Synopsis: The Grimes family has split up, and now it's just Rick and Carl left on their own in the world. After being offered a job in Atlanta as a detective, Rick, along with his partner, Shane, and son, Carl, leave Kings County for the city. Everything in their lives are changing, and they both have to come to terms that nothing will be the same again. Rick hopes he can be a good enough father for his son, while dealing with his new duties as a detective and struggling with his growing feelings for an Internal affairs Officer named Michonne, who has taken a keen interest in him. Carl on the other hand is just trying to grow up normal and find his own place in the world, and after meeting Beth Greene, he soon catches himself falling for the country girl. The father and son will go a series of trials, victories, and loses, but as long as they have each other, they'll be alright.

Author's Notes: This is an AU, which means no walkers and no end of the world. I've always wanted to write a story on what if the world never ended, but along with that I wanted to see how the Walking Dead characters would be if some things in their life were different, and that is really what this story is about. If things were different in another life, would these people still meet and could they survive each other. This story will focus on the relationship between Rick and Carl, because I personally feel they have the most interesting father and son relationship I have ever seen. As for pairings, their will be a lot of them, but I'll do my best to focus on the plot of the story. Also, I won't have any OCs in this story, there are so many characters in the Walking Dead universe, that I don't feel any need to use an OC. I'm going to use every Walking Dead character I can, from the TV series, Comics, and Video Games, so expect to see many familiar faces. Well, with nothing left to say, I hope you enjoy this story! Review, give me feedback! I value everyone's opinion!

Disclaimer: The walking Dead and all its characters belongs to Robert Kirkman, AMC, Telltale Games and whoever else I'm forgetting, I make no profit, I only some times get reviews!

Warning: Rated T for language, violence, and many other stuff and things. Rating will go up in later chapters!.

Chapter 1: A fresh Start

There are many things that are always a constant in life, one of those things is Change. For better or worse, change has, and always will, be a defining factor in a person's existence. Now you have to understand, Change and destiny are not the same thing; destiny tells you what you will become, while change gives you an opportunity to become something. Whether or not you want to take that opportunity is up to you.

Change can be good sometimes, like getting a promotion at work, or being able to make a fresh start for yourself and your family, other times in can be bad, like getting a divorce and having to leave everything you've ever known behind.

The Grimes men were going though both at the moment.

A father and son drove in silence, both lost in their own worlds, it had been like this for some time now, it wasn't that one of them was ignoring the other, it was just that they both were trying to come to terms with their changing lives. It just so happens that both father and son had the same way of dealing with their problems, and that was closing themselves off to world.

The father, Rick Grimes, was a man in his early thirties, he had coal-black hair, strong, yet kind blue eyes, his face was clean shaven and his cloths neatly pressed. There was an air of wryness about him, and if you saw him, you'd guess that he hadn't slept in a couple of days, and you'd be right, he hadn't.

Ever since the divorce had been finalized, he hadn't been able to sleep worth a damn. Ironically, it wasn't the fact that he had just separated from his wife that caused his lack of sleep, it was the fact that there were so many other things that had been plaguing his mind, he was worried about how the divorce would affect his son, he was worried about starting his new job in the city of Atlanta as a detective, he was worried about living in the city! He was born and raised in the small town of Kings County, how the hell was he going to adjust to the city? There were just too many things on his mind lately.

The son, Carl Grimes, a young pre-teen, he wasn't a kid anymore, but he wasn't quite yet a teen either. He had a mop of brown, messy hair sitting on his head, his eyes were a strong blue, matching his father's, but unlike his father he wasn't dressed as neatly, his cloths hung on him in a way that just screamed "Messy" and "damn it, I just want to go back to sleep."

The boy's mind wasn't that concerned with the things his father was worrying about, in fact, his mind wasn't really on anything at all. Not his parents divorce, his dad's promotion, leaving Kings County to live in Atlanta, none of that. His mind was too preoccupied with staring out the window, watching the familiar scenery he had grown up with, slowly turn into new and unknown, trees were slowing being replaced with sidewalks and skyscrapers. It was strange, he really didn't have an opinion on moving to the city of Atlanta, when he was a kid, he had always dreamed of living in the big city, breaking away from his hometown and making a name for himself. Now what that name would be, he wasn't too sure of. Some days he thought about being a rock star, other days a business man, maybe a skateboarder, but then he just thought he'd follow in his father's footsteps and become a cop. But none of those dreams came to mind at the moment, mostly because he never thought he'd be living in the city till he finished high school...or college.

So the Grimes men continued their journey in silence, it wasn't until they finally got to the police department in Atlanta that the two even so much as uttered a word.

"Looks big." Carl said, looking out the passenger side window at the imposing building.

Rick nodded in agreement. "Yeah...yeah it does."

Rick sighed.

Carl sighed.

They really didn't know what to say to the other, things had been pretty awkward to lately, they just needed a distraction, something, anything!

"Hey what's up Grimes boys!" A man yelled smacking the hood of their car.

The Grimes men jumped out of their seat, they both looked out the window to see Shane walsh, holding onto the car for support and laughing his ass off.

"You had to see your faces!" He laughed even harder, holding his ribs. "It was priceless!"

Rick smiled from the driver's seat, happy to see his childhood, and still best friend. Carl who had been ecstatic to see his uncle, had already thrown open the car door and ran to hug Shane.

