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Chapter two: New Teams.

"NARUTO! WAKE UP!" Soifon shouted from the kitchen, which somehow summoned him at the table with utensils at the ready. She sweat-dropped at how he suddenly appeared and thought 'This kid could surpass me in terms of speed in time.'

Her thoughts were broken when he shouted while banging his utensils on the table "FOOD SENSEI! FOOD!" she face-palmed herself while thinking with a small smile 'At least he appreciates my cooking. I wonder why no one in the SWA (Sereiti Woman's Association) doesn't like it?'

She just shrugged and set about making a quick breakfast of eggs and toast with melted butter, when she placed it in front of him he immediately dug into it with stars in his eyes. She sighed at his antics saying "Eat slower or you'll choke."

He nodded and ate at a slightly slower pace, once he swallowed a bite he asked "Can you believe it's been a week since we first met?" she shook her head replying "Hardly; now hurry and finish your food so you can graduate." This made him nod again and continue eating the unbelievably delicious breakfast.

When he was done he threw on his new clothes, which consisted of a black sleeveless cloak with the kanji for 'Demon King' on the back written in bright red, under the cloak he wore a red long sleeved shirt with a black whirlpool insignia on the chest, he also wore black combat boots, a pair of jeans, and a belt with a silver whirlpool buckle.

Turns out his Sensei immediately hated his orange jumpsuit(s) and 'borrowed' a new set of clothes for him, as for the jumpsuits they were 'accidently' yet maliciously destroyed at the dry cleaners, courtesy of Soifon herself. That was two days ago.

After he was done getting dressed he got his Zanpakutou and ran out the door with his sensei, in soul reaper form, following close behind. After a few minutes they arrived at Naruto's class room, where his fellow classmates were chatting amongst themselves.

Up in the corner sat Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuuga, the latter consoling the former saying "It's not that bad really; you didn't really lose anything to begin with. Sasuke-san never had much character anyway, so don't worry. I'm sure you'll one day find a good boyfriend." This seemed to make the blonde girl perk up a little "You think so?" she asked "I know so." Replied the Hyuuga heiress.

They heard a voice that said "Excuse me, can I sit here? There's nowhere else." The two heiress' turned and saw Naruto, who was rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. The two girls making him sit down, Hinata was blushing at being so close to him while Ino was making a face that showed she was thinking about something.

Soifon sat on the desk cross-legged while noticing the lavender-eyed girl's blush and her shy demeanor, the 2nd squad captain scowled a bit and knew this girl needed some help, fortunately she developed a plan now was the time to act on it so she made herself scarce, this caused Naruto to raise his eyebrow at why his sensei left, but he shrugged and waited for Iruka to show up so he may start the test.


Sarutobi Hiruzen sat in his office gazing through his crystal ball, watching the graduating class. With him were a number of his best and finest Jonin, several of which had taken an interest in this year's crop. "Okay, let's hear it. Any particular students you want in your team?"

Kakashi Hatake stepped forward saying "For Team 7 I request Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki." The Sandaime Hokage nodded and motioned for the next one.

Kurenai Yuuhi went her turn saying "For Team 8, I request Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame." Hiruzen nodded again.

This time Asuma, the Sandaime's son, stepped forward "For Team 10, I request Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akamichi, and Ino Yamanaka."

Unexpectedly Anko Mitarashi stepped forward and said "I request Naruto Uzumaki for an apprenticeship." This caused several murmurs amongst the various Jonin, and Anko's closest friend Kurenai thought 'Not once has she even considered taking a team, let alone an apprenticeship. Why the sudden change?'

Then a black-haired woman with grey eyes said "For my team, I request Naruto Uzumaki, and Hinata Hyuuga, I'll decide on a third student later." This caused more murmurs amongst the Jonin, the Genjutsu mistress asked Kakashi "Hey Kakashi-san, who is that?"

The masked man replied while secretly fingering the pocket where his favorite book was located "Her name's Soifon; last I heard she is a prodigious Taijutsu user on par with Gai, she was just recently promoted from Chunin after a mission went horribly wrong, yet she still survived. Beyond that I don't really know her." The red-eyed woman nodded. The Jonin listened as the aged Hokage said "Explain why you want them."

