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Robin landed in the middle of the street, coaxing the area for information. He was always the first one on point, able to make quick judgment calls as well as surveying the battleground. The other Titans filed in behind, each at their ready for what was to come. What came was complete silence.

It was quiet. The call had gone out only five minutes ago, but it had seemed like whatever had caused the ruckus had long gone. A few stray civilians were out and about wondering around. They looked confused and in a state of shock.

That's when Raven saw it. There was a large crack in the pavement, the two roads shifting in place from an obvious earthquake-like crack. One part of the street was elevated higher than the other, pushing cars and trollies off balance. Raven knelt down to the crack curiously, tracing a hand over the broken concrete. Robin appeared beside her.

"Earthquake? Here in Jump City? Strange..." Robin turned towards Cyborg, raising his arms in a curious shrug. The boy wonder barely took anything lightly, but even he couldn't see this happening to his town.

Cyborg was already imputing the data into his arm pad, looking through the lines of code that streamed along his arm which only he could read. "It looks like the seismic activity has a trail. It's curving. This ain't no natural tectonic shift man." He started to walk along the crack, the Titans slowly trailing after him.

This felt wrong. Raven glanced at her two compatriots with curious eyes, raising a brow to Beast Boy and Starfire. Beast Boy just shrugged, morphing into a rat to crawl down into the crack. He would emerge from its depth with a small yipe, "Wow, it goes deep dude."

Starfire hovered over the crack, going high into the air to trail the length of the quake. Raven lowered her eyes with a flush for fear of looking too long up her frilly skirt.

Cyborg turned around the block, following the trail as the other Titans followed closely behind. Robin was always at the ready, hand on his utility belt for a quick draw. Whoever did cause this mess was probably still around, and the Titans were determined to find him, her or it.

Raven couldn't help but gasp as she turned the block. All the Titans were still, and with good reason. The crack continued down the road, but straight ahead, looming in the distance, was Titan's Tower. The tower itself was untouched, but it was more than obvious where the trail led. Even the civilians were looking towards the Titans with curious, almost angry glances.

Oh no...

Raven quickly flipped her hood up, trying desperately to hide her flustered blush that painted her cheeks. She was causing more danger than she realized with her lusty fun. This was awful. How was she going to explain this when the compounded evidence stacked in her direction? Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg or Robin didn't have the power to do this. Only one Titan had that kind of ability, and it was the poor empath desperately trying to slink away. She started to take step after step towards an empty alleyway. Perhaps if she just disappeared she'd avoid this embarrassment.

The other Titans seemed to unravel the mystery quicker than she thought they would. Beast Boy and Star were the first to turn to her. Their expressions said it all, 'Oops.'

Oops was right. Soon enough though, Robin and Cyborg twisted in her direction. Robin seemed concerned, "Raven, are you alright? Have your powers been acting up lately?"

What was Raven going to say? 'Nah Robin, I was just busy getting tongue bathed by your girl Starfire. Oh, and Beast Boy was there too.' Raven just shook her head passively, a black magical hole emerging from under her. She was about to dive in; escape from this whole situation all together. Robin took a few steps forward, "Raven stop. You have to tell us if you feel like you may be a danger to others."

"It's... It's not that." Raven muttered out, hiding her face in shame. Why oh why couldn't she be a normal girl? This was like getting caught in a porno by a close relation.

Robin continued forward, forcing Raven to take a step back. She started to slip in to her portal, her feet submerged in the blackness below.

"Hey, what's this?" Said Cyborg suddenly. The Titans turned to look at him, watching as he made his way to a knocked over newspaper dispenser. Spilled on the floor were rag mags, a front page picture that made both Beast Boy and Raven turn stark white.

On the pictures was Raven and Beast Boy on the sidewalk, Raven's hands in his. The headline read quite loudly, "TITANS IN LOVE?!"

Cyborg chuckled, giving a look over to Raven, "So, I think we know who's been causing Raven's little quakes. Beast Boy, you dog.~" Cyborg teased, giving his best friend a thumbs up as the story seemed to unfold itself. It was missing a few details, like Starfire being in the mix. Raven stood still, unable to confirm or deny what the article showed. How could she? The proof was all right there. What was she going to say? The picture was altered?

It was quiet for a time after Cyborg's awkward compliment. Eventually Robin gently approached her, giving a warm smile to the Titan. "Is this true Raven?" He asked.

