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I hadn't seen her in decades, as far as I knew she had died not long after I left Maria's army; yet there she stood, in front of me with all her unearthly beauty.

Her black hair had grown out to above her lower back, it was currently a mess with dirt and leaves; her posture was completely open, like a human fighter. Her expression was stoic and cold, she was surrounded by Volturi guards and she hadn't even twitched a muscle.

Aro, Caius, and Marcus were here, which could only mean she was in serious trouble. I was surprised to see the Volturi brothers at all, they rarely left Voltura to handle matters personally and I hadn't seen them since they left after verifying Renesmee's presence.

"Surrender Avira, there is no point in this."

Her shoulder rolled back as she spoke to Aro whom stood a few hundred yards away from the scene of the female being surrounded by at least twenty guards, including Alec, Jane, and Felix.

"It's rude of you to involve others in our personal matter Aro. Call off your dogs."

"Surrender, join the Guard and you will be sparred." Aro was ignoring the presence of the Cullen family and myself. It would have been a good moment for Edward to be here, but he was at home with Bella and Ness.

"Come at me." Her lips twitched into a smirk as she tilted her head, starring down Jane and her twin brother, her fingers wiggling in their general direction. "I don't fear you Jane."

Jane's own expression remained distant as she uttered the word "Pain", her lips barely turning into a small smile as Avira fell onto her knees, gasping as she held her chest.

"Get her." Jane growled at the guard, Felix was all to glad to jump her along with six other guards. For a moment the screaming remained as the vampires dog piled; I was about to jump in the middle when Alice grabbed my forearm, shaking her head quickly; normally I would have joined with or without her consent, but then I heard the air buzz.

The scream escalated as lightning crackled, a bolt of it crashing down onto the pile of vampires, and as they went flying in different directions, Avira stood, her once golden eyes now a brilliant solid silver-white.

"You were nothing before your change and you'll be nothing now!" I could practically see the mental connection between Jane and Avira sizzle as lightning soared through the air from Avira to Jane, the bolt shot through her straight through her forehead, venom splattering as she fell to the ground.

"Is that it? Jane is down for the count and the rest of you powerless! You can't defeat me. This is a suicide mission."

As she spoke, the guard were flying at her. The first guard stupid enough to get close to her, received a punch square in the jaw, his head twisting one hundred and eighty degrees; his body falling. Fire formed from her palm as he lite up, once his body was ash the flame was gone. The second guard looked as if he would have turned around after seeing his comrade burn so quickly.

Her right leg came up as her body twisted, her foot making contact with his throat, sending him flying back, knocking over two more guards. Three more guards flew towards Avira, earth shot up from the ground; momentarily gripping their legs as she ran the remaining feet towards them. She threw her body into the air, her leg positioned to come down on the males head. He managed to catch her leg; he twisted her around, throwing her into Felix.

His arms locked around her forearms, a grin coming across his lips. "I win." He proudly proclaimed.

"No, I win." Her entire body burst into flames, her hands holding his wrists shattering the marble structure as he burned to nothing.

"Here kitty, kitty." She purred to the remaining guards, half of them roared at her as they ran. She let them grab her petite frame which again ignited and burned them to ash before they could put it out.

The only guards left were hesitating as she stood in the middle of a circle which was made of ash of the former guard. "Fight me yourself Aro. Your guard is weak."

"Get him." Aro commanded, watching as Avira's vision jumped from the last ten or so guard to me. She was sprinting from my right, they were headed straight for me. I was ready for a fight after seeing Avira whoopin' ass; I shook Alice's vice grip off me as I charged straight into the battle.

Avira was against my back, taking the guards that tried to attack me from behind. I noted her battle style from the corner of my eye was a mix of martial arts and traditional vampire fighting. Only three guards actually attacked me and they were easy kills, the other seven had come towards Avira. I realized she didn't use her gift and summed it up to my close proximity.

As she slammed the last guard down, her foot on his throat as he screamed for mercy, she faced Aro; "Leave him out of this." She growled to him, he looked infuriated as a delicate Jane and Alec sat behind Caius.

Avira had her back to me, which was a sign that she trusted me enough to make herself vulnerable. Her palm was open, hovering in front of me. It was a silent gesture that this was her personal battle.

"Why does he matter?"

"Your business is with me, not my creator. I suggest you take me on yourself."

Aro's perfectly groomed hair looked frazzled suddenly as she stepped forward, her fingers flexed as she spoke in a hushed tone to me.

"Don't get involved, no matter the outcome." Then, she bolted straight up into the air as Aro neared her, doing the same. They both fell into the ground, creating a crater as she straddled him, snarling fiercely as he rolled her onto her back. Earth slammed him from the side, making him fly into a nearby tree. She stood, climbing out of the crater as if it was nothing, dusting off her leather jacket, her boots clicking slightly against the dirt.

She flew up, coming down with her fist raised. Aro dodged, barely as she grabbed the ends of his long hair. She twirled him by his hair into the same tree, lightning crackling from her palms as her they broke through his chest and out his spine, coming out covered in venom. Aro fell to his knees before her, starring up into her eyes as her venom covered palms gripped his cheeks.


