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Chapter one


Bellatrix Lestrange would never forget the day she was told, that she was unable to bear her own children. She had never been that furious in her entire life, and it had resulted in the torture of many healers at st. Mungo's. It was not that it was really a surprise; many purebloods had trouble carrying children to term. It was a fairly common issue in the society, in which she had grown up. However, being told that she could not possibly have her own children, had been devastating news. She had made a respectable pureblood marriage for the very reason, that she wanted to put more worthy children in the world. Children who deserved their magic. The Dark Lord deserved more loyal servants, and she had genuinely thought that he could provide him with those. So in an act of desperation, she and her husband did something terrible, that no one was supposed to know about. They killed two muggles, and kidnapped their daughter. They obliviated the girl, although she was only six months old, and pretended that she was theirs. Rodolphus had been keeping an eye on the muggles, and when their daughter had shown signs of magic, he could not help but envy them. Jealousy towards muggles was not a feeling that he appreciated. As soon as the girl was in their hands, they changed her middle – and last name, and started raising her as their own.

Bellatrix had never been happier than in the much too short time that she had with Hermione Cassiopeia Lestrange, who turned out to be an incredibly clever young girl. Of course they had to discipline her, but that was a part of being a parent, was it not? Rodolphus and her certainly agreed about that. All respectable purebloods did. Hermione, although only a toddler seemed to understand that. Bellatrix of course guarded the secret, that Hermione was not her daughter by blood very well. In fact, the only person apart from Rodolphus and herself aware of this deception, was her sister Narcissa, who had sworn the unbreakable vow not to tell anyone about the deception. She had also drawn up an engagement contract between her small daughter, and a respectable young pureblood wizard by the name of Vincent Crabbe. Bellatrix was very well aware that the young man was not exactly going to turn out attractive, but that did not really matter. Vincent Crabbe's father served the Dark Lord alongside Rodolphus and her, and it was expected of him to serve the Dark Lord as well, when he graduated from Hogwarts.

When Hermione was two, however, the most unfortunate thing possible happened. The Dark Lord fell, when he attempted to kill a young half-blood by the name of Harry Potter. No one was really sure what had happened. It was impossible for a kid that had not even turned to yet, to match the Dark Lord in power. Bellatrix certainly did not believe that that was the case. Neither did the small group of loyal Death Eaters that did not try to deny their service to their Lord. Rodolphus, his younger brother Rabastan, a man by the name of Barty Crouch Jr., and herself were desperate to find out what happened. That was how they ended up torturing Alice and Frank Longbottom, who were both Aurors and had been fighting the Dark Lord in the Order of Phoenix to insanity. They had wanted information about what had really happened, and in rage they had ended up taking it out on the couple. Not that they felt any remorse about it; Alice and Frank Longbottom were considered blood-traitors, which was one of the worst possible things that the little group of Death Eaters could think of.

The torture of the Longbottoms however, had caused them to be convicted and sent to Azkaban. That was when Hermione Lestrange was sent to live with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy – her aunt and godfather – and her cousin Draco, who was her age. In the first weeks, the two-year-old had cried constantly. She had missed her mother's touch, however unkind and cold it could be at times, and she had not been able to understand where her parents were. After some time, however, she adjusted. She loved her aunt and cousin dearly, and she tolerated Lucius even though he could be chillingly unpleasant and scary at times. She was a very well-behaved young lady who learnt quickly how to carry herself, how she should speak, and what good etiquette was. She would often be brought to tea parties with other high society magical females with her aunt, and she quickly befriended Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson, who were both raised similarly to her. Hermione, who had never been told about her parents' crime however, wondered why she was receiving such cold treatment by Augusta Longbottom, an older witch with a hard front, who apparently had a grandson Hermione's age. She was still behaving as she was supposed to around the woman, though, she just avoided her whenever possible.

Growing up, Draco and her were taught certain morals, read certain books, and was instructed in who was worthy of their attention, and who was not. Hermione furthermore was instructed that she was not to be alone with anyone of the opposite sex, and that she was to be chaperoned by either a family member, her fiancé or another female. However tiresome Hermione found these rules, she did not protest to them. She knew better than to cross her elders, especially considering the punishment they provided. She did not fancy being beaten, slapped, jinxed or cursed, and she was fairly sure that the punishment for being improper was in the worse end.

As she grew up slowly, she grew very fond of her blond cousin. He always seemed to protect her, or help her when she was in trouble. He was easy to have a civilized discussion with, and for most part they agreed on how the world was supposed to be. They confided their secrets in each other, and covered for each other when they broke rules. Hermione had told him about how much she dreaded being betrothed to Vincent Crabbe, and Draco in return told Hermione that he wanted to marry Pansy Parkinson when he grew up. Hermione had been fairly happy about that, because that would make Pansy her family, and because it meant that she would never lose contact with her dear friend.

The family made frequent trips to Diagon Alley, where they bought Hermione appropriate dresses, and Draco handsome robes. Often Lucius would leave Narcissa with the children, while taking trips to Knockturn alley, to purchase less... Regular supplies.

Aunt Narcissa treated Hermione like her own daughter, which Draco claimed was because she had always secretly wanted a girl. But Hermione was not just any girl. She was a young, beautiful, graceful pureblood witch, who was going to be very successful someday. Narcissa knew that her sister firmly believed that the Dark Lord would return, but she could not help but to hope that she was wrong. She knew that if he did, Bellatrix would guilt Hermione into taking the Dark Mark, and she did not want to see that. She was also scared for Draco, but as Lucius was slightly less unstable than his sister-in-law, she felt sure that he was not going to force his son.

The years passed, and the children grew up. Narcissa felt very melancholic the day that two owls arrived with identical letters sealed with the Hogwarts crest. Her son and niece was growing up. They were going to Hogwarts this summer. It was both a happy, and a sad thought. She just hoped that they would both be sorted into Slytherin, knowing that Lucius would throw a fit if they did not. Of course he had also made the eleven-year-olds very aware that this was the only acceptable place to be sorted into. Narcissa regretfully remembered the day that her cousin, Sirius Black had been sorted into Gryffindor, and how their family had reacted to that. She did not want that image to repeat itself.


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