The masked pervert said "Well, I can teach Sasuke how to use the Sharingan when he unlocks it, which is obvious. I can also teach him various jutsu and Taijutsu. Sakura is highly intelligent and can therefore be the strategist and Genjutsu user of the team. Lastly, Naruto's rivalry with Sasuke will help the two grow stronger and bond plus I'll be sure and teach them teamwork exercises." When he finished Soifon scoffed, which was noticed by everyone. "Something you want to say?" Kakashi asked the grey-eyed woman.

She nodded and began speaking "Pairing those three together is a very BIG mistake. You see, Sasuke is arrogant and full of himself, and he doesn't play well with others; he'll likely make himself the 'leader' of the team and refuse to respect anyone of higher authority. Sakura is a fan-girl and pairing her on the same team as her crush will prevent her from training seriously, and on a side note brain-smarts won't help you if you can't put them to use with physical prowess.

Finally, Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry is extremely bitter, this will cause tension to rise quickly within the team until it finally explodes, the end results wouldn't be pretty." When she finished the aged Hokage tapped on his desk in thought.

Kurenai then began to explain her reason's "My team would be an excellent tracking team. Kiba Inuzuka with his nose, Shino Aburame and his insects, and Hinata's Byakugan would be the perfect combination and furthermore…" she was interrupted Soi-fon who said "I'll stop you right there, your team is overspecialized.

While they would be an ideal tracking team, if they don't have any combat abilities then they would easily be overwhelmed by the enemy." At this Kurenai looked like she had just been slapped by her mother who was punishing her.

Asuma then asked "Anything snarky to say about my team, Soifon-san?" she scoffed with a smirk on her face as she said "Hardly, snarky; just facts. Anyway your team his based on the previous Ino-Shika-Cho team, yes? While that team may have been effective, the next one may not be so much; because the enemy would have developed strategies to counter the previous generation."

Hiruzen finally said "Good reasons on all counts. I'll have to revise the Team placements from what all of you requested." Anko then asked "What about me?" the disguised SR (Soul Reaper) replied "I'll judge based on your reasons for requesting him specifically." Unknown to everyone she already knew the answer.

The snake mistress sighed saying calmly "I owe the kid okay? He saved me from being raped." This caused everyone in the room, except the grey-eyed captain to gasp in shock. Speaking of her she thought 'That's not quite what happened.'

Flashback: Five days ago.

"PUNCH HARDER! MAKE IT BREAK!" Soifon shouted at her student who was, as she instructed, punching a boulder. It had several spider web-like cracks in it, finally after one last punch it shattered into hundreds of pebbles.

She nodded at him in approval saying in her 'teaching voice' "Good, it seems that becoming a Soul Reaper has multiplied your strength. With enough training you'll become even MORE powerful. Next run ten miles with one of those boulders on your back." Naruto nodded and was about to retrieve one until he heard a scream, in an instant he ran towards the source. Behind him his sensei shouted "GET BACK HERE! YOU'RE NOT DONE YET!"

After less than three minutes of running, Naruto spotted a woman in a trench coat who was Anko Mitarashi, he had met her a few times and she seemed like a decent person, although her style of dressing was questionable. He had asked if she was a hooker the first time they met, which earned him a punch in the face and her shouting a 'Fuck you Gaki! I will stay a virgin until I'm married!' in short, she wasn't.

Back to her current situation, she was clutching her arm which was bleeding and there was a multi-limbed Hollow that had her cornered. The Hollow said "Don't know what kind of Reishi you've got, but it smells delicious." In response she glared at the Hollow and said angrily "Fuck you! I swear I'll fucking kill you!"

Above them stood Naruto who was clutching his Zanpakutou, he jumped down and drew his blade at the Hollow. The snake mistress grit her teeth due to the pain in her arm, she growled out "Get the fuck out of here Gaki! This thing is out of your… [Whud]" Soifon hit the back of Anko's neck, which knocked the snake woman out.

The blonde boy smirked at his Sensei and nodded to her in thanks, he turned his attention back to the Hollow saying "This woman is a friend of mine, so I'm NOT afraid I'm going to have to kick your ass." The Hollow's mask seemed to grin as it said "Well, well. Looks like I'm in for a grand feast."

