Raven awoke to a crash of thunder. Her eyes snapped open as if she had just been awaiting to be woken. She shifted towards her clock: 3:00 AM. The rain pattered against her window softly, giving presence to the storm outside. She turned in her bed, facing her window which was covered by a dark purple set of drapes. Despite how violent the storm sounded outside, her drapes remained still, only offering a small glimpse outside by a trace movement from the air conditioning. She laid there for a while, staring at the drapes, wondering if the storm outside looked as bad as it sounded.

After a while, Raven realized she wasn't going to go back to sleep, so she sat up. She slipped out of bed, standing in nothing but her leotard. She made her way over to the window, opening her drapes up to look outside. It was a black night, the rain giving a film grain like quality to it. In the distance, she could see the city lights of Jump City flickering through the storm.

She stayed like that for a while, silent as she listened to the storm. She leaned up against the small edge that led from wall to window sill. It was a peaceful moment for her, the feeling like she was alone in the world. Some would go crazy, but Raven didn't mind the loneliness. It was very rare she got moments like this with people like Beast Boy and Cyborg around. It was comforting but also disquieting, and perhaps that was the reason she couldn't sleep.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as the ground below Titan's Tower light up. The trees and grass below became lit with a yellow sheen. Someone was in the living room. She wondered if she should go join whoever was stirred to awakening as she was, watching as the lights illuminated the training grounds below.

Why not? Raven didn't feel like meditating at the current moment anyway. She was already at peace, so she could tolerate another Titan for a while. Heck, even Beast Boy.

Raven smirked at the thought of sneaking up on Beast Boy in the middle of a video game. She could use her powers for a little scare. No harm in that. It would be perfect. Knowing Beast Boy, she guessed it was him in the living room. It was his temperament to stay up late. Every Titan save for him stuck to a strict sleeping schedule. All enforced by Robin of course. He was probably completing some video game or watching a horror movie marathon.

Dipping away from the window, she walked over to her dresser. She draped her cape along her shoulders, slipping on her boots as well. She left her belt on her desk. No need for it.

Exiting her room, she turned the corner to head towards the living room. She had expected to hear the TV by now, blasting whichever media distraction Beast Boy was addicted to at the current moment. She huffed, slipping a hand into her hair to fix her part. She pulled it along her ear, peeking about the corner.

She was right. It was Beast Boy. He was sitting on the couch, staring towards the screen. Odd thing was that the TV was on mute.

That was strange... Why would Beast Boy be watching a muted TV? And was he... Shirtless?

Then she heard it: the ever so familiar giggle of her fellow Titan female. Starfire suddenly appeared, raising her head from below the couch, facing Beast Boy. She had been at Beast Boy's lower half. Her eyes were a burning green, fixated on their goofy comrade with an almost feral desire splayed across her face. Her purple tongue licked across her lips, giving the impression she just had something tasty.

Raven gulped.

Beast Boy was relaxed, his arms spread over the back of the couch. "Oh man Star, that was great.~" Starfire climbed up onto him, straddling herself into his lap as she then buried her face into his, sharing a passionate kiss. Beast Boy responded by wrapping his arms around the alien's waist, pulling her close as their tongues entangled in the furious kiss.

Raven's eyes were wide in shock. This had been the LAST thing she had expected to see tonight, and while the prospect almost horrified her, she couldn't turn away. Raven sulked in the darkness of the hallway, watching the two secret lovers share their kiss. She felt perverse in watching this act, being a secret observer to something so indecent. Firstly, the scandal laid before her was exciting and interesting. Wasn't Starfire Robin's girl? Why was she cheating on him? How did Beast Boy convince her to do such lewd acts? Raven's head swarmed with questions, and before she could even begin to start to answer them for herself, she watched as Beast Boy hoist Starfire up. Secondly, there was a stirring in her loins that she couldn't deny, no matter had hard she tried to suppress it. Raven felt her legs quiver.

Starfire looked down as Beast Boy's hands held her up. She poised herself over him, about to pierce herself on the green changeling. Raven couldn't see it, but she was setting herself up for penetration. All on her own accord. This couldn't be happening. Beast Boy and... Starfire? Raven could hear herself panting with the two, almost as involved in the act as her teammates were.

