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Chapter 5: Stuff, Things, and Halloween.

Grime's Apartment

Walking out of his bedroom, Rick self-consciously adjusted and brushed the clothes he was wearing. Today was his real first day of work as an Atlanta city cop, and to say the least, he was nervous as hell. Even just the little things were driving him crazy. He just wasn't use to actually wearing such causal cloths to go to work. Reaching the kitchen, he was greeted to the sight of his son getting ready to leave for his own first day of.

Carl looked at his dad and gave him a small smile "Guess I can't get out of this one, can I? He said as he threw his backpack over his shoulder.

"Not if I can't." Rick says smiling down at his son. "Looks like we're both gonna be pretty busy now."

"Yeah, guess you're right." Carl said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "Do you know when you're gonna be home?"

"Sorry, I might not make it home for a while." Rick replied studying his son.

Nodding his head slowly, Carl made his way to the door and opened it, but he didn't walk out of the apartment, he just held the doorknob with his back turned to his dad. "I know just… don't forget your way back, ok?" He then walked out of the Grime's apartment.

Rick stood in the middle of the room for a moment after Carl left. He let the words of his son sink into his brain, silently wondering if he could do what his son wanted him to do.

"Guess we'll find out." Rick whispered to himself.

Atlantic City police Department.

Captain Dale Horvath sat at his desk, looking forward at the faces of Detective Rick Grimes & Detective Shane Walsh. "Well boys," He started with an aged smile "Today is your first real day as city cops here in Atlanta, and since there's no time for training, you're gonna have to just adjust fast."

"So we're not gonna have Denzel Washington in the backseat of our car telling us to smoke PCP and help kill people with Dr. Dre?" Shane Joked.

Captain Horvath raised an eyebrow at Shane then looked at Rick for a translation.

Rick sighed and said. "He's been watching too many city cop movies, sir."

"King Kong ain't got shit on me." Shane muttered to himself quietly.

"Indeed, son." Captain Horvath laughed at. "Well, I do have someone here who can give you a heads up on what to expect." He pressed a bottom on his intercom then said "Amy, you can send him in now."

"Oh, thank you, god!" A young woman's voice said from the other line. "He'll be right- oh,Christ, what fu-"

The Captain took his finger off the intercom. "Yeah… he should be walking in right no-"

Captain Horvath's door was then kicked opened with a bang, making both Rick and Shane both jump, but Captain Horvath just chuckled and sat calmly in his chair. A gruff man walked into the office, he was dressed in all black, from his combat boots, jeans, sleeveless black shirt and leather jacket. His short brown messy hair seemed to portray the disgruntled look he was giving off. All in all, he didn't look the slightest bit happy to be where he was at the moment.

The man slammed the door behind him then leaned against it, crossing his arms he fixed the Captain with a heated look. "What the hell am I doing here, old man? I got work to do."

"Nice to see you too, son." Horvath said with a fatherly smile. "This is detective Grimes & Detective Walsh."

"And I'm the freaking tooth fairy looking to spread Christmas joy." The man spat. "Why should I even care?"

Horvath then replied "You should care, son. You're gonna be giving them some words of encouragement today."

A moment passed in silence. The man looked at all three people in the room like a wolf would look at a pack of sheep.

"Why?" The man growled out, bearing all of his teeth like a feral dog.

"Harrison said you would." Horvath said with a tricky glint in his eye.

The man's mouth hung open after that. Anything he could have said had died off. All he could do was drop his head down and mutter. "That blonde, sneaky bitch."

The Captain laughed jolly, then looked to Shane & Rick, who were sitting in their chairs awkwardly listening to the conversation that was taking place between their superior officer and the disgruntled man. "Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Special Victims Detective Daryl Dixon.

"I hate you, old man." Daryl said pushing himself off the door. He walked closer to the three other men, looking at them all with pure hatred in his eyes. "Let's just get some things clear before I start this little circle jerk pep talk…" He took a deep breath then continued talking. "First thing, I hate ya'll. Only reason I'm here is cause a certain blonde haired attorney manipulated me here."

Horvath cringed. "Manipulation is a strong word, Daryl."

"Like I give a shit." Daryl countered. "Second, ain't everyone gonna be a hero here. Good people die, bad people too. It's the filthy sacks of shit that get to live in this city. Remember that."

"Damn, that was beautiful." Shane sarcastically said to Daryl. "You should read for freaking sick children. Got some more advice for us?"

A small scowl appeared on Daryl's face. "Ya tryin to start somthin, asshole?"

"And here we go again…" Horvath sighed to himself, already knowing where Daryl would go from someone aping him up.

Daryl and Shane glared at each other, while Rick looked back and forth between the two, mentally trying to come up with a plan to squash the coming storm between his partner and this gruff city cop.

The tension continued to build in the room as both men stared the other down. Shane's snarled his nose, Daryl's squinted glare hardened, Rick worriedly looked at the both of them, while Captain Horvath…the Captain was playing solitaire. Wait, what?!

Snapping his head towards his Captain, Rick eyed the older man like a man slowly losing his sanity "Are you really doing this now?" He snarled at him.

The captain shrugged. "I'm trying to beat my high score."

Rick's eye began to twitch in overdrive.

"So you gonna whip it out first or should I start this lil date?" Daryl asked, slowly reaching into his leather jacket, grasping the gun in his holster.

Shane smirked, griping his own gun. "Ah, gentleman ain't ya? Letting me whip it out first."

