[Heh, damn chapter five got some interesting responses. I appreciate all the strong reviews though, and please keep em' coming. I guess this is what happens when you go on hiatus for a while. If it bothers me on a reread, I may rewrite some parts, but I feel like my choices are justified. These characters aren't perfect people, and they aren't sure of themselves. Many of them act selfishly, and that's the way I honestly like it.

Beast Boy always came off as a bit of a coward in the cartoon, and honestly I'd be frightened of going against a pissed off Robin as well. Also, BB isn't the kind of person to just let a transgression against another Titan go. He had a deep guilt complex, even in the show, and he shows it by apologizing.

Starfire is a very proud character, at least in my story, and she lets her pride get in the way with rational decisions. Telling Robin being one of them. She's realizing though that her rash actions have put Beast Boy and Raven into quite the pickle, so that's why she was so quick to forgive Beast Boy.

Raven is all over the place because she's never felt these kinds of emotions before. She isn't sure what love is, and she isn't sure how differentiate it from lust. A lot of her writing is based on the idea that Raven is a being of conflict. She can't just have a simple answer judged by her emotions, because her emotions are all over the place.

Robin is a reactionary being. He sees a problem and jumps in to remedy it. Seeing as his girl cheated on him, he went for the route that would most likely hurt her, screwing her sister. Now, that may be a mean move, but so is cheating on your boyfriend.

And Cyborg is the middle man.

I dunno, maybe I'm talking out of my ass, but I feel like it makes them more realistic, even with the excessive smut. Anyway, just a small blurb trying to explain myself, heheh... Keep your thoughts coming, I appreciate any criticism.]

Raven felt... Ugh, how did she feel? She had to get out of the tower, get away from everyone. She flew from the tower and sought solace atop one of Jump City's large, towering sky scrapers. The one she was sitting on now was a media conglomerate of some kind... Raven didn't really care. Right now she just needed some peace, a place to lay all of her cards down and pick and choose which were the best for her hand.

Raven sighed thinking on the morning. Robin's words pierced deep, breaking what little confidence she had in her escapades of love and lust. Who was right and who was wrong? Right now it was Cyborg's words against Robin's.

Cyborg's ideas on the matter seem to put Raven's mind at ease the most, but were they right? Did the answer that made her most comfortable mean it was the correct one? Could she just be telling herself lies to feel better? Cyborg assumed that Raven loved Beast Boy and wanted to... Ahem, 'interact' with Starfire. But... was it so easy to exclude Starfire from such an emotion as love? The desire for Starfire was strong. Hells, possibly stronger than the desire for Beast Boy. Desire, love, affection, lust... All these words meant nil to the empath. It wasn't so cut and dry with simple things like happiness and sadness, they all felt so mangled and smashed together in a flurry of indeterminable feelings. That's what Raven felt like most at the moment: Mush.

Robin seemed to think everything was purely physical. And maybe he was right... He had a way to make things seem so definite just by his tone of voice, but thinking on it now it could have been nonsense. He was like that with everything, and thinking on it now it seemed obvious he was trying to hurt her. It worked, that was for sure, and now Raven had to reassess everything she thought she knew about her comrades and how she felt about them.

Raven couldn't help but flinch at her reaction to Robin's flirting. What was that? For just a moment, Raven felt like a weak-willed school girl ogling her pop idol. Robin was experienced in those types of things, Raven figured. He had to have studied some form of seduction... At least that's what she was telling herself to wipe that blush from her cheeks. It felt like manipulation, but Raven felt equally to blame for letting it happen.

Ugh, all of this internal debating was getting Raven no where. She had to make a decision, and one that would be final. She considered bringing the shades of her emotions into the mix, consulting each of her color coded sisters on what she should do, but she was already a complete mess of conflicts, "No... No, this has to be from me." Raven said to herself, looking out over Jump City with a sigh. She was going to be here for a long time, and she made a promise to herself that she wouldn't leave until she came to a decision and stick with it.