Starfire dropped herself slowly on Beast Boy. Raven could see Star gyrating herself, arching her back as she took Beast Boy inside herself. The grin on the alien was so perverse and... hot. Raven watched with an almost envious attachment to the act, her hand trailing down to her stomach, getting ever so close towards her groin.

Soon enough, Starfire began to buckle herself against Beast Boy, her arms wrapping around his neck as he took her slowly at first, but with every thrust began to pick up speed. Sweat glistened on the two Titans, and for the first time Raven noticed Beast Boy. His muscles were tightening across his shoulders, helping her bounce on him as the two connected in such a lewd way.

Raven found her eyes trailing back to Starfire. Star's eyes were fixated on something, the burning alien green locked onto something in Raven's general direction. Starfire lifted a hand, giving a light wave-


Raven gasped, covering her mouth immediately regretting the noise. Thankfully, it looked as if Beast Boy had mistaken it for Star. Starfire bit her lip, just staring at Raven just before Beast Boy lifted her up a bit, laying her back on the couch. Starfire disappeared behind the back of the couch, Beast Boy's pace becoming quite quick now. Beast Boy's profile was a wicked, lust-soaked expression. Raven could see him plowing down into her, panting like an animal as Starfire's bare feet wriggled above him, her toes clenching and shivering...

Raven quickly spun away from the living room, her body hugging the wall. Her face was completely flushed with embarrassment. Oh no... Starfire had seen her. She probably saw her there all along. Did she see her almost...

No no no, Raven had to get out of there, the noise of the two mating starting to fade from her ears as she made her way back to her room. She wrapped herself in her cape, hugging herself in some form of self-comfort. Was this some kind of kinky dream?

"What is it?... Ah." She heard Beast Boy mumble.

Starfire gave another giggle, her words spaced out by soft panting, "N-nothing friend Beast Boy.. Mpfh..."

Well, if it was real, at least Raven was going to be spared half the embarrassment of being caught. She quickly opened the door to her room and shut it behind her, back pressed against the door. Her whole body was shaking at this point. She almost felt like she could still hear the two, Starfire bouncing on Beast Boy with such an eager and sultry attitude.

Raven came to the conclusion that she needed to sleep. If this was a dream, it needed to end. Collapsing on her bed, she rolled herself in her covers, not even concerned with stripping off her boots or cape. What was this hollow feeling in her gut? She felt sick with a mix of a fluttery feathers in her chest. She bit her lip, feeling her thighs grind together as she imagined the two still going at it. What was this? Was she attracted to Beast Boy? Starfire? Or both? She groaned in annoyance at the conflict of feelings and desires. Eventually she found herself able to drift away into a deep sleep, teased by hot, dirty dreams the rest of the night.

Raven stared at her breakfast with an empty gaze. Cyborg had made his ever famous waffles, but her heart wasn't in eating them like it usually was. Raven sat at the table with both Robin and Cyborg, the two enthusiastically shoving their faces with syrup soaked waffle after waffle. She hadn't got much sleep after her discovery, the bags under her eyes a clue to that.

Raven found herself glancing towards the living room door over and over again, wondering if she had the ability to keep her composure despite what she knew about her two lust-driven team mates. She glanced awkwardly to Robin.

He was tinkering with one of his batarang-like doohickeys as he ate. It appeared one wing didn't deploy in tune with the other. Robin's brows furrowed with light frustration, but that frustration was offset by the taste of Cy's waffles.

Cyborg was a machine of breakfast eating. Each bite he took seemed to disappear just in time for the next. Was he even chewing?

Finally she heard it, the doors slid open behind her with a swooshing sound. Raven peered behind herself to see both Beast Boy and Starfire entering the living room together, laughing and talking as the two made their way towards the table. Raven never realized it before, but the two looked perfect for each other. It was nice in a weird sort of way that the two friendliest Titans found passion in each other. Starfire seemed to be eating up Beast Boy's goofy jokes and manners with an almost hungry expression. As the two arrived at the table, Beast Boy slid his gaze away from Starfire over to Raven.

"Hey Raven, looking bleak as usual." He said teasingly. Normally, Raven would have swatted at him or tossed him away with her magic abilities. Raven didn't even seem to hear him. Her eyes were locked on his.

