Too young to be in love

Chapter 1

James Diamond was a few years older than Carlos Garcia… By a few years I mean six years, but they never let the age-difference get between them…not really, until…

They had been friends, neighbors and almost like brothers ever since they could remember. James was Carlos' big brother, in a sense. Since neither of them had siblings, James practically took care of Carlos when his parents were too busy. They had grown comfortable with each other. James' mother was the CEO of Diamond Cosmetics, aka the Estee Lauder of the Middle East and his dad was out of the picture and Carlos' parents were the CEOs of Garcia Tech. Both sets of parents were often away on business trips and when this happened, James and Carlos would stay with James' cousins; Kendall Knight or with Logan Mitchell. Both sets of parents were friends and business associates and they were content with the fact that the boys could take care of themselves, and didn't mind that they were inseparable.

For example, when James was nine and school started again, Carlos cried and screamed, claiming that he wanted James. It was James' first day of grade three. Since the morning, when Carlos had woken up, till the time that James got back from school, Carlos was bawling his eyes out, asking- but more like demanding- for James. Sylvia and Roberto Garcia could do nothing, but let the poor kid cry and wait for James to come home…that didn't happen till 4:00pm. When James finally did get home, the small toddler yelled;-

"Jamie's Home! Jamie's Home! Now we cwn plwy!" said the toddler, as he jumped up and down chanting Jamie, over and over again.

As soon as James reached the Garcia residence, he could hear the energetic raven haired boy screaming his name. A smile crept up his face and he felt good. The first day of school had been good, nothing noteworthy, he and his cousin; Kendall were in the same class and he could see that the blond was a natural born leader. The highlight of the day was recess, but even then James' mind was plagued with thoughts of Carlos, wondering if the little baby was doing okay, if he had his afternoon nap and if he was listening to his parents….The usual stuff.

James walked into the Garcia residence and was immediately brought into contact with a little Latino. Carlos came running towards James, hurling his little body into James' open embrace.

"Jamie! Where were you? You weren't there when I was up! I cried wll dwy!" said Carlos as he clinged onto James. James always thought it was cute how Carlos could only pronounce the 'a' sound with his name and that was it.

When Carlos was away from James, he would sulk and wait for Carlos to call. When one of them was sick, they would ask to stay over, but would get shot down by their parents. Knowing the love these boys had for each other, but were oblivious to, Kendall and Logan got them walkie talkies for Christmas, so they could talk to each other and stay up late, without having to use the phone.

When James started middle school, Carlos followed a short 5 years later. It turned out that Carlos was a brainiac. With all the time he spent with James over the years, while James was doing his homework or was being tutored, Carlos picked up a few things and he found the first few years of school too easy. The teachers let him move from grade 1 to grade 3, in a matter of minutes! Logan and Carlos were in the same class and soon they became best friends, well, let's be honest, second best friends.

If Carlos was bullied, James was the one to rescue him. When Carlos got friends, James encouraged him, even though James was burning with jealousy inside, after all they had been inseparable. James always tried to let the younger find his own way in life. When James needed to do his homework, Carlos would sulk, so they ended up doing all their homework together, James helped Carlos and Carlos learned from James.

When James started High school, he got a girlfriend and Carlos couldn't explain why he was feeling so sad and…jealous. He would follow James on his dates, all by himself. Of course he would tell Kendall and Logan what he was up too, they were like brothers to him and if he ever got into any trouble they would be the first persons he would call, after James.

James knew Carlos was following him. Kendall ratted him out, when James had come home at 1:00am after a date and Mrs. Garcia had called him asking if Carlos was staying over at his house. James knew he had feelings for the younger man, but he didn't know how to confront those feelings therefore, he wanted to Carlos to make the first move, or if Carlos started showing interest, he would eventually ask him out. But let's be realistic, Carlos was six years younger and James was almost an adult.