"Ay man, ya show me yours and I'll show ya mine" Daryl growled.

Rick then shouted "No one is whipping anything out, damn it!"

Just then the door was kicked open again and a woman with blonde hair, sapphire eyes, and a rage filled glare stomped into the office. She looked around the room like a hawk looking for her prey, and when her heated glare found Daryl, everyone in the room could have sworn that the temperature had dropped below zero.

"Why?" The woman whispered in a cold, brutal tone that made fear run through the souls of every man in the room.

Daryl chewed the inside of his cheek, trying to think on his feet as he mentally thought of a genius reply to say to her. "Got no clue what yer talkin bout, Goldie locks."

Bad Answer.

The blonde crossed the room in less than a second, and was in Daryl's face before the man could even blink. "I will castrate you!" She spat verminously

Subconsciously, Rick, Shane, and the Captain all covered their groin…just in case.

"Can I get a why?" He asked.

The raging blonde smiled a humorless smile. "Sure, why not?" She took what looked like a deep cooling breath, cracked her knuckles then stepped forward and gripped Daryl's leather jacket. "Why the hell did you tell my sister that mermaids aren't real?!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Rick's eye started to twitch so bad, he swore that he busted a blood vessel in his eye.

Atlanta City Middle School

Carl stood in front of his class. The new kid, in a new city, in a new school, on the first day of school, looking at his new class, who were looking at him with blank, dead fish like eyes.

'Why the hell did the teacher feel the need to make me do this?' He mentally groaned to himself.

"Go on now, Carl,. They ain't gonna bite." The teacher said softly to him.

The young Grime's boy tried his best not to give his teacher his uncle's famous look that said 'I will shoot you in the damn face'

He must have slipped up and gave his teacher the look anyway, because the man just laughed and said "Don't be giving me the look boy! I got enough of that from my ex-wife" He joked.

"Sorry, Mr. Everett." Carl sighed and ran a hand through his messy short hair. 'I hope dad's having an easier time than me…'

"You apologize right now or I'll whip it out on you." The blonde woman yelled at Daryl.

Shane then cut in shouting. "Ay, I was gonna be the one who whipped it on him!"

"Asshole, ya ain't got the balls to whip it out on me!" Daryl counted.

"Man, I'll whip it out on you anytime, any day, Bring it!" Shane replied.

"Oh, I'll whip it out." Daryl challenged.

"Then do it!" Shane howled back. "Whip it out already ready."

The woman then cut in. "No ones whipping anything out if you don't apologize to my sister!"

The Captain looked up from his solitaire game, "You kids always trying to whip things out on each other." He sighed deeply. "Think you all need a time out." He softly spoke to himself. "And Andrea at least greet our new detectives."

Andrea looked at the two new city cops, then looked back at Daryl. "Say your sorry to her or I'll swear you'll never whip anything out ever again!"

"Good lord, I shoulda just stayed in the marines with Merle." Daryl muttered to himself. "I could of whipped anything out any damn time I choose,"

"Will everyone stop saying 'Whip it out' already!?" Rick hollered trying to calm the situation down.

Just then the door was opened again, and a small, young blonde woman's head poked out from the door frame gently. "Sissy, did he say he's sorry yet?" The girl said weakly, sniffling a bit. She looked like she had been crying for hours.

"He'll do it soon, Amy." Andrea reassured her sister. "And if he doesn't I'll whip it out on him." The woman said as she threw a treating glare towards Daryl.

"Then whip it out already!" Daryl shouted back at her. "We both know it ain't gonna be the first time!"

Andrea snorted "Oh, grow up, Dixon! It was a Christmas party, and last time I checked you whipped it out first."

"Ya wished I'd whipped it out at ya, woman!" Daryl barked back.

"Should I whip it out too?" The young blonde woman, now known as Amy asked.

Rick raised a concerned eyebrow towards the younger woman. "By whip it you…you mean…"

Amy shifted self-consciously where she stood, looking both at Daryl and her older sister. "Well, dad gave sissy a gun when she turned 21 so…it was only fair…"

Rick's eyes widened slowly. "Don't tell me you have a…"

Amy bashfully whipped out an ebony Ladysmith handgun, where she was hiding it, well that would stay a mystery to Rick..

"Hot damn!" Shane howled "Finally someone whipped something out!"

It was then that Rick's fragile mental state finally broke. He was sure that he'd go blind or his eye would fall out from twitching so damn much.

Carl bashed his skull against his locker, mentally and physically berating himself for what had just happened in his history teacher's class just a little while ago.

He knew that Mr. Everett was right. The other kids in the class weren't going to bite him…he was just afraid of them judging him. I mean, how couldn't they want to judge him? He was just the small town pre-teen who moved to the city with his cop dad and uncle.

He didn't own any designer jeans or have an up to date cellphone, for God's sake, he still used his dad's old track phone and it worked freaking great! His wardrobe consisted of cheap cloths and sneaker, he never bothered to comb his hair anymore, since his dad never forced him too like his mom did. Hell, he wasn't even sure what the hell a social network was! Was it some type of black market thing? His uncle warned him about things like that!

There was something to be said about a nervous Grime's man, and that something was that they were horrible at dealing with it, and Carl was no exception.

"I, um, I mean, my name is uh, C-Carl Grimes." He was starting to sweat, he knew he was! Damn it, why was he sweating? It was fall for Merlin's sake! "I do stuff…ya know things…and I like…things and stuff."

