So, wayyyyyy more people than I thought asked for what would happen so I decided to post it here instead of answering each one (you have no idea, it was a ton) as you can't send identical emails and have to wait a certain amount of time. I didn't want to get in trouble or suspected of spamming so I'm posting here.

I also wanted to address the people asking if they could adopt the story or whether I would be adopting it out. The answer is no. I'm flattered that you would ask or that you love the story enough, but I simply don't trust anyone to write it for me. I think if I was going to do that, it would have to be someone that had the same passion and style as me as well as someone that I trusted not to deviate from my plan and I sadly don't have that, so I'm going to have to let this story go.

So here we go, the ending of TQOQ

Klaus and Caroline were going to go to a town house where Stefan was keeping Saoirse, and he was going to tell Caroline that he was willing to overlook Elena's death because Caroline might have been telling the truth about Elena's wanting to die but he couldn't overlook Damon's death. He would call on Klaus to ask what he would do if someone killed Rebekah and Klaus would reply that he would tear them to pieces.

At this point, someone would kill Stefan after a scuffle. See, this is why I couldn't write it, in some versions it was James, in others it was Caroline. I think I was leaning towards Saoirse doing it. All you need to know is that Stefan died, and it was very sad and Caroline was very upset about it, as was Klaus. She decides that she needs a lot of time to decide who she is without the threat of Damon and Stefan over her head and rebuild her life. Klaus obliges and tells her to call him whenever she needs him. There would also be an adorable scene where James comes and finds his redhaired love of his life and they would confess their undying love.

About 50 years, Caroline would be in the bar by herself and Klaus would arrive. End scene.

Hope I didn't disappoint, and I am sorry that I never got to write this but these things happen.