On one date night, it was Friday and James had taken his current girlfriend skating, he had once taken Carlos and he had loved it and wanted to bring him again, but he had been dating Ursula for two months and in those two months, Carlos hadn't said anything, instead he would get quieter and avoided James. After the first month of dating Ursula, James noticed that Carlos visited his house less frequently and that when he was there; he would sit and look at James, quietly analyzing him. His usual inferno if energy was dying down and James didn't like it. He missed his sweet, fun loving Carlos, he missed him sleeping over and he missed hearing his beautiful voice.

After the second month of dating Ursula, Carlos would spend more time with Logan and Kendall. Logan was in the same age range as Carlos and Kendall was the same age as James. Logan and Kendall were neighbors, but they weren't related, they were related to James, but not each other, but they grew up as one big happy family. Secretly, Kendall harbored feelings for Logan and he wanted to confess to the younger boy, but was afraid that he would get shot down. Carlos knew of Kendall's crush, but that was because Kendall managed to find out that he had a crush on James, so to keep things even and to make sure that neither of them could black mail each other, Kendall spilled the beans about Logan.

Logan loved Kendall too, he knew that he would follow the tall blonde anywhere, but he was young and a nerd, there was no way Kendall would give him the time of day, if they weren't related to James or if they didn't live next to each other.

"Guys, I don't know what to do anymore, it hurts every time I see him kiss her, it hurts when he touches her, it hurts when he's with her." Carlos said. He was in Logan's bedroom. Logan was doing his homework and acting as Carlos' shrink, while Kendall was playing video games, while checking out Logan out of the corner of his eyes.

"Why don't you tell him you like him?" asked Logan, while he snuck glances at Kendall.

"Because we are practically brothers! What if he hates?!" exclaimed Carlos.

Kendall rolled his eyes; he was getting sick of Carlos whining. He felt sorry for the younger boy, but he needed some alone time with Logan. Kendall, like James was in love with a younger man, but Kendall was only three and a half years older than Logan and Logan was mature beyond his years, so Kendall saw no harm, yet.

"And don't forget he's in high school, going on to college and we just started." reminded Logan.

This time Carlos rolled his eyes. Carlos already knew that Logan had a huge crush in his cousin's cousin and even though that sounds confusing, it really isn't it. Logan and Kendall lived next to each other and they started with one mutual thing; James. When Logan moved next to Kendall, they started to grow closer. Carlos saw that Kendall and Logan were walking around each other, even though it was so blatantly obvious that they had feelings for each other. Carlos decided that if he wasn't going to get his fairy tale ending, then someone sure as hell was. "Kendall, you should ask Logan out." He said all too suddenly.

"What?!" yelled both Kendall and Logan.

"He likes you." Carlos said, looking at Logan.

"Carlos!" Yelled Logan

"I might not be with the guy I love, but that's because he's dating someone else and because he's an idiot for not seeing how much I love him…and because he treats me like a baby brother." Carlos changed his expression to a sadder one, but continued talking. "But you guys aren't dating anyone and if I have to keep seeing Logan sneak looks at you, while he thinks you are not looking, I will go insane!" said the Latino.

Kendall was left gaping like a fish out of water. Logan blushed, deep red and fixed his attention to his homework. Carlos let out a sigh, knowing that neither boy would make a move, because they were both equally as stubborn and equally as scared of rejection.

"Logan, do you like Kendall?" Carlos asked.

Logan nodded slowly.

"Do you want to go out with Kendall?" He asked

Again, Logan nodded.

Carlos switched his attention Kendall, who was staring at Logan, like there was no tomorrow. "Kendall, I know you like Logan, right?"

Kendall nodded. Completely dumb founded

"Kendall, would you like to go out on a date with Logan?"

"Yes" said Kendall. Now it was his turn to blush, but he never tore his eyes away from the brunette. Logan looked up and saw Kendall, still, staring at him and his heart melted. He felt liberated and smiled at the blonde.

"Do you guys want to go on a date tonight? It's only 5:00 pm, the new Iron Man movie just came out, there's enough Action for Kendall and enough Science Fiction for Logan. I checked the times, if you guys have dinner now and the theater is tem minutes away…" Carlos looked at his watch. "You guys should be able to make it to the 7:30pm showing." Carlos said smoothly.