This tore Raven up inside. Robin had never done her any wrong. In fact, he was always there for her as a teammate, even since Trigon. Robin was one of Raven's closest friends, a brother almost. It felt wrong to cheat him like this, to mess up whatever unstable romance he already had established with Starfire. Who was Raven to break their bond? Raven's head sunk, covering her face as she left him with no answer.

Robin took it as it was. "I-I'm sorry Raven, we don't want to embarrass you. We just have to find out whether this was... Well, you and Beast Boy or not. It's nothing to be ashamed of." Robin turned towards Beast Boy with that same warm encouragement. Raven could tell Beast Boy was falling apart, like he was placed on a stand-up comedy stage with no act. He was white in the face, and Robin's turn towards him only made it harder for the Titan.

Beast Boy spoke up finally, "Whelp, you caught us. Y-yeah, Raven and I are dating now so..." He said, lifting his hand to the back of his head. He scooted towards Raven, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her into a half-hug. Raven didn't want this now. She didn't want this lie. She pulled away harshly.

This didn't sit well with Starfire. Raven could tell even without looking at her. "That is untrue Beast Boy." Starfire stepped down from the air, facing the other Titans with an almost proper manner, "Beast Boy, Raven and I are all in a mating relationship. Of sorts..."

There was a silence that Raven had never heard before. Even in her meditations, she had never felt the earth so quiet.

Did- Did Starfire just say what she thought she said? That couldn't possibly be what the alien said. Surely she'd know better than to drop a bomb like that in the middle of the street? Oh, no...

Robin blinked at Starfire, obviously flabbergasted. "W-what?" He raised his hands, as if he were about to be attacked a defense mechanism. Poor Robin... Raven felt so selfish. Should she have told Robin the moment she saw what she saw? That would be snitching. Surely, getting involved wasn't the right thing to do. But why did she do it then?

Starfire stood her ground, her eyes closed and head raised high. It was if she were facing a firing squad, hands behind her back.

"Yeah, what?" Asked Cyborg, peeking over Robin, "You sayin' you with BOTH Raven and Beast Boy? Like, at the same time? ... What?" The robot knew what she meant. The smirk at the end of his mouth all but confirmed it, but the thing was he didn't want Robin to see what actual reaction he was having, so he lifted his hand to his mouth to cover his smile. At least Cyborg was on their side. Raven hoped...

Starfire nodded, clasping her hands together. "I will explain."

"Explain!?" Robin suddenly cried out. His fists were shaking with anger, and he growled with an almost lion-like intensity towards Beast Boy. Beast Boy was backing up towards a jeep behind him, finally bumping into the vehicle with nowhere to go. The poor green Titan was right in the middle of Robin's war path.

Robin started marching towards him, fists at the ready on his sides. Beast Boy lifted his hands to his face defensively. Raven stared at the two in shock. Was Beast Boy going to defend himself? He had to. Don't just take the beating!

All the other Titans were converging on the two, each making a move to stop Robin. Starfire landed in front of Robin, placing a hand on his chest while Cyborg took him by the arm. Robin stopped, but he looked like he was ready to strike anyone who got in his way.

Raven submerged herself in her black magic bellow her, reappearing in front of Beast Boy. She stood between the leader and the Beast, laying a hand on Beast Boy's chest for protection. "Robin, calm down." Raven ordered, arching her brow at him. She was still embarrassed beyond belief, but now she had to take stand.

"Calm down?! You're little green traitor was sleeping with MY girlfriend! And you got involved? What, did you want to plant two knives in my back?!"

Starfire's eyes lit up, "Robin, I am not your girlfriend. If I am then this is the first time I am hearing of it."

Robin was struck near silent by that, "How can you say that Star?" Asked Robin meekly, Cyborg holding him by the arms. He was leaning forward, trying to free himself, "After all we've been through together? I've fought for you, bled for you, and we... We've kissed."

Starfire nodded, "Yes, you have made every attempt to become my mate, but after a while... You lose sight of us. You bury yourself in your work and catching criminals that I get left on the side. It took Beast Boy with a simple picture to remind me of what I love in humans, why I am so attracted to people with strength like you," She turned to Beast Boy, "And with heart like Beast Boy."

Beast Boy lowered his head in shame. Here he was trying to cover his relationship up with the alien, and Starfire just showered him with praise. She even confessed a love for the green Titan. Raven wondered if Beast Boy carried the same affections for Starfire.

Raven heard a small whisper behind her, "Can you get me out of here?" Raven turned towards Beast Boy, watching him write in his humiliation.

