Based on an RoTG prompt: Jack literally can't get wet. And I mean, the second he touches water it freezes. He hasn't been submerged in water since he was 'born'.

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Freezing Touch

Ch. 1

It first started out as a cautious action. Every rivers, ponds, puddles –anything that had anything to do with liquid… Jack would always tap it with his staff and freeze it solid once he comes across it. It wasn't really his fault though, it was his part as a winter sprite after all… and also because there was this uncomfortable feeling within his guts that would stir restlessly.

At first he wasn't sure what made him feel that way. All he knew was that once he freezes it, the feeling would stop and he'd just sigh in relief.

He had been doing this for 150 years until finally, it just became a habit of his to freeze anything wet that would come near. He became so good at it that he didn't even need to use his staff. He just had to emanate this freezing aura almost all the time… or rather forever.

Then more years passed, he became too good at it that he just couldn't stop anymore.

He would walk on water and it would immediately freeze with a touch of his feet. Whenever it rains, he would always have to deal with annoying frozen droplets dropping on his head. And when he would try drinking something, it –ofcourse- turns into ice.

Jack wanted it to stop. He was starting to get a little uncomfortable and annoyed. He tried lowering his aura, but somehow finds it an impossible task. He was missing the warmth, and he couldn't control his chilliness anymore.

He would try to peek in a house by the window, and frost would immediately cover his view.

People around him would complain at the unknown source of the cold they kept feeling.

And when he sees a pretty flower and tries to pick it up (while thinking he could give it to a child) it would freeze up and wilt.

It was starting to make him feel frustrated that he tried to reverse what he was doing. But no sooner did he realize that he was nothing more but a winter sprite who creates snow and frost. Not melt and crack ice.

Blue eyes fluttered open before widening in panic. He looked around and realized he was floating in a dark and cold void. He opened his mouth only to have bubbles come out. He quickly covered his mouth as fear overtook his senses.

He was underwater.


He tried to swim up… but where exactly was UP?!

Then a light shone behind him and he forced to twist his body around. A familiar round bright moon made his eyes glisten with hope and hastily he tried to reach for it.

He struggled and thrashed, trying to shorten the distance between him and his only escape from the cold depths. He could feel his lungs burn from the lack of air but he was getting nearer and nearer. He almost sobbed in relief as he saw a hole from the sheet of ice above him.

He stretched out a pale hand to grab the edge of the cracked ice.

But as soon as his fingers brushed the frozen liquid, the ice suddenly grew. And before he could process what was happening, a thin layer of ice appeared before him, covering the hole completely. His eyes widened and immediately he tried slamming his fists against it. But much to his horror, the ice only grew thicker at the pounding.

Bubbles surrounded him as he opened his mouth to scream. But he only gurgled and choked from the water.

Nonononononono! NO!


Azure eyes snapped open, and Jack jumped in surprise only to lose his balance on the branch of a tree he was sleeping on. He yelped as he flailed his arms to keep his position, but no sooner did he fell off and land roughly on the dirty ground.

"Jack! Jack! Are you okay?!"

The guardian of fun groaned as he pushed himself up and turned to see Jamie Bennett rushing towards him with his little sister just right behind him.

"Jack owie?" Sophie asked as they got near him.

Jack sat up and smiled at the two, "I'm fine… happens all the time."

Jamie frowned at this, "You fall off a tree every time you wake up?" Brown eyes then turned to look at the tree cautiously, "Maybe you should start sleeping somewhere where the ground is nearer."

"Bed!" Sophie suggested helpfully.

"Nah, I find it more comfortable sleeping on trees." Jack stood up and stretched his aching muscles, making his first believer look at him disapprovingly.

"Why not sleep at the North Pole? I'm pretty sure North would let you stay." Jamie spoke with a shrug.

"Give Jack baths too!" Sophie added as she nodded.

Jack tried not to feel insulted at having children act all mature towards him and decided to check what Sophie meant. The little blonde was right, he was a mess! Mud got stuck on his favorite hoodie and his skin was scraped with dirt. He puts a hand on his hair only to find some leaves and more dirt on them.

Hopefully, he didn't smell.

"Yeah… you probably need a bath too." Jamie looked at him in concern, "When was the last time you cleaned yourself up?"

"Usually I don't have to "clean" myself up, because first –I'm a spirit. And second –being surrounded by snow usually doesn't make me dirty." Jack stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Of course, he left the "I can't get wet" part out, to avoid more questions.

"Well… apparently, spirits do need a bath." Jamie said as he gestured at the teen, "And also, if you noticed, it's spring. Which explains the dirt and mud on the ground."

Jack can't seem to find a proper comeback and sighed in defeat, "You know what… I'll just go to the Pole."