The blonde Soul Reaper drew his Zanpakutou and charged at the Hollow, from the wrists of its arms came out several crescent shaped blades, it attempted to eviscerate Naruto with its blades, however Naruto jumped up and over the Hollow and landed behind it. The Hollow attempted to turn around to face the young boy but was met with a slash across the chest then a kick to the face sending the Hollow back.

It growled and then disappeared into a black tunnel the blonde boy attempted to chase after It, but was held back by his Sensei. "Stop Naruto! It's gone! There's nothing else you can do!" he shouted out towards the Garganta "I'LL KILL YOU YA BASTARD! JUST YOU WAIT!" the Garganta closed leaving the blonde and his Sensei alone, with a still unconscious Anko.

Soifon sighed and asked "How'd you know she was in trouble?" the whiskered boy replied "My five senses have always been much sharper than a regular human's." she nodded and pulled out what appeared to be a lozenge dispenser.

She gently opened the unconscious woman's mouth and popped a pill down her throat. The whiskered Soul Reaper had a confused face, as if his Sensei noticed she explained "These capsules modify the memories of those who swallow them. The memories all depend on the person's imagination. Now then, let's leave. You still have more training to do."

He nodded and the two left to get back to training.

End Flashback.

Soifon smirked at this ,and that she cleverly used the memory capsules to integrate herself into society, then said in a professional "That's a good reason. The reason I want him is because I personally met him and saw his potential, and I can help him achieve it. In Hinata's case she also has potential but she needs someone to help her with her confidence issues."

As if she took offence the Genjutsu mistress angrily said "I can train and help her confidence just as well as you can." At this the grey-eyed captain glared at the red-eyed woman saying "Really? From what I heard you have a little history with her, am I correct? While I'm sure you can be a good teacher, Hinata need's a tough and but fair teacher that will push to her limits and make feel more confidant. Not smother her with motherly affection and whisper sweet words in her ear that won't help her."

Kurenai seemed extremely offended and wanted to shout at the new Jonin but was stopped when the Sandaime Hokage said "Enough! I have decided on the teams. Team 7 will be taught Kakashi Hatake, his students will be Sasuke Uchiha, Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka. Team 8's Sensei Kurenai will have Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, and Chouji Akamichi. Finally Team 10 will be jointly taught by Soifon and Anko Mitarashi, the former teaching Taijutsu and the latter Ninjutsu. Their students will be Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga and Shino Aburame."

Asuma stepped forward asking in a frustrated tone "What about me pops? Why can't I have a team?" the Hokage sighed and answered "Sorry, but you'll have to wait for the next batch." The chain smoking Jonin just scoffed and pulled out a cigarette.

And with that the Sandaime said "Meeting adjourned." With that he got up took the crystal ball to where it belonged and waited for the 'Eternal Chunin' to bring his paperwork. As the Jonin left Anko said to Soifon "Tell me straight; why do YOU want to teach Naruto?"

The disguised captain smirked and replied honestly "Suffice to say, I owe him too." The snake user nodded saying in a professional tone "Okay then, you work on the kid's Taijutsu and I'll help them with Ninjutsu; deal?" the Shinigami captain nodded in agreement. As she left she wondered how her student was doing.

With Naruto.

Iruka was calling out the test scores so students would know how well he did, one name he called out was "Naruto Uzumaki, score: 87%" the blonde grinned to himself thinking 'Whoever said I'm dumb was an idiot. Sure I have a hard time understanding complicated questions, but who doesn't?'

"All right, let's head outside for the rest of the exam." The Chunin teacher said, making his student's follow along with a secretly fuming Mizuki who thought the blonde boy would fail, due to his lack of attention in class. Said teacher was planning on getting revenge for the loss of his hand.

After a few minutes the class gathered outside. Once the students were assembled the silver-haired teacher said to the students "Okay we'll start with Kunai and Shuriken. You'll get five from each set." The students acquired their respective sets, once they were done Naruto was the top scorer.

Next came student vs. student spars, Naruto was paired against Sasuke, which became a repeat of their fight from the previous week. Finally the Jutsu test came, when it was Naruto's turn he was asked to use a Henge, a Kamawari and finally a Bunshin.