Robin obviously heard that, breaking free of Cyborg to run towards the Titan. He shoved Raven aside, pinning against Beast Boy. He hoisted him up off the ground, yanking him up by the collar. "I don't care how much heart he had then, but he definitely doesn't have heart for this team. Beast Boy… I don't want to see you in Titans Tower ever again.

There was a long pause. Raven picked herself up off the ground. Starfire stood beside her, helping her up. "You cannot make that call Robin." Said Starfire, looking towards the Boy Wonder.

"Yes I can, I'm the leader."

Cyborg placed a hand on his shoulder, "Robin, that is too extreme. I understand you're mad but... Let Beast Boy go."

Robin's eyes were fixated on the Titan, his hands quaking in anger as he placed him on the ground. Beast Boy couldn't look him in the eye. Instead he just remained in place, shivering in fear but frozen at the same time. Raven made a move to approach him, to comfort him until he shape shifted.

Beast Boy formed into a small bird, quickly flapping away. It was a stupid decision. He couldn't just leave in the middle of this inner-Titans crisis. But then again, Raven was considering the same thing moments before.

Robin watched him leave and then turned, unable to face any of the Titans. No one wanted to face him anyway, even Starfire. Robin's wrath would only be quenched by one thing: Patience. Hopefully Robin could cool off, and the two could work this out, but as of right now things looked sour. He then took his grappling hook out, shot it off in the distance and then rappelled away. The last three Titans watched him leave.

Raven turned to Starfire, giving an apologetic frown. "I'm sorry Starfire. I didn't mean... I didn't think he'd find out like this." Starfire turned towards Raven. It was honestly Starfire's fault that Robin found out at all, but Raven couldn't help admire her alien teammate for her honestly and fearlessness to face any situation. Raven could tell she was distraught, but Starfire held her optimism no matter what transpired, "Do not fret friend Raven, things will all work out well. You should be with Beast Boy. Tell him I am not mad at him."

That was surprising, "R-Really?"

"I am disappointed that he did not stand up to Robin, but I understand the... Intimidation." Starfire gulped. "Do you think I should address Robin and clear the air?"

"More like smoke if you ask me..." Cyborg quipped in, stepping up. "I'd give Robin some time. He feels betrayed Star, you gotta understand that."

"Y-Yes... I do. I feel like that I have done my friend a great wrong, but he has also done things to wrong me. D-do you think time will make this better Cyborg?" Starfire asked. Raven hardly saw Starfire hesitant about anything, but the way Robin shook with anger must have stirred something in her. Raven thought he looked like he did during the Slade years, during those times where he was blood thirsty for something beyond mere justice.

"I dunno Star. Maybe." Cyborg didn't have an answer for her. Heck, Raven barely did either. How were the Titans supposed to look at one another with all this baggage now?

Starfire nodded, turning away to float off. Raven wanted to reach out to her, to hold her and tell her it would be alright. A sad Starfire was one of the most heartbreaking things in this world, and now Raven felt an attachment to the poor alien girl, like Robin and Beast Boy both did.

She let her go though. Now, finally only Raven and Cyborg remained. Raven watched Starfire, watched her pass beyond the buildings of Jump City. Then, finally, when she was out of sight she opened up a portal bellow her, ready to dip away herself.

Cyborg's hand fell on her shoulder, "Let's talk. Wanna get milkshakes?"

Cyborg had an eerie way of making things seem alright despite obvious troubles. He was serious when he needed to be, but could easy shift to a close friend when you needed him to be. Maybe it was his robotic nature, taking one grudge and compiling it into data before moving on, but Raven knew better. Cyborg was the most human out of all of them. It was obvious Raven needed a friend right now, and so there she was in the small diner, waiting for Cyborg to return with their milkshakes.

When he did, Raven offered a weak smile, "Thanks." She took her chocolate milkshake and lazily slurped on it, leaning on her shoulder against the table. She had to admit, it was awkward being out in the open with all this dirty laundry now out in the open. Raven could imagine the gossip magazines tomorrow, and she shuddered thinking about those bold Helvetica titles flashing their business to Jump City's masses.

Cyborg sat down across from her, giving her a smirk. He was always too big for everything, his knees buckling loudly against the bottom of the table. "Well well, little Raven has been gettin' busy huh?"

Raven snorted, "By 'getting' busy' I guess you mean ruining the Titans?" She said dramatically.

"Oh relax girl, we've come through on worse. You almost destroyed the world once, remember?" Raven raised her eyebrow to him, giving a frown. He was right, but was that the best example?

