Chapter 23: Kidnapped!

As soon as Mufasa and Nessa came out of the room, dressed, Simba bumps into them and asked

"Daddy? Why was Nessa in your room last night? I didn't see her in her room this morning?"

Mufasa and Nessa didn't want to explain every detail about last night so Mufasa said

"Simba, There's something we need to tell you. Nessa and I are dating"

Simba was surprised as his eyes widened and his jaw open, which made Nessa giggled, as the cub said

"You mean you're going out with my nanny?"

Mufasa and Nessa smiles at Simba and nodded as the cub just smiles back and added

"Well if you guys are happy then I'm happy too but just don't tell me all the kissing stuff, its gross"

The couple chuckled as Nessa hugs Simba and replied

"Thank you Simba"

The three lions head down to the front hall to see Scar and Zira. Angel and Scamp then heads to Simba as Nessa and Mufasa walks forward to them.

"Scar, Zira...This is a surprise, What brings you here?" Mufasa asked.

"Oh we thought we come by for a visit, Is that OK?" Zira asked with a slight grin on her face.

"Well yeah but normally you two never come for visits unless we invited you to tea" said Mufasa.

"Is it really harmful of us to come here for a cup of tea uninvited, brother?" Scar asked with a cold look.

"No, No of course not" Mufasa shook his head with a smile on his face.

Zira looks at Nessa and said

"So I hear you are dating Mufasa now, Is that right?"

Nessa looks at the older lioness and replied

"Yes...but how did you know that? We only got together last night"

"Oh let's just say good news travels fast darling" Zira chuckled.

"Right" Nessa nodded.

"Well I guess I should be proud of you Mufasa, you finally are moving on with your life and Nessa seems the perfect girl for you" said Scar as he was faking everything he was saying.

"Thank you Scar, I would never be able to go on if it wasn't for Nessa" Mufasa thanked as he kisses Nessa on the forehead.

"So would you guys like to have tea with us?" Nessa asked.

"We would love that darling" said Zira.

"Shall we?" Mufasa said.

Soon the four felines headed for the longue room but little did they know, the hyenas were watching them from the front door with guns and masks to cover their faces.

"Now?" Banzai asked.

"Not yet you idiot! Scar said that we must wait till that brat is away from those hounds" said Shenzi.

Ed begins laughing insanely as Shenzi hits him in the head and hisses

"Shut the fuck up Ed"

Soon they saw that Simba was about to head upstairs while the servants were heading for the kitchen.

"NOW!" Shenzi yelled.

She bangs the door open as Banzai charges and grabs Simba who screamed


Scamp and Angel saw what was going as Scamp angrily yelled

"Hey! Let him go!"

He was about to charge at Banzai when Shenzi fires her gun at Scamp, causing one of her bullets to hit Scamp on the leg.

"Scamp!" Angel shrieked in alarmed.

"Stay! Or the little brat dies" Shenzi hisses as Banzai points the gun at Simba who was sobbing.

"I-It's OK Simba, you're going to be fine" Angel assured but her voice was shaken.

Mufasa and Nessa comes through the longue door and saw what was going on.

"What the?!" Nessa gasped.

"Simba!" Mufasa exclaimed.

Ed begins to fire his gun at the couple who were lucky to duck down to the ground in time as Ed continues firing blindly above the couple.

"Will you stop firing you fucking idiot?!" Shenzi yelled.

She grabs the gun off of Ed and then points it at Nessa and Mufasa. The older lion glares at them and growls

"What do you want from us?"

"What did you think we want Mufasa? We want your money" Shenzi evilly giggled.

"If you hurt my son, I'll kill you, you motherfuckers" Mufasa growled.

"Try anything and we WILL kill your son" Shenzi hissed angrily.

"Daddy! I'm scared! Help me!" Simba cried.

"Simba!" Nessa cried.

"If you ever want to see your brat again, we will phone you and let you in on the details and if you contact the police or try anything we find distasteful...well...I think you get the message" Shenzi giggled.

"You assholes won't get away with this!" Mufasa roared.

"Oh no? Watch us!" Shenzai deviously laughed as she points the gun at Simba.

She then turns to Ed and Banzai with Simba as she added

"Let's go boys"

The hyenas left with the crying Simba as their hostage while Nessa and Mufasa watched helplessly. Shenzi then points the gun at the couple and evilly growls

"Obey our commands or else..."

She leaves in the black van with the hyenas and Simba as they speed off from the mansion.

"No...Not Simba! Please not him!" Nessa cried.

"We will get him back you understand Nessa, We WILL get him back" Mufasa vowed as his urge for destroying the kidnappers and getting Simba back was growing so strong.

"Scamps" Angel cried as she holds her wounded boyfriend.

"Nessa, call the police and the ambulance now" Mufasa carefully instructed Nessa.

"B-But they said if we-!" Nessa sobbed.

"I know what they said honey but I know Sulley will not let those bastards harm my son, I assure you, Now go! Hurry!" Mufasa replied.

Nessa tearfully nodded and calls the police and ambulance while Mufasa helps out Scamp with Angel. Scar and Zira were watching from the longue room.

"They're making a foolish mistake" Scar growled.

"Let them call the police, By the time we're finish with them...It'll be too late for them to stop us" Zira evilly giggled.

They soon head out as Zira pretends to be in shock while Scar was holding her.

"W-What happened?" Zira acted afraid to them.

"Simba's being kidnapped" Mufasa angrily replied.

"My boyfriend's hurt" Angel cried.

"Oh no!" Scar gasped but fakes it so well.

"Scar! Help me out with Scamp" Mufasa exclaimed.

"Sure Mufasa" Scar nodded and helps out for now.

"Zira, check on Nessa" said Mufasa.

"O-Of course" Zira faked her stuttering and heads to where Nessa is at the phone as the young lioness calls for the police and ambulance.

Oh no! D:

Simba has being kidnapped by the hyenas!

Will Mufasa and Nessa rescue him before it's too late?

Will they soon discover who the REAL villains are?

Will Scamp be OK?

What happens next?

Stay tune to find out!