Both of them nodded. And then Kendall and Logan locked eyes. The both got up together and walked to each other, arms out stretched and ready to hug. Poor Carlos couldn't do anything but look. At least someone got their true love/ happy beginning. He thought to himself.

Logan and Kendall's bodies crashed together and they were hugging each other for dear life, Kendall kept pressing Logan closer into his body and Logan snaked his arms around Kendall's neck. He breathed each other in and then slowly tilted their heads, so that they were looking at each other, with their bodies still pressed together.

"Logie, would you do me the honor of being my boyfriend?" Kendall asked

"Yes Kenny." Logan replied.

They looked at each other, their eyes told them all the feelings they had for each other, slowly Kendall's head bent down, while Logan tip toed and soon their lips pressed together. They were kissing! Logan felt shivers going up his spine, his legs giving out and his chest tightening. Kendall felt like he was king of the world. His head was fuzzy, but also clear, his skin tingled at all the places that Logan touched and he felt the fireworks. He kept their lips pressed together, taking each other in. The completely forgot about Carlos and Kendall started moving his lips against Logan's…

"Ahem, Ahem" Carlos had to fake cough, he was pretty sure that they didn't want his in the room, while they were having the intimate moments and he needed their help.

All too reluctantly Kendall and Logan broke their kiss; Logan whimpering at the loss and Kendall sending death glares at Carlos.

"I'm glad you guys sorted your feelings out, but could you guys, maybe, possible, please, get to the movie theater by 7:30?"

"Why?" said Kendall, his thick eye brows scrunching up, giving Carlos a questioning look.

"Um…because…um…a…it's…" Stuttered Carlos.

"I think it's something to do with James, he only stutters that bad when it's to do with James or if he's nervous." Explained Logan, since he was the genius.

"Are Ursula and James going to be at the movies?" asked Kendall, tearing his eyes from Logan.

Carlos nodded and looked down at his shoes, looking like a lost puppy, with his eyes watering and his small body slouching. He curled up in his chair and pulled his knees up to his chest, hugging them, wanting James to take the pain away. Logan was still in Kendall's arms and he took pity on his best friend and he wanted to help. After all, the Latino did help him get his Knight in shining armor.

"Kendall, we should go." Said Logan

"But James is going to get pissed at us for spying at him." Said Kendall, pouting slightly, because –let's be honest- if Logan Mitchell was your boyfriend, you would want to have him in your arms…intimately, 24/seven, instead of spying on your cousin.

"Please Kendall, the last date I followed them on, she kissed him and James kissed her back. I don't want to see that again, but I want to know what they do with each other, please. Please, please?" begged Carlos.

"Carlitos, we…"Kendall started, but he got a glare form his new boyfriend that silenced him. Only 5 minutes into the relationship and Logan already had Kendall completely whipped. "Fine." Kendall sighed.

Carlos smiled sadly, biting his lips to stop himself from crying. Logan noticed and dragged Kendall (not wanting to leave the elder's hold) and walked to him. Simultaneously, they both hugged Carlos, cooing that everything was going to be alright…

Line Break

James was at the movies, with Ursula. Truthfully, they weren't dating. The really weren't. Ursula had asked James to be her fake boyfriend, she was being stalked by her ex and knew that Tony; her ex would back off if it looked like she was dating someone else. The thing is Ursula was with someone else, entirely. She was dating Erin, a senior from school and James' classmate. They had started dating after Ursula broke up with Tony, but she didn't want anyone to know that she was a lesbian. She knew that all her friends would be supportive, but her parents were a completely different story.

The only reason Ursula asked James to be her boyfriend was because she saw how he acted with Carlos around and she knew that he liked the younger man. She knew that James only had eyes for Carlos and wouldn't be interested in Ursula in the least. James was her beard. James didn't mind helping Ursula, but it was getting annoying sitting at movie theaters, while Ursula and Erin would make out and stuff. During those moments, his thoughts drifted to a certain raven haired boy… which was completely wrong. He was twelve and he was almost eighteen! He loved Carlos and would do anything to protect the younger one…but he also wanted to kiss and claim him for himself. James never told Carlos he was Ursula's beard, be wanted Carlos to come to him and say that he liked him. Secretly, he wanted Carlos to feel something, anything. He wanted Carlos to do it himself, without James telling him what to do. He wanted the boy to feel for himself…okay…maybe he wanted Carlos to get jealous.

