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Jasper had been patiently waiting for Avira to bring up the Denali's or the Volturi (Especially Aro) up without him having to come straight out with it. Of course, despite his leading into the conversation; his pretty little mate steered clear of what seemed like another topic that was uncomfortable for her.

It had been nearly two months that Avira and Jasper were mostly off the radar and she managed to talk about anything and everything other than what seemed to concern Jazz the most. Whether he was concerned because she had taken down 90% of the guard herself or had personally killed Aro and Caius, he wasn't sure. He knew her fighting ability and could logically state that her life was in danger, therefore she protected herself, but then her words to Markus and her personal acts of vengeance against both Aro and Caius suggested that both did her wrong in some form.

Obviously, Caius was mostly slaughtered because of his cruelty to the Denali's (Which also meant she knew his cousins), but then she stated to Aro that she wasn't "meant" for him.

So, finally, Jasper decided to ask her straight out. No more leading conversations, no more hiding.

Jazz and Avira were out racing along the edge of a thin river bank, Avira was in the lead, and Jasper was caught between his train of thoughts. Firstly about talking to her and secondly he couldn't stop admiring her.

Avira stopped at the tree closest to the cabin, her arms crossed and hip popped. Jasper slowed to an even walk as he neared his mate.

"Alright, what is it? You weren't even trying this time." She was smiling lightly, a bit of amusement and a tad of nervousness hitting Jasper.

"To be perfectly honest, I want to ask you somethin'." Her wearyness spiked as she turned to enter the cabin. "Alright, then ask." Avira took a seat on the loveseat, crossing her left leg under herself.

Jasper sat beside her, resting a hand on her thigh. "When you showed up, with the Volturi, you seemed to be working with Markus." Leaving the conversation somewhat open, Jasper waited; watching as Avira sighed and readjusted herself, sitting with her elbows pressed against her knees.

"Five years after Peter sent me on my way, I was roaming Italy when Dimitri found me feeding off a stray human. My eyes were orange so it was obvious I was feeding off animals as well. He offered me a safe place, somewhere I could be myself, away from humans." She paused briefly, rubbing her index finger over the arch of her brow. "I met the three brothers. Aro was fascinated by my gift. He said I could stay in Voltura and in exchange I would be a member of the guard. Any interest Dimitri had in me quickly faded away as Aro became more and more aggressive over anyone who came near me. He insisted we were mates and after narly thirty years I left. Of course he pursued."

"I then met the Denali's and they said I could stay with them so long as I didn't feed off humans which wasn't an issue; at that point I was on a steady animal diet. After being in Alaska on and off again for fifty or so years, and being constantly badgered by Aro; I formed a plan with Markus. He had just discovered that Aro had Didyme killed, his own young sister, to keep Markus tied to Voltura forever."

Avira smiled, almost bitterly. "The plan was simple, kill off the guard loyal strictly to Aro, except for Jane and Alec, then destroy Aro and Caius. Markus has plans for Voltura, good ones... Better laws and things of that nature."

Jasper allowed all the information to sink in, it made perfect sense. Markus would be in command, the most logical and reasonable of the brothers with Jane and Alec as his guards. Jazz idley wondered why Aro thought Avira was his mate. Of course she was stunning, any man could clearly see that, she was smart and full of spirit. Despite her past she didn't allow it to over run her life, she tried to always look to the future.

He reached out for his mate, his right arm circling her waist to hold her firmly to his side. "You did something for the better. Why do you seem so upset about it?"

Avira sighed, curling herself into Jasper's toned chest. "I didn't enjoy killing them... it reminded me too much of the wars. Despite how long ago they were, I feel as though they'll haunt me forever."

"That is expected. War leaves no man or woman unscathed."

Jasper grazed his fingers over Avira's forehead, his skull nuzzling her own. "Do you think we've been away too long?" Avira wasn't purposely changing the subject this time, instead she was genuinely concerned about weather or not she was keeping him away from his family.

"Because if you think we have, we can go back. Even tonight, it's really no..." Avira had stood and was headed for the door, with Jasper's hand in her own. Rather than she pulling him up, he yanked her back and she fell into his lap. "Darlin' you're babbling." His smile was huge and he laughed full heartily as his right arm hooked around her waist, his left resting on her thigh.

"I'm sorry. I just... I don't want to keep you from them." She was embarrassed which Jasper found adorable.

"We can leave any time. Our bond will form with us being alone or among others. Just tell me when you're ready."

Jasper and Avira finally left the cabin and headed up to the large home where Peter and Charlotte were staying. Avira was calm, her fingers laced with his as she snuggled into his shoulder. Jasper relished in her content state, at how she wasn't afraid anymore. She was at peace.

When the pair pulled up to the Whitlock Manor, a little sigh escaped Avira's lips. "I owe him an apology."

Jasper looked thoughtfully at her, his fingers rubbing over her knuckles. "You had every right to be angry."

"I did, but he'll hold that burn on his neck for the rest of his life."

He smiled, kissing her cheek tenderly. "He deserved it to a degree. You don't have to apologize, but you can. If it'll make you feel better."

Avira nodded, slipping out of the truck with a minor thud. The ground was still uneven and she took the time to set it back together, only a few minor cracks remaining. Peter came outside first, he went straight to Avira and stood about a foot away from her. Their was a scar on his neck, it shimmered a little darker than his bite marks.

He offered Avira a smile, his hands resting on his hips. "I'm sorry." She said it quickly, rushing through her sentence as she was soaked in guilt and shame. "I should have kept a better hold on my emotions," she took a deep breathe, about to continue when Peter shook his head, laughing softly.

"Don't be sorry; I can't blame you in the least." Charlotte was waiting on the porch, Jasper stood just behind Avira, hovering over her shoulder. His claim wasn't yet fully established and something in Jasper made him over protective of his mate. An instinct told him any male could steal her until they physically mated, which his logical side told him was bull, but his instincts practically pulsed with the need to smother her in any way possible.

Avira could sense her mate's uneasyness, her fingers meshed with his as she nodded at Peter's words. "I am still sorry." Peter hummed his acceptance and insisted that they come inside.

Once in the livingroom, Avira took note that the color palates matched perfectly; dark red for the living, a burning orange for the dining room and a eggshell white for the kitchen with features of every other color in the rooms. It was a wide open floor plan with a thirty two inch tv in the living room and a table for twelve in the dining room. The kitchen had basic appliances in stainless steel in the kitchen, for the sake of appearances she assumed.

Peter and Jasper were talking softly as Avira walked around. She could feel Jasper's eyes following her every move, she was admiring Charlotte's taste when said female struck a conversation up about where she and Peter got each piece of furniture. Some came from Peru, others Milan and even a couple from Germany. Avira had been to every place she mentioned; each held a light memory that Avira thought upon.

Avira looked to Jasper, both stared at each other, and she wondered when she and Jasper would travel, what would they see, experience, what would they fight to protect down the line.

A smile broke out upon her lips and she was excited to find out.


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