"W-What?" Raven muttered out, looking back to her breakfast. She frowned, realizing how that must have looked, "Whatever Beast Boy..." She managed. Not her best retort, but it seemed to satisfy the other Titans. Save Beast Boy who peeked over her shoulder.

"Heya, look Star. I think the ghostly Raven is warming up to me." Being so close to the beast made Raven burn with desire. Her mind flashed with images of him burying himself inside her, leaving her a panting mess like Starfire. Her legs clamped together under the table, carefully hidden by her cape. What was this? She never had such desires for Beast Boy before, but seeing him like that last night...She only lowered her head in a mix of shame and escapism. She wished she could just disappear.

Starfire pulled Beast Boy back giggling, "Please friend Beast Boy, do not torture our friend so. Sit down and I will get you some fruit." Starfire led the changeling to his own seat, his hands upon his shoulders. Beast Boy gazed affectionately up at her.

Raven's eyes darted to Robin's. Though it was hard to tell at times, but his eyes were locked onto the two. She looked back down to her waffles. Oh, if she could just disappear right now...

Why was this happening? Sure the Titans had their problems now and then, but this sudden act of lust between Beast Boy and Starfire seemed like it could tip the whole team over the edge. Cyborg was immune to all of this of course, but Raven couldn't imagine Robin's wrath if he found out.

Starfire's arms wrapped loosely around Raven's neck. Raven felt her back arch as she gave a slight gasp, looking towards the loving alien who's head was now planted on her shoulder, "Come Raven. You stated before you would go to the mall of shopping with me. We have the girl's talk to commence." She said with an almost purr in her throat. That devious smile never left Starfire's face, as if she was enjoying teasing the poor empath. Raven could feel herself breathing hard, her heart afire in her chest. They had no such plans, but it was obvious Starfire either wanted to explain things or take her for...

Raven nodded quickly, "Y-yeah, ok..." Raven looked up at the other Titans. All three seemed oblivious towards their new plans. Why would they see this as suspicious? They couldn't have known. Then she saw Beast Boy's head rise from his food, a wicked little grin traced across his lips. His tooth poked from the smile as he eyed the two. Oh no, did she tell him?

Raven quickly stood up, pulling her hood up and made her way for the living room doors. Starfire floated behind her, another soft giggle echoing into Raven's head. Stop it Star, stop it...

Once the two were far enough from the living room, Raven turned to Starfire with a grunt. She pinned the alien to the wall, giving a grimace of annoyance, "You told him didn't you? You told Beast Boy I saw!" She pressed her forearm into Starfire's chest. It was a threatening gesture sure, but Starfire knew better than anyone that Raven would never intentionally hurt anyone. Starfire's alluring smile never left her lips.

Starfire placed her hands on Raven's shoulders, "Relax friend Raven-"

"No! How can I relax?! You two have got this little... Affair going on and now I'm in the middle of it! I can't be involved in this. What if Robin finds out? I can't..." Raven could feel her heart pound against her chest with a ferocity she knew all too well. She was letting her emotions get to her again. She backed slowly away from Starfire, breathing hard as her hand reached up to clutch at her chest.

Starfire floated towards her with a concerned expression on her face, "Raven, do you need to mediate?"

Raven nodded, gritting her teeth.

Starfire nodded, taking her friend by the hand and leading her on. "Come Raven, I will take you to the roof. We will discuss these tidings once you feel comfortable."

Raven looked out over the bay. She had calmed down, thanks to not only Starfire's encouragement but the beautiful sunrise that was still stretching over the city's horizon. She felt at ease again, as nearly as calm as she did that night. That was before all she witnessed though... The two were sitting on the edge of the giant T shaped tower, legs dangling over it.

Raven turned towards Starfire, "How long?"

Starfire turned towards her with her smile, as friendly and welcoming as always. Raven always thought Starfire looked her best when she was jovial. "How long what, Raven?" She asked, the wind basking in her red hair.

"How long have you and uh... Beast Boy been seeing each other?"

"Seeing? I do not know what you mean. Beast Boy and I see each other all the time- Oh, you mean mating!" Said Starfire, lifting a hand to her mouth.

"...Yeah..." Raven said with a wince. She gazed back down towards the bay.