Robin groaned, leaning against the elevator wall. That was a bad idea. He was pretty sure Jinx saw him, but who knows who else could have picked up the pieces of why he was there and what he did. Robin wondered how Batman did the whole billionaire playboy thing. He sighed, watching as the numbers rose and rose until he reached the top floor.

The doors slid open slowly, and standing before him was Cyborg. He had his arms crossed, looking at him sternly, "I think we should talk."

"I should have figured she'd call you first." Robin said, walking past Cyborg and moving towards the living room. He walked towards the large couch, plopping down into the seat and running a hand through his slick, black hair, "You don't have to lecture Cyborg... I know that was stupid-"

"Stupid? Naw, that was just plain insane! Can you imagine the backlash you'd get if this got out to the press? What it would look like?" Cyborg yelled, walking around the couch to sit across from him, "I mean, jeez Robin, what if she said she wasn't willing-

Robin planted a small recorder on the table, falling back into the seat, "I was filming it too... It was a stupid decision, but even I take my dumb decisions seriously." Cyborg seemed somewhat relieved.

"Dang... Then, why did you do it?" Cyborg asked, his voice lowering.

"I just... I just wanted to hurt her. I kind of hope it gets out, and I hope Starfire sees it when she's out with Beast Boy and Raven. I hope it breaks her heart like she broke mine." Silence followed that statement, and Robin leaned forward, grabbing the recorder and placing it back into his utility belt.

"That's cold man..."

"Well, maybe you should answer coldness with coldness." He answered, crossing his arms in a bitter motion. "Did... You talk to Raven today?" Robin asked softly, lifting his eyes to Cyborg curiously.

"No, why?" Cy asked, sitting up, "Wait... What did you do?"

"Nothing... Just cussed her out, hurt her feelings. I'll apologize later." Robin was lying. He didn't want to tell Cy he made a pass at her as well. Heh, he probably jumbled her up more than he intended to. He really would have to apologize.

"What about Beast Boy?" Cyborg asked.

"What about him?" Robin returned.

"You didn't mean all the stuff about him being out, did you?" Cyborg asked, putting his hands together. He looked as if he were to debate his points, to defend Beast Boy from being expelled.

"Well, yeah... I did." Cybrog was about to speak, "But I don't have any authority to. In the doctrine we formed when creating the Titans we made a clause that stated that personal matters were not grounds for team expulsion. So, he stays." Cyborg looked relieved, "You know, I'd like some pity towards me if you don't mind," Robin said in annoyance, standing up, "I was the one who lost the most here."

Cyborg laughed, "Robin, you're talking like you lost an arm or somethin'... I know Starfire meant a lot to you, but dude, these things happen! It's part of being a kid. Hell, I was cheated on in High School once, and I managed to pull through fine. You'll get over this."

"Well, excuse me if I'm not a hundred percent ready to let bygones be bygones a day or two after it happened."

"Ok, true..." Cyborg admitted, standing up with him. The two made their way to the kitchen and Cyborg gave him a smile, "So, how was she?"

Robin plopped down at the bar, closing his hands together. There was a small redness on his cheeks, and he smiled a bit, "She wants to see me again."

"Ha, really? Are you gonna?" Cyborg asked, approaching the fridge. He opened up a small panel on the front of the freezer and typed a five digit code. The panel closed up and there was a muffled mechanical sound that clicked inside the fridge. Cyborg reached inside and produced two beers for the two teammates. Robin blinked, taking the beer.

"I don't drink." He said, setting it down.

"Nah dude. You hit Blackfire. I want you to drink that and tell me all about it..." Cyborg stated. One of his fingers flipped into a bottle opener, and he popped his beer open, reaching down to give Robin's drink the same treatment.

Robin shrugged, taking a small sip, "You know... It felt good to just be with someone who wanted you there. I mean, Star and I had our moments, but I always felt so distant from her."

"Dude, she was waiting for you. She wasn't gonna wait forever. I mean, yeah, you guys kissed in Tokyo, and that felt pretty official, but after that I never really saw any boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. You just kinda absorbed yerself in your work, as you always do." Cyborg said, taking a sip of beer.

