Ahsoka has a very strong mind. She is sometimes a rebel teenager.

Ahsokas POV

Why does my master hate me so much? Yeah I may have maybe got my group of clones in to a trap long story short, I was sadly the only survived. I have just came back from another lecture from my master Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.


"You were stupid and immature, but then again I should have not trusted you with all those clones because I have to remember that you are only a child still" Skywalker lectured his padawon. " But master I am so sorry!" Cried Ahsoka. " I know Snips it is just that you took all of those clones in to a death trap!" "Mast- " No ahsoka I don't want to listen to it! Just go to your room NOW!" Yes master" whispered ahsoka.