Starfire reached out for Raven's chin, guiding her eyes back towards hers. "You need not be ashamed Raven. I do not fear such questions." She smiled, releasing her touch from Raven's chin. Raven already missed the alien's pawing fingertips. Starfire looked out over the bay, crossing her legs. "Three months ago."

Raven blinked, looking at her, "On your 18th birthday?"

Starfire smiled, "Mmhm."

Raven was still confused, "But... Why Beast Boy? I thought you always liked Robin."

"I did, but... Beast Boy has claimed me."

Raven was confused, "Claimed you?"

Starfire nodded eagerly, "Yes! On my planet, the 18th birthday is a very big life changing event! We Tamaraneans take the events that happen our birth days very seriously. On the 18th, I was officially able to claim a mate."

Raven seemed to understand, "Then why not claim Robin?"

Starfire looked towards her, "He didn't try hard enough."

"Happy birthday!" Everyone screamed. Starfire giggled at the table's end, a cute pointed party hat atop her head as each Titan gave her congratulations. Everyone was there, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Speedy, Aqua Lad, and yes... Even Robin. Starfire grinned happily to see her teammate so enamored with her celebrations, presenting her with the first slice of cake.

"Here you go Star, Cyborg and Beast Boy spent all day baking this cake for you." Stated Robin. And what a grand cake it was! Vanilla icing upon chocolate with traces of pink icing to outline it. Everything was perfect.

Despite the magnificent cake, Starfire couldn't keep her eyes off Robin. Being 18 now, she had the right to take a mate, and oh how she was eager to just jump him right here and now. She bit her lower lip as the other Titans dug into the cake. On Tamaran, such an act wouldn't be so ill-advised, but Humans were much more in tune with their decencies.

Suddenly a rogue thumb came up and smeared something gently against her nose. It was a bit of vanilla icing. She turned with a giggle to Beast Boy, who was smirking at her, "How's the cake Starfire?"

Star smiled, her tongue slithering out to lap the icing right off the tip. Starfire's tongue was unnaturally long by earth standards. Beast Boy's eyes went wide, "Dude..." He mumbled, a goofy grin splaying across his lips. The two shared a laugh as Starfire slipped her tongue back into her mouth, swallowing the icing. As Starfire finished her giggle fit, she opened her eyes to find Beast Boy pushing a present towards her. Starfire raised her eyes to him, grinning broadly.

"Thank you Beast Boy! I look forward to opening your-" But before she could finish, several more presents were pushed her way. Beast Boy's gift was knocked from Starfire, falling to the ground. Beast Boy was nearly knocked out of the way as well, giving a yelp. Everyone saw Beast Boy's present bearing and decided to push theirs forward. Before she knew it Robin's present, Cyborg's, Aqualad's, they were all stacking on top of each other.

"Friends! Please, one at a time!~" Starfire was feeling overwhelmed, but as the party went on, she was able to open one present after another. Cyborg had gotten her a new set of cooking pans. He said they monitored when certain foods were being over cooked and set off an alarm to notify her. A present of his own design, Starfire figured. Raven had gotten her a cook book. When Starfire opened it and saw what it was, Raven only offered a smirk. Was Starfire's cooking that bad that she needed monitoring and teachings? She played up a smile, but so far these presents seemed rather judgmental. Finally, she was given Robin's present. She felt her body tense up. Her hands trembled as she unwrapped the present, grinning as she was given...

"Oven mitts?" She asked, raising them up? Oh boy... Starfire put on her best smile despite the rather pathetic gift. It seemed like Starfire's birthday was one cooking utensil after another.

Raven had her knees pressed against her chest. She smirked at Starfire, "I knew you didn't like my cook book."

Starfire giggled, placing her arm around the grey-skinned Titan, pulling her close, "On the contrary friend Raven! I enjoyed both your gift and Cyborg's gift immensely. I just... I expected more from Robin. After all we had been through, after the battles, the kisses, the dates... To return my affection with a pair of oven mitts?"

Raven couldn't help but chuckle, "I can imagine that being rather lame."

Starfire nodded, releasing Raven from her friendly hug.

Raven then turned to her, "Wait, what did Beast Boy give you?"

