Story Name: Clary's sickness

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Summary: Clary is staying at the institute. Whilst Jace is away for a few days, she falls down sick. Is it the simple flu like she thinks or is there something bigger going on? When Jace arrives home, will he figure it out or will it be too late?

Disclaimer: I do not own The Mortal Instruments or its characters. I just own the plot of this story.

My first try at writing the Mortal Instruments :) I'll definitely need a lot of practice before it will be good, but heres a short story for now.

It was dark at the institute. Alec and Isabelle were around somewhere, along with Maryse. Clary would have looked for them, but was feeling too weak to do much of anything. Clary wasn't exactly sure why she had come to the institute but she thought perhaps she was seeking comfort. Her mother and Luke were on a weekend holiday.

In the last couple of weeks, she had no contact with any type of demon, so Clary wasn't that worried about her current state or sudden illness. She thought perhaps that she had come down with the common flu. That is what the majority of mundanes had come down with lately.

She made her way to Jace's room, considering she had only resided in the institute temporarily and no longer lived there to have a room for herself.

Jace had been gone for 3 days and was due to return tomorrow. He had not told Clary, or anyone really, where he was going, just simply stated there were some things he needed to do that were not involved with the world of shadow hunters.

Thinking about being away from Jace was starting to give Clary a headache, so she focused her clouded vision on finding Jace's room. It took her longer than expected to reach it, and she exhaled with relief when her hand rested upon the familiar door.

She stepped inside, her eyes adjusting to the dim light. The room was dark, but not dark enough to stop Clary from making out the outline of Jace's bed and belongings. She flipped on the light and then quickly turned it back off when the glare stung her eyes.

Jace's bed was neat and unruffled, a clear sign that no one had slept in it for a few days. She felt bad disrupting the precision of the sheets, but she just needed to lie down. Her bones were on fire and ever so achy. She thought that perhaps sleep would hit her as soon as she hit the covers.

She was wrong. She snuggled her feverish face into the coolness of Jace's pillow where Jace's own scent lingered. She took comfort in it, but sleep still didn't consume her. Her throat was dry but she wasn't up for getting a glass of water, and her head felt the weight of truck.

Clary didn't know how long she lay in Jace's cool bed, but her condition seemed to deteriorate. Shakes rattled her body and although her bones felt as though they were on fire, her skin was cold to the touch.

A low whimper escaped her dry lips and she squeezed her eyes tightly. She wondered how long it would take for Isabelle, Alec or Maryse to notice she was there.

Clary did not know how long she had been occupying Jace's room, but the light appearing behind the lid of her eyes indicated that morning must have been rising. She slowly pried her eyes open and noticed that Jace's room was the same, but with the sunlight from the blinds streaking in now.

She tried to pull herself to a sitting position, but dizziness hit her and she fell back down against the pillow. She breathed deeply, feeling seriously alone in the room.

A lump rose in Clary's throat and she quickly cupped her hands over her mouth as nausea rose. She couldn't stop herself from throwing up, and caught it with shaking hands. Tears burned at her eyes, knowing that Jace would have been annoyed with her for throwing up in his room.

Ignoring the pain and burning in her limbs, she rose to her feet and rushed into the bathroom to dispose of the sick. She washed her hands shakily, the cool water bringing comfort but pain.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes red and puffy, and her skin ghostly white. Her vision was cloudy and slightly blurred and focusing too hard on the mirror caused her instant dizziness.

Unable to steady herself against the wall, she seemed to collapse to the floor and into darkness.


When Jace finally arrived back to the institute, it was early morning. He had tried calling Clary on her cell to inform her that he was home and would be coming to meet with her after he had freshened up but had no answer. Perhaps she was busy.

"I'm back!" He announced as he entered the hallway, already taking sight of Maryse. She smiled at him softly, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. He wondered what had got her so ticked off so early in the morning.

"Hello, Jace. Nice of you to be back. I take it you have completed all that you needed?" She greeted with great difficulty.

He could see that she was finding it hard not to ask him where he had been to. "Yes, thank you, Maryse. Alec or Izzy about?"