Damn it! He was entering no man's land now in his mind! There was only one way out of this situation If he couldn't solve his problem like a Grimes, he'd have to solve it like a Walsh would.

Taking a deep breath, Carl whipped the sweat off his forehead, looked at all his class mates head on, there would be no turning back after this…

"My name is Carl fuc-"

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Carl muttered repeatedly, smashing his head against his locker. The other students had finally stopped trying to question what was wrong with the boy and just kept on their way, hoping to avoid the new, insane boy.

"You're going to knock yourself out if you keep that up." A soft voice said from behind Carl.

He slowly stopped banging his head on his locker, and for a moment it actually looked like he was going to stop, but before a half a minute passed, the boy had started doing it again, with even stronger force. 'Bring on the concussion!'

"Please stop." The girl pleaded softly. "I don't like when people get hurt" She almost sounded close to tears.

Sighing, Carl regretfully pulled his head away from his locker, not even bothering to rub the red, sore knot that was forming on his forehead. He turned around to face the worried girl and gave her an angry look.

The girl stepped back a little when Carl looked at her. She looked around the same age as Carl, but he saw that she was clutching a doll under her arm closely. When she caught Carl looking at her doll, the girl brought it even closer and looked down. "It h-helps me feel better carrying it around. Don't judge me." The girl whispered defensively

"I, I uh wasn't. I mean I didn't. I…damn it!" Carl said finally shouted making the girl jump and hold the doll closer to her body. He then turned around and started to bash his head against his locker again, this time twice as hard.

'Good job, brain! You betrayed me in front of my class and now you made me accidentally make fun of a shy girl my first day of school. What's next? I kill a piggy?!'

"Hey, asshole! You making fun of Sophie?!" Someone shouted from the side of Carl.

Carl quickly turned to the voice in question. "Wha-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence because he was cut off by the fist of some angry-looking girl.

Grime's Apartment

"So….what happened?" Beth asked as she gently placed some frozen peas from the Grime's fridge on Carl's eye.

Carl shrugged, he tried to look away to maintain some dignity, but Beth just turned his head so he was facing her.

"Stop moving." She says as she moves his face closer to hers. "And what happened to your head? You have a big knot on it?" She moved even closer to Carl, and the pre-teen could feel her hot breath touching his forehead.

He tried to think of something to tell her, but nothing good enough came to mind. He wasn't the best at lying, he got that trait from his dad. Badass boast of bravery were more his uncle's thing. "I…uh got punched."

Beth's eyes flared up, or at least they tried to. It was pretty hard to be intimated by a fifteen year-old girl wearing a pink beanie hat. "Who?!"

"Ithinksomegirl." He muttered extremely fast.

"What? I didn't hear you, Carl?"

Sighing, Carl started to slam the frozen pack of peas against the already large knot on his forehead.

"Stop that!" Beth leaped for the peas and tossed them away from the Grime's boy. "At least I know where the knot came from." Sighing, Beth grabbed a cloth from the kitchen counter and drenched t in cold water from the sink.

tilting his head to the side like a confused dog, Carl trained his good eye on Beth and watched as she soaked the wash cloth in water then wrung it dry. She then walked over to Carl and tied it around the right side of his face to it was covering his right eye.

"There." Beth said admiring her handiwork. "Leave that on for a couple of hours and the swelling will go down by night."

"I got knocked out by a girl." Carl grudgingly said.

A beat passed between the two youths. Neither Beth nor Carl said anything. He just stared at her, not really knowing what to say, and she looked right back at him with an unreadable look of her own.

Finally a full minute passed and Beth gripped Carl's face and said "Aww!"

"Damn it!" Carl groaned out.

"What?" I think it was very admirable that you didn't hit a lady back. You're such a gentleman, Mr. Grimes." Beth intimidated an old Victorian accent as she spoke.

Carl didn't bother telling her that said girl actually snuck up on him and he didn't even have time to even think about a counter attack. "So how was your first day?" He asked trying to change the subject to anything but what they were talking about.

The girl looked away and shrugged. "Same as last semester. Boring classes, shallow girls…annoying boys." She muttered the last part more to herself than Carl, but he heard it anyway.

Carl's ears perked up at the mention of annoying boys, yet he tried his best to keep a poker face. "What do you mean annoying boys?"

"Nothing much…" Beth started leading Carl away from the kitchen and sitting them both down on a couch. "Just this guy named Zack who's always asking me out, and he's got these two annoying friends Randal and Jody who always follow him along everywhere."

It was at that moment that Carl finally obtained the Grime's special ability to have their eye twitch rapidly.

"Oh, God, Carl, is your other eye hurting you too?" Beth asked worriedly.

He thought to himself as his eye started to twitch even faster.

Beth brought her hand behind Carl's head and brought his face close to her own again, she then softly traced her finger around his face and twitching eye, trying to see if their was any damage. She didn't have the medical knowledge that her father had, but she was trained enough to at least find some injuries if she tried hard. "Do you feel any pain when I do this?" She said with worry in her voice.

"N-n-no, it actually feels kind of good." He bashfully stuttered, trying to look Beth in the eyes.

The girl perked up, giggling slightly. "Good. Happy to help, cowboy."

Atlanta Police Department

"I think that went well." Shane said with content on his face as he ate away at his pizza.

