It is strange, to know ones end is near, all of your past mistakes and regrets suddenly catch up with you, and there is this suffocating panic that you can't change them, that you weren't a better person while you had the chance.

So you can only imagine what Guy was feeling as his own dark lifeblood pooled around him, as he whispered out his last words, all the harsh and cruel things he had done seemed to flash before his eyes, and he was frightened. Not for himself, but for the people who had witnessed what he had done. He was frightened of who he was. He who had spent the better years of his life fighting all that was good and right, not taking heed of the warnings he had. Perhaps if he had listened, things would be different, better. He would've had time to know his brother, and even his sister, for she had become who she was because of him. He should have been a better brother.

But you changed, a voice seemed to whisper softly to him. You finally took up that chance, and you changed. He clung to the frail hope that the voice was his lovely Marian, that she had really forgiven him for his terrible deeds. Maybe it was her, or maybe it was something else entirely, but that simple thing didn't seem to matter to him.

Marian, Robin, Archer, Tuck, Much, Allan. He was proud to be better, proud to know the good people in his life, even if he barely knew them and didn't deserve them.

So he breathed out his last breath, bidding a final goodbye to the light of earth, and followed his strange angel out to beyond.

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