After hours of dancing, cake eating and laughing, Starfire was rather pooped. She sat on the couch as the room started to clear out. Raven, Cyborg and Robin had all went to bed, leaving a passed out Speedy and Beast Boy alone with Starfire. Starfire curiously lifted her gaze over to the kitchen to where Beast Boy was. He seemed to be searching through the pile of wrapping paper.

"Friend Beast Boy," inquired Starfire as she floated towards him, "May I ask what you are doing?"

Beast Boy's head poked out from the pile of wrapping paper. He had a small package in his hands, the present he had first given to her. Starfire covered her mouth, "Oh Beast Boy, I am so sorry that I missed your gift." Beast Boy just smiled, sitting there on his knees.

"It's fine Star, things tend to get a little crazy on B-days. I know how it is, heh..." He said, holding the present out to her. Starfire plopped down on her knees in front of him, the two sharing an intimate space between each other. She looked to Beast Boy as he smiled at her. She had always thought Beast Boy was handsome, but that attraction came through his toothy smile the most. Whenever he offered her that smile, it felt like everything would be alright, no matter the circumstances.

Starfire took the present from him, gently unwrapping the paper. Beast Boy had placed his palms on his knees, watching her open it with such a happy expression. Maybe it was better the two shared this moment rather than a group moment. He seemed so calm and comforting, despite Star's hectic party. As the paper slid off, Star could see more and more appearing from the package. Eventually it had come undone.

It was a framed picture. The picture contained all five Titans. It was an old picture too, back when the group first came together. Starfire was still in her battle armor from her crash, and she couldn't remember the last time Beast Boy had seemed so young. Raven was in it too, and Starfire was shocked to find the early empath showing a small smile. Starfire always remembered Raven being hard to connect with through the first year of their team's companionship. Robin and Cyborg were in the picture as well, Robin's arm lightly draped around Starfire's waist.

It was perfect. Beast Boy got it. He understood the things that make Starfire happy, and the one that towered over the others was the Titan's companionship. Beast Boy's gift didn't have to be bought, built or fitted, it just had to be remembered. Starfire lifted her gaze up to Beast Boy, tears welling in her eyes. "Oh Beast Boy..."

He smiled, bashfully lifting his hand to the back of his head, "Robin's always sayin' that when we turn 18, we're gonna have to make some big decisions about staying on the Titans or not. And I just wanted ya to remember your friends, no matter what you do." His eyes lifted to hers, and suddenly went wide, "Oh no, you're gonna pounce me aren't-"

It was too late. Starfire jolted forward, their mouths connecting in a fiery kiss. Starfire found herself holding Beast Boy down by the wrists, pushing her peculiarly long tongue into his mouth. His tongue tried to keep up, but even the lapping master himself couldn't compete with an alien goddess after her prey. Beast Boy could feel the tongue push down his throat. He gasped, giving a grunt as he wriggled from under her.

Starfire parted from him, leaving the two gasping for air as a bewildered Beast Boy stared up at her. His cheeks were flushed, the red off setting his green skin cutely. Starfire thought he looked like Christmas. "S-star, what are you do-doing? Oohh..." He found himself drifting off in pleasure as Starfire gyrated over him. It seemed that her lower half was poised over his groin, grinding up against him as she growled with desire.

"I've chosen you Beast Boy.~ " She stated it so simply. She released his wrist to gently cup his face, beaming down at the green Titan. Beast Boy could only stare, but as he did, he lost control of his hands. They quivered upwards, taking her by the bare part of her waist, holding her up against him.

Starfire looked like a vixen, her eyes half closed as she gazed down at him like a plaything for her amusement. He leaned upwards, taking her in another kiss, hoisting himself upwards from his submissive position and taking a more dominant stance. He pushed her back up on her knees, her hands falling loosely at her side, arms encircling her by the waist. Beast Boy was smaller than Starfire, but he still had a strength to him. The others would always tease him about his supposed 'muscles', but now she could see it. He wasn't a warrior, but a lover... And lovers had a passion in them that the strongest axe bearer could never have.

Starfire gave a playful squeak as he pawed at her rump, lifting her up onto the mantle so that he was kissing up at her. Her ass wiggled at the new stance, leaning down into Beast boy's kisses with an eagerness she never knew she had. His eyes were closed as he took her all in, giving into his own beast like moans and growls as Starfire's hands reached down and mussed his hair up.