Rick stoically sat next to his brother, trying his best not to even acknowledge the man, but after five minutes of the man brutally devouring his slices of pizza like a deranged flesh eating monster, he finally felt the need to speak up with his care free friend.

"You need to tell me what the hell just happened?" He demanded.

"What ya mean?" Shane questioned as guzzled his soda.

There was times in Rick's life that he wondered how he even kept his own sanity intact. "You know what I mean!"

The ex-country junior deputy just shook his head in ignorance.

"The captain's office!" Rick shouted. "That deranged detective, that crazy lawyer and the Captain's secretary!

"Ohhhh, yeh! That whole mess." Shane seemed to finally grasp what Rick was getting at…or he just chose to stop messing with his best friend's head. It was hard to tell which one was which. "Well I reckon we just survived our second Mexican standoff."

"And nothing about that struck you as…odd, brother?"

"Nah, just another day at the office."

Giving up on trying to reason with his brother, Rick leaned back in his seat, praying to whatever God existed that he still had some aspirin back at the apartment.

"I thought I banned you guys!"

Shane and Rick turned to see the familiar face of the pizza boy who the earlier loved to torment.

"Ay, lil buddy, how's it hanging?" Shane friendly asked.

"My name is Glenn!" The pizza boy screamed. "I wear a freaking name tag for God's sa-"

"Glenn!" Shane yelled cutting off the young man. "Where the hell is our check?"

"AHAHAHA!" Glenn screamed and dove at Shane.

Shane jumped out from his seat and cracked his knuckles "Oh, bring it on, pizza boy. BRING IT ON!"

Grime's Apartment

"Did you really have to throw the kid at the wall?" Rick asked as they walked up to their apartments.

Shane rubbed the back of his head, "Ay man the kid was a slippery little ninja."

"He wasn't a ninja, Shane." He corrected.

"Then how the hell did he manage to get my head in the oven?" Shane questioned.

"Cause you put ya damn head in there looking for more pizza in the middle of a fight!" Rick hollered back. "Ya lucky the cops weren't called."

Shane just laughed as he unlocked the door to his apartment. "Man, we are the cops!" He then closed it behind him with a hearty slam.

Sighing for what seemed like the millionth time today, and believe me that number was most likely higher than whatever the hell he was counting, Rick unlocked the door to his own apartment and walked on in.

The place was silent, then again, it was late as hell, Carl would have already knocked out.

Rick casually walked around the apartment, not really feeling like going to sleep. He just wasn't tired. It had been a long, stressful, weird day at work and he wasn't ready for the night terrors he was bound to be having thanks to the antics of the day.

He went to sit himself on the couch, but he ended up sitting right on his sleeping son, who had been hidden under the covers and shadowed by the dark room.

Carl up, shaking the blanket off of his face. He looked at his dad, and smiled, he hadn't seen him all day and it was killing him having to wait to talk to him again. "How was work?"

Rick shrugged "Shane started a Mexican stand-off between another detective, a lawyer, and the lawyer's little sister." A little piece of himself died inside when he realized he had gotten so use to Shane's antics, that talking about them came out so causal. Almost like he was discussing the weather. "How was school? And what's with the wash cloth bandage?" He asked taking notice of his son's odd choice of headgear.

"Cursed at my classmates, accidentally made fun of a shy girl, then got sucker punched by another girl. So, ya know, it sucked. " Carl didn't bother trying to hide how his day went to his day. If their was one person who could understand weird days, it was his dad.

A small chuckle escaped Rick's mouth, and Carl had to let out one of his own, just because it felt like the right to do.

"So, we got our first day over with." Rick said.

"Seems like it, dad." Carl replied, stretching his limbs as he threw off the blanket. "I'm not tired though."

Rick nodded in agreement. "I'm not either. Wanna get something to eat? Think I saw a dinner that was still open when me and your uncle were coming back."

A small smirk appeared on Carl's face. "Don't you have work in the morning?"

Rick smiled down at his son. "Don't you have school?"

Kenny's Dinner

"Alright gentleman if you need anything, just holler and I'll be over here in a second." A blonde short-haired waitress said as she handed off Carl and Rick's food to them. She then walked away and started to yell to the kitchen. "Yo, Kenny, that order took forever! Your old ass dead back there or what?! Cause if it is, I'm taking my break soon!"

"Damn it, Molly!" Kenny yelled back, poking his head out from the kitchen. "Will ya just deliver the damn food and not make comments every time! And stop calling me old!"

The waitress named Molly just rolled her eyes in reply. "Then stop being old! Don't make me bring Hilda into this."

"Ya bring that damn ice pick into my dinner again, I'll dock ya pay, damn it!" Kenny growled back.

Neither Rick nor Carl paid little too much attention to the waitress and the cook's argument. A lifetime of being around Shane would slowly make you stop to question people treating to kill the other.

"This city needs therapy" Carl muffled out though a mouthful of food.

"Tell me about it." Rick replied back, his own mouth stuffed with food as well.

2 Months Later

Atlanta Middle School

"Dad's gonna kill me when he finds out I failed my history test." Carl groaned to himself as he continued bashing his head against his locker.

Teachers and students passed by the distraught teen, not even bothering to question or interject as to why Carl was abusing his head against the old, metal locker. They'd seen the kid around for the last four weeks and at least one a week he'd end up hitting his skull against something, so they'd all learn to accept it and walk away.

"Who cares when Abe Lincoln was shot? Do I look like Doc brown?! "He yelled to one. "I can't time travel and save the guy!"