"I wasn't meant for you; if you had just accepted it, none of this would have happened… arrogant." As she spoke, the venom burned his face, her palms flicking to breaking his head off his body. She watched him fall, dropping his head as flames licked at his marble skin until he was gone.

She twirled to face Caius and Markus. "You're mine Caius."

The blonde was shaking violently, running towards Avira. She met him half way, grabbing his throat, she slammed him down onto his knees. He grabbed at her palm, the other punching her stomach. It hardly affected her as she snapped off his hand, tossing it away; she proceeded to rip off his right arm. I could only imagine a smirk was forming on her face as she began; "That was for Sasha." She ripped of his left arm, tossing it into the pile she was forming, the limbs catching fire as he screamed loudly, venom spurting onto the ground.

"That was for Vasili, and this…" Her palm around his throat sizzled with electricity, the end of her wavy hair standing slightly. "…is for the Denali's, for me, for everyone you ever hurt Caius." His neck was crushed to dust as his head popped off, the remnants of his body suddenly aflame as she barely turned towards Markus.

"Take your leave, and may this honor Didyme in some form." His head nodded slightly, without saying a word he turned away, sprinting off towards Italy with Alec and Jane on his heels.

Avira was panting heavily as she turned towards me, a slight smile pulling across her lips as her vision roamed my frame. She nodded slightly as she walked towards me. Alice was suddenly at my side as there was only a few feet between us.

"Jasper, she's dangerous."

"We're all dangerous darlin'." I gently pushed her to my side rather than having her in front of me. Avira's smile didn't waiver as she stood there in a leather jacket and black top, she was wearing black jeans and a pair of biker boots.

"You look good after a hundred years." Her voice was soft and airy as her eyes were locked on mine, her right palm holding her left elbow in a relaxed manner.

"So do you. Thought you…"

"No, Peter and Char came back for me; it was a bit after they sprung you." Her features seemed to harden at the mention of Peter's name but I decided against saying anything about it, at least for now.

"Oh? Wonder why he didn't mention that."

She shrugged, wiping her palms off onto the thighs of her jeans. "Welp, I better go."

Carlisle was suddenly vocal, approaching quickly before she could be on her way. "You could stay with us. Our home is only a few miles away." Avira didn't seem surprised by the statement, she simply shook her head slightly as her eyes jumped to Alice then me.

"I think it's best if I didn't, but thank you…?"

"I'm Carlisle Cullen. Please, I do insist you come stay with us, at least to clean up."

Avira seemed to consider this, her right hand resting on her hip as her fingers twitched in a thoughtful manner. "Well… just for a few hours… I really don't stay in one place for long." She favored going towards Carlisle rather than myself; at first this confused me but then my head turned slightly to my side, seeing Alice's possessive expression and it made perfect sense.


Avira washed her hands in a stream before she came to the house, knowing from Carlisle that Edward, Bella and Nessie were at home. She walked in last, after Emmett; she stayed mostly out of view as pleasantries were passed between Edward and Carlisle. A smile formed across her lips at the sight of Nessie whom was rushing away from Jacob and towards Avira. She looked about nine now and she was a stunning little girl.

"Who're you?" Nessie asked; Avira's expression flared momentarily from calm to surprise before her eyes fell back into a relaxed motion. She sat on her knees to be eye level with Nessie, offering her a hand to shake.

"I'm Avira Whitlock." Her smile was wide and genuine, hearing the use of my name, made my dead heart seem to flutter. I could feel a slight smirk tug at the corner of my mouth before I could help it; Alice growled suddenly, she was about to charge toward Avira when I hooked an arm around her waist.

"Where the HELL do you get off using my husbands last name?!"

Avira stood the moment she heard Alice growl, gently pushing Nessie behind herself. "He created me, Pixie. Peter and Charlotte use his name, too." Avira was holding back, even in her tone of voice, considering Ness was in the room.

Nessie was clinging to Avira's thigh, trembling slightly at the sight of an angry Alice struggling in my arms.

"Alice, you need to calm yourself down; Nessie is in the room, or have you forgotten yourself control?" I was growling lowly into her ear, watching as she suddenly became quiet and quite embarrassed.

Avira was watching the exchange before she returned to Nessie; she patted Nessie's shoulder as she began. "It was really nice meeting you Renesmee, but I think I upset your aunt. It's time for me to leave."

Nessie looked terribly confused as Jacob stepped forward, whom had suddenly gained a new level of self-control himself and scooped up Ness. He looked at Avira calmly and then to Alice, his expression hardening. "Thank you." And they were heading upstairs with Bella right behind them.

"Alice, you're out of line." Rose took hold of Alice's wrist, dragging her into the basement where her and Emmett's room was. I gave her a brief, grateful smile before she left. My attention turned towards Avira whom looked at me with the briefest look of pain. She glanced towards Carlisle, offering him and the rest of the family a small smile. "I'm sorry for the trouble." Avira quickly made her way for the door, rushing down the front steps before anyone could say a word to her. I didn't hesitate to follow her out the front door, watching her sprint into the tree line.

Mentally, I was planning to call Peter, planning to put Alice in line, but most of all, I needed to speak to Avira; she had become my top priority.