Shane grabbed Carl, and brought the kid into what he called a 'man hug', "Hey Buddy, took ya guys long enough to get here." he placed the per-teen down, and ruffled his shaggy hair. "Damn, Rick, boy's growing like a weed."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Rick replied laughing, joining his son and best friend. "He keeps growing like this, I'm gonna have to get another promotion just to cloths him."

"Still standing right here guys." Carl said, playfully glaring at his father and uncle.

The two adults shared a small laugh, and Carl smiled seeing his dad actually look happy about something. Shane always seemed to be able to lighten any mood, it was one of the many reasons the Grimes men were happy to have him in their lives.

Shane slowly stopped laughing, he looked towards the police station then back at Rick, he now had his cop face on, "So, you ready, Detective Grimes?" He said, with a small cocky smile on his face. "Captain's been waiting for ya."

"Just me?" Rick asked, raising an eyebrow Shane's way.

Shane held his hands up in not guilty way. "I already spoke with him, but he told me not to say a damn word bout anything till he speaks with you."

Sighing Rick looked down at Carl, then back to Shane. "Think you can take him to the new apartment for me?

"Sure, no problem." Shane said with a nod. "Pretty hungry anyway, might make my self a snack while I'm there."

"Just don't eat my eat of house and home again, Shane." Rick replied remembering what happened last time Shane was hungry and near his fridge. It never stopped to amaze him how his friend could eat like an obese cow, and still not look the part.

"Man you live in an apartment now! Ain't no house no more!" Shane shot back as Rick tossed him the keys to his car, he then hoped in it, and waited for Rick to say his goodbyes to his son.

Carl stuffed his hands into his pockets, looking at his father with a small smile. "Don't worry dad, todays your big day. I'll be fine with Uncle Shane.

"Yeah I know, but..." Damn he wasn't good with his words these days. "Today is your big day too, first day in the city."

"I promise I won't explore the city without you," Carl held up his hands in not guilty way, copying what Shane had just done. "I'll just wait at the apartment and that's it." Truthful he was kind of exited to be able to stay alone for once, in Kings County, his mom always told him to stay in the house or in her sight, now he was free to do what he wanted.

"You know, Shane's coming right back here right?"

"Yeah, so?"

He noticing his dad give him the 'I'm sorry' look. He then said "Yeah...about waiting in the apartment...alone."

"Oh, Come on dad, really?" Carl asked paling slightly. "I'm twelve, I'm old enough to stay on my own without a babysitter!"

"Don't think of it as a babysitter, Carl." Rick said, trying to make his son feel better. "Think of it as you two looking out for each other."

Sighing, Carl said a half-hearted goodbye to his dad, he loved him, he really did, but he really wished he'd stop looking at him as a kid. Getting into the car, he noticed Shane looking at him apologetically, the man ruffled his hair again, then took off down the street.

Watching as his best friend and son sped away, Rick could only pray he made the right choice on accepting this promotion in the city.

Grimes Apartment, 3:00 PM

Shane threw open the door to the Grimes apartment, strolling in like he owned the place, Carl followed soon after, laughing at his Uncle's antics.

Truth is, Shane wasn't technically his uncle, him and his dad had just known each other since they were old enough to walk, and Shane had known him since the day he was born, he was even his god father, so he was as close as an uncle as he was going to get, well besides his mom's brother, but he barely ever saw him.

Shane came out of the kitchen with a large sandwich in his hand, and Carl silently questioned how he had been able to make it in only two minutes flat. He also hoped there was still some food left in the fridge. "Alright buddy, I gotta meet ya dad back at the station. Your little babysitter will be here soon."

"Come on, Shane!" Carl pleaded "Do I really need a babysitter? Can't I just ya know, stay on my own."

"Ay man, your dad's orders, not mine." Shane said finished his sandwich in one giant gulp, Carl wasn't even sure if the man took a bite out of the damn thing.

A light knock on the door caught their attention, Shane smiled at Carl, but he just sighed and plopped himself down on a nearby leather coach.

Shane opened up the door, and came face to face with Carl's babysitter, smiling he said "Hey, little man, you ain't gonna say hello?"

Rolling his eyes, Carl jumped up off the couch, he made his way over to the door, ready to give an empty hello then hide in his room till his dad got home, but when he actually saw his babysitter, he stopped dead in his tracks.

His babysitter had to have been only two years older than him, she was a young, pretty girl, with golden blonde hair wrapped in a loose pony tail, she had gentle blue eyes and a perky face. She gave him a warm, bright smile, she then said "Hi, my names Beth Greene. Guess we're looking out for each other from now on."

Suddenly, Carl thought that having someone to look after him wouldn't be too bad.

Author's Notes: Well there is the first chapter, and the next one will be up soon. I'm just really happy I get to write Shane in a fic, without having to redeem him somehow, haha no sleeping with best friend's wife here. If you're wondering why I broke Rick and Lori up for this AU, it's not because I wanted Rick/Michonne hook up, I just felt that if Rick had never been put into a coma and the world never ended, their marriage might not of lasted as long as it do, I also did want a reason to make Rick want to move away from Kings County. If ya have Any questions, suggestions, or feedback, just ask, hope ya enjoyed the first chapter, please review!

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