"I'd think you were more of a Marty McFly than a Doc Brown." A familiar voice said from behind him.

Carl quickly whipped around to see the girl who had sucker punched him a month ago standing there, she was also with the shy girl he had seen that day as well, and of course she still had her doll tucked under her arm. The two girls were also with another girl who had a pleasant and calm smile on her face and a boy who looked like he was a humanized version of ADHD in a Crystal Meth pipe.

"Hey, Eliza, hey Eliza, hey Eliza!" The boy repeated at the girl who had spoken to Carl.

"What?!" Eliza yelled back. "What the fuc-"

"Swear" The calm girl said interrupted Eliza.

"Sorry Clementine." Eliza apologized to the other girl. She then took a deep soothing intake of breath, "Now, what do you want, Duck?" she asked, letting out some air and looking at the hyper boy.

Duck beamed then pointed at Carl. "That's the kid that swore like a sailor the first day of class."

Eliza palmed her forehead. "I know, Duck, I was there-"

Duck cut her off. "He's also the new kid!"

A growl escaped through Eliza's lips. "I know, Duck. I was ther-"

"He's also the kid that mad of fun of Sophie!" Duck said interrupting her again and pointing to the girl with the doll.

"I freaking know, Duck!" Eliza shouted back at the boy. "The school isn't that damn big and we're all small!"

"Swear." Clementine said in a sing-song voice.

Eliza gritted her teeth at Duck, but didn't continue to curse at the boy. "Sorry, Clem."

The girl with doll behind under her arm, Sophie, finally spoke up after remaining silent they entire time, "Um, Eliza," she started walking closer to the angry girl.

"Yes Soph?"

"The new kid is running away." Sophie said clutching her doll closer.

"WHAT?!" Eliza shouted whipping her head back to the direction Carl had just been, but the other thing she saw was his slightly dented locker and his book bag.

Carl ran as fast as his legs could take him away from the demonic kids he had just had to deal with. He didn't know where he was going and he didn't care, all that mattered was getting the hell out of dodge.

'Don't stop, can't stop, won't stop!" He screamed internally to himself. 'I must runaway, I must runaway, I must runaway!'

He passed teachers, students, all of them were fixing him strange looks but he didn't stop explain, he didn't have the time! His only concern was to get away from that group of kids before they caught him, cause if they did they'd most likely do…stuff to him. THINGS! Oh, God, the things! They'd do stuff and things to him!

Atlanta Police Department

Rick stopped dead in his tracks as him and Shane were about to walk to the station, a concerned look found its way to his face and he looked off into the city.

Shane caught his look and walked up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Ya alright, brother?"

"Yeah…I think so." He answered slowly. "I just had this sixth sense like feeling, ya know like Carl needed me or something."

Shrugging, the two men walked into the police station, but Rick still couldn't shake the feeling that something was going on with Carl.

When the two men got to where their desks were located, they found Amy, the Captain's Secretary, waiting for them.

"Good morning detectives." Amy beamed, clearly being in a much better mood than she was yesterday.

Shane smiled at her, taking a seat at his desk. "Morning , darling, ya seem happy today."

"Well, that's because I am." Amy said smiling. "And don't call my darling. It's Amy or Ms. Harrison. Never Darling."

Rick chuckled at the deflated look Shane gave Amy. "So what changed your mood?" He asked the woman.

Amy smiled widened. "Oh, just that sissy got Daryl to say he was sorry to me." Her smile grew even more when she said the last part.

"How?" Rick and said at the same time. Apologizing didn't seem like the style of the rage filled guy they had met the other day.

Amy smiled a cheshire cat smile, "Oh, she has her ways." She says darkly.

Both men felt a cold chill going down their spine, they made a metal note to never mess with the Harrison sisters as long as they lived.

"Anyway," She started perking up instantly. "The cap gave your first official case! Congrats!" Amy handed Rick and Shane two matching folders then strolled away.

"Did she just congratulate us on having a homicide case? Rick wondered aloud.

Shane nodded his head in equal confusion. "Yup, I think she did…did you also notice she was wearing a mermaid costume?"

A moment passed in silence.

"Yes…yes I did." Rick finally answered.

And the God's honest truth, Amy was wearing a mermaid costume, neither had actually said anything at the time, but she was indeed wearing the costume.

Shane gave a question look to his lifelong best friend, partner and brother, "What day is it?"

Looking at the calendar on his desk, Rick glanced to see the date. He didn't know it off the top of his head. For the last month it had just been wake up, go to work, go to the dinner with Carl (and Shane if he found a way to tail them,) and then back to work. Looking at his calendar Rick instantly found out what day it was and a lump found it's way into his stomach.

"SHANE!" He yelled jumping up from his desk.

"What?!" His buddy asked, panic in his voice as he looked at his brothers frantic and desperate look on his face.

"It all makes sense now!" Rick whispered softly. "Why Amy was dressed as a mermaid, why candy has been on sale all freaking week, why the pizza parlor has pumpkins littered everywhere!"

Shane's whole body started to shiver in fear as he slowly cached on to where Rick was going with this tangent.

"Shane," Rick looked at his brother in fear, and inconsolable despair. "It's Halloween!"

Shane's eyes widened and his heart stopped. "That means it's also…"

"Carl's birthday" Rick finished.

There was complete silence after that, neither man said a God damn word. They just stood their, listening to their own hearts beat faster, and faster, and their souls slipping away to a place of untold horror and nightmares.