"True." Raven sighed, "I just feel like every choice I've made these past few days are the wrong ones. I feel like I'm being selfish, and not looking after my friend's feelings."

"You mean Robin?" Asked Cyborg, giving a long, obscene slurp of his milkshake.

"Yeah, but Beast Boy and Starfire too... I should have never got between them." She eyed at her hands impassively, clenching her fingers within two fists.

Cyborg's curiosity was nearly dripping off him. She could sense it. He leaned forward, a goofy scrape of his metallic boots against the floor sounding the diner off to any subtly he was attempting to have. Raven forgot how much he liked gossip, "So, how long they been datin'?"

"If you mean 'mating,' about three months." Raven wasn't even sure if Beast Boy and Starfire had a traditional relationship. Romance shouldn't be built around secrets, thought Raven.

"Dang. I thought I would notice."

"You don't seem all that surprised..."

"Nah, my boy Beasty has got some serious game. He just doesn't know how to use it."

Raven smirked at that. She didn't think Beast Boy actually had any game. He was just... Nice. Maybe that was it. His 'game' was just his understanding. Raven thought back on her friend, the Titan she constantly pushed away when all he wanted to do was get close and be friendly. She remembered when he became infected with that beastly disease, making him an angry, meat-eating Alpha male. She remembered how unsettled she was by the end of that affair, of how much his eagerness to befriend and love his fellow Titans meant to her.

"Anyway, why did you get involved? It doesn't seem like you're jealous or anything." Cyborg took another obscene slurp. A couple behind them looked back with a small look of disgust.

"I dunno... Starfire saw me watching-"

"You were watching?" Blurted out Cyborg, much louder than Raven preferred.

Raven did a double take, "Keep it down! N-not like peeping! I was awake one night and went to see who was up. They were in the living room-"

"Aw dude, not on the sofa."

Raven winced. Maybe she was getting too in-detail. Though, Cyborg seemed to be taking all of this in stride. She couldn't imagine telling Robin all this. Cyborg just seemed to enjoy the story if anything, "Cyborg... Aren't you weirded out or anything? The team feels like it's falling apart."

Cyborg set down his milkshake, "Nah, this reminds me of high school. Before my accident. Kids used to always run up to me and tell me who they scored with, or I'd brag in the locker room about who I was with the night before... I've heard it all."

That was a bit surprising. None of the Titans, save Cyborg, had any real connection to a regular teenager's life, "Sooo, what do I do?"

Cyborg shrugged, "Who makes you the happiest?"

"I'm happy with both of them... I wish I could be with both of them. Beast Boy understands me; he has a connection with me... Starfire, well..." She blushed. It was hard to admit that the reason she liked Starfire was because of her firecracker nature, but Cyborg was already smirking with acknowledgment, so Raven figured she didn't have to finish. But it was more than that… Starfire had a passion that Raven could tap to herself like a drug. That's what she loved about her, and what made her such an addicting person to be with.

"So, ya love Beast Boy but want Starfire, is that it?" Cyborg put it so bluntly. It felt wrong to summarize their relationship to such a basic level, but it felt true. Raven rubbed along her arm, looking away. She didn't like where this conversation was going. It felt like Cyborg was trying to make her choose. Beast Boy seemed like the obvious and best answer. Being with him would solve the Robin problem. Plus Starfire could try again with Robin but...

Raven didn't want her to. She wanted Starfire probably as much as Robin or Beast Boy did. It was frustrating because Raven saw all the pieces on the table, but she didn't want to put them together. Plus how would Starfire feel if Raven and Beast Boy singled her out? She couldn't bear to break Star's heart.

And would Beast Boy even want to single himself with one girl? What sane straight man would? Still, Raven never thought of Beast Boy as someone who was using Starfire. There was love there, Raven could tell. Raven wondered if there was love for her as well...

Raven's silence must have been bugging Cyborg because he swooped down and grabbed her milkshake, taking a sip. Raven lifted her eyes back to him with a small frown.

Cyborg just snickered, "Listen, I can't give ya any real advice save for one bit: You're still young Raven. Your wants and needs are gonna change with the times, so for now do what makes you happy. Don't think on the long term, just be with who you want to be with. If you wanna be with them both...


"...Then do it."

Was it really that simple? Raven pondered at Cyborg's words as she hovered over the city. It was getting close to dusk and Beast Boy wasn't answering his communicator. There were only a few places Beast Boy would go to hide when he was feeling down. Fortunately for Raven, they were all pretty predictable.