For the Henge he transformed into his Sensei Soifon, for the Kamawari he switched himself with Iruka, and then came the Bunshin, he made a hand-sign and secretly used Flash Step, which was taught to him by Soifon to replicate himself using after-images making it appear like he used a Bunshin. Thanks to this he had passed.

When he was presented his headband he accepted it with a cheeky grin saying "Thanks Iruka-sensei." The whiskered boy's surrogate brother nodded replying back "Congrats, Naruto." The blonde boy tied the headband around his arm and went to his seat to await team pairings.

After several minutes Iruka called out "Team 7, will be Sasuke Uchiha, Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka." Sasuke scoffed, Shino remained silent but thought 'Save me.' And Kiba was VERY angry that he wasn't paired with a cute girl, but hoped his sensei would be a hot babe.

"Team 8 will be Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, and Chouji Akamichi." The scarred teacher stated causing the two girls to start bickering at one another, and Chouji to whisper to his friend Shikamaru "Please help." The lazy Nara could only sweat-drop and wished the best for his friend.

"Team 9 is still active so Team 10 will be Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga and Shikamaru Nara." Iruka finished. Naruto nodded to Shikamaru in acknowledgement, with the lazy boy nodding in return; Hinata was blushing up a storm at the fact she was paired with her crush and was doing her best not to faint.

In a few minutes two women showed up one wore a trench coat the other wore a white and black haori with orange on the inside of it. The one with the trench coat shouted "WE ARE TEAM 10'S SENSEI'S. WHICH OF YOU ARE NARUTO, HINATA AND SHIKAMARU?"

The three addressed Genin stood up, while Naruto thought 'What's Sensei doing here? Don't tell me she somehow sneaked into the ranks as a Jonin.' Said Sensei gave him a stern look that said 'Not a word' making him keep his mouth shut.

Kiba out of nowhere shouted "DAMN IT! WHY DOES THE DOBE GET TO BE WITH THE HOT CHICKS?" the 2nd squad captain glanced at the dog boy and immediately thought 'Perverted brat. If he makes a move on me, I'll strip him of what makes him a man.' She cleared her throat and said calmly "You three are our students, follow us."

The three Genin nodded and followed their new teachers. Once they made it on the roof, they sat down with the captain saying "All right, let's start by introducing ourselves. My name is Soifon, most of my likes are private. My dislikes are traitors, perverts, people who are useless and arrogant people. My hobbies are cooking and training. My dream is to one day find love and live a quiet, happy life."

It was the Snake mistress' turn as she said "I'm the sexy and single Anko Mitarashi! My likes are snakes, dango, and torturing people who deserve it. I dislike brats, assholes, my former sensei, bigots, and perverts. My hobbies are training, working in I&T department, and hanging out with my friends. My dream is to find someone to accept me for me and not my body and marry him."

Naruto went next as he spoke "The name's Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are ramen, the few friends I have and foxes 'And Soifon-sensei'" he thought at the end then continued "My dislikes are arrogant punks, people who think they deserve respect when they don't, ergo arrogant punks; and fan-girls. My hobbies are training and learning new techniques. My dream is to one day be the strongest man in the world, and have a large family."

Hinata blushed at the latter part of his dream and said "My name is Hinata Hyuuga. My likes are… [looks at Naruto and blushes] I mean my likes are flowers and cinnamon buns. My dislikes are people who take advantage of others and those who bully and put down other people. My hobbies are training and flower pressing. My dream is to well…" she stopped in mid-sentence and performed a full-body blush making the grey-eyed captain think 'I REALLY need to help her confidence. NOW.'

Since Hinata wasn't going to continue Shikamaru went ahead "My name is Shikamaru Nara. Too troublesome to say anything else." This made everyone sweat-drop at him. The Snake mistress sighed then spoke "Okay then, tomorrow we'll begin. So be sure to get up bright and early and meet us at training ground 5 at 7:30 pm sharp. Don't be late or you'll be UNPLEASANTLY punished. Got it?"

The three nodded quickly making the two teachers to smirk and then they disappeared in a blur. The three Genin decided to call it quits and head home as well.


Naruto was opening the door to his apartment when he walked into the living room he saw a girl black hair with a bun on the back. Within a second he drew his Zanpakutou and shouted "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" the girl jumped back and landed on her butt.

