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A short while later, Takeshi climbed into the sleek black limo with Tsuna carefully cradled in his arms and found several boxes of things littering the once clear floor of the vehicle as he shifted the girl in his arms somewhat awkwardly as he moved to get to his seat, hopefully before he tripped over something and injured himself and Tsuna.

Reaching his seat, he situated Tsuna in his lap so that she was partially cradled by his right arm while her legs were bent at the knee and pressed tightly against his hip as he cast a curious glance at the boxes littering the floor of the limo and frowned slightly before asking, "Why do we have boxes?"

To which Gokudera replied, "Well, we figured that since you were going after the girl- We'd just slip into her house and grab her things since it didn't seem likely that you'd be letting her return there again after what we saw earlier. And it's not like it's a big deal or anything. The Vongola family has taken in strays every generation. Besides, she may make a fairly decent hit man with the right training. Right?"

"Idiots..." Takeshi muttered to himself with barely concealed disdain. There was no way in hell he was going to allow Tsuna to become a hit man like himself and his companions. He didn't care if she was their new boss. Or what Reborn had to say about the matter either- if she underwent training as a hit man she would lose what little bit of innocence she still held.

And he would kill anyone who tried to strip her of that.

And that included the two dumbasses currently sitting across from him.

"So just what is the name of you're stray, Takeshi?" Hibari asked as he stared at the girl with barely concealed curiosity.

Takeshi tightened his grip on Tsuna's slender form ever so slightly and smiled at his two companions as he uttered the name of the very person that they had been sent to japan to retrieve. Enjoying the way that both Gokudera and Hibari fairly squirmed in their seats as they stared in disbelief at the girl.



"Can't be."

"It is."

"Are you sure?" Gokudera asked in almost a whimpering tone. Takeshi nodded his head, yes as Tsuna shifted a little bit in his grasp and buried her face against his chest and made a soft mewling sound in her sleep that would fuel many a fantasy for the rain guardian to think on when he was alone back home.

"I am." Takeshi said as he stared at his friends, noting that Gokudera looked a little green around the gills and Hibari...well, Takeshi would just have to make sure that his new boss didn't run into the man in some random dark alley somewhere.

He may never see her alive again if she did. And if there was anyone among them aside from Reborn and himself who were totally capable of murder- it was Hibari.

"So you gathered her things..." Takeshi said almost thoughtfully as he studied each of the boxes, there was one full of clothing, another of feminine items- ranging of course from undergarments, to make-up, and other things that were best not to be dwelt upon at the moment by his male mind, he might blow a fuse or something. And then there was the box of books and CD's, a small, somewhat banged up portable laptop computer that had definitely seen better days, another box of photo's and papers (what the hell did Gokudera and Hibari grab those for?) and last but not least was a medium sized box of solid white cherry wood with beautiful butterflies and flower's carved into the top of the lid.

"What's in that?" Takeshi asked curiously causing Hibari to roll his eyes as he replied in a disgusted tone.

"Trinkets." Girls, every one of them had to have their trinkets. Hibari thought as the limo turned the corner leading to their hotel as Gokudera asked,

"How are we going to do this?" Hinting at their boss with the slightest of inclines of his head in her direction. Both Hibari and Takeshi wondered for a moment what he was talking about when it occurred to them- Three single businessmen across seas check into a hotel. And then get themselves a hooker.

Or at least that was how everyone at the hotel would see and treat as Tsuna unless they were able to explain her presence there with them in a believable way.

Which is really something that the three should have thought of before Takeshi had kidnapped her.

"How about this- Tsuna is someone's niece that said person is here to visit because her birthday is coming up. She could be my niece." Gokudera suggested only to be shot down in flames when Takeshi said,

"No. She'll be my fiancé through an arranged marriage," Both Hibari and Gokudera actually gaped at him for suggesting something so outlandish but then again- that was just how Takeshi's mind worked. Everything the man thought of and said was outlandish. "While here she'll stay with me, both in and outside of my room at all times to keep up appearances. Which means that she'll be with me twenty four seven until we all leave japan. Unless of course I get a job or two. In which case one of you will have to watch her."

Hibari snarled at the mere thought of being subjected to some little girl's random whims.

He was a fucking hit man goddamn it. Not a babysitter!

"Any questions before we go in?" Takeshi asked as their limo pulled up to the curb and rolled to a stop. No one said anything as Hibari reached over and started to open the door when Gokudera finally piped up and whined,

"Are you sure someone can't be her uncle?" Earning a dirty look from Takeshi before he carefully collected Tsuna in his arms again and made his way out the door where he straightened to his full height and then turned to watch his friends at the same exact moment that Hibari slapped Gokudera in the back of the head.