"Well... Maybe that's what I need," Robin took a sip, "Just a girl to fool around with when I have a moment off."

"You could probably do better than Blackfire man."

"Yeah, probably..."

"S-Star, stop!" Beast Boy said with an exasperated grunt. The sultry alien had dragged him off to an alley, and it would only take the curious glance of a passer by to see that she was on her knees, trying to fiddle her way into his pants, "Not here!" Her bright green eyes lit up in the alley's darkness, but Beast Boy could see them filled with a lust driven fire. He felt his legs quivering as she teased him, petting for his bulge she knew how to stir up too easily.

Starfire huffed, trying to swat away Beast Boy's resisting hands as she pawed at his button and zipper. She looked up at him with her classic puppy dog eyes, giving a frown, "Please Beast Boy, just once?" She asked, biting her lower lip. Her bottom gave a cute, desperate wiggle as she sat pleasantly on her knees, so eager to please.

Beast Boy flushed brightly at the begging expression she gave him, finally wriggling away and slinking further inside the alley, "No Star! I meant what I said when I said no sex. This date has gotta be normal and boring!" He whispered in a near-harsh tone.

"You do not make normal and boring sound like preferable alternatives." Starfire laughed, standing up on her feet. She dusted off her skirt, cupping her hands in front of her, "Ok Beast Boy. I will be as they say, 'a good girl.' She licked her lips, placing her arms behind her, "Now come join me.~" She purred, awaiting Beast Boy to approach her.

Beast Boy blinked, stepping back into the light of the outdoor mall. The area was new, finally built after the delay from that monster attack years ago. The whole place was lit up, and even though the night sky was cast of darkness, everything down this strip seemed to illuminate. Including Starfire...

She dressed rather plainly for their date, under Beast Boy's instruction. She wore a long skirt, a white blouse, and a pink vest that came over it. Starfire thought she looked like a school girl, which didn't help Beast Boy in his attempt to create the appearance of a normal couple. She looked like something out of a fifties show. Dirty thoughts seemed to tickle across his mind with every note Starfire made about the date or their appearance, and by the look of her devious smile that was intentional. It didn't seem like she wanted to sabotage the date. Maybe she was just testing him, seeing how seriously he took the aspect of being celibate for a night.

Beast Boy's attire was no better. He wore black slacks and a button up short sleeved purple shirt. Beast Boy thought the get up looked too big for him, but Star confirmed that she thought it made him look cute. So, purple shirt it was!

Beast Boy sighed, stepping up to his taller companion, "I'm gonna show ya something real simple that normal couples do," He slipped his hand into her own, gripping it tightly, "This is hand holding." He snickered, sarcasm just coloring along his tongue as the two walked out into the crowd of people. The crowd parted for them, a few stopping to look at the public couple. This sure would confuse the rag mags. Beast Boy could see it now, 'BEAST BOY DATING TWO TITANS?!'

"Mm, I'd rather hold something else.~" Starfire whispered, giving his hand a squeeze. The space between them closed, and her arm gently grazed into his.

"Jeez Star, stop being so lewd." Beast Boy blushed a bit, turning away from her. He usually wouldn't feel this nervous around her, but this was out in public! Out where people could see. They couldn't mate here. Well, maybe they could, but not now! This was supposed to be their 'normal couple' date. Beast Boy wondered if this idea was going to be a disaster. So far, Star hadn't been any help in being casual. Instead, she had nearly stripped him three times already. Once in the T-Car, where she attempted to get a taste, another while they were parking, and again inside the dark alley, "Do you think you may be too into... Uh, sex?"

"Tamaraneans are very physical creatures. I am not tortured, if that's what you mean, but I do admit the sight of you gives me the 'dirty ideas' from time to time." She gave a girlish giggle, stopping to take a peak at some lingerie on display inside a store. She cooed curiously, turning back to Beast Boy, "If you will not give me the mating, then will you accompany me in the clothes shopping?" She asked coyly, knowing that Beast Boy hadn't really clicked towards her intentions.

