions.

Chuckling softly, Takeshi ran his fingers through her hair. Combing it down as he fought down the urge to press his lips against the pulse point in the hollow of her throat. Tsuna really was adorable. Awake or asleep.

Making quick work of drying her off (without peeping at her body) he then picked her up and carried her into the small bedroom on the plane where he went through the closet where some of his clothes hung, and pulled out a clean silk shirt that was a lovely blue color with gold trim.

And put it on Tsuna before removing her bra and her panties from her and then put her in the bed as he heard the main door to the plane open and Gokudera's voice reached his ears. Sounding just as angry and irritated as usual.

That had been hours ago while they had still been in Japan. And Takeshi had taken up semipermanent residence in the very back of the plane where the bedroom was, in a mohogany chair with violet colored velvet cushioning.

He had a scotch on the rocks in one hand while his eyes watched the sleeping figure on the bed. His mind consumed with worry.

Tsuna had been asleep for little over thirty seven hours now and he was starting to get worried that the drug dosage that he had used was too much for her body to handle. She hadn't stirred, nor moved so much as a muscle since he had put her to bed. Occasionally he could even be seen reaching across the small distance just to lay his fingers against her throat just to see if she was still alive.

Then he would settle back in his chair and take another sip of his drink.

The door to the room opened and Hibari peeked in wanting to see if Takeshi needed or wanted anything only to be met by unblinking glowing grey eyes. Uh-oh. A storm the likes of which he and the rest of the Vongola crew on the plane was brewing.

"How much longer until we land?" Takeshi asked as the sky outside slowly darkened. Looking warily towards the window, Hibari asked,

"We aren't about to get struck by lightening like last time, are we? Because killing all of us, the boss included would be bad."

Takeshi gave Hibari a grim smile. Bad indeed. If his temper caused the plane to crash and killed them all, Reborn would bring him back to life as a zombie and kill him again for having the sheer audacity of killing their new boss. Their much needed new boss.

His stomach suddenly lurched as bile burned the back of his throat. Shit. Was he about to get sick? He usually held his liquor better than this. How much had he drank anyways? He looked over to the small table where the scotch bottle he'd been working on for the past- He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall at the foot of the bed and did a double take.

Holy shit.

Almost thirty something hours of nothing but drinking while watching over Tsuna... No wonder he felt sick. He hadn't had anything other than alcohol since leaving japan. "Nah Hibari-" He said after swallowing. "No lightening. I'll let the lightening guardian deal with that shit."

Hibari snapped his fingers in this little move he did sometimes that made Takeshi think of turrets syndrom. Making Takeshi smile before his stomach lurched again, this time he could taste the acid in his mouth, making him gag uncontrolably as he lurched out of his chair with a quickly muttered, "Gonna be sick." To which Hibari said,

"And with that- I'm out. Happy puking." And quickly left the room and shut the door behind him.