As the two men stood frozen in place, Daryl walked right passed them, pushing two handcuffed men in front of him. One was dressed as the Joker, while the other was dressed as a pink power ranger.

"I hate this God damn holiday." Daryl muttered bitterly

Atlanta High School

If you asked him, Carl wouldn't be able to tell you how it happened, but for some unholy reasons he was now running through the halls of Beth's high school. He personally didn't think he had done it purposely, but his body had definitely stolen control over his body somewhere between the crazed boy Duck's ramblings and Eliza's outburst, he didn't care though. All he knew was that he had to get someplace safe, so for some reason that meant being around Beth…for whatever reason that meant.

Carl's legs started to get tired eventually, and his speed started to drop from a sprint, to a slow run, and finally to normal walking. He bent over slightly and took large intakes of air, trying to get some oxygen back into his burning lungs.

It was only when he finally stopped and tried to catch his bearings ,that Carl noticed something strange about his surroundings. Everything was orange and black. There were decorations all over the high school, all color synced to be orange and black, there were fake pumpkins, and skeletons, and all type of ghastly things around him.

"Damn, it looks like Halloween threw up on this place" Carl said between pants.

He inhaled deeply again, but just as he went to exhale, his heart froze in his chest, his lungs lost all air, and his eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

"Oh, no, it's…it'-"

"Happy Halloween!" Beth screamed in Carl's ear as she tackled him.

"AHAHA!" The boy yelped as the blonde girl brought him down to the floor.

Beth laughed as she sat on top of Carl, a broad smile on her face. "What are you doing here, Carl? Aren't you a little bit early for high school?" She teased.

"Hey, I'll be here next year! I'm almost thirteen…" The boy's words fell dull on his lips. He just realized, he was finally thirteen, not almost, not soon to be, actually thirteen.

Today was Halloween, his birthday, and the entire day he had forgotten.

Beth looked down at Carl, the boy had stopped talking all together and just looked at her with a blank stare, "Carl, are you ok?" She asked, slowly moving off him, afraid that she might of hurt him.

"Today's my birthday." He whispered so softly and quietly that she didn't even understand what he had said.

"What'd you say, Carl?" She asked.

"Today," Carl repeated slowly, getting up from the floor. "Today is my birthday."

Beth stared for a second at Carl, and he stared back, the two teenagers just looked at each other for a good minute, then out of the blue, Beth broke the silence.

She let out an ear piercing scream and then dived back on top of Carl, bring the now newly teenager to the floor with her.

Rhee Pizza Parlor

Shane barrel rolled into the pizza parlor, while Rick all but jumped through the front door after him.

"What the hell are we doing here, Shane?!" Rick questioned, panic rising in his heart as he realized the clock was ticking.

"PRESENTS!" Shane howled as loud as he could.

"This is the Rhee pizza parlor! Why in god's name would they have ANYTHING Carl would need or want?!"

Shane didn't answer him though. "GLENN!: Shane Screamed at the top of his lungs. "Glenn, I know you're in here!"

A beat passed, then someone screamed from inside the kitchen. "Go away, dude! Please, I'm still nursing my body."

Shane huffed, rubbing his hair in frustration. "Ya did it tell yourself, Glenn!"

"You through me at a wall!" The Asian man shrieked back.

"Take it like a man!" Shane stared to sprint to the kitchen.

"Shane!" Rick interjected, holding Shane back. "Gift, brother, gift" He says soothingly trying to calm his best friend down. "Why are we here? Why did you think we could find a gift for Carl here.

Panting, Shane pointed to the kitchen. "He's Asian, right?"

"Yeah…" Rick answered slowly.

"So…he should have a sword, right?"

Glenn popped his head out from the kitchen door, "Dude, that's Japanese! I'm Korean!

Rick stared at Shane .

Shane stared at Glenn.

Glenn started to dial 911 on his cell phone.

"Ok, we can fix this, we can come back from this." Rick says to himself as him and Shane continued to speed passed the other cars on the highway.

Eventually the two arrived at a comic book and a music instrument store. The two stood between both stores, sweating, panting, and looking back and forth at both stores frantically.

"What's he want?" Shane frantically asked, voicing both of their concerns.

Rick gripped his face with his hand, "I don't know!" He really didn't. Carl was the type of kid that cared about material things. Hell most of the kids hobbies was hanging out with him and Shane or hanging out with Beth for Christ sake!

"Screw it!" Shane finally screamed. "Buy ya think he'll like!"

"Right, remember, no porn, hookers, or guns." Rick reminded his partner.

Shane raised an eyebrow at Rick.

Rick sighed. "Alright, gun next year."

"Woohoo!" Shane sprinted away one way.

"I'm gonna regret that." Rick said to himself as he ran the opposite direction.

Greene Apartment

"So, cowboy, you're thirteen, it's Halloween, what's the plan?" Beth asked from behind her bedroom.

Carl stared at the ceiling as his head rested against the Beth's door. After telling her that his birthday was today, the girl dragged him all the way to her apartment and exiled herself to her bedroom. Now he was stuck waiting outside, slowly dying of boredom.

"The plan is," Carl picked his head of the door, "To not die of starvation, and maybe keep some sanity in the end!"

Beth then replied "You're lucky it's your birthday jerk, or I'd call you a jerk!"

Carl hoped she understood the irony in what she just said.

"And I know that was ironic what I just said, smarty pants!" She hollered back.