"Hi, James!" said Ursula and Erin together.

"Good evening ladies." He said. "Ready for the movie?"

"Yep!" they both said, together. He were really cute together, both of them finishing each other's sentences, all James wanted was to have that with Carlos.

The got into the theater and the show had just begun.

Halfway through, James felt eyes on his back and heard sounds of other couples making out. He thought he would see Carlos if he turned back and he seriously didn't mind if he was there. He was kinda happy that Carlos had seen the kiss that Ursula had given James on their last date. He was hoping that Carlos would come running into his arms and James would be there to comfort him, but ever since, he hadn't seen the younger boy. Also, he didn't tell anyone that he had a date today, so how did Carlos know? (A/N, Carlos snooped and found James' personal planner and saw.)

James couldn't resist, the movie was boring and his date was sucking face with another woman. He turned his head and saw his cousins…making out! What?! Kendall twisted his body, his hands were under Logan's shirt and Logan's hands were in Kendall's hair. Their lips moving together and their bodies almost glued together. Both of them were flushed red and they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. James' eyes widened. Since when?! He thought.

James scanned the rest of the theater and there was no sign of Carlos. The boy wasn't there. James felt his heart tighten and he was miserable. Did Carlos stop caring about James? Had the hurt the boy too much, had he gone too far? He was here with his fake date, who was kissing another girl and his cousins, feeling each other up and he felt pathetic.

James felt a sudden urge to go see Carlos and hold him and kiss him and give him everything. He turned to Ursula, who was now panting slightly, while looking at the screen.

"Ur, I am going to go." He said.

All Ursula could do was nod and she knew that he was going to confess his love to Carlos, call it a women's intuition.

Line Break

James ran to his car and quickly put it in gear. He sped the through the road and got home in no more than 9 minutes. That was a new best for him. He looked at Carlos' window and saw that his lights were on. He went into his own house and went up to his room. There was a tree dividing their houses and often, James would sneak into Carlos' room using that tree, and while doing so, getting screamed at by Carlos because it is dangerous. He loved how the younger man was worried about him and sometimes he would purposely climb the tree while Carlos was looking, just so he could get a good scolding.

James was already at Carlos' window and he could see that Carlos was holding a picture, as he got closer to the younger man; he saw the Carlos was holding a picture of the two of them, when Carlos was 5 and James was 11. James was holding on to Carlos like he possessed the boy, he had a determined look on his face, with his eyebrows scrunched and his lips sealed shut. His arms wrapped Carlos, tightly. Carlos looked like an Angel; he was smiling brightly and was also gripping on to James. James heard Carlos sniffling and saw the younger boy had tear stains down his face. James was next to Carlos and Carlos didn't hear a thing, James was very sneaky and since Carlos had his back facing the window, it was pretty easy to go by unnoticed.

"Jamie..*Sniffle* I love you…More than a big brother… Please love me too." Said Carlos to the picture. He bushed the eight year old James's face and sniffled again.

This broke James' heart. He had been waiting twelve years to hear that and now that he was hearing it, his Carlitos was crying.

James slipped into bed and hugged Carlos from behind. Carlos jumped a little, but he knew the hands that wrapped themselves around him. He knew the grip that was holding on to him and he knew that smell of the person he loved. James.

"Ja…Ja…James…what are you doing here?" Carlos asked, as he tensed, he dare not turn around because he didn't know what to expect. But James was hugging him, so this wasn't a bad thing, right?

"I L.O.V.E You." Said James. "I love you, my Litos. I love you." James repeated.

Upon hearing that, Carlos turned his body to face James'. He had a fresh batch of tears in his eyes and only a third of them had spilled. His breathing quickened and he felt butterflies in his stomach. He hugged James tightly, burying his face in James' neck.