Jamie grinned with a bit of triumph while Sophie giggled. Then suddenly, the white-haired teen rushed towards a tree found across his still-frozen lake and knelt down near the roots, making the Bennett siblings exchanged looks and follow.

They watched in curiosity as Jack put his staff down beside him and took something at the small hole burrowed at the bottom of the tree.

"Are… those yours?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah… my old clothes." Jack spoke as he checked the white long-sleeved shirt and the small brown vest. Sophie giggle as she picked up a brown cloak, "Old!"

The winter sprite chuckled and took the cloak from the girl, "Yep, but at least they're clean. I need this shirt of mine cleaned up after all." He grabbed his staff and tucked the clothing under his free arm, "Well better get going. I'll see you guys soon."

"Tell the guardians I said hi!" Jamie exclaimed as he watched the wind gather around Jack. The winter sprite just smirked with a nod and left. The siblings waved at the shrinking figure before deciding to head back to their house.

"Hopefully he won't have problems with his sleeping arrangement anymore." Jamie spoke as he took her sister's hand, who in return nodded, "And bath!"

As soon as Jack had arrived in the North Pole he had changed into his old clothes and tried scrubbing his face, arms, and feet with the snow around him, trying to get rid of the mud and dirt. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to do so since the snow won't even melt into water thanks to his freezing temperature. And even if he used real water, it would just freeze off before it could even make contact with his skin.

After a half an hour of scrubbing, he was sure the dirt had completely come off. He folded his blue hoodie as neatly as he could and grabbed his staff. And with that, he flew towards the direction of Santoff Claussen.

He slammed the doors open and smirked as he saw some of the yetis jump in surprise and some of the elves scamper away from him. He walked inside the shop casually and looked around. He then spotted Phil and glided towards him.

"Hey Phil, have you seen North?" Jack asked.

Phil grumbled words Jack did not understand and pointed at the direction of the globe room. And without a second to waste, the white-haired teen flew off while calling back a 'Thanks!'.

He landed softly as he arrived to his destination and slowly opened the door. He immediately saw North who seemed to be talking to some other people… or probably other yetis. With a shrug he opened the door wide enough for the guardian of wonder to see him.

"Hey North-!" But he froze in shock as he realized the other guardians were there as well.

"What took ya' Frostbite? You're late." Bunny frowned as he turned to him, but his eyebrow shot up as he noticed Jack's look.

"Oh! Jack!" North spoke as he and the others looked at him. Then he paused, "What happened to clothes?"

"Uhh… they got dirty." Jack held up his muddy jacket, "I had to change."

North took the jacket, "Just give yeti to wash up." He handed the clothing to a random yeti that passed by.

"You let North do your laundry?" Bunny was clearly amused at that thought, "Still a kid, eh? No matter what the age."

Jack was ready to retort but was stopped by Tooth who suddenly zipped past the other guardians and appear in front of him with a cheerful look, "Oh! You look so amazing with those on! They suit you!"

Her mini selves chirped and squealed in agreement.

Sandy was tugging his cloak with mild curiosity before floating up to Jack's level to give him a thumbs-up. Jack chuckled, "Thanks. I guess?" He turned back to North, "So, judging by the situation right now… we were supposed to have a meeting. Weren't we?"

Bunny scowled, "I told you the bloke forgot!"

"Psh. He only forgot. No harm done!" The toymaker turned to the teen and wink. Jack just chuckled and smiled.

"Oh dear! Your hair is a mess!" Tooth spoke as she noticed the usually white locks, now a bit of a light-ish brown, were covered with dirt, twigs and leaves. Jack mentally hit himself for forgetting to clean his hair.

"Don't worry about it, it will come off with a bit of snow…" He waved his staff as if to emphasize his point, "Let's just go back to the meeting-" However, he was interrupted by Sandy who shook his finger as if to scold him.

"Sandy's right. Hygiene is important." North exclaimed, and Jack suddenly felt something cold and heavy drop on his guts, "Why don't you go take a shower? You can skip meeting for now."

"No. It's fine." Jack insisted, "I can… take-take a shower later. Let's just continue with the meeting."

Bunny looked at him suspiciously and suddenly, his eyes shone with interest… and was that mischief? If possible, that feeling on his stomach grew heavier and colder.

"What's wrong with showering, mate? It'll make you feel more refresh ya' know." The pooka said as he approached Jack, "It would better if ya take one. Yah hair is kinda' distracting."

"Well, just… don't look at me then. It shouldn't be that hard for a kangaroo, right?" Jack glared at him.

"Oh but it is." Bunny stopped in front of him and crossed his arms, "And it shouldn't be that hard for you to take a shower, right?"


"When exactly was the last time you showered, mate?"

There was a silence.


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