She looked up in surprise and said "Please don't hurt me! I was just waiting for someone!" the blonde boy raised an eyebrow then heard "Naruto, sheathe your sword! She's a colleague of mine." He turned and spotted his sensei Soifon.

The grey eyed woman turned to the trembling girl on the floor saying "Sorry about that Hinamori-san. My student is quick to act without thinking." She offered a hand to the girl on the floor, and helped her up.

The new girl bowed saying "I'm sorry for scaring you sir. My name is Momo Hinamori." The blonde nodded saying while sheathing his blade "Naruto Uzumaki. Why are you here Hina-san?" the lieutenant replied "I was sent here to retrieve Soifon-taicho's findings about this place, and did I hear correctly that you were her student?"

The grey-eyed captain answered "Yes, in an act of desperation I gave him some of my power. However it seems he somehow developed his own and permanently became a Shinigami. He saved me so I am training him."

The brown-eyed lieutenant nodded in understanding and said calmly "I see. I hope you work well together. Now your findings?" the captain pulled a notebook from her pocket replying "That's all I've got for now, I'll get more as I go." The brown-eyed girl nodded and opened a doorway to Soul Society saying "Thank you. Your next report will be due in a month. I won't tell the captains about your student since they may get the wrong idea."

Soifon muttered a thank you as her fellow Shinigami left. When the doors disappeared she turned to her student and asked "Now that that's done, what do you want for dinner?" he grinned and shouted "RAMEN!" she dead-panned saying "Denied. You're getting fish and vegetables."

He slumped his shoulders but shrugged and went to his room to read some of his manga.


Mizuki was on his way to Oto with the Forbidden scroll on his back, until a figure cut him across the chest making him die instantly. The figure looked something akin to a jaguar; standing next to him was someone more human-shaped.

The 'jaguar' asked "Don't see why we need this piece of crap. There's nothing in there we can use." The other one replied "Perhaps we can't learn the techniques in here, but there might still be something useful Grimmjow." The one referred to as 'Grimmjow' just growled and waited as his 'boss' read through the scrolls contents.

After a few minutes the human-shaped figure said "Well now, this IS interesting." The jaguar asked "What? What'd you find Aizen?" Aizen just chuckled and answered "Something that will prove interesting. Leave the scroll; we have no more use for it." And with that the two disappeared.

End chapter two.

Omake #1: Jiraiya PI.

Jiraiya was investigating the destruction of his books, and Kami help him he was going to find the culprit even if it took his whole life! He was wearing a trench coat and fedora so as to hide his identity as he waited under a flickering street light for his informant.

"Heard you were looking for information. That right?" the 'Sannin' turned to face the silhouette of an old man with a cane. The Sannin asked "Do I know you from somewhere?" the figure quickly shook his head saying "No we've never met. Anyway the one you're looking for is a FOXY one."

Jiraiya tilted his head and asked "Muten Roshi?" the revealed turtle hermit screamed "AH! SOMEBODY TALKED! NO ONE IS SAFE!" with that he ran down the street leaving a very confused Sannin.

End Omake #1.

Omake #2: Why the SWA doesn't want Soifon's cooking.

"Okay, this meeting is underway." The president Yachiru said in her cheery voice with a bowl full of candy on her right. Isane the 4th squad lieutenant said "You know, I noticed that Yachiru-san likes sweets but she never eats any cook…" she was interrupted by her captain and Nemu who both whispered "Don't say the 'C' word." Retsu Unohana then whispered "During one of our meetings Soifon-san brought 'them' and president-san became addicted to 'them'

She stills suffers from the addiction, whatever you do don't say the 'C' word." The silver-haired woman quickly nodded then a black-haired girl named Rukia came in and said "Sorry, I forgot the cookies." Time slowed down as all the women turned to the pink-haired girl who was frozen stiff.

Her pink hair turned navy blue as her eyes became big and seemed to threaten to pop from her eye sockets. She started to grow in size until she was ten feet tall, then she screamed in a deep voice "COOKIEEEEEEEES! COOKIE MONSTER WANTS COOKIES!"

Later that day several bakeries were violently robbed, and were their entire stock was stolen. Cookies were forever banned from the market.

End Omake #2.

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