"Jamie. Is this real? Jamie. Jamie. Oh Jamie!" He cried. "Jamie, please tell me this is real. Please" He cried again. Carlos needed to know that this was real that James a here and that they were going to be together.

"This is real, Litos. This is very real. I love you more than a brother…but you still are a baby" Said James as he placed a kiss on Carlos' forehead.

"I love you, James. I…I really do. And I know I'm young, but I'm mature for my age!" Pleaded Carlos.

James let out a chuckle, his Carlos was adorable, and eager, but he couldn't do it. James gave Carlos a hurt look and pulled the boy closer into his chest, trying to merge them into one.

"I know you are, but you are 12 years old, I leave for university next year." Said James. James held Carlos as he continued to cry and soon, the Latino had stopped and now they were holding hands, with Carlos on top of James and James combing Carlos' hair softly. James was living his dream and he never wanted to wake up or go to sleep. Carlos used his free hand to draw random shapes on James' cheek. Now he didn't need an excuse to touch James, he could touch him all he wanted. Now that the initial shock had passed, Carlos felt at ease, but some things were still bugging him.

"James…aren't you supposed to be on a date with Ursula and why did you suddenly decide to confess to me... when you're dating her?" he asked, confused at the situation. Wasn't James technically cheating on Ursula?

"Yeah, I'm not Ursula's boyfriend and I saw your minions and, if I do say so myself, they are terrible at their jobs. They couldn't keep their hands off each other and I figured that…you know…if they could make it work...then we could" Replied James, still combing Carlos' hair and giving him a small smile.

"Huh? But I saw you ki…" Carlos quickly shut his mouth, cursing himself for letting it slip.

"I know you saw Carlos, but I'm not dating her." James said again

"Explain." Said Carlos, giving James a confused look.

"Well, you see, Ursula has a girlfriend."

"HUH?" exclaimed Carlos

"Yeah, let me start from the beginning. Ursula's Ex, Tony was stalking her and she was getting scared, so she asked me to date her. The only reason she asked me was because she knew that I had feeling for a certain Latino, raven haired boy. After the first month of dating, Ursula got a girlfriend, Erin, you know the senior, who is in all the school play? Well, anyway, Ursula didn't want anyone to know that she was gay and neither did Erin, so she asked to be keep pretending to be her girlfriend and yeah…" Explained James.

There was silence for at least, what seemed like eternity.

"I'm that Latino with raven hair, right?" Carlos asked innocently.

James chuckled and nodded, giving Carlos a kiss on the forehead.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"…I…I wanted you to make a move…I thought if I got a girlfriend, you'd confess or you'd forget about me…but you started avoiding me and you stopped looking at me. DO you realize that this is the first time in three weeks that you have stared into my eyes for more than ten seconds? And…you are six years younger than me, Litos. I'm a senior and you are a freshmen and to top it off, you are the youngest freshmen in the whole school! You're only 12! You are confused! I sure as hell was when I was your age…"

"You are a jerk." Puffed Carlos, very distressed at the thought of James doing it on purpose. "And, I'm not you, Jamie." Said Carlos. He knew what he wanted and he wasn't afraid of getting it.

"I'm sorry, Litos… I just wanted to get you to admit you feelings faster. I have waited 12 years for you to say I love you and not in a 'best friend/brother' like way" Explained James " And, I know you're not, but you have to understand, it looks bad and I don't want you getting hurt." Said James. He didn't care if anything happened to himself; he wouldn't let anything bad happen to Carlos. Nothing. Carlos was his to protect and his alone.

"Twelve years! You loved me like that when I was born!" Carlos gasped.

"I loved you forever. My love only grew stronger and I think that picture you were holding says a million things." Replied James, smirking.

Carlos blushed and moved his head, so that he could look James in the eyes. He leaned down and captured James' lips. James loved the feeling of Carlos' lips against his, and that was all that was going to happen. A peck. Nothing more. He couldn't do anything more, until Carlos was emotionally and physically older.