The Beast sighed thankfully, wiping his brow as he smiled up at his lover, "That sounds simple... And great. Yeah, let's do that-

Before Beast Boy could react, the super being was pulling him into the lingerie store, forcing him to float by her grip as the two flew inside. Starfire gave another girlish giggle, setting him down on a seat outside the dressing room. Beast Boy blinked, looking around his surroundings. Everything was so bright and colorful, and the clothes were all skimpy and... Oh. Beast Boy lifted a hand to his face as he realized where his girl had taken him, and grinned sheepishly to the store clerk who eyed the misplaced elf with interest.

Beast Boy could make out Starefire darting between aisles, looking at the different selections of clothing. She was a super human after all, so she was able to think and process her selection a lot quicker than normal humans would.

Starfire floated back before him, carrying a variety of panties and tops she wanted to try on. Beast Boy blinked, looking up at her as she smirked wickedly at him, "What?" He said, feeling sweat build on his brow.

The next thing he knew, he was inside a dressing room with her, staring towards his goddess as she slowly stripped off her old fashioned clothing, "Mph, if I cannot mate with you now, then I will encourage future mating sessions." She whispered, peeling off her vest and unbuttoning her blouse's buttons one by one.

Of course she wasn't wearing a bra... Beast Boy gulped, smirking up at her as she let the blouse fall from her arms, her naked breasts poised towards him for his use, if he so desired, "You're trying to get me to break, aren't ya? Won't happen sister..." Beast Boy said smugly, crossing his arms.

Starfire smirked, turning away from him. Beast Boy's eyes followed her as she leaned against the side of the dressing room, planting her hands on the flat surface, "Can you unzip me?" She asked with a growl, sashaying her rump towards her lover. It was a rather obscene position, and one he recognized from their hot and sweaty nights together as one of Beast Boy's favorites.

Beast Boy gulped again, his hand reaching up to the zipper and slowly pulling it down. Starfire gave a cute 'Ah!' as she arched her bottom, letting it fall to her ankles. Of course, she wasn't wearing any panties either. Beast Boy frowned, looking away with a light tint to his cheeks. This woman was the devil, this much he was sure of. Did she agree to their date just to get kicks out of teasing the poor boy?

Starfire giggled, turning around and climbing into his lap. She leaned into one of his spiky ears, whispering to him, "You are trying quite hard, aren't you friend Beast Boy?" She teased, kissing down his ear lobe to tickle against his cheek stubble with her lips. She gyrated her hips as her bare sex rested in his lap, bucking herself against him like they were mating. Beast Boy's hands quivered to her bottom, trying to hold her steady as he felt his arousal build up underneath her. His eyes fluttered closed, and a lewd smile appeared on his lips as she basically humped the boy.

"W-wait... No, we said this would be a real date." Beast Boy said, lifting his pawing hands up off his lover. He was quick of breath, shuddering as the alien continued to vex him so. His back pressed against the wall of the dressing room, as if trying to slip away. In truth he could. He could turn into a fly and zip right out of there, but there was this devilish instinctual need to stay with her, to feel her body as it pressed against his.

Starfire smiled lovingly, cupping his face within her hands, 'Then may I please just have the kiss?" She asked, not awaiting to receive and answer before she connected softly with his lips. Beast Boy moaned into her embrace, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer. Her breasts pressed roughly against his chest as he held her against him.

The two explored each others mouths with their tongues, dancing in a affectionate trade off of their warm saliva. Beast Boy was the first to break free of the kiss, gasping for breath as he felt the warm quiver of her own breath trickle against his wet lips. Beast Boy couldn't help but smile at the faint blush that had appeared on her cheeks, and she shyly looked down, "You were right..." She whispered, "This is nice. I will do the dating with you Beast Boy. I am sorry for tempting you so." She whispered, kissing his cheek with a soft coo.

Beast Boy laughed, "No yer not. You love doin' this stuff..." Beast Boy growled back. He cupped her by her bottom and gave her a generous squeeze, which made the alien squeak with excitement. She bit her lower lip, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in for another kiss.