She could make out the green Titan sitting solemnly on the spot where the stone encased Titan used to be. Terra was, according to Beast Boy, living her own life now. Raven couldn't blame her if the story was true. Sometimes Raven could see herself just slipping away and starting over, but she held her teammates in too high a regard to do such a thing. Though, if Terra's escape was true, it seemed to make quite the impact on Beast Boy.

"I always feel weird coming here." Raven said, making herself known.

Beast Boy raised his head, smiling to the empath, "Why, feel like you're competition? Trust me, you're better than a flat podium."

"Don't say that." It didn't feel right to disrespect the memory of Terra, even if she was still alive. Raven rubbed her arm again, taking a step forward, "C-can I come in? I don't wanna disturb you."

"Really? Then why come looking for me?"

"Ok, maybe I did wanna disturb you." Raven admitted, making her way forward.

Beast Boy didn't seem to mind. He patted a spot next to the podium where he was sitting. Raven came over and sat next to him, looking over curiously to the green boy, "Did you ever stop loving her?"

"Of course not. I mean, I know she's still alive out there... And I know that any other time, I'd be following her like a puppy for her to try and take me back, but she wants her own life away from the Titans an' away from all the responsibilities that would come with it. She just wanted to be a normal teen."

Raven sure could sympathize with that. She never admitted it, but the idea of living life as a normal teenage girl had always been a small fantasy in the back of her mind. Perhaps one of those goth kids smoking cigarettes behind school... Now she was grown up, and the fantasy was slipping away with her age. She'd never be able to go back and do things a normal kid would do. That wasn't the life given to her. Thing about Terra was that she had a choice. She didn't have a demon father trying to break her will and spirit without constant control of her emotions. "I've always wanted that."

"Really?" Beast Boy seemed surprised, "I mean, we all didn't really get to have a childhood, but I consider the times we spent together as the Teen Titans the best years of my life."

Raven hadn't thought of it like that. Maybe she was privileged. She had a safe and secure place to live with friends who understood her, Beast Boy especially. Now it seemed like all that was crashing down around them. "I don't want you to go." Raven muttered out, falling into his shoulder.

Beast Boy wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close, "I'm not. Robin can yell and scream all he wants. I'm not leaving the Titans." At least Beast Boy seemed to be taking a stand now. His confidence seemed like it was back, which made Raven feel good. She scooted closer, sliding against his warmth. Beast Boy started to purr softly, which made Raven giggle as the two held each other.

"Hey, I have an idea."

"Hm?" Mumbled Raven, lifting her eyes to him.

"Let's go on a date."

"A-A date?" Where did this come from? Weren't they already past dating at this point? Still, Raven blinked curiously at Beast Boy as he chirped right up at the prospect. He stood straight up, taking his hand in hers.

"Yeah, let's go somewhere. I don't wanna go back to Titans Tower right now. Plus, it seems like you're all nostalgic for actin' like a teen."

"Ok... Well, where do you want to go?"

Beast Boy just smirked. Somehow, Raven thought she wasn't going to like this...

Raven was right. She frowned at Beast Boy with almost hateful spite when the neon lights and crowds came into view. Not this place... "You want to go clubbing? We haven't been here in years."

"Yeah, but every time we went you always slipped away with that gothy kid. I wanna see you dance."

"But I don't LIKE dancing Beast Boy."

"Have you ever danced before? And not butt naked in front of a mirror listening to The Cure or whatever, I mean like out in public?" Beast Boy turned to her, letting the two pause on the sidewalk. Raven could hear the steady bumps of the dance music inside. It already sounded like a headache.

"No." She seemed to be getting frustrated, crossing her arms as her eyes darted over this club. This wasn't her style at all, why would Beast Boy think she'd want to go anywhere near here?

Beast Boy didn't seem faltered. He just took her by the hand and led her on. Raven grumbled as she followed, feeling like she had no choice in the matter.

The bouncer let the two by pretty easily. They probably wanted to exploit their little relationship buzz by having the 'happy couple' dancing in their club. Or maybe it was just because they were the Teen Titans. Who knew?

As the two walked inside the club, Raven was hit with a flurry of loud noises and splashes of neon light. The trance music in the background blared loudly, giving the entire building a vibrating shiver that bounced with every beat. Raven wasn't happy, but she was curious. She let herself observe the rich and clueless flock around each other, drinking drinks, blathering gossip, and dancing lewdly.

Raven followed Beast Boy out onto the dance floor.

No no no no.