Before James could kiss back, Carlos withdrew, again, tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong baby?" James asked, concerned that he had done something wrong, again

"You kissed Ursula" Carlos said. The younger boy straddled James on his stomach and held his hand to his eyes. His other hand was in a death grip with James'.

James loved the position that Carlos was in, but he didn't have time to enjoy the moment, he had to tell Carlos the truth. It was now that he realized that James' was probably Carlos' first kiss. "Ursula wasn't my first kiss….She's my first girlfriend, but not my first kiss" James said smiling, as his hand went to get Carlos', from rubbing his eyes into oblivion. "You were."

"I don't remember."

"Of course you don't. You were asleep…Remember Christmas, the year Kendall and Logan got us the walkie talkies? When you went to bed, you looked so cute and you were smiling and I just…I just couldn't help myself and I kissed you." James said.

Carlos smiled and lent forward and gave James a kiss they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Sunday passed by in a daze, with James still at Carlos' house and only leaving Sunday night to get a change of clothes. He came back half an hour later, with the stuff he needed for Monday and his hair wasn't even styled! Carlos thought it was cute to see a flustered James, who didn't care about his hair and only cared about being with him.

Monday, in school.

Carlos and James walked into school together, they were close to each other, and they were holding hands through the drive. They had decided that it was best to keep on the down low. James was still technically 'fake' dating Ursula and Carlos didn't want to cause any trouble.

"Morning." Said Kendall and Logan in unison. They looked happy, like really happy, like nothing could ruin their mood happy. They were in front of Kendall's car, which was at the very back of the parking lot, hidden from the rest of the school.

"G'morning."said Carlos, sounding like his happy-go-lucky self.

"Morning." Said James and remembered Friday. "Dude, next time you want to spy on me, could you do it without groping my cousin." He gave the two beet red boys a smirk, only to have Carlos hit his chest, giving him a kitty glare. "What?" he asked in, with genuine confusion.

"Leave them alone, they are happy" Carlos scolded.

"But it's gross." Huffed James.

Carlos grabbed James by his collar giving him a deep passionate kiss, nibbling James' lips and them letting go in the sultriest way possible, leaving James like a fish out of water.

"Was that gross?" Carlos asked. James was left drowsy in ecstasy, his mouthing moving up and down, but not forming any words. "That's what I thought."

*Bell rings*

"We need to get to homeroom; I'll see you guys at lunch." Said Kendall giving Logan a final peck and dragging James' limp body inside the school building, while James gave Carlos a lingering look and walked away to his class room with Kendall.

"So, how'd it go with James?" asked Logan with a little smirk, as they made their way to their class.

Carlos blushed and looked down at his feet. "He said he loved me…but I'm too young."

"You are." Agreed Logan. "You do realize, he is leaving school in four months and that next month, when he turns eighteen, it will be illegal for you two to have a relationship."

Carlos' mouth hung open and his eyes started to water. He didn't know about that! He thought that…if you really loved the person, age didn't matter.

James' Side

James took his usual seat next to Kendall and Erin and waited for the teacher to show up.

"So, you finally make your move on your man?" Erin asked.

His man. James liked the sound of that, He really liked it. "Yeah, how did you….never mind." Girls talk, duh!

"He's a freshman, right?" she asked again

"Yep! And he's the smartest out of all the freshmen; he's two years younger than them." James bragged. He'd couldn't help but feel very proud of his man.

"He's 12?" She asked, shocked.

James nodded. "I know he's young, but we are going to wait until he is legal and until…I know he is 100% okay with this relationship."

"Young! He's still a child!" Erin hissed

"I know. But I love that child and I would give my life to make him happy."

"Well, I hope you don't mind waiting 6 years. You know it'll be illegal once you turn eighteen and think of all the shit both of you are going to get if word of this got out. "The son of Brook Diamond of Diamond Cosmetics in love with a child?" or "Son of Garcia tech, in a scandal with older man." Do you think your parents can survive that?"

That left James stuttering. He had only been thinking about Carlos and how he would feel; he hadn't considered the damage it would cause his parents as well.