She shrugged lightly, and continued on her way. "Somewhere, I suppose."

He grinned; glad to be back to the comforts of the institute, despite everything that had gone on there.

He was more concerned about getting freshened up and back to the comforts of his room before seeing Izzy or Alec, so he took the turn that would lead him right to the door of his room.

Smiling to himself, he turned the knob on the door to his room, and stepped inside. What his eyes saw kept him well grounded to the floor. He knew the condition he had left his room in – neat and tidy, just how he liked it. But instead, his bed was pulled apart – the blankets pushed back as though someone had slept in it and left hastily. At closer inspection, he noticed a liquid tinged with red covering the blueness of his covers and the same liquid on the floor. His shelves and belongings were undisturbed.

Dropping his things in the entryway to his room, he followed the trail of red liquid to his bathroom and hesitantly opened the door with his foot.

Expecting to see some kind of demon, he let out a loud gasp when he saw a familiar figure slumped on the floor.

He rushed forwards, bending down and pulling Clary into his embrace. He brushed her red hair back from her face and his heart clenched when he noticed the blood smudged around her mouth and the paleness of her complexion.

He had experience in taking pulses, and carefully wrapped his fingers around her wrist. Her pulse was weak but rapid. That wasn't a good sign.

Clary barely weighed anything, and her weight was nothing to Jace's strength, so he easily lifted her into his arms without her jostling her. Her skin was deathly cold and he shivered once before setting her down in his bed.

He wrapped the blankets around her and gently took one of her shaking hands in his. "Clary," He murmured, close to her face. "Clary, please wake up."

It took her a few moments, but Clary's eyes eventually opened. She was looking straight at Jace but her eyes seemed distant, confusion clear in her features. "J-Jace?"

"I'm right here." Jace murmured softly, debating whether or not to leave her for a few seconds to get someone to see to her. He decided to risk it although he didn't want to leave her alone. "I'll be right back." He kissed her cold forehead softly and quickly headed out into the corridor.

He didn't have to look for anyone because Isabelle was about to turn the corner at the end of the hallway. "Izzy!" He shouted, getting her attention.

She turned and quickly rushed to him, smiling widely. The smile quickly vanished when she took in his panicked and shaken form. "What is it, Jace?"

"No one told me Clary was sick!" He almost screamed.

Isabelle's eyebrows raised and she puckered her lips. "Clary's sick?" Her tone was worried. "I didn't know that…"

"So you didn't know she was passed out in my room?" He asked accusingly, but his voice was gentler.

"By the angel, no!" She exclaimed, her eyes widening in concern. She peered around Jace to his open doorway. "Let me see her."

"Is she infected by a demon?" Jace demanded, following Izzy as she headed for his room. "Did a demon attack? What if-"

"Hush, Jace." Izzy told him. She stopped short when she saw Clary's pale form against Jace's blue sheets. "Heavens…"

Jace rushed to Clary's side, stroking her cheek as she whined out to him. "She's sick, Izzy. So sick…just look at her. Maybe we should get Magnus and then we-"

Izzy cut him off by shaking her head. "No, Magnus won't be able to cure this. She hasn't been in any contact with a demon. Maybe she just has the flu…I mean, its been going around."

Jace looked at her sharply. "Does this look like the flu, Izzy?"

Isabelle slowly shook her head, approaching the bed and bending down to peer at Clary. "No, I guess not. I can get mom or something…"

Jace shook his head. Maryse wouldn't be able to help heal Clary except soothe her in some form.

"Well, we can't just leave her Jace." Isabelle pointed out, retrieving her phone. "I hate to do this, but the mundane hospital will help."

This time, Jace did not refuse.

My first time writing Mortal Instruments, and I've only read the books a few times so far, and of course the film isn't out yet. I'm currently reading Clockwork Prince and loving it :')

Sorry if things in this story differ from the actual things in Mortal Instruments, as I've said - it is my first try.

I hope you enjoyed it! and please review for the next chapter! :)