Carl sighed. "Dad's right, woman are evil mind readers.

The door to Beth's bedroom opened and Carl went tumbling inside when he lost his support. He looked up and came face to face with Beth's smiling face.

Beth was wearing an old western styled pink cowgirl outfit, she even had a matching pink hat and plastic guns.

In short words, Carl's jaw dropped.

Beth giggled, tipping her hat and winking at him, "So what do ya think cowboy?"

"I, uh, um, uh…" And the battle between his Grime's and Walsh upbringing had stared again. "Me think stuff and things…and…and…holy shi-"

Beth closed her hand over Carl's mouth. "No cursing, cowboy." She said with a laugh.

"Well, well, well," Someone said from outside Beth's room, "Bethy, you have a boy in your room!"

Both Carl and Beth's faced turned hot and they jumped away from each other.

Beth sprinted out of her room, "Maggie, you're home!" She jumped into the woman's arm and hugged her.

"Um, who's this?" Carl said slowly walking out of Beth's room.

Maggie pulled away from Beth and smiled at Carl, she walked over to Carl, hips swaying with each step, she then leaned down till she was eye level with the teen. "I'm the sister, little man," she says as she runs a single finger across his cheek.

Carl turned such a deep shade of red that it looked like he was going to pass out.

While Carl was turning a deeper and deeper shade of red as the seconds ticked away, Beth was watching from behind her sister, turned red as well, only while Carl was embarrassed, Beth felt a little differently.

"Mags," Beth said slowly, voice gaining a cold chill to it "Could ya please take your finger of Carl."

Maggie smiled coly at Beth "Something wrong there, sweetheart?"

Closing her eyes, Beth gave toothy smile at her sister, "Nope, just making sure ya don't get your hands on my thirteen year old."

"Oh," Maggie smiled brightly at her sister, laughing as she walked back over to Beth and brought her into a bone crushing hug. "Your thirteen year old?" She teased. "I got ya baby sister" She then winked at Beth.

Now it was Beth's turn to turn red. "I watch over him sometimes when his dad isn't around. He lives a couple of doors down from us."

Maggie's smile grew, "Oh, how romantic."

"I'm right here you know" Carl said, trying and failing to not make his voice crack when he talked. He just couldn't keep his composure around Beth right now, and her sister...well he was trying to keep his eyes away from the older woman.

"It's his birthday today." Beth says walking over to Carl and standing beside him. "We were trying to figure out what to do for it."

"I know what you two can do" Maggie cryptically says as she wiggles her eyebrows seductively.

Beth and Carl looked at each other then Back at Maggie in confusion. "Like what?" They said at the same time.

Maggie opened her mouth to speak, but closed it right after. "Damn, kids these days are naive."

Grime's Apartment

"Christ, man, that took forever." Shane grunted as he hauled Carl's present out of his trunk."

Rick muttered a million different things under his breath as he took his own gift out of the backseat of the car as well. "Why are the stores crowed today of all days."

"Halloween, brother, Halloween." Shane says as he walks behind Rick as the two make their way to the Grime's apartment. "Alright, tells get this nightmare started." Shane whispered as Rick unlocked the door to the apartment.

Walking into the apartment, Rick expected to see the disappointed face of his, but instead he's met with the sight of his son and the baby sitter he hired to watch said son, passed out on the floor, candy scattered all around them and a blanket draped over them.

"Ain't they just the cutest thing?" Maggie asked, walking out from the bathroom. She was dressed in a cowgirl outfit like Beth was, only hers was a little more…revealing.

Rick stared at the woman, a thousand questions clearly written on his face as to who she was and why was she in his apartment with his son and babysitter.

Shane only had one question though. "You're over eighteen, right little woman?"

For some reason Rick's trigger finger started to itch. "Brother.." He warned darkly.

Maggie laughed, "Nineteen if you're wondering." She then pointed at Rick, "And you must be the father," She then pointed to Shane's "And you must be the uncle."

"Yeah, that's me." Rick answered.

"Yup I'm the uncle. A damn fine one too." Shane says with a wink at Maggie. He earned himself an elbow to the ribs from Rick for that, but he knew it was worth it.

Rolling her eyes, Maggie walked over to the sleep teens, she then gently started to wake both of them up. "I'm Beth's older sister," Maggie says she shook Carl harder since he wasn't even budging awake. "We took this little man on a candy bender."

"I thought he said he was too old for trick or treating." Rick wondered to Shane.

Carl groaned, sitting up from his place on the floor, "No one's too old for candy, dad." He then doubled over and rolled onto his back "Oh, God, maybe I'm too old for that much candy"

"Need, healthy food." Beth moaned as she staggered to her feet. She held out her hand and helped Carl gain his own footing.

Silently thanking Beth, Carl looked to his uncle and father, who were holding two gifts in their hand, well at least he thought they were gifts. Shane rarely wrapped his food in wrapping paper in less it was Christmas…and that was usually only to hide it from Santa Claus's elves.

"Those for me?" He asked pointed towards the gifts in his dad and uncle's hands.

'Oh, yeah," Shane and Rick said at the same time, they then place both of their gifts on the ground placing his present down to his son.

"Enjoy, son it took us forever to find these." Rick says watching as Carl gently unwrapped his gifts. He gave a worried look at Shane, and his best friend patted him on the back, trying to reassure him.

When Carl finally took of the wrapping, he was met with a large square box, opening the box he found some things that made his eyes light up.