Beast Boy's hands would find their way to her thighs, hiking up her skirt a bit and scratching down her skin in a animalistic manner. Starfire loved it. Her back gave way to an arch, taking Beast Boy by the head and burying his face into her chest as she shivered with delight. "M-my room.~" Gasped Starfire.

Eventually the two found themselves in the hallway, missing a few clothes.

Then in Star's room, Starfire cooing in pleasure as Beast Boy's hands pinched at her breasts.

And then finally on her bed, both completely naked. Starfire was ready, poised like a tigress about to bounce on the clearly unprepared Beast Boy, "W-Wait..." He mumbled out, perching himself up on his elbows. "Have you... Done this before?"

Starfire seemed awfully confident to Beast Boy. Beast Boy kept finding himself clumsily groping and kissing, but truth be told Starfire found his inexperience charming. She leaned in close, biting down on one of his elfish ears, "Mmph, I have.~"

Beast Boy was surprised by that answer, "R-really? With who? Robin?"

Starfire shook her head, releasing her ear with a soft lick to the spot she had been biting, "No one of this world my friend."

"O-oh." That didn't seem to inspire confidence in the green one. His sexual prowess was now competing against some Tamaranean Adonis. Starfire lifted her hand to his cheek, coaxing the obviously nervous Beast Boy.

"I understand this is your first time Beast Boy?" Asked Starfire, pushing herself up on her knees. Her hands slid down to his chest, poising over him as if she were about t mount herself. Beast Boy found his trembling hands on her hips, panting with one ragged breath after another. His brow was wet with sweat. Starfire smiled down at him, "Do not worry Beast Boy, I will be gentle."

And she was, the first time for Beast Boy was over rather quickly even despite this. Beast Boy would seem frustrated with himself, but Starfire would lean into his ear whispering, "Do not worry friend. We have all night to train you.~"

"... Eventually he put me on my hands and knees, mounting me from behind like a dog. Oh Raven it was a glorious feeling! I bit into my pillow as he took me, hour after hour-"

"Oook, Starfire. I get it." Raven was obviously rather flustered by all the intricate details of their mating. Starfire had no gauge to measure appropriate behavior, so her stories were always very... Vivid. Raven had crossed her legs, clutching her hands together in a nervous attempt to stabilize.

Starfire seemed to notice, "Have you ever been mated Raven?"

There was a long pause. Raven blinked, looking to Star, "No."

Starfire scooted closer towards her, "Why not?"

Raven didn't know how to answer that, "I don't know. Truthfully, I've never been close enough to a person to try it. I... I don't know what I'd do, how I'd react. Sex always seems like a very emotional act in the books I read. Even reading about it makes it hard to concentrate. Knowing how I could lose control of myself, why should I put others in danger just for my own desires?" She turned towards Starfire with a frown. She lifted the hood over her head, blocking her shame from Starfire. "I just don't know what I'd do..."

Starfire leaned into her, "Would you like to try with me and Beast Boy?"

Raven went paler than she usually was, quickly glaring towards the alien, "What?!"

Starfire laid a hand upon Raven's thigh, trickling her fingertips upon her bare flesh, "If I can train Beast Boy, then perhaps I can train you in the act of making love as well.~" She stated with a purr. Leave it to Starfire to make another girl weak in the knees. "I like a challenge."

Raven felt like she was about to collapse. Her body shivered at the alien's gentle touch, "T-train me? What about Beast Boy?"

Starfire snuggled up to Raven, taking her in her arms, "He will help, but only when you are comfortable, ok?" She asked, planting a kiss on Raven's cheek. Raven's heart skipped a beat, lifting a hand towards the spot. It felt cool and wet, not how she expected a kiss to be at all.

"See? You did not explode." Starfire said, giggling, "So what do you say Raven?"

This was nuts. There was no way Raven could let this happen. It was all too weird. Only a day after finding out her and Beast Boy were a item, now Starfire wanted to encourage Raven to join in on the 'fun?' This was out of the question. There was no way Raven was going to take the risk of putting forth not only a danger on the tower, but possibly all of Jump City in a sensual, selfish act.

Raven was convinced, but surprised when her mouth quivered out the word, "Ok..."