This is the first time she started to struggle from him. She pulled at his grip with a small grunt, giving an angry look to the Titan, "This is stupid. I don't want to be here-"

Beast Boy pulled her into his arms. She pressed up against him with a gasp, barely audible from the loud music bumping away around them. Beast Boy's arms encircled around her back, holding her close as he leaned into her ear, "Relax. Just close your eyes and let everything else slip away. Just focus on you, me and the music. Trust me."

Raven wasn't convinced, but she closed her eyes anyway. She sighed, feeling herself start to gently sway with Beast Boy. It wasn't in beat with the music, nor was it the grind-happy dancing she was greeted to earlier, but it was... Warm. Raven had this mental picture of the club in her head. Annoying lights, people, heavy noise. This wasn't like that. Beast Boy wasn't trying to exploit the environment or make her adhere to it, he was just trying to make her comfortable. Of course, it was his fault she was here, but it was also as if he were showing her that no matter how awful a place she was in, he would be there for her.

Soon, in part thanks to her focus, they all started to fade out. The lights became dull and gray, no longer blinking erratically but just shimmering gently on the two. The people seemed to become like shadows, evaporating into the darkness so that it felt like only her and Beast Boy were on the floor. The music slowed down, giving it an ethereal vibe. Raven smiled. This was better. This was an environment that Raven felt comfortable in, and the strangest part was that Beast Boy knew how to trigger it from her. He had a connection with her that seemed to make everything feel at peace, as if her mantra was no longer needed. Only his presence was...

Beast Boy whispered to her, "That's it, now move with me..."

Soon enough, she was slowly rocking her hips, working with Beast Boy to a beat that was no longer straining her, but rather aiding her, adapting to her movements. Beast Boy cooed happily in her ear, and that sent a shiver down her spine. She slowly spun around, rearing her butt back into his groin as she turned around and pressed her lips into his neck. His hands went around her belly, hooking her close into him.

She buckled up against him like they were making love. No matter that it was right on this public dance floor; in Raven's mind the two were alone. She felt the thin veil of her mind cast a smoky glaze over the two, leaving her in absolute pleasure as they embraced each other on the dance floor.

Beast Boy's hands explored her body as they did in Raven's bedroom, and Raven couldn't help but quiver gently at his touch. She kept with his movements though, giving soft gasps as the two joined again forwards as she met Beast Boy's face back with her own. She leaned forward, planting a warm kiss on his cheek, trailing towards his fang with a lusty patience. She felt him snicker cutely as she finally met his lips, giving a coy smile to her dance partner as the two shared embrace after embrace.

The two spent the next two hours immersed in in their dancing, Raven feeling all her tension and fear let loose upon the dance floor, giving her hips sway and rhythm. It was a fine night for the two lovers, yet Raven could tell from their closeness that Beast Boy was worried.

Raven gasped as the Beast Boy trailed along her neck, cupping her breasts as she was pinned between him and her bedroom door. She was eager to let him in, to let him ravish her no matter how much her powers acted up. All she had to do was press the door's button. She was no longer trembling, but fierce and confident with her movements. She was ready, but…

Beast Boy was not. She could tell just by looking at him. He was hesitant and shy, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks as he took a few steps away from Raven. Raven panted, leaning up against the door.

"What's wrong?" She asked. She knew the answer, but she wanted to make sure Beast Boy knew it too.

"This feels like cheating. I-I feel like Star should be here." He stated, lifting his eyes to hers. It felt as if with that eye contact he transferred his guilt over to her like a disease. He was right. This wasn't fair to Starfire, who had her own issues she was dealing with. Not having her be there would feel like a betrayal, and the two owed Starfire far too much to do that.

Raven nodded her head in agreement, "Y-yes… I don't want to hurt her."

"Neither do I. M-maybe we should let things cool down."

Raven furrowed her brow at him, giving a glance down to the large tent perched in his pants before looking back up at him with a smirk.

"Heh, poor choice of words."

Raven couldn't help but smile. It was an awkward and terrible predicament the Titans were in, but even Raven could see the humor in it. Beast Boy tried to push his arousal down to no avail, giving a faint flush to his cheeks. Raven just rolled her eyes, "Tomorrow is a new day Beast Boy. Perhaps Robin will be in a calmer mood."

Beast Boy grew serious, "I doubt it."

"Me too…" Raven whispered in reply. She took Beast Boy's hand in a firm grip, leaning into his cheek to plant a loving kiss before slipping away from him and opening her door. She kept her eyes locked with her green lover, giving her a sad but hopeful look for the two's future. She shut the door with a touch of a button and proceeded to bed.