Inside the box was enough comics to last him a lifetime; DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and there was also something else…another box inside the box. Reaching for it, Carl opened the litter box and his jaw dropped when he got a look what was in it.

"You got me a gun?!" He asked in disbelief to his elders.

"You got him a gun?!" Beth screamed.

"No, no, no" Rick said tying to explain himself. "It's a BB gun. Not a real one."

"Yeah, it was my idea" Shane offered proudly.

Carl ran over to the two men and hugged them close "Thanks guys. I promise I'll be safe with it and not shoot Uncle Shane in the head with it."

"That was oddly pacific." Shane quipped from above Carl.

The teenager just smiled innocently at him…or at least tried to. He really didn't look that innocent half the time.

"Well on that not, we should be getting home" Maggie says walking over to the two men in the room and shaking their hands. "It was nice meeting you both" She then leans down and plants a kiss on Carl's cheek. "And it was really nice meeting you birthday boy."

Carl's face shaded red, and he tried to look anywhere but at Maggie, causing her, his dad and his uncle all to laugh lightly.

Meanwhile, Beth walked right behind her sister, glaring at her a little bit. She knew her sister was just being playful like she always was, but it still irritated her for some reason. Ignoring her own annoying sister, she looked at Carl at smiled brightly.

The younger teen turned his attention to Beth, smiling right back at her, he gave her his complete attention and for a moment it was only the two of them in the room.

"Thanks for tonight, Beth, it was fun." He said to her. It really was a good birthday, even if it did seem to go quick.

Beth brought Carl into a soft hug, she then whispered in his ear "No problem, cowboy." She held the hug for a couple more seconds, then pulled back a little bit to look at Carl. She was happy that she made his birthday a good one, it meant a lot to her for it to turn out good, even if the only thing they did was eat candy like a bunch of slobs then pass out oi the floor.

Carl didn't want to move an inch, he was so close to Beth he could feel her hot breath on his own. He really didn't know what he should do in this situation, so he just stayed close to her, content at just looking into her eyes.

While the two teens stared at each other, Rick and Shane were doing their best not to interrupt. The pair just sat back, giving silent approval and thinking new ways to joke around with Carl later.

Maggie on the other hand wasn't so content with just sitting and watching the spectacle. Sneaking closer to the teens, she lightly pushed her sister forward, and since the teen's faces were so close to each other, they ended touching their lips to each other in an accidental kiss.

Shane's face split into a giant shit eating smile.

Rick looked on with pride at his son.

Maggie was laughing her ass off.

And Carl and Beth?

Well, the two teens stared at each other through the kiss, blue eyes staring at another pair of baby blues. The kiss only lasted for five more seconds before they finally fully grasped what was happening and pulled apart.

"I uh, um, should, go. Yeah go is good." Beth stuttered out fast. "Night Carl, Mr. Grimes, Mr. Walsh." She then dragged her hysterically laughing sister and ran out the door.

A couple of moments passed in silence, till Shane finally hollered "AND HE'S NOW A MAN! MAZEL TOV!"

Kenny's Dinner

Hours later, Rick and Carl found themselves sitting in at the Dinner they had visited for the past couple of weeks. Everything went how it always went; they ordered their usual food, Molly screamed at Kenny, Kenny hollered back, and the father and son ate in silence.

"So, how's work?" Carl asked finishing his bacon cheese burger.

Rick drank up some of his soda then replied "It's good, Detective Dixon stopped by the station today to drop off a murdering Santa Claus. How's school?"

"I got corned by three girls and some hyper kid then broke into the high school" Carl says causally.

"Sounds good." Rick said as he smiles at his son. Something he loved about these talks with Carl at the dinner was that they were always truthful and uncensored. Sometimes they god bad, but he always enjoyed spending some time with his so. "So that kiss with Beth?"

Carl groaned, looking away. "Come on , dad, really? It was an accident. Her sister pushed us."

"I know, I know" Rick replies holding up his hands. "I just wanna know if you liked it or not.

Looking away, Carl shrugs, face turning red already from the mention of his kiss with Beth. "Maybe a little…but that stays in the dinner zone!"

Rick run two fingers across his lips like a zipper then through away an imaginary key. "Dinner zoned it is."

They then went back to eating in silence, neither said anything, mostly because they were just enjoying the others company, and mostly because the dinner had become their main source of food since they really weren't the best of cooks.

Then Carl's cell phone started to ring, reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the device and looked to see who was calling, when he got a look at who it was though, Carl's eyes fell a little bit.

"Something wrong, Carl?" Rick asked noticing his son's change in mood.

Gulping, Carl placed his phone gently on the table and looked at his father dead in the eyes and said "It's mom."

Author's Notes: Alright, that's the end of this chapter. Sorry it took so long to update. I've been busy with so many unimportant things that I won't bother you good people with.

This chapter had many cameos from the Walking Dead universe, I really wanted to flush a lot of them out and reveal who they were a little, so I kind of spent a little less time on Carl and Rick, and some more on them. Also I know this chapter lacked any Michonne, and there wasn't much Rick, but next chapter will follow Rick a little more and his normal, serous days as a city cop. Also, there will be no Shane hooking with Maggie, Andrea or Amy if ya guys were were wondering or not, but he might have a date with a certain air force woman who has the name of a flower and was from the TWD video game. I'm not saying anything more than that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the new chapter, and I'll be sure to update soon.