"So, you don't want to see me try on these lingeries?" She asked cutely, arching her head.

"I-I didn't say that..." Beast Boy admitted, giving a toothy grin as he leaned back, allowing her to get started. Starfire beamed, zipping out of his lap and fishing through the handful of different panties and bras.

Starfire giggled as the two made their way to the theater. She looked towards her lover with enthusiasm, the lust drunk expression still present on his boyish face. It was safe to say that Beast Boy did enjoy her little show she gave him, and she clutched his hand tightly as the two made their way towards the theater.

They were looking at different posters and times when a familiar voice attracted Starfire's attention.

"Ooooh, now it all makes sense."

Starfire turned to see a smirking Jinx and a bewildered Kid Flash looking at them with suspicion. Jinx had her hand on her hips, giving the two a wicked smile, "Hello friend Jinx! And Kid Flash. It is wondrous to see you both!"

"I thought you were joking..." Kid Flash muttered, giving a smirk, "I can't believe it. You two hooked up?"

Starfire glanced to Beast Boy, waiting to see if he'd deny it again. She was happy to see Beast Boy beaming. Lightly flushed, but proud of his girl all the same. Starfire beamed with him, turning to give the two a nod, "Yes, we are the together." She said in broken English, pulling him into a playful hug. It made Beast Boy just a tint redder as he tried pushing her away with a goofy smile.

"Q-quit it, you're embarrassing me."

"So that's why Robin is seeing Blackfire-" Kid Flash announced, taking a sudden elbow in the ribs from a frowning Jinx. Kid Flash winced, looking towards his girlfriend with an annoyed look. He then turned a bit white, looking back to the two, "Oh uh... Sorry."

"What do you mean... Seeing Blackfire...?" Starfire asked, her hand slipping away from Beast Boy's. That couldn't be true. Would Robin go that far to get back at her? Would he... Mate with her sister to get revenge?

"S-sorry Star..." Mumbled Jinx, approaching her, "I was uh... Visiting a friend in prison when I saw it happen. He kinda just came in and, well... Hooked up with her." Jinx winced as she got a look at Star's face. She wasn't sad... Angry maybe? But why was she this way? Was she jealous? Was it because Robin just skipped all the love and affection that would usually build up and went straight for the mating? Starfire took a deep breath, and then exhaled. She felt a small fire build up inside herself, something hateful and spiting.

There was a grip at her hand, and she gasped as she turned towards Beast Boy. She was showing all this jealousy in front of him. She was being selfish again... But... He looked up at her with a warm smile, a smile that could melt away all the hate in the world. He came in closer to her, tightening his grip on her hand, "It'll be OK Star. I-I know this must suck... But I'm here for ya. It's like you said. You have history with Robin, and well... Our history isn't quite historic." Starfire felt her breath quiver, a tightening in her heart building, "I know you may want to get back at one of them, but... Maybe it's best if you didn't."

Beast Boy was there for her... And it was over something petty as jealousy over another boy. Starfire began to realize that this boy, no... This man was there for her, through thick and thin, and it made her heart warm with affection that he could be so forward and relaxed about his desire to comfort her through such a heart break.

He was there for her.

"Thank you Beast Boy..." She turned towards him, taking him into another deep kiss, "If it is alright with you, I'd like some time to think about things alone. May we continue the movie date another day?" Beast Boy nodded, stroking along her cheek.

"That's fine. Take as much time as you need Star."

Jinx and Kid Flash looked on, but it was obvious they were a bit uncomfortable in this very intimate display in front of them, "Man, a lot has happened lately huh?" Jinx whispered to Kid, giving him a smirk. Kid Flash snorted back, pulling her along.

"Yeah, let's leave these two alone."

Jinx followed after him, looking back to the two lovers as Starfire pulled Beast Boy into a hug, a hug that lifted him well off his tip toes and into her arms. Starfire felt her heart flutter, taking the boy she was sure she loved into her.

He was right. Everything was going to be ok...